A Bizarre, Yet Wildly Effective Way To Meet Girls – Blossoming, Lovespace, and Blissplosion Explained

Here I am going to get into the very heart of Blissnosis Love, the formula of Blissnosis Love.  This is important material that turns everything you know about pickup upside down on its head, so you have to listen up very closely.

Look, what’s the top fears of any guy?  First, the fear of being alone.  We don’t want our youth to slip by or to die without having the experience of a beautiful woman in our arms.  Beautiful on the outside, but also beautiful on the inside.  That’s understandable.

And a second top fear is the fear of looking like a failure or experiencing humiliation in front your friends or other people and looking bad.  That’s why we’re after a woman to love but that’s also why cold approaching women can seem like such a nerve wracking chore sometimes.  Not to mention the amount of time that goes into it.  Not so glorious.

That’s where Blissnosis Love comes in.  Meeting more women, meeting, higher quality women, and taking most of the cold approaching out of the equation.

Blissnosis Love stands on three concepts, on three pillars and I’m going to explain each of the three pillars individually, and then at the end I’ll connect the dots and explain how they all come together so you’ll want to stick through to the end.

The three pillars are, number one, “Blossoming”.  Number two “Lovespace”.  And pillar number three is what’s called “Blissplosion”.

The first pillar is “Blossoming”.

Here’s the problem with traditional pickup, seduction, cold approaching… whatever you want to call it!  You are the one chasing after the women.  You are the one chasing after value.

You see a woman, she’s hot, she has the value, and you go chasing after her.  Walking up, say hello, try to attract her, try to win her.  Just by the act of cold approaching women, you are automatically set in the frame of the chaser.  This puts the power into the woman’s hands and it can be stressful.

Really however, ideally, YOU want to be the one producing and giving value, not to be chasing after it.  YOU want to be the epicenter of the value that the WOMEN chase after.

When the women are coming up to you, that takes all the stress out of the equation and makes it fun.

Here’s the secret: instead of chasing beautiful women, chasing after the external value, YOU can become the PRODUCER of value.

Instead of looking for the hand-outs and the dog scraps from the boss, you can take over the factory and become the boss yourself, the guy producing the value.

Take your typical hot girl at a club or bar.  In reality, she’s hot because she spent hours on her makeup, hours on getting her hair straight, she spent hours in the salon doing her nails and getting her highlights, she invested money into her spray-on tan and her brilliant green eye colored contacts.  She’s probably enduring hours of pain in her 3 inch heels and push up bra that makes her breasts look three times bigger.

In the morning, when the makeup and clothes come off and her hair is a messy nest, she looks pretty much like any other plain Jane.

In other words, your average hot girl you see on the street didn’t start that way in the morning.

In addition, attractive women on the surface have all sorts of emotional problems underneath.

They’re typically insecure, often spoiled, often bitchy, often they’re drama queens.  Many of them are socially inept, are uninteresting people.  Many go through wild mood swings and have depressive episodes.  Many are addicted to drugs or are alcoholics.  Even though you might be wishing for a real hottie in your fantasies, in reality they can often drive you completely crazy as girlfriends.

Even the hot ones with a head on their shoulders, many times they’re completely timid in bed, they’re sexual inexperienced and naive.  They don’t know how to rock your world how you might fantasize in your head.

So that perfect dream girl… really you often have to do thousands of walk-ups, thousands of cold approaches to find her, and it can take FOREVER, even if you’re getting makeouts and new dates every week.  Just look at all the pickup gurus out there, most of them haven’t even found and stuck with a quality girlfriend.  And if you still have approach anxiety meaning you’re not meeting lots of new women each week, wow, you have a looong road ahead of you.

But what if you could BUILD dream girls, what if you could BUILD those Perfect 10s, pump them out like a factory, be the manufacturing plant of female hotness, right in your own home or apartment.  So instead of chasing after external value, you are the source of its production and you can harness all that value to work FOR you.


In other words, you take the common Plane Jane’s, and you guide them so that their light, their expression, their Tensation, their smile, their radiance and glow, Blossoms open like a glorious butterfly from its cocoon.  So that they’re laughing and singing and dancing and have a beautiful, open, healing energy that they just want to reach out and touch others with.

So while other women have that standoffish, negative energy, she is the one bringing the beauty to the room, the splendor, the blinding light, a state so powerful it overwhelms others, she is the chocolate, the ice-cream, the wine, the flowers in both her outer appearance and inner splendor.

And from that other women will want more than a taste, they will be hooked, they will be attracted and coming up to you and the women you’re with for a piece of that glorious state.

That’s Blossoming… what I call Starlight girls…. a woman letting go of the social conditioning that causes her to be a bitch or be plain and instead radiate raw attraction and sexy star power, and share her glow and rays through expression and Tensation.  Blossoming, it’s what causes women to perk up around you and be immensely open to talking with you.

In essence, you bring value by teaching women to bring value and in doing so making them your biggest fans and advocates and having them be the attractors for you.

So no longer are you search for those elusive Perfect 9s and 10s, but YOU are the factory of what everyone is chasing after, that outer beauty and the inner beauty, which the women themselves are chasing after.  And this is the secret to turning pickup upside down on its head.

The key is mastering the Hand of Starlight, to become a Starlight guide, and it’s really not difficult at all to do.

Take a look at this photo, and I’ve included it right below the video so that you can click on it for a zoomed-in view.  This photo was taken at a competition in June 2006.  The competition was between nine women for the best makeover.

These nine women had every possible beauty treatment available to them over a period of twelve hours before the contest.  Meaning they had only TWELVE hours to get ready, so no plastic surgery.  Only makeup, hair, skin conditioning, and clothing.

Take a look at the photo close up.  In the top row you’ll see the nine women—none of them are exactly your perfect 10s that would make you trip over yourself to meet.  And look at the bottom row.  Blossoming of the outer appearance to look radiantly feminine with hair, makeup, and the right clothing.

That’s Blossoming outer appearance, and combined with Blossoming the inner woman, you become the factory and master of goddesses, of inner and outer transformation of women from their walled cocoons of social conditioning and limiting beliefs into beautiful butterflies in every sense from her inner majestic beauty, to her sexuality, to her outer splendor, that overwhelms other women with their light and can do all the attraction for you, meaning now more pain, loneliness, or dealing with brutal cold approaching again.


Blossoming, okay that’s the first leg.  But there is more.  This is not so easy, I said before you have to put some time and study into this.  The second leg of the formula is Lovespace.

Lovespace is the master tool for bringing love and light and joy and tranquility to a woman’s inner self.

Lovespace is the master tool for forging a beautiful woman out of a simple seed into a glorious force of unstoppable beauty so that a total transformation takes place from the gleam in her eyes, to the beam in her smile, to the softening warmth of her heart.

Lovespace is the secret to bringing out a woman’s full sexuality so that she’s completely free from social conditioning and free and eager to please you and do the meeting and greeting and shining value for you so that when you go out you are a like a lightning hammer of attraction that just draws women in.

Lovespace consists of two parts, ‘Love’ and secondly, ‘Space’.  Love is teaching women new things like Tensation, expression, Blossoming her sexuality, Blossoming her in every way.

But women, molded by social conditioning, have many bad habits, insecurities, unnecessary drama in their lives.  Their will be roadblocks and speed bumps along the way in their evolution, so with the Love you’ll also be conversely creating Space.  Space is the ‘Push’ to really help the woman step out of her bad habits and the drama and blossom into Starlight.

I’d like to go into Lovespace more, but let’s leave it at that because there’s just a lot to cover here.


The third leg that you need with Blossoming and Lovespace is Blissplosion.

You’re the producer of value, you’re the factory where the hottest, most desirable women on the planet can Blossom into being.

When you bring that shining Starlight woman to a nightclub or a bar or a social party, or even to a daytime venue like a bookstore, this is when Blissplosion rocks the venue like a small earthquake.

Just lean back and let the Bliss explosion hit the fan, letting your Starlight girls do the attraction and meeting and greeting work for you.

It’s in this way that you’re not starting from scratch every time you meet a new girl, you don’t have to chase after her value every time you meet someone new.  Instead, YOU have produced value from the women you’ve already met from before and you can just build your circle of value and beautiful women bigger and bigger with time.

Love Circles

And from there you can begin building your Love Circle.  Instead of juggling lots of women and hiding them from each other, or using women coldly, Starlight girls are totally cool with the other women in your life, so that you can gradually build a Love Circle of women that you see on a regular basis, a Circle of 3 or 5 or even 10 or more women.

The girls in your Love Circle don’t live with you, it’s not a harem situation, they keep their own lives, but as Starlight girls it’s like a loving community of sexually free women who are also the hottest, most advanced both internally and externally and they are there for you, as lovers, as friends, as companions.

And again it’s this Love Circle dynamic which is key because it’s relationships that are what’s fun.  Not string of one night stands, that is not what I’m teaching.  It’s keeping ongoing relationships with cool and sexually sophisticated women that is what will ultimately bring you long term joy and happiness in your life.

And best of all, all the women in your Circle will really love your for it, for showing them and teaching them new aspects of her sexuality, for opening her up to the magical gifts of Tensation, Expression, female polarity, and other life-changing frames.

So you can begin to see here how all of the cold approaching is taken out of the equation, and with each girl you bring into your life you can build a stable of sexual social value that is a gift, a joy to everyone that comes in touch with it.  Each girl you meet builds for the future women to be touched.

And your looks, age, height don’t matter because you’re building value and building attraction in a revolutionary way that has nothing to do with looks or age and yet far surpasses it.

And in the process you build better girlfriends, women that don’t cause you drama but instead look up to you, admire you, worship you for all the gifts you give them, and you truly transform them from the inside to the outside into mesmerizing dream girls.

You have variety and flexibility, if you want to meet new women each week you can, if you want to build a steady circle or two or three girls you can go that route, it’s a very flexible system for designing a relationship structure that fits your needs.  But no matter what it is you choose, this is about building solid relationships of mutual joy, trust, sharing, and community.  This isn’t about juggling a bunch of girlfriends, here all the girls are one big friendship family, and it’s not about getting a fast lay and dumping the girl right after or using the girls just for sex or being a jerk.

After all you are giving value, so much more than value than you would otherwise, you’re making the women you meet far better people and showing them the way to true inner happiness.  This is about making the girls you’re with your biggest fans, your biggest raving supporters, making them enthusiastic advocates and activists for you.

Compare that to regular pickup formulas, to cold approaching, where you have to do a million nerve-wracking approaches to practice, starting from scratch with no social value each and every time you approach, and it’s often based on trickery and where the girls are used for sex and thereafter dumped and left no better off for having met you.  Just not cool.

Ecosystem and more

Now I just outlined the broad principles here, the devil is in the details and I’d have to expand on each section.  For example I still need to go into what’s the difference between Seed Girls, Firecrackers, and Starlight girls and where they all fit into the scheme of things.  I need to go over Masculine Polarity, like a woman, in order to transform her, needs to know that she is around a force that is stronger than she is, spiritually, emotionally, and physically so that she can relax into her femininity and follow your lead.

I need to talk about Ecosystem.  You want to get to the point where the positive energy of the girls bounce and feed each other, in a synergistic feedback, so that 1 + 1 = 3, mutually reinforcing each other in a virtuous circle.  So creating a nourishing environment for Blissnosis from the bedroom, to your house, to the very fabric of our societal customs is absolutely key too.

But just with what you’ve got so far, this should give you the basic idea of how it all works.

And as you can see this is NOT some kind of get-laid-quick scheme.  It can happen quickly, very quickly, but you will still need to put some work and dedication into it, it’s not an escape, it’s not a quick fix, it’s just a different path, a healthier path to reach your goals.

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  1. What if you’ve already blown it with a girl? she is a co-worker. I was a complete gentleman, gave her gifts on her birthday and Christmas. I tried to console her and cheer her up when she complained about her former boyfriend. All of a sudden she goes cold doesn’t talk to me, avoids me. she accused me of honing in I guess too soon after she broke up with another guy. I had no intention of doing that (yet) but she got pissed off and exiled me. I wrote her an email with some material on flowers and she answered it with “you make me uncomfortable” when I talk to her. In her email answer to me she said she thought I was trying to get romantic with her, and continued to say that she doesn’t want to kick me out of her life, and “you’re a good guy but don’t twist this into something romantic. Then came the two big daggers. First, and this is the killer every guy is afraid to hear, 1). I just want us to be friends. and then 2) she goes to my boss and complains to him, not exactly sure of what she told him. This after I had pledged to leave her alone or find another job if she so requested. I’ve known my boss for over 30 years, in fact I trained him into his position. I was soo embarrassed I took a sudden 2 week vacation. What do you do after crap like that happens to you? I guess this puts an end to that relationship permanently.

  2. Hi Jesse,

    Going through you writings/your experiences, I am getting a feeling that we have been
    on the same wave lenght on this Important Subject . You really are doing a Great Service to both the species – The Male n The Female . I m sure you must be having Female subscriber and they enjoy as much as we enjoy reading You . Keep up the Service , let me have something New which I may not be aware of. Hurry up.

    Wish You Many Happy n Exciting Writing Days.


  3. Hi, Jesse;
    You can count me aboard your journey. Your concepts are in-line with my beliefs and expected lifestyle.

  4. Jesse,

    I have to say how intiruging this all seems to me. I’ve recently embarked on a new path in life, and your discussion appears to flow perpendicular to this particular direction. I’d love to hear more of your ideas

    Take care,

  5. Hi Jesse,
    I am in Cape Town South Africa is there any other ay for me to get hold of your program so tha I ca set up this amazing circle of ladies, if you can help me it would be so great.
    Thanks and kind regards

  6. This is awesome. Lay it out for us, this is something needed in the relationship space. Something new that brings men and women together in an exciting way that benefits both. I’d love to hear more about all of these concepts.

  7. Hi Jesse,

    I really enjoyed this video and I am really glad there is someone like you out there teaching us men the real path to reaching true happiness with women and with ourselves.

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  9. Thanks for the information wow! some how your e-mail found its way to my in box, thank god for that. I’m more advanced in the pick up field but this is great information. I’m now finding way more women then men who are single. I have been trying to help them change to some degree. the changes that I helped them make have made me more popular than ever. Just riding the wave it’s getting bigger every day. You are so right with the path you have chosen. The biggest problem I have found is that they give up easy, and the men they choose just don’t get it.


  10. Hi,

    I am interested in helping. I have helped a few women in this way and I can assure you that it does work. And we are fab friends for the last 8 years. I have found that love is the key.


  11. I’m a divorced,fit man in his 40’s with a young heart and mature perspective.I’m having the time of my life ‘ re-discovering ‘ women’ and what your talking about is exactly the kind of lifestyle I’m working on creating.Keep it up ; )
    BTW Jesse – As Derick Vitalo I imagined you as some slick tan euro 007 looking guy living in Monte Carlo,now that I see your a ‘ real guy ‘ it makes your ideas and what you say even more credable 🙂

  12. Hi there Jesse, I’m a LONG time subscriber here, not always reading your stuff, but every now and again I come back to it, for as long as 5-6 years now. Actually your stuff (newsletter) was my first contact with the PUA world, and I can remember even to this day, the one newsletter that changed my ideas about what’s possible with girls. The main part was about kissing: while out on a date, ask the girl: ‘Can I kiss you?’ and if she says ANYTHING ELSE BUT ‘NO’ – then go for it.

    I tried it one time with a very special and amazing brunette, and it worked, and from that time on I was glued. I went on to more video type stuff (DeAngelo, some Ross Jeffries before he became such a jerk, and some Mystery too) – but beyond all that, I have never forgotten where my first seed of knowledge with women came from – the newsletters.

    Now I came here to the site, and I was going to say that you could have a lot more confidence and do things with much more cojones than you are now, that I for one, totally trust your stuff and you should go less commercial and plain, and much bolder, like those guys up there are doing with their sites and programmes, and I was even going to say that this site has too much flowers and pink and since it’s a guys’ site it should be more manly, but I will leave it all be, and say, after seeing this video, that yes, the packaging might not be ideal, but the content, the meaning of the video, is absolutely top shape, and has once again changed my ideas about what’s possible. In the meantime I’ve learned a lot, by now I have my own means of doing what you talk about in this video, but I just find this absolutely awesome, and think you should definitely spread this a lot more. Eyes and ears are out there, waiting for EXACTLY this sort of info. The times are now, so absolutely DO make a sequel to this vid and get into it and how it works. – One long term fan and supporter

    1. Cool, I like letters like this one! Hey man, I’m feeling an “incredible connection” with you lol

      By the way, I fully intend to get 50% of the readers to be WOMEN down the road… as this info is as much for WOMEN as it is for men, thus the site’s color scheme. But that will all come in good time. Thanks for writing me man, awesome.

  13. I would love to know more, but are you going to get into specifics? Like how to find a starlight girl? I am so nervous around beautiful girls that I can bearly talk to them.

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    A totally cool idea.. I have stopped gettin into this stuff a long time ago, but for years I’ve thought most cold approaches to be forced but couldn’t see a way around it.. I’m in!


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    last year I began changing my vision about meeting, approaching and getting women in my life, as a result of what I read from you and other beautiful minds…Shortly i was having a lot of fun and plenty of girls around me. After a while dough, I began a relationship with one of them witch i like a lot, and she became practically the one girl for me. So my question would be. Do you think you program could be applied to my situation? because though I like the girl, I feel the need to grow and meet others.Or is it too late to change her, considering we are now having a relationship? How do you rapport yourself to your girl-friend for example? Are you in a serious relationship, or do you apply this knowledge in your personal life?
    Hey..thanks for reading this, big up!

    1. It’s not too late to change her (and in the process you will make some changes too), bubt she will put up more resistance. That is where Lovespace comes in, I’m creating a PDF that will explain more right now

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  17. I dont understand, are we supposed to pick up one ugly girl and make her attractive, then have her pick up other girls for us? and if so where are we supposed to pick them up, they probably wont be at clubs or bars. For me, i enjoy going to clubs and bars and approaching women, so could this method of attraction be used at the club or is it not for me?

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  22. Magically, I am already at this concept just a about a week before I read this post.

    I just want to tell everyone that everything you read is not as it seem. You are the centre of your live, just do your path. We’re all have a beautiful life.

  23. Hey Jesse,

    This is really exciting! I’m so glad someone has made an effort to find a method of seduction that doesn’t involve treachery. I’m looking forward to seeing your future videos.

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    Thanks for helping out average guys like us looking forward to your next video.


  25. Jesse i really want to here more about this concept. To me this is the most revulationary thing ive heard yet, Because ive been in the pickup community for awhile now and im still not getting what i deserve with girls. If this can make my life better and the women im with lives better id love to hear more of what you have to say because im ready for change

  26. Very interesting. As much as I like it, it does raise a question in my mind in that sexual tension is such a big part of keeping things interesting for women and how that would play into the environment being created. Really like the concepts and would love to learn more.

  27. Derek/Jesse you are the man! I’ve been following your principles since many years ago in the early days of Seduction Science. I’ve always thought you were far and away more advanced than Matador or Tyler D. or Cockknocker. Your concepts are next generation.

    Blissnosis Love looks to be your best product yet!!!

    Can’t wait for more.

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  29. This sounds like some great stuff Jesse! I’ve been trying to do some stuff like this on a smaller scale with my own girlfriend. However, i’m perplexed on what to do when you’re trying to build each of these girls up internally and externally so that they feel no jealousy about the other women. How do you do that?

  30. Great stuff man! I like all the terminology you created. It all sounds fun!

    Did you develop this material shortly after your trip to South America?

    Out of curiousity what is your current relationship status?

    Best wishes.

    1. I’ve actually been doing versions of this since before south america, but it was only after south america that I shared it with some friends and it has really taken off and I solidified the ideas— thanks for asking though

  31. This is what we were doing in the late 70’s and early 80’s in the Osho commune in India. It’s all about chillin and putting out the vibe. Basically your teaching people about Tantra. Good for you!

    My son is 16 and I’ve been explaining this to him.
    Of coarse me being the father, he thinks I don’t know shit, so I’ll turn him onto your site and see what he says.

    Asian women are very receptive to vibes, they feel it and dig the love vibe and are easy to deal with, playful and innocent.

    It’s not about just getting laid. It’s about building loving blissful relatedness with everyone you come in contact with.

    Check out Charles Muir, considered the grandfather of Tantra and he’s a great person.



    1. Hey Mark, I visited the Twin Oaks commune a few years ago. I’m pretty interested in outside the box relationships but also how cities are set up and how community relationships work or more often in America, don’t work. Really blissnosis is much more than ‘getting laid’ because that alone won’t make a person happy, so definately I want to touch more on those kinds of subjects

  32. This is wahat the whole natural humanity is al about. Everything will be true as Jessy said; you have to belive it first, force yourself to live with that attitude, and never hesitate. You have to love it and not only love it but burn for that and almost worship that. belive what you have defiend as true for you and live after that. Everyone Please tray to undersatan what Jesse is telling us between the lines what caind of attitude personality you should have, and do not stop there but be creative and help Jessy if you have something creative in this area. I believe in You Jessy and count of me like a friend and brother.

  33. Okay looks like I will go ahead with this. I noticed the video might be a bit confusing in places, so what I’ll do is explain everything more precisely and succinctly in a downloadable PDF with diagrams. Then I’ll expand on the sections, but also get some real life case studies up there as well. It’s going to really rock.

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  37. I think this is an interesting concept and I would love to hear more about these. You might also want to think about putting this into an ebook.

  38. Hi Jessie,
    I like the blossoming concept. While, I only tried cold approaching one time, it just didn’t feel right to me. Even if the girl is interested, there are a lot of ways to screw it up if you are not in the right state, or can’t stay in the right state. So, I decided to try and make myself better after reading some of your books, and this has really helped a lot. I also thought I should try and help others, but there seems to be limited information on what to do to help women or men to really change their current situation. Now, I see so many potentially beautiful people who have given up because of being over weight, or by thinking they have no power to change things. We all have our excuses in the beginning. “It will take to long.” “I can’t afford to do that.” “My friends or family may not like it.” Well, I am determined to continue on, just to see how things turn out. Thank you for all your efforts!! May the force be with you always!!

  39. Hey Jesse,

    Awesome stuff as always. I’m currently using your material on one girl and it’s working (so far). I’d like to be a case study if you’re interested….


    1. awesome Mike, I’d definately like to do a case study sometime. Over the next few months maybe you can post your story and I can give you some personal coaching through forums I’m going to put up and we can see where it goes from there.

  40. Wonderful! I can’t wait to hear the details of this life-changing approach towards women.
    Well-done, I look forward to more of it.
    Keep on the good work for us!

  41. Hey jesse/ derek,
    First off I would just like to humbly thank you for all of the great material that you have introduced to me and many others like me. I really do appreciate this new program and can’t wait for you to expand on some further details. One question I would like you to expand on , what are some steps that I could use to help these girls get out of this socially conditioned society, and get them to fully open up to me ? But again I am extatic to learn more about this and fully believe that this IS the best way to go about meeting and maintaining great women in my life, as well as many others !

    Thanks Bro , Josh

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