5 Great Bookstore Pickup Lines

Bookstore pickup line: Pull out a random book from the shelf and open it: “Wow… cool… this book is so AWESOME… this is bad… this is the SHIT. Is what you’re reading as good as THIS?”


Find the Dating for Dummies book. Find the “NEVER USE THESE LINES” section and blatantly hold the book up. Slowly read the lines “So… come here often” in a super player voice


Read a book nonchalantly next to the girl. Shake your head and say, “I just can’t find what I’m looking for. How is that book of yours- is it any good?”


Ask her, “Have you ever read a Harry Potter book?” Whatever she answers playfully express concern, “I don’t know- if I read it w convert me to witchcraft and wicca”


Bookstore pickup line: Tell her, “Excuse me, do you know any good books on relationships? My friend wants to spice up her sex life… what would you recommend”


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