Can You Smile Like Miss Universe? (video)

Venezuela seems to have a talent for winning beauty pageants.

First, watch the video below.

Take a look at Miss Venezuela’s attractive body language, her cheerful, honest smile.

That’s the kind of smile that YOU want to have when you go out to a club – an almost childlike, happy, vivacious, never-ending smile. Smiling even while you talk, smiling even when you have nothing in particular to smile about.

When I go to a club, I’m often the ONLY guy smiling in the place. It’s what makes me stand out, it’s what gives me attractive body language.

Naturals smile. It’s their trademark. They’re happy with what’s right in front of them, they’re happy with what’s going on, and they touch everyone with their inner spirit and joy.

Girls see a guy like that and they want to be part of it. They want to touch his energy.

Take a good look at Miss Venezuela. Can you model her attractive body language and smile?

25 thoughts on “Can You Smile Like Miss Universe? (video)”

  1. Massive tip

    I am a bit of a moody guy, but now I always smile in the club. The difference in reaction is massive. People can see you are ok in yourself and you are having a good time and want to be part of that. Sometimes the smile is more of an act, but after a while you feel good and people react to you better and you just have a better time.

  2. Like Sara said, very point making video. I’ve
    been practicing smiling first thing every morning
    like Jesse suggest.
    The change it creates
    is dramatic and its so simple.
    All my life since a child people asked if I was sad
    because I didn’t smile. Natural smiles change
    you and others.

  3. Wow – that first video was quite ‘point making’. I don’t recall ever seeing someone smile that way WHILE talking. Even as a straight woman I didn’t care what she saying, I was drawn in by that easy smile and her facial expressions.

  4. Wow – that first video was quite ‘point making’. I don’t recall ever seeing someone smile that way WHILE talking. Even as a straight woman I didn’t care what she saying, I was drawn in by that easy smile and her facial expressions.

    I also agree with DoctorNo – the gestures and mannerisms that go with the talking smile are also important.

  5. I used to smile naturally, I remember as a child it was easy, it was true.

    But then, it became harder as time goes by. Sometimes it’s hard to find reasons to stay smiling.

    I remember some wise men and women say it is a taboo to always do that cause you’d look like an easy target, an innocent, stupid, naive person…and that’s why you’d have to develop a poker face to stay out of harm’s way and not be a victim.

    In the end, losing that ability is like being a crippled victim for life.

    It is a gift and we shouldn’t have to lose it.

    Even villains smile a lot, so what other reasons should prohibit a kinder person to keep smiling?

    Absolutely nothing.

    … but the fears we have developed and the walls we’ve built around ourselves.

    We need to break out of it.

  6. when jesse says that’s the way people should smile, I’ll listen. when I saw the video, i thought it was way overdone. But seeing the responses here, it affects people. So instead of adopting the axiom of ‘everyone else is crazy, and i’m an airplane’, I’ll just adapt. thx for the eye-opener.

  7. Yes, a genuine smile (which is not approval-seeking but approval-giving) conveys openness as well as confidence.

    My point is that ‘to model her’ is more than a smile. It is also the mannerisms etc..
    And as I see it, there are ‘natural mannerisms’ for a woman as well as for a man… but they are not exactly the same.

  8. By the way Jesse,
    although both women and men should be natural, I’m not sure that this means exactly the same in both cases.
    In my view, there are of course common traits but the mannerisms and charisma that also follow from being a natural is not the same for a man and a woman. So I wouldn’t try to ‘model her’ myself.
    The important lesson / inspiration for me is more to be reminded what qualities I am looking for in any woman. We get what we reward (attention is also a reward) so the more we pay attention to that side of a woman, the more it will show up (in her and in general “out there”).

    (For instance, big boobs get a lot of attention out there. Leading to the false belief in some women that without big boobs they are not feminine and attractive. So they go to the extreme of artificial boobs).

    What’s your take on it?

  9. Dayana Mendoza, she’s got great smile and beautiful eyes.  The kind of smile you’re talking about, it’s a lost art.  And sh’e’s walking graciously and she’s got a great body too.

    Nowadays us people we only smile occasionaly and sometimes it’s a fake smile because we’ve become way to much ambitious.  That’s why I made it my mission to watch comedy movies everyday to give me reason to smile.  Now it has become my second nature, sometimes I’d be wlking along street and smiling while thinking about Will ferrel or Black Jack funny lines.  Then people will look at me and giggle back, it’s amazing how contagious is a chuckle.

    I believe when it’s come to smile we’re all natural, it’s just that most of us has lost the way all along the journey, human life is not an easy process.
    I think we should laugh more and more…The more the merrier… 

    1. People have got to lower their standards for when they smile. We think we need to feel elated from something in the outside environment to cause us to smile. But in reality, you can be smiling, laughing, and having fun for no reason, it can be internally generated. And when you’re an endless source of positivity, women want to feel a part of that.

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