Field Report: Number Ten in the Face, Slim in the Waist, Fat in the Ass, Do you want a Taste??

Maybe you can relate to the experience that happened to me – when you see a girl so hot it’s like she’s from a parallel universe. You go into a trance, all else disappears, and reality is nothing but the girl.

Well, I saw one these trance-inducing girls while driving in South Beach the other day.

This one particular chick… I won’t even try to describe her. I’ll just take a line from the song ‘Pull Over’ by Trina to say everything that needs to be said… “Number Ten in the face, slim in the waist, fat in the ass, do you want a taste?”


Denise Milani

She was walking on the sidewalk at a fast clip. This was no little sun burnt Spring Break girl. This woman was a TEN. I mean everything you could imagine.  She had it. She had it going ON.

What was one moment a method of transportation instantaneously became a freaking CAGE. I had to get out of the freakin’ car.

So I did what I had to do… I jumped out of my car.

No, I literally JUMPED out of my car.

And how is such a feat accomplished, you might ask? Well, I’ll tell you…

Ten seconds passed as my brain registered what it just saw. I snap out of my trance enough to pull a hair-raising U-turn. But precious moments have passed.

I don’t see her anymore… fuck fuck fuck FUCK!

I need to get on foot. But parking is TIGHT.

I make a quick decision and turn down a side street to find parking, anything.

Amazingly, I find a parallel parking meter. I just squeeze in – awesome

– but more precious time is lost.

Now I literally have no idea where this chick is, but I jump out of the car. I’ll pay the meter (OR the ticket) later!


Leap of Faith

Here I was simply working within the limitations of the circumstances. Get out of the car NOW or lose the opportunity. This pickup would be one of extreme action or it wouldn’t be a pickup at all. There was no in between.

I walked quickly, spicing my pace with some jogging in the direction of a hair salon – where I guessed she was headed. I look through the window but she’s not there.

I go by a few more stores. Not there. I go down the street and circle the block. No luck at all. She must be blocks away, turned a corner, or went into some other store… or vanished into the mythical Alternate-Universe for Smoking Hot Chicks.

Damn. I even had the perfect opener for this one.

Man, I felt like a real dork.

When I got back to my car I discovered that it wasn’t in a parking space at all… I was blocking a driveway! Luckily during my 10-minute absence no one seemed to notice.

Although I didn’t meet the girl in this case, this story illustrates the principle of PERSISTENCE – that you have to take action and go for what you want, and don’t give up on the first sign of resistance.

21 thoughts on “Field Report: Number Ten in the Face, Slim in the Waist, Fat in the Ass, Do you want a Taste??”

  1. Can you shed some light on what you’d say or how you’d approach and not sound creepy? In the words of F.J. Shark, “treat premiums like discounts and discounts like premiums”. Can you explain how this interaction may unfold? Thanks.

  2. Why not just yell out the window? Or pull alongside and “ask directions to a cool coffeehouse”? Here remembering once picken up girls playen James Bond *do not try at home* flirting car to car, literally racing em from Red Bank to Holmdel, pulling in to B&N parking lot, they pull up, just like a James Bond movie, guess the rest….

  3. Good for you Jesse! It’s interesting how almost everyone is making up excuses why they wouldnt take action, “shes probably not that cool”, “your thinking with your dick, not good”, “what line did you use?”. Man, just do it!! The moral of the story is he took action, regardless of his circumstances. She could have been a total bitch or she could of been a sweet heart? its a gamble, and youll never know unless you try. What have you got to lose? When she’s talking to her gf’s what story is she likely to tell to make them jealous? The story of the boring guy in the club or the guy who jumped out of his car to compliment her?

    1. way 2 go aaron, i think u hit the nail right on the head. Take it from this hot chick- I would actually give the guy a chance @ least. and maybe i wouldn’t b droppin to my knee’s 4 any favors just because he jumped out of his car to play me a compliment, but i would go out with him and if i liked what i saw then he just may get that knee drop.

  4. I like your story Jesse. It seems absoloutly crazy to me that someone would be that driven to nail that “10”,and the mindset to think she will drop to her knee’s for you because you did this.but thats why I subscribed to your site,to get my head wrapped around these thoughts(haha).Can you give us a success story like this type.lets say how the conversation would go. that would be interesting to me to see how you get from “hi” to “take it all bitch”

  5. Crazy crazy crazy!i thought i was the only one, but for me i had to come off a bus even before it stopped,i forgot how far i was to my destiny and had already paid “fare”.i had no great pick-up for this one and messed up men!!

  6. oh my jesse, i mean eyes sometimes lie, you could lose the heat for her after a fuck!, she may no longer appear “cool” any more; am sure you caused agony to others by blocking the drive-way.
    How come you never thought about rejection in the first place yet u had fallen for her, suppose you followed her the way you did only to find her kissing her man in some corner; jesse how could you then approach her in case you still wanted to fuchk her?

  7. Chris from Australia

    At what time and date did this take place and what street and street N0 and suburb and town and state was it. thankyou

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