Girlfriend Circles, Harems, And Threesomes: Jesse Answers Your Questions

Hey guys, it’s Jesse Charger here and I’m here with a Questions and Answers video, basically I want to answer a few of the questions  that I’ve received to my email box.  And by the way, thank you for sending me your questions, I’ve received hundreds of them and I just want to address a few of those that stuck with me.

Okay here’s the first question.

Jesse, I’m intrigued by the idea of building a Circle of girls over time.  But really, what I want is to just meet that one, special soul mate.  Is your program going to cover how to meet that Perfect Girl for you.

Thank you,mu


Well, this is my answer to that.

Settling down with one special woman can be a great thing.  Especially if your idea is to have children, having stability in your life is what’s ideal for a child.

Still, you have to understand that women generally don’t come prepackaged being your perfect woman.  Women have all kinds of emotional immaturities, drama, and b.s going on with them, especially the more attractive ones.  They don’t come neatly prepackaged out of the box like picking up a new car.

Just for example, 50% of all married women, married women, admit to having had cheated on their husband, and the percent is even higher for girlfriends.  Chances are it’s happened to you too even if you don’t know it.

So you STILL need to learn how to “cheat proof” a woman so she’s not running around behind your back.  You STILL need to do Blossoming on a woman.  You STILL need to treat any woman like a Seed Girl and Blossom her and use Lovespace to transform her into a Starlight Girl.  You still need to develop masculine-feminine sexual polarity between the two of you.  And you need to learn how to become her mentor so that you yourself can grow into a greater man.

Only then is a woman going to truly fulfill your needs and meet your expectations—and only then will you as a man be able to fulfill a woman’s needs and keep her chasing to be in the relationship with you.

And you have to understand that there’s absolutely no conflict in having a Long Term Relationship with a Special Girl that you intend to spend the rest of your life with, and enjoying a Love Circle with her.

Circle Girls are basically great friends, fantastic buddies, you and your Starlight Girl hang out with to be friends and more.  There’s absolutely no reason they should get in the way of your primary relationship.

So it’s not an either or proposition, you can meet that special girl AND have beautiful relationships with other women at the same time.

Okay, onto the next question,

Hey Jesse, love your stuff man.  My question for you is, is Blissnosis Love the right path to finding fulfillment in life for me, and what other alternatives do you recommend other?



Well Johnny, really it’s up to you the path you choose.  If you want to just spread your genes as fast as possible, just grab the first girl you can get, ugly or not, and keep getting her pregnant.  A lot of guys are quite happy with that.

Or maybe your need is to find intellectual company.  Well, find a smart girl who will keep your mind engaged, even if she’s not particularly attractive.  A lot of guys are fine with that too, and if that’s what will make you happy, go with that.

Blissnosis Love, having a Starlight Girl that makes you happy, or two Starlight Girls, having a larger Love Circle of girls, is NOT necessarily necessary for happiness, it’s just one of many paths in life that you can take.  It’s your choice.

But yes, IF you want sexual abundance in life, if you want variety and options, if you want to reach for something grander than what the average guy settles for, if you want to do it all with less work—and yet you are demanding of yourself sophisticated, smart, level-headed women are attractive and beautiful—if you have high expectations for yourself and you will not be denied of what you can get, of what you are meant to get, what is rightfully yours to have and achieve—then yes, I do recommend Blissnosis Love.  I have been in this game for 10 years now, 10 years figuring it all out, and this really is the best way to go if your goal is to achieve happiness, abundance, and excellence.


Jesse, is Blissnosis anything like having a Harem?

Thanks, signed


LOL Short answer, no, not at all.  No you’re not sitting on a throne with three half dressed women feeding you grapes all day.

In a Harem situation, the girls are basically sex slaves.  You would have a BIG house I imagine that can sleep a horde of women, and they’re not allowed to leave the house.  For instance, the Sheik or King might have a few dozen women in his palace grounds, guarded by armed Eunich’s and kept there by threat of force.

This is not what a Love Circle is about at all.

The women in your Circle network do not live with you.  They are not under your roof.  You have no physical or forceful control over them.  You don’t have magical hypnotic eyes that seduce them into being slavish sex slaves for you.  This is not about using the girls or abusing the girls.

The girls are in your Circle because of the fantastic feelings you give them, because of what you show them, from Blossoming, to Lovespace, to Starlight, to Expression, to Tensation, to the sexual arts of the Bacchanali.  All the good emotions and ecstatic feelings that you, and you alone, can give them.

They’re free to say ‘no’; they’re free to move away to Costa Rica and trek through the rain forest.  Ultimately, you don’t have the final say over their lives.  Really, you are teaching them to become more fully developed, well-rounded, functional, and independent minded human beings.  The girls become better off for having known you.   This is about making the women your biggest fans, your biggest raving supporters.

That is a your role in a Circle.  To be a masculine, dominant man, but not to be domineering over them.

Next question,

Hi Jesse, I have this problem that I get initially excited about going out to meet girls, but then I after a week I fail to follow through and I just seem to fall off the boat.  Do you have any suggestions for me?



Well, one reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power.  Most people dabble their way through life, never deciding to master anything in particular.

But success in the area requires dedication.  Blissnosis is NOT some kind of get-laid-quick scheme.  This is about building an ongoing lifestyle of having new women in your life on a regular basis and being able to stay in touch with them without the drama of juggling girlfriends or the anxiety of doing a million approaches.  BUT like any dramatic change in lifestyle, you WILL need to put some work into this and it will require some mindset and belief changes.

You cannot have three or five or ten women in your life and still expect to get this overnight or by sitting in front of your computer all day.   Yes, things can happen quickly, amazingly quickly, but you will still need to make some lifestyle changes along the way and put some real time into this.

I can show you the door to walk through; that door is the videos and exercises and helping hand I give you through the Mentorship program; but only you can walk through that door and take life by the balls and make it happen.

And if you’re a dabbler, you need to be conscious of this and stick with the program.  Like I said, I will stick with you for as long as it takes… you need to stick in there with me.   And if this is the type of lifestyle you want – and I guarantee you, it is very rewarding – it has to become a top priority for you.

Next question,

Jesse, I’m sick of memorizing all the routines and openers and canned stuff when I don’t feel right about it.  I feel really dead inside and fake sometimes.  How do you solve this problem for yourself?

Your buddy,


Well, look Barry, there are a million generic pickup systems out there that want to turn you into somebody that you’re not, that want you to memorize some other guy’s routines, or learn some other dude’s or patterns or lines.  And that’s about all you can get from an e-book.  That’s why the Blissnosis Mentorship program is not an ebook at all, it’s a hands-on, interactive learning Mentorship program.

Because this is about a deeper level change to bring out your core personality, your true self, your true expression to women.

This is about ripping asunder the fetters and chains of social conditioning.  This is about cleaning the mud and the muck of social trappings and beliefs that keep you down.  To realign and rediscover your true self, your natural self, not the self that society has told you to be.

This is not about instilling someone else’s game into you; it’s about removing the mud and muck which stifles your true masculine self.  The natural inside of you, the seed, the glimmer of starlight is already IN of you, you already have everything you need to attract women, the Starlight Guide is right there within you, just below the surface.  You already have all the necessary faculties in order to get the hottest girls; you just have to remove all the crap that pollutes your mind.

10 thoughts on “Girlfriend Circles, Harems, And Threesomes: Jesse Answers Your Questions”

  1. Gentlemen,
    Ace is correct. Jesse is right. It is within YOU… Please spend a long moment (or two) “thinking” about who YOU really are. It is within this moment of “thinking”/knowing that YOU are not your thoughts… YOU are not your body… YOU are not your emotions. Gentlemen, you are beyond these three and YOU are the expression of the masculine Being in this world. Naturally, women are the expression of the feminine in this world ~ thus, we (male/female) are here to SHARE in this duality. The two become One.
    It is often very difficult to rise above the world… the circumstances we experience… the hardships we must endure; but the KEY is to envision a new life ~ a new experience and all that this encompasses, with all the vision, the fantasy and the ENERGY that you can muster!

  2. Gentlemen, this is absurd.

    Be men. That is the one and only thing you need to know about relating to women.

    I don’t want to sound too negative, but every post I’ve seen on this site reeks of emasculation. Don’t learn to get women. Learn to be men. If you change your focus to this–to being real, honest-to-God MEN–you will read your former posts and want to vomit. Seriously. Don’t wait for someone else to show you the way; blaze the trail. Jesse gets women because he’s a trail blazer–he tries new things and doesn’t ask permission before experimenting. I’m not saying ‘don’t ask questions.’ I’m saying, ‘before you ask a question, make sure you’re you are asking it from a place of power and not confusing inquisitiveness with being a pussy.’

    If your primary emotion is fear and your primary mode of thought is a self-centered oscillation between feelings of inadequacy and dreams of a wonderful life you don’t currently have, take a day to experiment.

    For a day, don’t do things because you read somewhere (perhaps this site?) that acting some way will make your life better. For one day, rewrite the laws of the universe. For one day, be the author, the guru, the pioneer. You will be glad you did.

    With love,

    1. Thanks for writing such an interesting post. The one phrase that caught my attention was ‘a real, honest to god man’. Could u explain that in detail? Are there any examples? How do u become one?

  3. i have been readin yr newsletter 4 more than a year now but i ve not really found a soul mate it may be bcos of family background or social conflict but i believe dat when the time comes she will come tnx 4 your newsletters again

  4. Hey Jesse,
    I’ve been reading your newsletters for over 2 years now and it has helped me in many ways and i want to thank you for showing the way. I want to read ur ebooks from seduction science. But what do u recommend now?? Blissnosis or ur earlier ebooks???

  5. hi man, i love ur notes and writeups it has helped me in so many ways but friend i have this girl who i love so much, but 4 a while NOW we’ve not being together and now she’s back from her trip. and we planed to get together. and she complied but there is a problem she’s know longer comfortable with me, i can’t even kiss her pls i need your help friend?

    1. Did you suggest a threesome or harem? Did you try to manipulate her? Well mayyyybeeee that’s the problem 😀

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