5 Great Concert Pickup Lines

In a loud concert, stick up your hand and have her high-five you. Say, “You’re awesome!” and do this to all the girls immediately around you

Music concert pickup line: To a group- “So which one of you wants to get in bed with one of the band members?” Find out which band member the girls want to sleep with and tease them about it

If a girl accidentally bumps into you, “Hey, that’ll be $10 please. You can’t touch this shit for free. What’s your name?”

Walk up to the girl, look her up and down once, narrow your eyes, tilt your head, step back, step forward again, and finally give her a big smile. Say, “Hi-“

Music concert pickup line: Tell her, “My god! Did you see the two girls fighting outside the concert over the short guy? One pulling the others’ hair, the other drew blood with her nails!”

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