Cure Approach Anxiety With These Playfulness Exercises

To cure approach anxiety, it’s all about being playful and outside you’re head.

For the first exercise to get into a playful state and cure approach anxiety, make a series of broad, wide movements using a maximum amount of physical space around you.  Open up your body completely, spreading wide apart your arms and hands and legs.  Spin around, jump up and down.  Touch your toes.  Stretch your arms out as far as possible.  Involve and utilize your whole body.

Now imagine having a beach ball and imagine throwing it in all different directions.  Put it at your feet and kick it around the room.  How fast can you bounce the ball off the walls?

For the next playfulness exercise to cure approach anxiety, put on your favorite vocal music CD, something that you can sing a long with.  ACT out the song.  For example, if it’s 50 Cent singing out being a pimp, act like you’re a pimp along with the music.  If the song is Madonna’s “Material Girl” act out being a material girl.  What’s most important is to be vocal, a little crazy, and physical.  Do the physical gestures.  Sing the voice.  Step into a role that’s not yourself.

Here’s another exercise that will amplify your playfulness and cure approach anxiety:

  1. Relax, take a deep breath, and close your eyes.
  2. Think about a time in your past when you felt playful, like when you were a kid, and everything was new and you were always eager to learn and discover new things.
  3. Notice everything you see, everything you hear, and notice how you feel.  Notice as much detail as possible.
  4. Now when you are totally in that moment of your past, feeling playful, go ahead and say your code word or phrase out loud to yourself.
  5. Open your eyes
  6. Close your eyes
  7. Now imagine yourself when you were in a situation with a woman in the past where you feel you needed to be more playful.  Remember it with as much detail as possible.
  8. Now say your code word to yourself, and notice how different you feel.
  9. Open your eyes
  10. Close your eyes
  11. Imagine a time and a place in the future where you need to be more playful with a woman and all approach anxiety is abolished.
  12. Say your code word and notice the change in how you feel.
  13. When you’re ready go ahead and say, “Now I will count from one to five, and as I do so, I will awaken, feeling better than I have before ready to be playful and have a fun life…1…2…3…4…5.”

Notice that this exercise simply involves setting an anchor.  You’re associating, or anchoring the state of playfulness to a word – so that whenever you say that word to yourself you’ll automatically go into a playful state.  It’s a great little exercise to abolish approach anxiety in the moment.

Cure Anxiety Exercise #2

Have you ever had some sassy woman tell you something that you took personally? Or you had a bad night out?

You go home feeling discouraged and for some reason you can’t let go of the bad feeling and it feel so hard overcomeing your shyness. The next day you go out again and the only thing playing in your mind over and over again is the bad experience from the previous night. You even start remembering other bad memories from the past. And before you know it, you’re not in the mood to do anything with women at all!

The problem in overcomeing shyness is that your mind does not have an easy way to keep out those bad thoughts and keep you focused on your goals. In fact, these negative memories can come out at any time and mess you up at the most inappropriate moments!

Now, what if you could take all of those bad memories and make them vanish forever? And what if you could take all of your good memories, even ones that have not occurred yet, and use them to make women attracted to your positive energy?

With this next exercise, you will learn how to separate negative from positive thoughts for overcomeing shyness. Don’t rush. It’s critical that you sloooow down, and relax. You should be free from all distractions.

  1. Relax, take a deep breath, and close your eyes.
  2. Now with this relaxed feeling, start to become aware of a big, floating cube of energy, as tall as you are, in back of you toward your left. This cube represents your PAST.
  3. Now observe a negative event you remember. Imagine that the memory is like a black and white picture.
  4. Go ahead and throw the black and white memories into the big, floating cube behind you.
  5. Keep throwing any negative memories you have into the cube until the cube is full.
  6. Once the cube is full, notice what happens as you shrink the cube to about an inch across and send it far away behind you.
  7. Now start to become aware of a big, floating ball of energy, as tall as you are, in front of you toward your right. This ball of energy represents your FUTURE.
  8. Now observe all the positive memories and experiences that you can easily remember in your life. As you observe these memories, turn up the brightness of the colors, and the loudness of the sounds.
  9. Now, insert these positive memories, including the colors and sounds, into the big, floating ball of energy in front of you.
  10. Keep adding memory after memory into the ball of floating energy until it’s full, noticing how the ball gets more intense and powerful with each positive memory.
  11.  Now expand the ball of energy and mentally step into it… wash yourself in the experience.
  12. Go ahead and count to yourself from 1 to 5, saying, “Now I will count from 1 to 5. And when I do, I will awaken, feeling much better than I have ever felt before, overcomeing shyness, realizing that anytime I have a negative memory I can just send it to me past and shrink it, and anytime that I have a positive, wonderful experience I can send it into my future and step into it…1… 2… 3… 4… 5.” And slowly open your eyes.

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