3 Effective Ways to Compliment a Girl

I want to cover good ways to compliment a girl and what makes effective compliments.

The single most important good way to compliment a girl is specifying what you’re complimenting her about.

Now most guys will just give some general compliment based on her beauty, “You’re so beautiful” or “You’re hot.” But that’s not as effective as complimenting her on something specific about HER.

Compliments that girls love are specific about her would be more like noticing something she put a lot of effort into, something specific that most guys wouldn’t take the time to notice. For example, compliments that girls love is if she’s impeccably well dressed, you could approach with a compliment about her clothes or style. Or something specific could be just a particular trait she has, like you could approach and compliment her if she has particularly interesting green eyes.

Other ways to compliment a girl would be,

Her smile. “I just couldn’t help but notice that you have the most incredible smile. I bet it always just lights up a room.”

Her energy. “You know have this magical energy about you.”

Her posture. “You carry yourself with an elegance and poise that I rarely see in women.”

Her eyes. “You know this may sound really cliché, but you have beautiful blue eyes.”

The second effective way to compliment a girl is to genuinely express to her the sort of emotional feelings she’s whipped up inside of you. Express to her the kind of reaction she’s caused you to feel.

For example, saying “you just amazed me and I had to come over” is letting her know the kind of effect she’s had on you. You’re revealing your inner thoughts which is often more interesting to a woman than the compliment itself.

Now the third and final element of the great compliment, and this element is optional, is to pace the situation before delivering the compliment. Instead of going up to the woman and just immediately opening with a compliment, you can build up the suspense and anticipation by pacing the situation.

For example, if you approach a woman at a train station, you can pace first by saying, “Hi, I know you’re waiting for a train… and this is something that I would not normally do… but I just felt compelled to tell you…”

And THEN you hit her with the compliment. It’s important that when pacing the situation, to talk slowly, pause, build up the anticipation and suspense so that she’s not sure what exactly you’re going to tell her, and then BOOM you hit her with the compliment. That’s the kind of compliment that girls really love.

Or an effective way to compliment a girl when she’s alone walking in the street. You say, “Hey, I know that you’re walking alone in the street, and we obviously don’t know each other, and I have to get going as well… but you had such an inviting energy about you that I had to mention something about it…”

7 thoughts on “3 Effective Ways to Compliment a Girl”

    1. yes that’s fine, as long as you’re unreactive to her responses, you hold eye contact, you smile, you’re not saying it in a needy way, you’re using breaking rapport tonality, etc. The opener is there to convey your nonverbals and other traits, so what you say on the opener isn’t so important.

  1. Classic stuff here.Guys need to realize that generic compliments are a no-no!A PUA like me could pull of a generic/wussy compliment on her beauty(because I know how to maneuver it).BTW,I never compliment women directly(unless it’s warranted).

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