The Female Magnet Exercise – Magnetically Attract A New Girlfriend

So, what kind of beautiful women DO you want?

For magnetically attracting beautiful women into your life with this exercise, list all the qualities and characteristics of the kind of girl you want to attract. If you know what these characteristics are, you will be more successful because you’ll know what to look for.

What kind of women would you like to have? Do you want an explosive one-night stand or a hot, passionate relationship? Take your time and list as many qualities as you want in a woman.

Here are some examples:

“I like a woman who is very sexual and is always eager to have a wild time with me in bed. I also like a woman who is down to earth and doesn’t expect me to pay for everything… a woman who is happy and open. I want a woman that knows when to get dirty but also knows when to act like a lady. Someone who keeps in shape and has a great body and nice breasts. Oh yeah, and one that treats me like a god!”

Now to do this female magnet exercise for attracting beautiful women,

  1. Think of the qualities you want in a woman that you listed earlier
  2. Begin to focus on feeling the presence of the kind of woman you’re wishing to attract. Imagine that she’s right there, right in front of you.
  3. As you do this, focus on the feeling of being connected to her.
  4. Imagine a cord of green sex energy coming from your chest to her breasts, connecting both of you… focus in on this feeling.
  5. Imagine a cord of yellow sex energy coming from your eyes to her eyes, connecting both of you.
  6. Imagine a cord of red sex energy coming from your groin to her groin, really connecting both of you now, as you really focus in on this feeling.
  7. Imagine a cord of orange sex energy coming from the top of your stomach (the area where you feel butterflies) to hers, connecting both of you.
  8. Imagine a cord of blue sex energy coming from your throat to her tongue, connecting both of you.
  9. Imagine a cord of gold sex energy coming from your forehead to her lips, connecting both of you. Really focus in on this feeling.
  10. Focus on all six sex connections and a feeling of well-being
  11. As you focus on the feelings of the six connections, notice what happens as you double the intensity of the feeling
  12. Now in your mind, switch places with her. Step into her body, feeling what she’s feeling, and have her step into your body, feeling the six sex connections.
  13. Hear her thoughts listing your best qualities from the inside of her mind.
  14. Step back into your body, continuing to feel all six sex connections.
  15. Send her the feeling of anticipation toward the day you meet in the near future.
  16. Count to yourself from 1 to 5, saying, “Now I will count from 1 to 5. And when I do, I will awaken, feeling much better than I have ever felt before…1… 2… 3… 4… and 5.”

Do this female magnet exercise no more than twice a week for attracting beautiful women. Go on about your normal life… you’ll find yourself drawn to go to new places… trust your intuition and follow this. When you meet this woman, she may or may not be everything you wanted. That’s ok. Just repeat the exercise, but be clear in the qualities you want in a woman.

This relates to the baseball player imagining his homers. You need to SEE a goal to get to it. The more concrete the goal, the better your chances.

You alert yourself – on both conscious and subconscious levels – to recognize the lady you want and you’d be surprised how many guys miss her because they’re too busy worrying about something else during the crucial moment.

And you make chance encounters with the right type of woman and attracting beautiful women MORE likely just be exercising the encounter.

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