Get Chicks With These Rejection-Proof Pickup Lines

Getting chicks and approaching with good pickup lines for women is really easier than it sounds because what you’re going to do first is what I call “Informational Openers” to break you in.

Informational openers are good opening lines for women because they put no pressure on you to succeed or fail, because all you’re going to be doing is asking people for directions or information.

I want you to go to your local mall, grocery store, bookstore, subway or anyplace on your list where you know people will be around. Find someone, go up to them, and say, “Hey, excuse me, I’m looking for how to get to XYZ. Can you help me?”

It doesn’t have to be an attractive woman, it can be an old woman or an old man, or anyone else. The point is just to get use to going up and talking to new people.

If you’re at a bookstore, say “Excuse me… do you know where the psychology section is?’

If you’re at a clothing store, say “I’m getting a present for my sister. What do you think looks better… this or this?”

If you’re outside on the street you can ask, “Can you tell me how to get to the nearest McDonald’s?”

If you’re at a bar ask, “Do you know where the restroom is?”

Now all I’m asking you to do is to get in and get out. You’re merely to make an entry and a smooth exit. That’s why these are good opening lines for women when you’re just starting out.

Once you have their attention, ask your question. And once you get a response from them, say, “Thank you very much” and walk away. Get in and get out.

You have no goal, you’re not trying to get anything from them. What you get is the experience of approaching someone new, and rewiring your brain that it’s really no big deal and is pretty easy to pull off. You want to rewire your brain into thinking that approaching everyday people is a common normal occurrence for you that happens all the time.

Here’s the key. Doing only one of these informational openers is not enough. I want you to start doing FIVE informational openers every day for a week. Yes FIVE every day for a week. That’s 35 informational openers where you ask someone for directions or for some information every week. That’s the only way to get over your fear of saying hello, and you’re safe knowing these are good opening lines for women.

You have the time. It’s easy. It should only take you an hour or two at the most to find FIVE people who you can ask directions or ask a question. Again, they don’t even really be attractive women, you can do the informational opener on anyone you come across.

And you should do FIVE openers every day for a week, until you have 35 of them under your belt and you’ll get more chicks that way.

However, keep in mind, that whenever you do any kind of an opener, you want to approach from the front or the side of the person, never directly from behind. If you try to get someone’s attention from directly behind them, you’re much more likely to startle. Approach someone from an angle where you’re in their field of vision.

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