Getting Laid The Han Solo Way (Video)

First, watch the video below of Han Solo’s pickup.

Okay, let’s break his seductive actions down…

A big question I get from guys who want to be getting laid is, “Jesse, how do I get passed a woman’s bitch shield”?

Well, let’s take a look at Han here. When Leia puts up her “bitch shield” when she tells Han, “Would you please stop calling me that?” most guys would already be slinking away, feeling rejected. :ohmy

Our man Han doesn’t though. He just rolls with it, ignoring her tone and instead setting his own.

Leia’s blowout attempt #2:Leia tells Han, “Oh, you make it so difficult sometimes.”

Han doesn’t get pissed off or slink away, not at all. He persists, and just rolls with it. “I do, I really do. You could be a little nicer, though,” he tells her as he moves in closer.

He takes her hand. You see, he moves forward despite getting “blown out”. And he’s not fighting against her. Her negative attitude or “bitch shield” isn’t even registering in his reality.

Leia’s blowout attempt #3: Leia says to Han, “Occasionally… when you aren’t acting like a scoundrel.”

With the third blowout attempt, most guys would bail out, or at least let go of her hand. But Han persists, relentlessly, and keeps up the physical contact. In fact, he seems to ENJOY her blowout attempt as he laughs at it and sees it as an indicator of interest from her. “Scoundrel? Scoundrel? I like the sound of that.”

With that, Han takes her hand and starts to massage it.

Leia’s blowout attempt #4:“Stop that,” she says.

“Stop what?” It’s not even registering in his reality. Han just ignores it.

At this point you can subtly sense that Leia has switch from resistance to attraction.

Leia’s blowout attempt #5: She is persistent, isn’t she? “Stop that! My hands are dirty.”

But Han doesn’t react, her “bitch shield” is irrelevant. It doesn’t even register in his reality, it doesn’t exist. He just persists. He’s a man who knows what he wants and goes for it. He does not care about what others think of him, he doesn’t wait for signs from the girl that it’s okay to continue. Han again just rolls with it. “My hands are dirty, too. What are you afraid of?”

At this point Han hits her with the triangular gaze, the intense, unbroken and piercing “I will fuck you” eye contact. He moves in and closes the space between their bodies.

Now Han begins LEADING the girl’s state. “You’re trembling.”

Leia’s blowout attempt #6:“I’m not trembling.”

But Han doesn’t let her negativity affect him with his almost delusional sense of self-propulsion and destiny. No matter how many times Leia says “No thanks” he persists, unwavering, almost with delusional belief and conviction in the attraction and getting laid. And at this point her voice betrays her attraction.

Han leads again: “You like me because I’m a scoundrel. There aren’t enough scoundrels in your life.”

Leia’s blowout attempt #7: “I happen to like nice men,” she says but now her voice is more excited than resistant.

Han is so unreactive he eventually sucks her into his version of reality and leads her with the kiss and wins the girl.

In a very real sense, like Neo in the Matrix, Han was able to “bend” the fabric of reality, “bend” the attraction dynamic, just by a delusional ignoring of hers and relentlessly persisting in his own with 100% belief.

You see, “blowouts” and “bitch shields” don’t exist unless you allow them to. Unless Leia were to physically leave the room, only then would Han really be blown out. Unless Han was affected by her resistance and slinked away, only then would her “bitch shield” have won out.

The best naturals are great at what they do not because of a bunch of lines and techniques. It’s because they don’t worry about what others think on their mission of getting laid.

That’s why I created Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control program. It shows you how to persist through initial resistance and “turn around the girl.”  About 90% of the time this can be done effectively.

Just click HERE to check out the program.

You see, women like persistence. Women want a guy who plows through. Women want guys who go for what they want. Persisting despite the woman shows to her that you’re an alpha male, that you’re a leader, and that you can potentially give her powerful offspring.

It’s that ignoring the blowouts, setting your own reality, and plowing through initial resistance that most generates the mad attraction.

In Han’s case, he got a “No” Seven times, before he got the “Yes!” That’s because Leia “flipped” states when Han overpowered her with his.

Let me ask you– what would you have done?

Are you always looking for the girl’s immediate approval and slink off at the first sign of resistance… or do you persist like a runaway train and close in hard to generate that hard attraction and get laid?

Stay Unreactive to Cold Responses From Hot Girls

So one of guys biggest problems is approach anxiety and I want to share with you a little example to help you out with this.

Guys hold back approaching women because they are fearful of taking a hit to their ego and self-confidence.

This guy is cultivating his identity as the rich guy, or the good looking guy, or the guy with the cool routine, or the guy looking for her approval. It’s like driving your ego, your beautifully fragile Mercedes ego up to the girl fearful that she’s going to spit on it and dirty it up.

Rather, the un-reactive man is like the sky, spitting at him is completely pointless and futile.

He doesn’t hold onto any negativity, he doesn’t acknowledge it. The un-reactive man is in such a positive, social state that it’s beyond his conception that any negativity could exist.

This is not an intellectual exercise or strategy of ignoring negativity, but literally your altered state is so positive you literally do not even feel the negativity. It just flows past you into empty space, like sky.

If the woman were to spit into the sky, it would only come back into her own face. The sky cannot be dirtied by her spit.

Her tests or resistance are not meaningful unless you accept them. Unless you grab them, it is meaningless, noise, they have nothing to do with your reality.

It is like shouting insults in an empty room. Yes, she will create a sound, but when the sound waves have dissipated the room is again the same room. The room cannot hold onto the test or negativity, the empty room is just an empty room.

So in fact you cannot get blown out by words unless you take them, unless you cooperate with them. If you FEEL blown out, it is your responsibility, don’t blame the girl. Why did you accept it?

Accept only that which you need, accept only nourishment, accept only the positive energy coming back from her.

After all, why accept her poison? Somebody brings you a cup of poison to you, it’s not necessary that you drink it. Simply say “thank you” and radiate her more positivity and keep going.

Coming in with the right state the woman cannot blow you out of the set; if she tries and you remain unaffected like the sky, she’ll quickly give up. In fact, at a certain point she will “flip sides” and become intensely attracted to you because you didn’t sulk away like every other guy would.

She will say “no”, “no”, “no”, “no”, “YES” because one can only spit into the empty sky so many times before realizing it is pointless and silly, there is no reason to fight the sky. There is no reason to fight you.

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  2. Jose Cespedes

    This girl passed by….then again like she was to be chased as she strolled while almost getting run over by a car. Not a 10 although she smelled sweet! They do test us. Can we turn the tables?

    1. Just tease her with it enough to MAKE her want you back, then Never gice in. Pre-arrange for a friend to call you at the speciified time, answer your phone and act like it’s another woman calling you. Hopefuly you can get a waoman you want to be with to do this because women like to play games and make other women look bad and stupid. They love being “the better bitch”. Plan the phone conversation ahead of time wit the woman you want to be with, she’ll love it. You might then start getting her to play other games with you, like two strangers meeting at a bar. Tell her do not wear underwear. They think that’s hot – them knowing it but all then men around but you don’t know it. You’ll also find out if she’s a closet flasher.
      Have a nice Day.. Happy hunting… 💡

  3. There are at least three ways to respond to spit.

    1) Obviously, one is just ignore it and go on.

    2) One of my favorite lines is from Patrick Swayze from Road House. Smile (sometimes, I’ll wink too) and say, “Opinions vary.”

    3) Another is the comeback. Like “That’s good. You’re not my type either.” Or maybe a neg — with a smile, of course.

    After 2 and 3, sometimes I’ll just pick up with what I was saying when I was so rudely interrupted. Or look at her, shake my head slowly, look around for someone else to talk to, and make her reel me back in.

  4. I did not see the video… but i read all the comments in the forum… i experienced that few weeks ago.., When the woman say’s “NO” yet she stays in place with you.., it means.., MORE… pls.. more… dig deeper dude…. Yeah.!. that’s how they communicate with you.. If its you’re first time together.. THANK YOU SO MUCH JESSE FOR 4 ds very important information guys needs to know… KEEP it UP!!! GOD BLESS THIS SITE… GOD BLESS THE INTERNET.. AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU JESSE…

  5. Thanks a LOT… I learn so much from this section… You guys keep it up… Be positive… and don’t let negative stimuli brings you down… coz sometimes it happens… we can’t just expect good things all the time. In this world we have to face the UP’s and Downs… and remember.. The captivity of NEGATIVITY kills YOU!!!

  6. Well JC, I like the whole concept of positive thinking and all but isn’t it just pie in the sky thinking that one would be like this enlightened being who just deflects negativity where ever he goes? Its as if you would have to be an ordained monk or something. If your having a crap day, which we all have plenty of those, we’re likely to be in a bad state which in turn makes it difficult to deal with some woman’s rudeness. I’m just being pragmatic.

    1. It’s not about having a bad day, just when you go to a bar or club to meet girls. Don’t let their state affect your state, otherwise you’ll be on a roller coaster ride of highs and lows. Just let whatever venom pass through you and you let YOUR state affect THEIRS.

    2. ok, well, I guess this is a case of practice makes perfect. I should get back into my meditation practice again.
      Thanks Jesse

  7. i have listened close to the makings of a perfect bitch getting one thing wrong like a player and wishing to fix but we’ll surely have all the mystics of the fairy tales when it is simply to love thru love ,Felix,Mack,DOG and JC U R suspense heroes

  8. It doesn’t get even better than this. JC creates other JCs who can give great advice.I looove this.Men everything JC says works.Kudos gentlemen.

    1. I have a hunch that’s exactly one of the things JC is trying to achieve. There are far too many jerks out there that just use the wonderful women of this Earth and give them nothing real in return. Giving them a chance of happyness by empowering the good men near them is a way to love these women while not even being physically close to them.

  9. Hi Jesse I am writing to remind you that you are responsible for a social development of society that is unparalleled. You Starlight concept is amazing. Since I use your advice my quality of life increased dramatically, especially when it comes to women. This sunday morning I woke up and thought about what I learned from you and smiled when I took a look to the left seeing my sleeping wife.

    Always when I think this cannot be topped, you come up with more new stuff. Please keep it up.

  10. Hey dude keeep up with the info,guys need to here this stuff 2 clear there heads.keep up the good work…..mike the maddog……………………………

  11. These words ring so true! I agree with Felix as well. It’s awesome to hear and be reminded! Thanks!!

    Not to mention the very top picture, it’s great! It totally goes with what you are saying. When your energy is flowing throughout all the chakras, you are open and strong; nothing can alter or affect you. Thanks again!!

  12. This is a great confidence builder for all young macks…We all are leary of the jilt but the jilt is just a barbell to build muscle in the mind and heart of the jilted. It is kinda like the chapter in the book The Art of SEduction-Prove Yourself- If she hasn’t given in it is possibly because you haven’t gone far enough to make her see you reaching…. With a little push and pull on her heart mind and senses in time she will humblle down to you..she has no choice…Keep this in mind and have a macktabulous day

    1. Mighty man Mack, you sound like you missed a tiny detail.
      “If she hasn’t given in it is possibly because you haven’t gone far enough to make her see you reaching” – you say.
      Hey, she’s got a mind and heart of her own, all you “have” to do is be where she is.
      No other effort necessary.
      Sometimes, when you start making efforts to reach an effect, like making her see you, you fall in that trap of using a mind to signal a heart. Even the best seducers out there, they do not talk to a girl’s heart, they only expertly confuse her mind with the visual and behavioural luster they masterfully wield. Their effort is fascinatingly effective, but ultimately, utterly fake.
      The proof? They leave behind regret, or even pain.
      When you simply enjoy the radiance in your heart and give her the chance to experience the same, even if the relationship breaks later on, she’ll be left with a tremendous lesson of love that will enable her to avoid all future fakes, since she’ll sense they have no light in them, and she’ll allways have a smile at the memory of you, even if bittersweet, even if you pissed her something awful.
      No, you do not have to move any mountain, make anything happen. Just be next to her. And love. Oh, and do have the time of your life, regardless of her. No effort.

      “the jilt is just a barbell to build muscle in the mind and heart of the jilted”-you say

      I completely agree with you. It’s just true. Pitty some take hardship as some curse and not as a blessing in disguise.

  13. Jesse, what you’re saying is a bit like divine love.

    You view the “object” of your affection like an innocent little child, that does not do the harm out of evil.
    You are the Jesus approaching her alluring,yet so simply human person.
    As you bask in the radiance of your inner love, that is today offered to this fascinating little creature, her agressive-protective clawing is just the fearful fit of a child that hasn’t yet learned to see in your heart.
    There is no rational reason to suddenly deny the radiance in your heart, by envisioning her as an unattainable ideal.
    You feel the waves of beauty in your heart.
    That inner continuous explosion of joy that fills you.
    Rich, handsome, skilled, socially elevated, sexually prodigious, you name it, they’re just coordinates, just labels.
    When doubt rears it’s ugly head, just weigh all these socially endorsed “qualities” against the sheer sensation given by river of light that constantly fills your soul.
    They crumble.
    You are the Jesus coming to her.
    That does not make you important. Vanity does not matter.
    It makes you love itself.
    You are the equal that carries the fulfilling of her first love dreams.

    Divine love. When you live through love you are love. It does not depend on a woman, but you can choose to offer some of that joy to her.

    So she looks at your shoes. It makes you burst in an understanding, yet bemused wide smile at her innocence.

    So she looks like a man-eater. Pish-posh. The center of her soul aches for the same dreams of love an passion as any woman’s, no matter the size and shape.

    When you draw the love in your heart with your fingers, lips, arms, on her skin, you light the flames of passion.

    All you have to do is be the love that you are. When her shields have tired a bit, she’ll start sensing the radiance.

    All the trick of divine love is coming to terms with the fact that it’s an inherent capacity of your own soul, and that it has nothing to do with how particularly hot she looks tonight.

    I have a hunch that the entire big secret of those big bad mistical “naturals” is that they bask in their own inner joy, they only sometimes choose to also do it in the company of some women, I mean, why become a monk, right?

    P.S. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words.
    To a keen eye, open mind, that heart picture you got there explains the whole philosophy of it. Where did you get it ?

    1. Thanks felix, great input. Yes, it is like being Jesus — turn the other cheek, just accept love and only radiate love and don’t let anything negative affect you or touch you and even the most “bitchy” women will fall in love with you for that. If you’re only giving love and not worried about your ego or being accepted by the girl, she’ll give you love back… you are giving her a gift of making her feel joy inside

  14. Girls are conditioned to say “no” at first. That’s smart of them. It weeds out all the guys with no balls, all the guys who won’t be able to protect and raise her children. It’s a filter for who seeing who is the real alpha male, separating the boys from the men.

  15. In fact, from yesterday I’ve one more: literatureart, I don’t put wordpress bla-bla anymore.
    Thanks for the commentary in Rooster site. Keep in touch, Dan, Romania

  16. yeah this shit works, this weekend this hottie told me that she hated me…I told her I hate her and leaned in for the kiss, within 20 minutes we were in a cab back to her place…this was at 830pm too

    1. Point is, most guys give up and slink away WAY too quickly.

      In addition, he’s not even making physical contact with her, it’s all about the eye contact and not breaking it. There’s no case for “rape” here.

    2. IF she screams RAPE!!!. and you didn’t do that, it’s called slander, if she writes it to anyoe it’s called libel. Both are chargable under the law. If she involves the police and you didn’t do it, she lied to the police and that’s a felony. Police don’t like being lied to about anything.

      If this happened, was she telling you or asking you?

  17. Hi guys
    I thing that Jesse is doing great job with his advices but I don’t now how do you doing great job to with your approach to women. AMAN you ARE a BROTHER because you have that attitude: I am a good guy… nah you are an animal which is going to fuck her brains out…
    And this scene from Star Wars is a very good example how to SHOW YOUR INTEREST in woman,
    Han doesn’t have second thought about his DESICION,
    Han is going after what he WANTS,
    Han has NO time to WAIT,
    Han is very clearly showing what HE WANTS,
    Han is showing her WHAT she’s gonna GET,
    And don’t forget that sometimes she really doesn’t want anything…
    WE all have a bad day,
    Start again and never lose your faith…

    And I must confess something: although I know how to control and manipulate women I am stuck…
    I don’t know why… I don’t have strength to go further
    I can find happiness… I am joining to the Dark side…lol

    1. Yeah Bob, we all have “bad days” or “bad moments” but don’t sweat it and don’t dwell on it… otherwise it will just take you more out of state. Everything moves in cycles, ups and downs, but with time and experience we can move into consistency. But never beat yourself up over it. Take a breather, let go of the shit and crap, and know that the next up is coming.

      1. Jesse,
        You said “Everything moves in cycles, ups and downs, but with time and experience we can move into consistency.”
        Thank you for sharing that point of view. Now I understand that like most things, this too has an ebb and flow that I will need to work with. Just understanding that the ebb and flow are even there is a big plus.

  18. Yeah…I persist, but I guess I need 2 step my game up a little bit more. For some reason whenever the resistance comes along I back done for a few minutes or mabye even days.

  19. Powerful article D !!

    I got it….

    It’s like fishing; where resistance is NEEDED in order to
    a: have fun “fishing” b: know you have the right “bait” c: to feel that level of acheivement (WIN)

    So you see fellas, resistance is ALWAYS good. Without resistance there would be no result. At the first sign of resistance when fishing, you’re almost there! You pull HARDER, not drop your pole, cut your line and go home! Plow through men….!
    Be a warrior, a soldier, a colonel, a czar! Be…what you were born to be. A fighter!

    Become a YES man…. once you do, that’s ALL you’ll ever here. 🙂 In life, in women, in jobs , in money…

    1. YEah, resistance IS an opportunity. In fact, if the girl resists a little bit at first, and you persist, you’ll actually have a MUCH higher rate of success than with girls that are initially friendly. The reason is, if she resists a little and you can plow through that resistance, it creates extreme attraction in the girl. So a little resistance is a good thing, it’s an opportunity to show the girl you’re a man, bad boy, alpha, etc

  20. Hi Derek,
    I enjoy your messages and the simplicity of what you try to convey. I have a question on this video. I understand what you are trying to convey. However, lot of other dating gurus such as David D, Mystery, Carlos Xuma etc say that you don’t have to be needy. Your message on this video clip shows that one should keep trying till woman melts down. My question is how to keep on trying with the woman you like without projecting yourself being a wussy or needy.
    Thanks a lot.

    1. Paul, being needy is thinking about the girl while she’s not in front of her. Being needy is saying things to her just to please her and make her like you. Han is doing neither.

    2. Paul: What I do is view myself as the “prize”. If you don’t think you are, then, “fake” it until you know you are. You’ll get there.

  21. Hey Jesse,

    fantastic work…
    you changed my life. Girls starts taking intrest in me. but atlast they say me brother.. why?

  22. Hey, Jesse. Thanks for adding the mp3 download in your last video “How To Approach Women Without Fear or Anxiety.” That was darn fast. I guess it’s a big advantage for a pua to be a programmer at the same time. 🙂

    Interesting insight on this scene between Solo and Leia. I agree it’s persistence and confidence that won Leia for him. I don’t believe in hypnosis – haven’t met anyone in real life who’s actually successfully using hypnosis to get laid.

    Having said that, if there’s any hypnotic element to the scene, it’s because Leia is already predisposed to like Han or surrender to his overtures long before this scene happened. The attraction is there already and all Solo needed to do was, as the other fellows and Jesse are saying, lead her to the appropriate conclusion. Leia was testing him, but Solo rose to the occasion with confidence and persistence. Test passed, attraction validated.

    Just my two cents. Great choice of footage to drive home a point, Jesse. Thanks for all the help and I hope you’ll come up soon with a video course or something putting all of these material in one place. Keep it up!

    1. Jacob: I know that hypnosis has a bad “RAP” and not well accepted. But, she is in a trance. She is in the mood. She is feeling sexual tension and so is Hans.

  23. Yes, Jesse, don’t you ever get tired of being right? The video is full of fun and full of truth. Even if comparing real life with the imagination of a screenplay writer can be dangerous and irrelevant sometimes, this time it fits in. So the video tells us what it has to tell. Be persistent, stay focused, but you really have to have some chances, from mother-nature, right? What if you’re short, fat and ugly? And you make your move to a princess like Leia? I’m so happy I’m not like that…. Good work, Jesse. I always read your lessons and it’s never enough. You learn, you apply, then sometimes you get soft and some thing you forget. It’s time for a new lesson – the same lesson. Again and again… Until you breathe, eat, sleep, walk, talk, feel and think Seduction Science. Cheers !

    1. Sebastion, actually it wont matter if you’re short or if you’re ugly, as long as you’re well groomed and come in with a dominant manner. Girls will be intrigued by you. What if you saw a short and ugly girl with a fantastic chest? You’d still be attracted. That’s what coming in persistent and dominant is like– having a fantastic chest. In fact so few guys do it that you will have the “best breasts” the girl has ever seen. It doesn’t matter what your looks are, it will still work.

  24. Hey Jesse,

    Great insight! I agree with you, persistence and leading the way without getting angry (relaxed confidence) is what won her heart. Women sometimes know where they want to go but mostly its the man to lead the way for them.

    Thanks a lot.

  25. My lesson is that here and more so in real life, when you first hold on to and kino the girl, EXPECT that she might pull away! A girl has to think and analyze every encounter because of potential consequences, some possibly dire.
    HOWEVER, if she doesn’t get up and leave the room, get a clue and hang in there. Her sticking around even as she rejects your advances means you still got a shot! Don’t wimp out and stop then… I say, kino-escalate gently but surely.
    At a more basic level, I think of back in high school, how many chicks I banged by sheer persistence even though back then their M.O. was N.O.! In fact, back then, if you didn’t persist and get your hand slapped away quite a few times, you had next to no chance. Got to get back to those basic instincts!

  26. miserable fellow

    dear jesse
    perhaps my fate dictates that i should get enlightenment only when it is too late! [i broke up almost an year back and has no one as on today…] I hv watched this movie 6 times but it nvr occurred to me to think in this way…anyway i m hoping for a brighter future! thanx

  27. Great annalysis, Jesse. My favourite part is when he starts to tell her the things that she is feeling…She’s trembling, then he says she likes him cause he’s a scoundrel. It’s almost like hypnosis.

    Actually, I almost think she is hypntized. Probably when you get that close to a women and hold their hands, they are in another state, so anything you say goes right to their unconscious. Fantastic work Jesse.

    1. Yeh, Al, she is in the “mood”, she is in a “trance”. Holding a womans’ hand in a sensuous way will get her in the mood. Hans Solo knew she was in the mood, so, he just pushed forward.

    2. Subliminal messages are powerful communication tools. That statement, in itself is one. I didn’t say anything about how to do it, but now you will probably look it up on the Internet. Damn, there’s another one. Told YA !

  28. I agree he’s using hypnotic means on her. Especially his voice is low, slow and relatively quiet. He also moves very slowly and continuously towards her. All are hypnotic influence elements. So it doesn’t only happen because he ignores her refusals.

    1. Romeo, one nitpick here- when you are in a loud club, you don’t have the luxury of speaking quietly or hypnotically. Your voice has to be fucking LOUD. Even for day game I think its far better to have a LOUD voice. That itself is a display of dominance. Its the sheer dominance of his approach, not the gentle hypnotic quality of his voice necessarily. If you are vocally projecting LOUDLY, especially in a noisy club, that’s the way to go.

  29. jeff is 100% right when he said that Hans “merely leads her (way of thinking)”. it all boils down to leading a woman, to where she wants to go.

  30. The biggest idea that I got from this is that you don’t have a to be a Jedi to do Jedi mind tricks. Although Leah is the one with the Jedi blood, it’s Han who, just like a jedi, directly influences her by saying “you like me because I’m a scoundrel”. This line was great because it allowed Leah to continue in her own reality, that he is a scoundrel, but does so in a way that is in line with Han’s, that she likes scoundrels. Also, he doesn’t get defensive and he doesn’t disagree with anything she says, he merely leads her way of thinking in his favor.

    In all the star wars movies, I truly believe this scene was the only realistic example of a jedi mind trick, and it’s not even done by a jedi! next time you’re with a girl, think of Han solo… you’re not a jedi, but anyone can use the force. good luck

  31. “Bitch Shields” are tests. Women will always (always … always … always) and forever, (until the day you die) test you. They constantly need reassuring that the man in their life is truly a man.

    Woman’s biology are programed that way. They feel that if you can and will stand up to them, you can and will stand up, to any perceived danger to her and her children.

    ie. If you pass her test, she may trust you enough to protect her and let you in … if you get my drift.

    1. Zanidag, you’re exactly right, bitch shields are congruence tests. A “bitch shield” is a congruence test to see if you’ll tuck your tail between your legs and slink off at the first sign of resistance from her. It’s a way to weed out the guys who lack confidence or consider themselves low value compared to herself.

  32. aint that the same thing u do when girls show resistance? i thought a bitch shield was when a girl doesn’t respond to any of ur attraction methods cos she already has a man who satisfies her or even she might be lesbian. Never new that.

    1. A “bitch shield” is a congruence test to see if you’ll tuck your tail between your legs and slink off at the first sign of resistance from her. It’s a way to weed out the guys who lack confidence or consider themselves low value compared to herself.

  33. i just remembered one of my friends who is married said she has more love for her husband as he doesn’t put up with her bitchiness as in he doesn’t bitch back. she said that he knows that she doesn’t really mean what she says when she bitch’ he just stays calm and cool about it. i can vaguely remember her telling me this but can’t seem to fully remember what she said.

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