Good Compliments For Getting Girls

Go out and approach three women every day for a week and approach them with a compliment opener.

Your goal is just to open with a compliment and nothing more.  Here are some good compliments that girls give good responses to,

Tell the girl, “You’re absolutely adorable.”

Or tell her, “You’re the cutest girl I’ve seen.”

Or say, “Wow, I like your hair style.”

Once you open just say, “Well I just wanted to tell you that, but I have to get going to meet some friends of mine,” and then go.

If you get into a conversation fine, but all I want you to do right now is get into the habit of approaching women. Don’t put extra pressure on yourself that you need to carry on a compelling conversation with her or feel that you have to hold her interest.

That’s too much pressure, that’s too much to learn all at once, just focus on the element of opening.

Open, compliment, say goodbye and take off.

And keep doing three good compliment opener approaches every day until you’ve got about 30 or so under your belt, because it will take at least doing 30 of these before your brain starts to realize that approaching women with a compliment is really no big deal and you’ll get good responses.

And pretty soon you’ll become a guy who gets laid with girls.

Now one thing I recommend that you don’t do, and I’ve mentioned this before, is don’t wait for a woman to give you “a sign” before you approach. You don’t need eye contact, a smile, or any kind of sign of interest to do a good compliment.

If you wait to get one, you could be waiting forever. If you wait to get one, you limit your opportunities to a much smaller segment of women and you’ll miss a lot of ladies who would have responded well to your approach. Compliment openers are just as effective without a signal, look for approval from women to do them.

Now if you’re having trouble actually getting up the nerve to approach a woman at this point, don’t worry, relax, that’s NATURAL. Turn that frustration you might have into a blessing. After all, frustration can motivate you to be a guy who gets laid. It means your mind is looking for a new angle, a new way of working, a new way of doing things. It means your mind is searching for an answer to be a guy who gets laid and sooner or later it’s going to come up with one.

Just remember it’s impossible to fail. As long as you got out of the house and went out you’ve succeeded. You’ve succeeded because every time you go, even if you don’t end up opening a woman, you’ve learned something new about yourself and you’ll be more enthusiastic the next time for making real changes in yourself.

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