Gym Pickup Lines

Gym pickup line: “Excuse me, but I was curious- how do you keep in such great shape? What’s your secret?” They’ll be happy to talk about themselves


Position yourself on a weight machine next to hers. Start grunting like it’s incredibly tough- with a smile. “Boy- I’m a little out of shape! What about you- workout often?”

With a playful smile say- “You know, you kind of look like that lady from Ms. Fitness- I can’t remember her name- hey maybe you ARE her- wow this is sooo cool a REAL celebrity”


Hey I need a female opinion- do you think guys look better in tight gym clothes that show off their bodies or casual, loose clothes?


Gym pickup line: “Excuse me… I feel kind of foolish asking you this- but can you show me how this machine works?” Then strike up a conversation with her about exercise form


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These are awesome.