How To Best Compliment a Girl – A Super Secret Trick!

Here’s a tip on how to compliment a girl.

After the first compliment stop. Do not keep complimenting the girl, otherwise you’ll only look needy. You only want to give women a huge but very short dose of how they affected you and then you want to switch conversation topics altogether and go into something else.

For example, if you compliment her on her great smile, DON’T continue to dwell on her great smile after that. Shift into a more playful, conversational approach and other topics.

One thing I like to do is take away the compliment completely and get them to work for more. For example, I might approach a woman and say, “I just couldn’t help but notice something about you… and I had to come over and tell you… that you have the most incredible energy about you.”

And then I might take it away saying, “You know I could see us getting together in the future, but I’m realizing I don’t really know you. What else is there about you that I should know about? Are you easy to get along with?” And I’ll say this in a playful, fun tone of voice with a smile.

Notice how in this case I pace first, pause, build the anticipation and then BAM I give her a short but powerful dose of pumped up emotion, the compliment, and then immediately I take it away from her, telling her in a playful tone that yeah, she has a nice energy but I don’t really know her and she still has to prove herself to me.

This kind of build of anticipation, BAM hit her with a powerful compliment, and then take it away is very powerful on women. If you say it in a relaxed confident manner, it shows her that you’re confident enough to approach her, to go after what you want with no apologies, and at the same time she still has to work for you, she still has to prove herself to you to get your approval.

And that’s how to best compliment a girl!

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