Why Building a Love Circle of Fantastic Girls is So Freakishly… EASY

Hey guys, awesome to be here with you again, this is a great Blissnosis lesson I have for you today because I’m going into the psychology of women and just how easy all this can be, creating a Love Circle I mean, having multiple girlfriends, or just getting that one special girl who is quote unquote “out of your league”– I want to wipe away any doubts and show you that this really can be done with just a little bit of effort and faith and following through on your part.

Blissnosis, what is the end goal.  Ultimately, besides the friendships, the social circle, and sense of community, meeting people, when it comes down to it, it’s about having female companionship and choice of female companionship.

So let’s say that is to have two close girlfriends and maybe five to ten other women in your Love Circle, girls who you see from time to time for further bedroom fun and adventures and are totally into hanging out with both you and your girlfriends.

Now a lot of guys think, man that’s out of my reach.  That’s unrealistic for me.

But in reality it’s SO easy to bring women into a new world, a new lifestyle, a new universe of ecstasy and joy.

Look, at the end of the day, every women wants to feel happy and blissful.   Every women wants to feel contentment and ecstasy.  Every woman is trying hard to get these good feelings.

A woman goes to her job.  But why does she work?  To earn money.  And why does she earn money?  So that she can buy things.  And why does she buy things?  To have good feelings.  To feel happy in that moment making a purchase, to feel proud in that new pair of choose, to laugh at that movie.

A woman puts on makeup.  Why?  To get that compliment from a friend so that she can feel pride.  So that the guys chase her with flowers so that she can feel validated and feel happy.

Everything a woman does comes down to, in the end, feeling good feelings inside.

So she does all of these roundabout things to feel joy, ecstasy, pride, like working at her job or going shopping or watching television or hanging out with friends.

Every woman out there is trying hard to enjoy life, to get those good feelings.

Here’s the miracle though- every woman wants to be happy, and yet you can find very few women who actually are.

I mean, you can find very few women who are actually really happy, feeling joy and ecstasy and peace and contentment consistently throughout their week.

Most women grasp are grasping at straws for those moments of joy… like working all week at a boring job so that they can buy that next pair of shoes and feel the five minutes of excitement making the purchase, feeling extra pride for the next day as she wears the new shoes, and then the moment of joy is gone.  The good feelings she works so hard for are ephemeral, they keep slipping through her fingers.

Many women are stuck in a television induced purgatory of being somewhat amused by the boob tube, but not really happy and joyous and content with their lives.

In fact, many of the women you meet are dead inside, dull, living in a stupor, dragging, and somehow carrying the burden of life.

Most women rot in unchallenging jobs, unhappy, living mediocre, bored, unfulfilled lives.

Most women wade around in the shallow waters of corporate consumer culture, puttering around in sedentary, complacent living.

Most women are not happy with the moment; they are terminally bored and always dreaming of the future for someone to whisk them away from it all.

Most women work and work to pay bills so that they can keep running a rat race with the white picket fence that offers them little happiness.

Deep down, on some level, every woman understand a deep truth that she’s enslaved to bullshit.  And deep down, every woman has the eye of the tiger, that sparkle in their eyes… for something more.

What you give them- Starlight

Here is where you come in.  As a Starlight Guide, it’s your job to show women the path to feeling fantastic pleasure and fantastic feelings each and every day.  It’s your job to break her off the chasing of good feelings and directly feed her ecstasy and joy and pleasure and happiness directly into her veins.

Let me describe the Starlight state in a little detail.  When there is no longer grasping for another moment, when there is no longer the pursuit for something more, when the woman wants things exactly as they are, when she’s content and joyous in the current moment, when she has total satisfaction in her circumstances, when all attachments to the past and the future and anything else dissolves, she is in Starlight.

It’s the state of being where there is no grasping, no desire for things to be different from the way they are.

And that’s happiness.  Think about a time when you were truly happy and content.  Perhaps you had an instance where you had a snowball fight outdoors with some friends, and you were having so much fun, that time passed quickly.  You weren’t dreaming about some future, or mulling over some past, you were completely in the moment, yelling, screaming, shouting, throwing, being with friends, building relationships, breathing the air deep into your lungs.

Perhaps you had an experience with a girl… you had her in your arms and you together kissed for the first time.  And you thought wow, this is awesome.  Your mind wasn’t in the future or in the past, it was completely in the moment, never wanting that moment to end.

It’s when the woman’s heart beats quickly just for the now, for what will happen today, with no anxiety for the future and no desire for the future.  It’s when she has no goals to be achieved… it simply doesn’t matter anymore.  She’s having too much fun.

When Starlight happens, it feels great.  It feels better than great… it feels RIGHT.  It can be a moment of excitement, a moment of ecstasy, or a moment of relaxed contentment.  And when a women feels it, she thinks to herself, “Oh yes! This is the way to be!”

As a Starlight Guide, this is what you give to a woman.

A second trait of Starlight is the feeling of freedom from social norms to express one’s true core and sociability.

Take for instance when you’re in a bar.  You feel stifled.  You don’t feel free to just shout and dance and sing and let loose.  In fact, your body language is closed and you’re nursing a beer to look like you have something to do.  You’re not expressing your core self, instead you’re wearing a mask and hoping no one will notice you.

When you feel Starlight, you feel free from social norms that otherwise hold you back.  You feel free to shout and dance and sing and smile.  You feel free to say hello to others and express your sexual desires.

Likewise for women.  Women are normally extremely repressed socially in expressing who they are inside and how they feel.  They normally wear a thousand masks around others and feel stifled inside.  They’re afraid to express good feelings or be social or put themselves out there on the line.

A Starlight Girl however is a truly social angel, not afraid of arbitrary social standards, she’s uninhibited socially.  She feels free to dance, smile, sing, laugh, and be free with her body and voice and smile.  She feels free to spread that feeling of Starlight, all the good feelings she has, to others and be open and bold with her healing power that touches others.

It’s raw energy, pure self expression, no bullshit holding her back.  Joyousness, delight, celebration- all the social norms melt away as she grows oblivious to reality.  Like a small child, again in that purity, in that innocence, in that childlike consciousness she finds her is freedom.  It is the freedom from all kinds of conditioning to express her core self to the world and not having a care about it.

Look, women WANT to feel ecstasy.  And what is ecstasy?  According to the dictionary, “A state of emotion so intense that one is carried beyond rational thought and self-control.”

In other words, ecstasy means to stand out, ecstasy means to get out of all shells and all protections and all egos and all comforts and all walls.  To be ecstatic means to get out, to be free, to be moving, to express oneself, one’s wildest emotions freely without fear of what others may think.

A woman with Starlight is thus open to bliss, she goes on being showered by it, she soaks it up like a sponge.  She is simply alive here now, beautiful in the moment and open to existence, enjoying every moment of it, radiant and alive.

As a Starlight Guide, this is what you bring to women.

No one is doing this!

Here’s the point of all this- women can be much more, they can be so much more.  Whatever she is, she is only a Seed.  She does not know what potential she is carrying within himself.

And YOU can be the guy that can bring her true joy, happiness, ecstasy, instead of her constantly grasping at straws constantly for little glimpses of Bliss.  YOU can be the guy who sets her on the path as her Starlight Guide.

99% of guys don’t know what to do- and 99% of the girls don’t know how to do it for  themselves.  That’s why you’re such a RARE commodity if you learn to do it.  That’s why women will follow you to the ends of the Earth to make YOU happy in return, because you’re providing them with such immense, beautiful value.

In the last analysis, Blissnosis Love is a GIFT you give to the girl.  Blissnosis Love is the ultimate gift… that no amount of chasing money, buying shoes, watching television, chasing after the next “high” will ever bring to her, ever.

That’s why I said before it really is SO easy to have really cool, sexy girlfriends and build a Circle over time as expansive as fits your dreams and your lifestyle needs.  It’s easier than you think because the standards are so LOW.  Nobody is doing this shit.  NOBODY is giving women the Starlight experience.  And women will have met NOBODY else like you.

If you’re a Starlight Guide, women will bend over backwards and do back flips to bring other women into your Circle or to become part of your Circle.  Once they have a taste of what you can bring them, they’re in and they’ll dig in their heels to stay in.

Of course, women at first are skeptical.  Malaise and misery is so prevalent in our society, it seems only natural.  And it’s feeling Blissfulness all the time that seems unnatural.  Malaise and misery need no proof; but happiness and ecstasy, they need to be shown.

But that’s part what the Blissnosis Love program is all about; teaching you how to be a Starlight Guide, teaching you how to bring value to women, teaching you how to build the lifestyle of your dreams.  So I encourage you to sign up if there are seats still available, because this program is designed to change your life and change the lives of all the women you have yet to meet.

18 thoughts on “Why Building a Love Circle of Fantastic Girls is So Freakishly… EASY”

  1. I have a different definition for, ECSTASY. It is when I go on a different plane of existence and I am unaware of what is going around me. Our heart rates become synchronized.

  2. i want to also be a member ,i was a starlight guide for a time ,its not that hard,but i too still nrrd a little inspiration and get a little rusty over some time in a down mode,keep up the good work you have the rite ideas…..your friend mike….

  3. Jesse, I was smiling from ear to ear watching this! I’m very much looking forward to learning to be a starlight guide. : D

  4. Tho how do you give the Women that ecstacy feeling? Like how to do that in detail.
    Or will Jesse talk more about that in the future?

  5. HI Jesse and guys,

    This is your THE best article man !!!
    I was looking for the best performance when you are with girls…
    And voila you cracked the code, this is an revolution
    when you are a starlight guide you can easily approach women, you can see where they wanna go, how do they feel about this experience…
    you are also guy who bring food to the table, leader, teacher, social guru…
    I’m very impressed with you D.

  6. In the journey that involves our quest for perfection,Man is what he thinks he is.If the mind can conceive it, and the eyes can perceive it, one can, certainly, achieve it!!!!!

  7. I hope to get a seat! I applied on the same day you sent out the first message about it. What are the odds for getting a seat by the way??

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