Build a Better Girlfriend With The LoveSpace Technique

Guys, I want to talk about how to meet women without having to do all the cold approaching yourself– in fact, you can get other women to do the approaching FOR YOU.

We’ve talked about BLOSSOMING a woman before, but not all women will go through the transformation so readily.  And women can have all sorts of bad habits and emotional baggage.

Lovespace is your master tool for Blossoming a woman from a simple seed to glorious force of unstoppable beauty and sexuality.  Lovespace is the secret to beautifully and erotically transforming women, out from their socially conditioned cocoons and into magnificently sexual and free butterflies.

Women, molded by social conditioning, have many bad habits, insecurities, unnecessary drama in their lives.  Many are jealous, emotionally damaged, and bitchy.  They will have roadblocks and speed bumps along the way in their evolution.

Women may resist opening themselves to new sexual experiences, whether it be wearing high heels shoes, to talking dirty, to having a threesome with you and another girl.

Particularly, many women will refuse to go to Bliss Parties or blubs and pickup other girls with you.  Either they’re too nervous about cold approaching or they’re too insanely jealous and will sabotage you every step of the way.

Lovespace is the secret to having a woman do all these and more – with enthusiasm.

Lovespace consists of two parts, firstly ‘Love’ and secondly, ‘Space’.

Love is giving the woman attention, pleasuring her, making her feel happy, teaching her new things, listening to her, giving her good feelings and good experiences.  Investing in a woman is an expression of Love.

Conversely, you’ll also be creating Space when necessary.  Space is the ‘Push’ to really help the woman step out of her bad habits and the drama and blossom into sexual freedom and spiritual peace.

Sleep with her

Sometimes, it can be the case that a woman will not want to change her habits or beliefs.  She won’t want to dress up sexy, enact fantasies, or meet other girls with you.  It will have nothing to do with beginner’s shyness, she simply will not want to do it.  She may be lettering jealousy control her emotions or she might prefer to sit on the sofa watching television and eating bon-bons all day while she packs on the pounds.

Here’s the key.  In the singles scene when people are dating, men typically chase after women for sex and for approval.  However, AFTER you’ve slept with a woman, SHE will be the one chasing YOU for approval.

Put in another way, in the same way guys supplicate and kiss ass to win a woman’s approval for sex, AFTER the sex happens, just the opposite happens.  Now the woman tends to supplicate and kiss up to the man so that he doesn’t leave her and run off with some other woman.

She wants to win your devotion now because she has your sperm inside her.  In case she has your children, she needs your support and devotion so that her offspring can survive.

Of course, there may be no chance that she’s actually pregnant.  But her cavewoman brain doesn’t know that- for thousands of years of human mating, condoms didn’t exist.  So a woman is biologically programmed to chase you once you’ve had sex with her, whether she’s really pregnant or not.

Creating ‘Space’

This is where the Space or “The Push” comes in.  You will be in effect CREATING SPACE and thus FEAR OF LOSS when the woman is not cooperating, so that the woman feels compelled to chase you and win your approval.

Let’s say you want a girl to wear sexy clothes when she comes over, and she specifically refuses.  She shows up at the door and she looks like a mess.  Not by accident—accidents happen.  But repeatedly she fails to follow through being sexually feminine and fails to abide by your requests.

It’s very easy—stop calling her.  Let a week or two go by where you don’t call and you don’t pick up the phone.

This will send the woman into an anxious tizzy as to why you’re not speaking with her.  Fear emotions will kick in that maybe she could lose you.

You are basically creating a “fear or loss” feeling inside of her and a “sense of scarcity” that you’re not dependent on her and have the ability to find another girl who will be sexually feminine.

Most women will be quick to want to please when you create Space.  They’ll start calling you and become desperate to fix what’s wrong.

Let a week or two go by, and then give her a call.  Be completely cool, natural, chill, like nothing has happened.  Invite her to come over again, and that she’s to dress sexy for you.  If she asks what’s wrong or why you haven’t called, just tell her to come over and dress sexy for you.

This time she WILL come over dressed sexy, because she doesn’t want to lose you, she wants your approval of her, and she’ll follow through.  After all, we value much more what we might lose or what we have to work for.

She’ll actually be HAPPY because she’s found a man who will TAKE A STAND for what he wants and doesn’t cave in immediately to her emotional swings or constrictive and arbitrary beliefs about sex.

And sometimes a little fear or loss can actually get a woman’s adrenaline going, and in a weird way they actually LIKE to feel those kinds of emotions sometimes.  They LIKE to feel the need to chase a man down.

The ‘Love’ side of the equation

After the distance, the space has been created, and you reunite, you want to give her an intense burst of Love.  This is pulling her back into your world, showing her acceptance, affection, and sexual dominance.

Give her some great “make up sex”.  Naturally, when you do see each other after an absence, the sex will be a lot hotter automatically.  So giving her some intensive sex should come naturally.  Give it to her forcefully, passionately, with great intensity.   Give her the relief from the fear of loss that she’s seeking.  Reward her for coming this time dressed super sexy and being all woman for you.

After the sex, you can give her a laughing, “you’ve been a bad girl” spanking.  Take her and put her face down her lap, and give her butt a slap.  “You’ve been a bad, bad girl for not wearing your lingerie for me.  Bad girl!  You follow your strong man and keep him happy.  Tell you’re strong man that you’re sorry for being a naughty girl.”

Sometimes a girl may not even fully understand what she was doing wrong, so here you are simply verbalizing it and reminding her that she needs to continue following the good behavior.

Again, the spanking is done in good humor, laughing, silly, and make her smile.  Never spank in anger.

Words of warning…

Now, Lovespace works best if it’s a girl that does NOT live with you, meaning you see her once or twice a week.  Then creating physical space, not seeing each other for a week or two, is pretty easy.

This is not so much a technique where you are the household provider for the woman, where the woman lives with you, sleeps with you every night.  In that case, kicking her out or moving out yourself can cause extreme fear and panic and is too extreme a move for just getting her to wear lingerie or what not.

Again, creating space should be used for women that you do not live with, that you can easily create a little extra space when you need them to get the message.

That being said, the Lovespace Push-Pull method is enough to get a woman in line 99% of the time, as long as you remain willing to stand strong.

15 thoughts on “Build a Better Girlfriend With The LoveSpace Technique”

  1. Hello! Me and my girlfriend know each other 6 months and we do plans to live together. But she live in X and I live in Y. She dont want to come my place and I cant go to town X.
    So, how can I influence her?

  2. As a woman myself, most of this is very true. The only part i disagree with is the ‘bad girl for not wearing your lingerie’ … that would be way too obvious! We women figure stuff like that out. If you do this method,the woman will probably wear sexy underwear regardless to make you happy. Just don’t say obvious shit like that! Lol

  3. This reminds me of a deep article I wrote last year about how to get a girl to do anything you want(sexually and more).

    With the concept you laid out(push-pull to an extreme degree),it’s a tortuous technique to get the girl to conform.This works wonders with a rebellious girlfriend like I have.

  4. U, damn too gud at dis. Ur kreamy tips has helpd me to far n ma gurl now confeses me me to be her greatest of al times. Lol

  5. You are allsum if not genius in you line of duty. av borrowed you advice and tell you what challenges comes but equipt with your tips i come out successful. am blessd to have nice real bootyful and i have to be a real bonobo kind of man to remain in the league. characters of a real champ lie in being gratefull and choosing to rejoice at the time in the natural it call to be cryg and waiting for sympathey. be quit at this moment but inspire your self with joy n b grateful( i mean look what is going right and being gratefull for it cultivate smile with good memories and let those memory override bad present moment and you with have will power to ride on once again and it will be a pay back time.

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