Opening Lines to Meet Women- Making Observation Questions

The topic today is opening lines to meet women, and I want to introduce the “Obersvation Question” opener.

For an observation question opener, you ask a woman a question based on what you see her doing or you question her on something unique you’ve noticed about her.

For example, if you see a woman with a tattoo on her belly you could say, “I couldn’t help noticing your tattoo… what does it mean?”

If you can’t notice something specific about her you can ask her about what she’s doing. For example, if a woman is browsing through some books at the bookstore, you could simply say, “So what are you looking for?” See, first the observation, second the question.

Or, if you see a girl who is all dressed up, simply ask her “I’m curious why are you all dressed up?”

Or let’s say you see a girl wearing a shirt that reads “Hot Stuff” on it. Ask her playfully, “So do you think you’re really hot stuff?”

If you understand that you can use something unique about her or what she’s doing, you can open women for any kind of situation.

Now, I want you to approach THREE women a day with an observation question opener until you’ve done at least 30 approaches with it.

Yes, that’s THREE opening lines to meet women a day. 21 a week. You can do it. Doing one or two openers a week is not enough. Doing THREE a day is the only way to get good. I want you to do at least 30 of them.

I want you also to free yourself from needing stellar reactions from people. The worse that can happen from these opening lines to meet women is two or three of the women you approach out of the 30 don’t give you the response you wanted. Just be in an experimental mood, trying out all sorts of observation questions and let what happens happen. You’ll understand so much more once you actually go out and do them.

And don’t wait for the woman to give you a sign. Don’t get hung up on trying to read a woman’s body language to see if she’s receptive. Ignore that. You’ll quickly realize none of it matters.

And don’t get wound up about what to say next. Do your question, say it was nice to meet you, and then leave. It’s okay to ask a question and then not say anything else afterward. If you feel you must say something more, then that’s a problem. Fix that problem by approaching, opening, and then ejecting without following up.

Another objection I sometimes hear is, “If I go up to her she’ll know my intentions.”

Well, a woman won’t think you’re trying to pick her up unless you use a cheesy pick-up line that is a cliché like “So is it hot in here, or is it just you?” If you open up with genuine curiosity and sincerity, she won’t think anything of it.

To worry if she’ll know your intentions is an introspective idea of inward focus. That feeling will go away after you do your first approach and switch into outward focus. You’ll realize that woman will most often react warmly to your approach and your opening lines to meet women as long as you come off as a warm, friendly, playful person.

8 thoughts on “Opening Lines to Meet Women- Making Observation Questions”

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  3. Ill try to be a gentile man when I see you, butt don’t forget that it takes a real lady like to get that kind off attention. My eyes have seen the two girls off my life destroy their lifes, and leave me mentality scar.

  4. These openers are the best, I learned them first from David Wygant…

    Yeah you shouldn’t care about her getting your intention… You’ll never be needy if you’re not attached to any outcome

    And you can always do a walkaway after 15 seconds or so which usually creates intrigue… If you’re in a supermarket for example
    Either she starts talking to you again or you can easily restart the conversation…

    The main thing is not only talking to the girls you are attracted to but just being social and friendly with everybody…

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