How Put Her On Her Knees and Make Her Beg For Sex!

A woman is most excited and fulfilled when she can completely surrender herself to a sexually powerful man.  The secret desire of every woman is that the man directs her in the bedroom and make her beg for the sex.

The key is to show no hesitation, to show no restraint, to let yourself go, to show that you cannot control yourself, to care nothing for what she might think or her reaction.

And one way to make a woman out-of-her-mind desperate to get fucked is to not give her any release.

Day #1: The Rough and Dirty Dry Humping

When you see her, cup her chin with your hand to pull her face toward yours, and start tonguing her down.

Push and pull her away from you roughly, grabbing her by the hair and pushing her head away, then pulling it back with force and tonguing her down again and telling her that she’s, “so bad.”  This rough push-pull action gets a woman really crazy.

Start groping her tits through her shirt.


Smell her neck up real close and work your way back to her mouth to tongue her down again.

Touch her erotic skin points like the back of her neck and collar bone.

Press her up against the wall and lift her up off the ground by the butt so that her legs wrap around your waist.  Start violently dry humping her and calling her bad names and telling her how bad she wants your cock in her pussy.

Pull her hair, then push her away, then roughly dry hump her again.

The whole routine is tease, a game of your self-control and making her want it.  It’s the tease of what’s to come that’s exciting.  The build-up should be dragged out until its pure animal lust coupled with grinding hips.

No matter how much she begs for release, don’t give in, just keep torturing her until her head explodes.

Before you get to the point of no return, end the session.

End the session with some major blue balls if you to.  Tell her you have to leave and go do something else.

Women want what they can’t have.  If you make her go without finishing, she’ll go absolutely nuts for you.

Day #2: Get it Wet and Make Her Crazed

But the tease isn’t over yet.  Meet her on another day for another session.  Most likely, that could be the very next day as she’ll want her release as much as you do.

In the second day, it will be even more difficult and you’ll have to control yourself with even greater discipline.  You’ll be doing all the same as before, kissing, grinding, pushing, pulling, and groping hard and heavy.


But this time, when you get hot enough for her, give in and suddenly and violently rip off her clothes like a sexual beast.

Make out with her and grind your naked body against hers.

Slap your cock on her face, but refrain from putting it inside her mouth.

Rub your cock on her pussy, but don’t insert.

Kiss her pussy with your lips, but don’t go in deep.

After you can’t stand it anymore, end the session and kick her out AGAIN, or have her jump into a cold shower to cool down.

Day #3: Put Her On Her Knees and Begging For Sex

It’s not until the THIRD day, on the third session with the woman, that you let her finally have what she wants.

In the third session, rip off her clothes as before, but this time have her get on her knees and beg you to unzip your pants and pop out your might King Kong for her to suck.


The release will be extra sweet and intense, and she’ll have an experience with you that she’ll never forget, one that will magnify your sexual connection together ten-fold.

It’s this kind of dominant, emotionally-charged, begging sex that KEEPS a woman in your arms, even if she’s way out of your league.  And when you do it right, you can even keep TWO girls in your bed at once. That’s why I created the Blissnosis Sexual Mastery program, which pulls together 10 hours of my best techniques for sexually pleasuring and getting off many women.

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103 thoughts on “How Put Her On Her Knees and Make Her Beg For Sex!”

  1. I love being dominated, the rougher the better. I’m very dominant and aggressive in daily life, so being able to submit and be used in a sexual context is really relaxing and a huge turn on. My spouse always tried to do all that “nice guy” crap, and it was so boring. Once I got him to dominate me, sex has been greats and we even get along far better in our daily life. Sure, not all women like this stuff, and some guys like to be dominated, but when it works it really works!

  2. Lily Hopé Morningstãr

    Not all women like to be submissive nor do they like to be told what to do. I cant speek for all but i know this, most women want a kind gently man not a rough crazy douche bag. If anything they want it harf or rough here and there but sex is ment yo be enjoyable not played with. Plus i doubt ur method even works. Thing is about women like me. U tease me and dont give me what i want. Ur going in the trash. Never talking to u again after the first day. So dont say u know how to make all women submissive and beg for u to f**k them. If they wanted it so badly they would go to another girl rather than a douche bag that caused it all

  3. Works well for five to seven days as well,IF you boys/guys can hold out that long…the wife enjoys it…she leaves the heels on…(or) the boots too…

  4. Ask what her sex fantasy. Communication is key. Alot of women like to be dominated but only if they submit. Its a nice sex fantasy to carry out with your wife but if you push her away without letting her know you wanna tease her verbal or nonverbal, she will get insecure.:

  5. This is science? Duh! Everything you describe is what makes for good sex. Women submit. Men submit. We all submit. Pleasure is derived through submission. I don’t take anyone seriously who is afraid of that word.

    1. Zirofal: Are you male or female ?
      Your spelling is not too good:
      That’s I “HOPE”, kind sir !

  6. i just realized the errors of my ways- in the current state i’m in. I don’t go around- wait I will now- go around like I own the world (not in a dumb way) but that all things are objects of pleasure or pain, and I can take what I will without shame or fear, but with pleasure, to the extent I can. There is no morality there is what I will. I can touch a woman if I please, ,so long as I won’t get in trouble. It’s the trouble-factor that one need only be aware of. Other than that, all is permissable if you love a thing. It’s the trouble or negative outcome but there will be no negative outcome if you are strong and unpunishable, and maybe she likes it as well. maybe she wants you to be strong and take your pleasure from her. In fact she does want this. They do like this- except when they don’t, but they do like this and fantasize about it. The problem as I see it is error of thought- men think they don’t have permission- well this is do to lack of strength- and we were all born weak, and the strong made the rules by punishment and shaming but now we are strong and we need a software update. Seriously if we are strong – in the widest sense- we can do as we please. The religious fear a strong god who watches and punishes. EVen just feeling we’re watched is enough to inhibit us. ALso projection and oversympathization makes us hesitate and be inhibited. For example if we project into women’s states our own states and aversions- e.g. we don’t like to be taken aggressively, so why would women- which is an error because we are different- and we sympathize with her theoritical state (pity) then we won’t do it. Too much empathy can be dangerous for man, and also projection. Nietzsche is right- “I always did my best when I learned to enjoy myself”. Compassion is an error, at least sometimes, and weakeness is a blocker, and also false understandings of life- such as ‘there is a god watching us’ or we will be seen our found out by strong ones. Well in today’s environment there are cameras everywhere so we are being watched. I”m not advocating crime also by the way. NOte this, I”m not advocating anything sketchy or wrong or rapey. I’m simply advocating a busting of traditional prudish morality and wrongful inhibition. I’ll leave it up to you to decide what that is, but know this- there are alpha males and players and australians who jsut don’t give a shit. It is ‘giving a shit’ that consitutes the essential problems we face, and i’ve tried to discuss what that constitutes in detail, and the elements of giving a shit. swagger is a walk to walk as if you own a place. That can be exaggerated or inauthentic. If you realliy feel authentically that you’re entitled to things and fun, sometimes things will work for you more. sometimes an example of one who has broken the mold can set us free as well, or teach us. If such a one is ‘made an example of’ then that can hem us in as well. We need a will to power- as means of freedom- and not a blind end in itself, or else we forget what power is for! We may already have enough social power to enjoy life. We may simply need to be or feel more sensual, or get more turned on, or maybe reduce the amount of fear we feel, or stop projecting, or maybe realize we’re not being watched. maybe we need to realize we’re all gonna die someday, and feel the fear of not living. maybe we need to see the sensual nature of woman, or maybe we need to have better timing. Is this not ‘inner game’? When things are right on the inside, are they not right on the outside as well?

  7. Beautiful! That is why WE would never had worked. I have more experience with one lover for ten years then all your scanks at the bowling alleys!
    Give it in three sessions, three orgasms and three times!

  8. Mmm…who’d bother to do all that? I’m sure the real purpose of putting it up here is to turn a lot of people on…including me!!

  9. Totally worked! I stretched it out to four days. On the fourth day she was begging me to fuck her, agreeing to do anything she was so turned on. She normally balks at anal but she was so turned on that when I told her she could only have my cock up her ass she actually said please and begged for it! She ended up face down, completely submissive, getting a rough anal fuck – screaming her head off and loving in! 😈

  10. As a woman I can say all of your tips here are true! Well, at least for me. All of these ways of teasing, being rough, and letting the girl be submissive is such a turn on. I do find myself begging my husband for sex when he does anything on this list. He doesn’t always do this, but when he does, its the fastest way to make me wet and begging for sex. A little slapping on the face or holding a girls face down while fucking her from behind or on top is also a rough turn on trick. Good advice!

  11. This is such a mean idea. WTF, you tease your girlfriend and won’t let her have sex for days at a time? Dick move man, regular sex is in the top 3 reasons to even bother having a relationship. I would recommend shortening the day long interims to like an hour in order for her to not get super pissed with you.

  12. That doesn’t salways work, when I started groping her tits she ran out,I think though, it’s because I’m an extreme pervert and wouldn’t let go of her perfect tits.

  13. not. that all woman are the same . she may go to someone eles after your first day .woman can not be slaved like that .that is not true

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  15. sick … it basically is turning a woman into a slut not that a ‘normal’ woman doesn’t already feel a need to NOT feel like a slut to begin with. I am offended by this post and think most people deep down don’t know to find better interests in life than getting a woman’s mind all rottened up and put under ‘control..

    1. Jesse – don’t worry about this guy…trust me women LOVE that you are teaching men how to be real bulls. Ever since my boyfriend discovered your site out entire relationship has changed for the better. He’s soooo dominant now and helped me understand a women’s natural need to submit.

      “A woman is most excited and fulfilled when she can completely surrender herself to a sexually powerful man.” Truer words were never written!

      1. What a crock. No single technique works for everyone. If the chemistry isn’t there, nothing you do will work. If it is, you can be tickled on the nose with a broomstraw and have an orgasm. 40+ years experience talking, so don’t tell me I don’t know.
        Quit wasting time looking for one-size-fits-all magic formulas. Nothing wrong with learning new techniques, but pretense is assholism at its worst.

  16. Re: the pics, this is a website talking about sex. No genitals were shown. I’ve never tried the techniques but will see how it goes. BTW, if a guy’s been in a relationship for awhile and isn’t this rough/dominant will that freak out the woman?

  17. LOL I did this to a woman over the phone one day while driving home. Now i don’t advocate talking while driving but man the amount of excuses you can get to drop the conversation is endless:)) Shit there’s a cop… gotta run. done. Now here’s what i did: I called her knowing she wanted to talk to me. I said it’s gonna be a while until we can hook up but what if you imagine me standing behind you….my hands on your sides…slowly following every one of those beautiful curves….drawing you closer to me…..kissing your neck….by the way that perfume is driving me nuts and I’m as hell for ya babe….. USE a soft seductive tone in your voice and really imagine you are with her.

    Then – babe …. shit it’s a cop. I gotta kill this for a moment. Love ya and hung up- lmao

    Oh she responded alright!!! I got a “you suck:)” message with an attached pic of her SOAKED panties:)))) lol thanks Verizon!

    And I’ve asked by HER to do it again more than a few times again:)

  18. Jaime, i am femail

    yes Gabriel, some girls dont like it rough, we’er all different, so first time with someone, go easy unless they ask for it.

  19. Jaime, i am femail

    OMG!!! i hate u Jesse C. lol jk. my BF pulled this on me AND I COULDENT STAND IT!!! for the 3 days sex was all i could think about, i just wanted him to pounce on me and F***K me as hard as he could. but it payed off cuz when he finaly did, he brought me to the biggest climax i ever felt! AND, he did it over and over again. WOOT! ^^. and thats hard for me to acheave.

  20. this is really good for guys who really wanna play d delay game.jesse,u r really a genius but do think all girls would stand d tough n rough? cuz theres this girl i had sex with an d the nxt time i came she said has nothing to do with me because i had rough sex with her.

  21. All I can say is that sounds like a good hard sex sesh, but I think you do have to remember to REALLY stimulate her on the third day, not just make her suck your cock. if you are trying to make her go mad for you (and this sounds like a good way to do it) then you have to make sure that she cums like a fountain and if you do, she will never leave you!
    the cartoons are good, makes it a bit less pornlike.

  22. i don’t think it really work…as i have a g/f who really get crazy when i start kissing her from back and graping her tits through her shirt..she hold one of my hand and make me guide to her lingerie to feel her wet Big -O,.through her lingerie,making her rub,she really get lose,and her voice get soo nasty,with my name shouting, asking her to fuke her soo badly,and she grap my hand to guide it in her lingerie,to feel her Big-O,and i touch her pussy ..she get soo horny and her breath run sooo fast,and she scream like a water without fish..and she really want that i fuck her with my mouth and she guide my face to her soo small sexy lingerie ..and ask him to make it down as fast as he can…and i feel her pussy..and when she is about to climax she stop me and hold my face but that time i take some cold straberries and make it in her Big’O.and i close her pussy and she get soo crazy for that,and she ask me that i eat that strawbeerie through her Big-O ..and suddenly she scream like a mad ..and ask me that she really want to feel my her mouth..and she fuck my rock in her mouth like a fucking ..and i say her to feel my all rock in her mouth, and for her excitment she apply some liquid chocolate on my rock..and suck like a small kids. and that make my rock soo hard and make me feel like i am about to climax but she ask me that, she really want that i cum her mouth and all over her body…and we start fucking each othere soo badly.all night .and we try every new position

    1. Mister, I believe you missed the point completely>
      This is called a delayed orgasm. Basically you act a wild f*ck every time, being the real stud, bringing her closer and closer every time, but DENYING THE RELEASE.
      We all know we have genitals, but our biggest sexual organ is THE BRAIN. If that one doaesn’t get satisfied, obsession ensues.
      You are escalating her properly, but you ARE allowing her release that day.
      That’s the trick. Day after day give her a little more but never get there.
      Just two hours ago, my new girlfriend declared how much she wants to feel me inside her. Ya’ think I’m gonna give her that soon ? Hell no !
      Do you know why ?
      ‘Cause after she’s been obsessing about it for a couple of weeks, it won’t matter anymore how long or thick my equipement is or how well I move my tush.
      All that will matter is that she finally gets what she longed for: to go to the very end.
      So long complexes and issues. That easy.
      So, next time, escalate her, but don’t allow the finish. Just don’t. Stop her gently. For lack of a better reason just tell her you’re preparing a really sweet surprise and you don’t want to spoil it.
      And you’d better be ready for the surprise day:
      Her fav food ordered, neatly arranged on plates, candles, rose petals and a pair of red fluffy handcuffs somewhere visible. Don’t be cheap on the wine. Never do that.
      And when the dinner and wine are over, jump her like a pouncing tiger. Reease your beast.
      Be careful on the pouncing thow, most guys overdo it on the pouncing and something really ridiculous happens. Be agile, not brutal. Better a mimed pouncing than a loughable accident that cuts the mistique short.
      She’ll know from that point her moment has come at last. This is the moment to alternate infinite delicacy with animalic passion. Make the foreplay long and wild and use her favourite positions only.
      DO NOT forget the affectionate, tender AFTERPLAY. Most jocks forget a girl’s emotional side. A tender, protective attitude, holding her softly and caressing her like a child after you just humped her brains out will make her FEEL like the most important woman on the planet, not just like another f*ck, and she’ll feel unimaginably good.
      If you don’t get breakfast in bed for a week after this night, or some wake-up blowjobs, feel free to curse my name. It’s Felix.

      1. SO TRUE!!!!
        I’m a woman and yes Felix you are absolutely correct, especially that last bit about caressing and why that’s so important at the end of a raw sexual experience. We NEED IT

  23. Jesse, great article! 😀 That’s hardcore for both him and her.

    About the pics… It will depend on who’s reading… I prefer the real pics with real-normal babes (not porno)

  24. the formula is fuckin sexy man
    but do u think tat she ll cm back after being thrown out the 1st day and the 2nd day…….

    reply jesse

      1. Bahamaman8538

        Concerning using your 1st, 2nd and final day strategies on my wife:
        Suppose your 10-years wife (she’s 50,now, Catholic CHILDHOOD background) was turned off from doing BJs 7 years back,after she had FIRST said “I’m starting to like it (fellatio on me)”, is she going to be weak enough on the second day to” put your prick near her mouth” ?

        Also,now, I can have us shower for day two, so she isn’t so “but my vagina is too dirty to lick”–but, Since she always thought that eating her V is not masculine for me to do, do I manhandle her on day two to enjoy my cunningligus on her. ANYWAY ? Thanks for your help !

    1. “It’s not something to do on a first date, it’s for a girl you’ve slept with for a while already.”

      Er, Jesse, you may want to put this info into the beginning of the article. After all, it starts out saying “Day One.”

      When I was reading this, I was thinking, “He’s recommending doing this on DAY ONE?” There are plenty of submissive girls who would ultimately be into this who nonetheless would not tolerate it early in the relationship, as it would make her feel like a slut (in a bad way).

  25. Jesse,

    Yowza!!!! Another magnificent posting! I really love the way you’re thinking these days. And bless you for sharing all these great ideas! You truly are the mack daddy.

    Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!

  26. Jesse,

    Happy Holiday! I want you to know that you have the most user friendly, easy on the eyes, generous website out there.

    The colors, photos and genuine style is super cool. Thank you!

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