Restaurant Pickup Lines

For a group sitting down say, “Hey, I only have a minute but need an opinion” then sit down straight away- by using a time constraint, they won’t object to you sitting down

Restaurant pickup line: To the across table: “Hey we need an opinion- after you eat- do you brush before you floss or do you floss before you brush?”


To the across table: “Hey girls, we need a female opinion- what are the lamest pick-up lines you’ve ever heard?” Then start using them on the girls


All in a joking tone- “Guys, I need a female opinion… how do I get my girlfriend to lose some weight? I was thinking I should get her on Subway sandwiches like Jared. No really, is this place low-fat?”


Restaurant pickup line: To the across table: “Hey, I’ve never eaten here before. What do you all recommend?” Then tease them on whatever they suggest


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  1. You are setting at a table in a restaurant and you ask the waitress “I can have anything on the menu… right” She says “Yes” and you drop the menu on the ground and say “Could you please stand on the menu”

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