Seductive Body Language

The next source of social value is your seductive body language.

What the typical guy doesn’t realize is that a HUGE part of the male-female interaction happens on a subtle nonverbal level… a level without words. Consider it like this – consider verbal techniques the roof, and nonverball projection the walls and foundation.

Let’s consider the state projected by “the typical guy” when he walks into a bar. What does he do?

The typical guy stands in the corner so as not to be noticed. He looks at the dance floor, hypnotized by it. He holds his drink up by his chest, as if he shielding himself. He slouches to one side. He looks around the room with wide, shifty eyes. Now, how do you think beautiful women are going to react to the typical guy?

…ignore him. …not talk to him. …not even notice he’s there! In other words, have total indifference toward him.

Now how about the guy who has conscious control over his seductive body language?

This guy is totally relaxed, without tension in his shoulders. He smiles at beautiful women. He holds eye contact and isn’t the first to break it. He moves across the room deliberately, with purposeful control. He isn’t hypnotized by the dance floor. He doesn’t flinch when approaching a woman. He is laid back enough to pop wood in the presence of beautiful women and laugh about it.

Imagine walking into a club, projecting and oozing seductive sexual body language – relaxed, laid back, and with a smile. The girls sense your sexual relaxation as soon as you enter. You look at the woman who catches your eye, approach her with a cocky swagger, invade her personal space without apology, and look her right in the eyes with a smile just for her. You pause, lean back, look her body up and down once playfully, and say “Hello.”

Of course, her friends will start to giggle given the social tension you’ve just created – which is sexy to women. And your target won’t be able to keep her eyes off you – as you’re so close and so cool that her heart can’t help beating faster. ALL OF THIS CAN HAPPEN WITHOUT SAYING A WORD!

And see the difference between the energy projected by the typical guy and the energy projected by someone who is in control of their seductive body language? The first leads to indifference. The second, to grabbing women’s attention and making their hearts flutter.

So WHY is seductive body language for projecting a sexual state so important to seduction? Verbal communication only stimulates the CONSCIOUS part of a woman’s mind – the high-level, thinking part of her mind that accepts and blocks input based on logic.

For example, if you try to convince a woman to sleep with you by going up to her and saying, “Hey babe – I’m the HOTTEST guy you have EVER met,” you can’t expect her to swoon all over you. Your verbal communication is engaging the conscious, logical part of her mind that filters input. Your command is blocked. “Yeah right!” she’ll probably tell you.

But seductive body language is not processed by a woman’s conscious mind, like language is. Nonverbal body language is processed by a woman’s reptilian brain – the part of her brain that evolved millions of years before the neocortex ever evolved around it. The reptilian brain is much like a baby’s brain. It doesn’t think “yes” or “no” or with any kind of logic. Whatever goes in is simply accepted.

So if you go up to a woman and say to her, “Hey babe – I’m the HOTTEST guy you have EVER met,” and your BODY LANGUAGE is CONGRUENT with your words, she WILL feel attracted to you. NOT because of what you said, but because of HOW you said it with your body language.

In other words, if you go up to a woman and start reading out of the telephone book but WITH the body language of, “Hey babe – I’m the HOTTEST guy you have EVER met,” she will STILL feel attracted to you. Why?

Because it’s your nonverbal cues – the seductive body language that you’re projecting – that directly bypasses her conscious, critical mind and directly affects her much old, reptilian brain that only feels sex.

So work on your nonverbal body language – it’s a key source of social value that can only work in your favor.

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  1. I am sorry there is some mistake here, normally the predator starts by taking his spot in the corner of the room, from where he controls the whole room and the space and checks out on all the females present and who to hit. He then attacks moving from there. It is not a direct hit but he reaches his pray like the tiger does. Rest is correct.

  2. you make this sound so easy. from wht i read on here this would work more on white chicks. who are more extroverted and open to anything. now black girls and conservative cultures on the other hand? expect a slap my friend

  3. Hi Jesse,

    This reality show guy did a lot of things wrong intentionally I feel or didn’t care. Your article is powerful and on point as usual.

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