The Best Compliment Openers

The key to giving great compliments to women is the delivery. What you say as a compliment is of far secondary importance to how you deliver it. If you come across extremely nervous or needy then your compliment will still get a positive response, but won’t affect her nearly as powerfully.

No matter what compliment you use, you want to deliver it in a relaxed, and in some situations, playful manner.

For example to give great compliments, walk up to the girl, look right into her eyes, just look into her eyes for a LONG time and say, in a relaxed smooth voice, “I just thought I’d come up to tell you… you are stunning.”

The best compliment can be, “Hey, you’re pretty cute.  I saw you from over there and had to say hello.  What’s your name?”

Or simply, “You’re an angel.  Hi, my name is Jesse.”

And whatever you say, say it like that you mean it. If your voice isn’t congruent with the power of your compliment, it will ring false.

At one point I was approaching so many women with a compliment opener, as many as ten women a day, that my voice just became robotic, like I was a doing a routine over and over again. I was just saying a line, and not sincerely giving that woman the compliment that was right for her because I genuinely admired something about her. And women could pick up on that insincerity. Suddenly I found the compliment opener falling flat, not being effective because my delivery wasn’t sincere, it wasn’t genuine.

You need to deliver your compliment with genuine enthusiasm or genuine sincerity to give great compliments. It must have a driving emotion behind it, and not just be something that you’re saying just because you feel you have to.

If you don’t feel that emotion first, and carry it through in your words and your nonverbal body language, SHE won’t feel it either. YOU have to lead the state first in order for her to follow. YOU must feel that state first in order for her to feel it.  That’s the best way to deliver it.

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  1. Put emotion and sincerity in praise, I also think it is important. Talk just for talking does not work very well because the girl realizes the falsity behind, have to be congruent with your mouth, with your body and voice. Well thought out.

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