Yes, Women Want Intense Pleasure

Women like sex.

Women WANT to meet men that turn them on and make them feel sexy and give them intense pleasure.

In fact, women’s capacity for sexual intense pleasure is much greater than a man’s. Women have an organ, the clitoris, whose only purpose is that of sexual pleasure. And concentrated in that little spot the size of a pea, are packed as many pleasure-feeling nerve endings than on the entire male penis.

Behind closed doors, women LIKE to talk about sex as much as men do. Behind closed doors, women like dirty talk in bed as much as men do. Behind closed doors, women are more open to bisexuality and sexual experimentation and intense pleasure than men are.

However, women are taught by society to hide their sexual desires from public view. They feel pressure from their friends and family not to be a “slut”. Women are taught to look sexy and yet not to be openly sexual beings in public.

As a result, on the surface, women may seem prudish, may seem like sex is not on their minds. But the fact is, when you get a girl into the bedroom, they’re usually much, much wilder than you may have expected at first, as long as you make them feel comfortable with expressing their sexuality.

The fact is women want sex and intense pleasure, they want to meet a man who is not bound by the normal social rules, and they want to meet a man who will give her permission to be sexually open in bed.

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6 thoughts on “Yes, Women Want Intense Pleasure”

  1. I met a girl off a dating website one time
    She said she was not a freak.
    i proved her wrong. N ow she texts me all night
    and even spends money on hotels for us to fuck
    women love sex. Nuff said.

    1. Oh yeah, women always lead in the bedroom whether you are a nice guy or a bad boy. They ulitimately get what they want if they really want it. We are programmed to give in sexually. And no one loses either.

  2. I think this is a major reason why women don’t feel sexual attraction for an “overly nice” guy. We alsways gripe that women seem to go for the jerks, but one big reason they do is that the “jerks” are confident and devilish in their personality will be the ones who can rock their world the way they want it rocked in the bedroom.

    “Nice guys” (speaking as a recovering Nice Guy myself) often feel that those traits are undesireable–that we shouldn’t be arrogant, or cocky, or a rule-breaker. And the trap we fall into is thinking that a woman will respect that in us and therefore desire us.

    Unh-uh. This is why we get the “I wish I could find a guy like you” (when, um, we already ARE a guy like us) and the “I wouldn’t want to ruin our friendship” speech.

    Its okay to be ballsy, guys!! Be kinda arrogant AND charming at the same time. Women want a man that they instinctively sense can take control and push their buttons the way they want them pushed.

    Research seems to indicate that people make decisions based more on emotional reaction than logic and reasoning. Set off a woman’s triggers by being bold, confident, a little arrogant, playful, devilish. (You know, like the guys we hated in high school.)

    Its okay, guys! You have permission — women WANT you to be like that! And that doesn’t mean you can’t still be a nice guy. You just won’t be a boring, weak, or rushing-the-romance-before-there’s-attraction kind of nice guy.

    Listen to Jesse because he’s square on the money here and knows what he’s talking about. Take as much of his advice as you can! Women DO want a bad boy in the bedroom and if they don’t see you as that kind of guy OUTSIDE of the bedroom, you can probably just fuhgeddaboutit.

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