8 Reasons Why The U.S.A. Has The BEST Girls!

Having travelled the world (South America, Europe, Japan), I’ve come to see that the United States is one of the BEST places to meet hot and sexually open minded women.

Here’s my 8 top reasons why the U.S. is a actually a great country for girls.

Reason #1. Sexually Liberal Girls… and Straight Up Freaks!



In many parts of the world like South America, the women are quick to give you indicators of interest and they’re sensual, but at the same time they’re also uptight about sex.  Religious upbringing, tight-knit families, and poverty mean that the girls are hard to sleep with and pretty vanilla between the sheets.

American women though are pretty much straight up freaks.  For U.S. girls, adventurous sex comes first over family or religious guilt.

They’re up for anal, being tied up, being dominated, having threesomes with other girls, couples swinging, dirty talking, or whatever else you fancy.  Some American girls may question you at first, but most are pretty much open minded and willing to try.

And some of the girls are downright freaks – midgets, gang bangs, and Daddy fantasies!

Reason #2. Lots of VARIETY!

When it comes to women, the U.S. may excel at nothing, but it does a pretty good job at having a little of everything.

You only dig blondes?  Go to Sweden.  You’re crazy about Asians?  Hit up Thailand.  You want big booty black chicks?  Swoop the Dominican Republic.  You like Cinnamon-skinned Latinas?  Go to Brazil.  They all beat the United States in their respective strengths.

But if you like sheer variety and surprise, the U.S. has something for everybody.  People from all over the world emigrate here, so you’ve got women of all ethnic types and looks imaginable.

The U.S. is also a place of extremes.  You’ve got fat, lard-ass women (some of them decently hot though).  You’ve also got hard-core fitness freaks with tight bodies.

You’ve got women with small, tight butts and women with huge, freakish asses.  Andyou can find cute, teenage waifs alongside busty, pimped-out MILFs.

Everything is there in America.

Of course, you’ve got to MEET all these cuties FIRST and tap into their naughty sides. And if your game is weak and limp, pretty American girls will often SNUB you.

That’s why I created the Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control program, 15 hours of my most advanced instruction for attracting attractive, kinky girls into your bed through a unique method that makes them chase YOU down.

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Reason #3. America has ALL types of venues!

Real U.S. college girls!



Want to hit up young girls in bikinis on the beach?  Go to Ft Lauderdale.

Want to meet well-dressed glamour girl Latinas?  Downtown Miami.

Looking for Caucasian college cuties?  Try Gainesville.

Looking to swoop vacationing honeys for one night stands?  Check out Orlando.

And that’s just in Florida!  The U.S. is a BIG place with every type of venue, city, small town, or beach for picking up chicks that you can imagine!

Reason #4. It’s Cheap and Convenient!

We have Latina ladies too!




No, I’m not saying that the girls are cheap and convenient (though one could certainly make that argument), but the U.S. is more cheap and convenient than almost any other country on Earth.

Countries you’d *think* would be cheap to live in – like Brazil in South America, or Hungary in Eastern Europe – can be surprisingly expensive.  They’re not much cheaper than the U.S. really, considering what you get.

For one, the USA is king of cheap food and cheap buffets, which is great if you’re working out and trying to bulk up.  It’s not hard to find $7 buffets for all-you-can-eat vegetables, meats and breads.  Even a poor country in South America is hard pressed to beat America’s prices.

And convenience!  Where else can you buy condoms, new underwear… or a gas-powered lawn mower… at 2:00am in the middle of the night?  Only in the U.S.!

Need to deposit a check in the middle of the night?  No problem, you don’t even need to leave your car – just use a drive-thru ATM.

Reason #5. The Kinky Road Trip!

The Smoky Mountains National Park

Once you’ve snagged your girl, there’s a ton of cool shit to do in the U.S, because it has everything.  This means ROAD TRIP time!

Take your girl to a romantic cabin in the Smoky Mountains… and fuck her silly in the hot tub.

Take your girl hike the Grand Canyon … and fuck her silly on the trail.

Take your girl to a beach shack on a sleepy beach in Florida… and fuck her silly in front of the sunset.

Take your girl to a Bliss Party and… fuck her silly with another woman.

What are you waiting for..? Go!

Reason #6. Everyone speaks English!



I know you may be thinking, “Jesse, so what?!”

English may not sound like a big deal, but if you do a lot of international traveling you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

You may think going to a foreign country and swooping the exotic women will be a piece of cake.

UNTIL you actually get there, and find you can’t speak a damn word of the local language.  And if the local hottie can’t speak English either, most likely the hook up is NOT going to happen.

You’ll also find yourself getting lonely and feeling isolated when you can’t speak the local language fluently.  And feeling *connection* is so important to long term happiness.

So forget memorizing new words and doing grammar exercises until your head explodes.  In the U.S., you’re already set!

Reason #7. America Is A Mingling Culture!



In some countries like Colombia, girls go out with huge groups of friends and they all sit down together.  It’s hard to get “in” with the group unless you’re introduced.

In other countries like Russia, unless you’re introduced to the girl by one of her friends, you’re considered a stranger and outsider.

But the USA is all about meeting new people and making new friends.  Yes, women have their cliques and groups, but American girls are generally friendly to meeting new people.  In a bar or club, you can just cold walk-up, introduce yourself, and you’re “in” with the group.

The U.S. is all about fresh starts and breaking old traditions.  Groups of friends are very fluid.  So the girls are pretty friendly… IF you have the balls to approach!

OR you can just use my new method I’ve developed over 10 years of meeting women, which I lay out bare in the Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control program.  It makes pulling women to you easy and fun.  Just click THIS link below to get instant access to it.

Reason #8. An Underground Culture of Outright Sexual FREAKS!

Under the surface, U.S. women are the freakiest in the world



NO country on Earth has as many swing clubs, swinger hook ups, swinger parties, or active swingers than the U.S., and it’s indicative of the unparalleled sexual freakiness of American women.

That innocent looking Mom dropping her kids off at school?  She’s being drilled by well-hung black guys on Saturday nights.

The executive woman behind the business desk?  Swapping partners with other power couples.

That cute college girl wearing the glasses?  She’s getting it on with her female friends while she “experiments” her way through school.

Yes, it’s all hush-hush, but an estimated 10% of American women have been actively involved in the swinging scene and even more in group sex.  Yes, American chicks are straight up freaks!

So be careful… because you are playing with fire!

So there you have it, eight reasons why America is great for meeting attractive, sexually open-minded women.  I’ve traveled the world, and NO other country has such a unique combination of sheer ethnic variety, sexual openness, and affordable cost and stellar convenience than the U.S.

So if you’re an American dreaming about girls in Rio or Budapest… remember, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.  You’ve got some attractive, sensual girls right here too.

100 thoughts on “8 Reasons Why The U.S.A. Has The BEST Girls!”

  1. I think some places in Europe have as many or more swingers clubs, look into France. But all in all I agree, American girls are very sexually active. It is one of those things where life is so easy there and with lack of a struggle everyone needs to find something fun to do, and people just keep going a step farther each time.

  2. I completely disagree yes this is true on your list but do you forget average women weight in America is 170lbs and 5 foot 4 meaning the average American women is fat, nothing against fat people but its a fact that the majority of mankind isn’t attracted to them over a skinny girl. Also almost every American girl wears so much makeup trust me they change to a whole new person its just like I didn’t sign up for this(we also know the stories of traps where many American men women idk have dicks)also American women are easily the least loyal women there are and the problem with their insanely greedy expectations. Tbh if you want to find a women that looks good, wont look like a different person when no makeup, isn’t fat, is loyal, wont expect you to give up your whole life to be with her yet she wont herself, trustworthy, prolly wont have a dick, will love you for you and etc then go to fucking Russia just escape America its fucked when it comes to women.

  3. Foreign Love Web

    I do agree with the author that American women are curious or willing to do freaky sex.

    But, most of them do have serious baggage that most men do not want to deal.

    I would rather be with a virgin woman from another country (e.g. Colombia) instead of being with a freaky and uncaring woman in my own country.

  4. 1. American women are best because they have the Higest IQ inthe world, WHite American ladies, 117, thats high on average,
    2. Also American women fight for their rights more than any other group in the world. T
    3. They like to have their own mind.
    4. Also they are straight talking, u know what they want.
    5. Also they are sweet
    6. They are the most beautiful ones inthe world, mathematically this can be proven with golden ratio and proportion, aesthetic beauty
    7. They want stability, more freedom in financial terms and equality in society, u dont find ALL this package in Europe, or Latin countries, not to mention ALL other nations8. SInce 8. American culture is best, they follow this, therefore they are best.

    1. Marta Pat Paglian

      Jim you are so wrong. I dont think that you had travel or live in other places specially Europe.
      1. European women get much better education, speak several languages, knows geography and history better than any USA dumb girl. The USA education ranks below long when compared to any European nation. Is a fact just goggle it.

      2. Women in Europe fight a lot much harder for their rights and get them than USA women. Many women in Europe had been prime ministers and had held high political positions than most women in the USA. I have never seeing an USA woman been even a vice president. Most women in Europe go topless or naked while in the USA they would go to jail. Also Euro chics stands up when their prime minister is doing something wrong. While in the USA women bow like cows lead to the slaughtered house like when Bush invaded Iraq for not reason at all making the world now much dangerous with ISIS and so many terrorism going on around our planet when before the war Iraq and the whole middle east was stable and quite safe. Too bad the USA women didnt stood up for Bush and his war crimes.

      3. USA women are quite weak when it comes to that. You never dated any European women at all or know many.

      4. Yes they are all fake. Fake smile, fake hellos, fake “lets get together soon”, fake “I love you sooo much” when you just met them. The whole world knows how superficial people in the USA are. So who are you kidding.

      5. OH yes they are very sweet…. “SHOW ME THE €€€€€€s” and the moment you make a mistake they are the most hateful creatures in the planet. I know since my brother dated one and that was plenty.

      6. Most beautiful? You probably mean most FATTER, most plastic surgery in the face and to get all the fat out. Look the many famous USA actors or sports people like Tom Brady who found white slim wives from: Spain, Germany, Brazil, Argentina etc.

      7. There is more financial freedom, equality in society in Western Europe than in the USA.

      1. The way I see it people here are just friendly. Europeans love to call Americans fake just because the people here are always smiling and are optimistic. Last I heard half of Europe followed the US into Iraq and Afghanistan. Europe is good at a lot of things…mainly doing bad shit and pretending they didn’t.

  5. I prefer more tanned women from Europe like Italians and Southern French, they have less blemishes and smoother skin, plus I prefer darker hair over blondes.

  6. Omg most american women maybe adventurous in terms of tying up etc. but I’ve NEVER met women into swinging and very few who would have sex with other women – except straight up lesbians. Please stop giving some sort of credence to the idea all American girls with sleep with anybody who asks! It simply isn’t true and such women who ‘swing’ as you called it are looked down upon as disgusting sluts by most american women. Will I be kinky and adventurous with my man? Sure sex can be loving, passionate and tender or it can be passionate in another way: aggressive, fun and animalistic. That being said if any guy ever asked me to swing and/or have a threesome in any seriousness his ass would be GONE! As I think there is a very big difference between adventure and passion with someone you live in private and just being straight up skanky and low class!
    That being said thank you for not using other stereotypes and pointing out we have a nice mix and variety here! No, we’re not all fat slobs! And while we like our equality we’re not all nasty nagging bitches who beat up our husbands for fun. Thank you for showing strong is not always bad it often just means having some self respect which is where the other aspects of this article list me. Most of the women I know- and believe me- women talk about these things would find swinging and threesomes going way too far. I’m sorry/ you date skanks! no offense! 🙂

  7. TransientDude

    American women are awesome. Just like anywhere you have to weed through the bad ones to get to the gold. American women are just as hot as women of any other country. At the core they’re no freakier or harder/easier to obtain than non American women. I’m not going to bash American women because all you have to do is just discard the feminists to get to the real feminine women.

    1. heres an analogy for you: how about looking through a pile of shit for a diamond (or even a sapphire). Thats what looking for a quality woman in America is like. and even when you think you have found one, she may easily turn out to be made of glass (see 50+% divorce rate and subsequent fucking over of men). Hows that grab you for awesomeness?

      1. Maybe you should devote more time to improving yourself and your bitterness. I’m a therapist and I don’t think you can be happy with anyone, cause clearly, you’re a rather miserable individual within yourself. Perhaps you have bad luck with women because you’re so judgmental and miserable.

  8. In my experience American girls love to suck dick more than any other nation. I’ve chatted with friends about this and many say the same (I’m British but have lived around Southern Europe too). In terms of diversity there are other countries like the UK, Holland, Germany and France where women are equally diverse. In terms of overall femininity, playfulness and intelligence my experience is that Latin, black and mixed-race girls are the best. In terms of personality, white middle-upper class girls tend to be the worst for being self-absorbed, conformist, narcissistic, immature and spoilt. If they are decent looking they will have probably had it all on a plate for them their whole lives and this ruins their personality and does not encourage them to pursue interests and improve their intelligence. In my experience hot girls who are from slightly poorer back-grounds or ethnic minorities just tend to have better personalities – more grounded and better to spend time with all round.
    I have a few friends who really struggle to get girls due to lacking alpha qualities and social skills. In the UK where girls have high standards in terms of the kind of hot, alpha guys they want this results in a stud effect. 5-10% of the hottest single guys will nail 80% of the girls often having 4-8 women in rotation while each of these girls is happy to just get banged once every week or so by their ‘sex guy. The sexual competition they feel also makes them work harder for their ‘sex guy’ and precludes other, less alpha males from screwing her.
    The solution for some of my friends who are lower on the pecking order is simply to go to poorer countries and pick up whatever girls they want. I applaud them as I did it myself accidentally on one trip to a 3rd world country. You don’t need to be super confident or an alpha bull in those places. Being literate, well-dressed and from their perspective exotic are more than enough to get amazing pussy. The reality is you can go to the third world and pick up a 9 or 10 with ease. You’re so much higher status than everyone in those countries it’s just kind of assumed you can take whatever girls you want. It’s a joke. There is a global market out there guys – take advantage of it. This particularly applies to guys who struggle to meet Western women’s fantasies and expectations.

  9. Boycott American Women

    If your goal is to to marry or date an american woman, HAHAHAHAHAHAH Good Luck with that!

    Most American Women Hate Asian and Middle Eastern Men. They wont be excited over you, They will only get excited over you if you have money just so they can mooch off of your money, use you to take care of their aronds without giving you the time of day, use you at their convenience, put you in the back burner, and to make you pay the courts and child support. They seem to only date white or black guys and some latino men. on the other hand you will have better luck and the advantage in european country’s such as Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, etc… Germany and Scandinavian country’s like sweden and norway are a mixbag of things. asian countrys like the phillippines, thailand, and china are good places to find asian women. and if you love latin women, Try Brazil, Columbia and Mexico. dating and marrying a woman is all about LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. keep in mind that there is alot more to a country then Just the women, learn more about the cultures of the countrys you want to go to before you set foot there.

    Other European Countrys are easier Excluding the UK, France and other anglo saxon nations.

    Plus you don’t want to catch an STD, these American girls have STD’s from sleeping around with other men. That is something you can’t get rid of, AVOID AMERICAN WOMEN WITH A 1000 FOOT POLE!!

    1. Why do you sound so angry sir? I believe you have posted this comment several times on different websites. If you don’t like us women here, then that’s fine. I just don’t understand why people feel the need to start hate rants/websites. It doesn’t solve anything. If you want your woman to wear heels, tell her. If you want her to grow her hair longer, tell her. She might get offended at first, but trust me she will do it. The men here don’t speak up, and expect the women here to be mind readers.

      If you couldn’t tell I’m an American female. I have personally never dated a man for his money. I don’t have any friends that have either. In fact, the last 2 boyfriends I had didn’t even have jobs. That comment about women here having STD’s makes no sense. It’s not true AT ALL.

      I guess I fail to see these men’s comments ranting about how fat women have gotten here, when the men are just as fat. I fail to see the purpose in ranting about how women are becoming masculine, when the men here are starting to dress in really weird fashions. (skinny jeans, converse sneakers)

      I also find it odd that the men always claim women here are entitled. Entitled about what? That we don’t like to date a man who is sleeping with 3 other women at the same time? Men in other countries tend to date 1 person at a time. The men in the US are very different, as it’s normal for them. You speak as if men in the USA don’t cheat. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

      My Uncle was dating a Russian woman for a long time who used him for his money. He also dated another one who didn’t want anything to do with his money. Not all women are the same.

    2. Half my family is from Russia and Ukraine you do realize most Eastern European women don’t even like American men and think those who talk as you do are very ignorant and low class right? My husband is from France and says all the time I treat him better than anyone he’s ever been with. Being strong doesnt mean being crazy or rude to your husband. I will say to you what I said to the other: if you only find crazy women perhaps you should ask yourself why that is? Birds of a feather flick together! To avoid your obvious insults I’m 120 lbs have two masters degrees, speak three languages fluently and have lived and traveled extensively abroad. Enough to know you are as ignorant as many Eastern European women would find you if you’re not worldly enough to realize that men in many countries complain women like money. Personally I can take care if myself. You also don’t se to realize that Scandinavian countries are largely feminist. You also don’t seem to realize German women are not known to be subservient. I don’t sleep around, never have and I’m faithful to my husband. You’re a very bitter and not very worldly individual. Sorry. P.s. France is not an Anglo country, it’s actually Latin and borders the Mediterranean Sea! 🙂 good luck finding a woman with your sour puss attitude!

      1. I’m just here for entertainment. The bottom line is guys on this site are total losers and low class. They want champagne on a beer budget. And it would be okay if they weren’t so creepy with distorted views on relationships. AM think they look cool walking around with a much younger foreign woman (daughter status), but AW just think “LOSER!” and most Americans in general. Only other creeps think its cool. The girl usually looks miserable.

  10. If it’s THAT DAMN easy, then WHY can’t I GET pussie????????? OR do I need to purchase your PUA product just to learn how? Dating someone or sleeping with someone shouldn’t be a chore or a job…

  11. Hi Jesse, and everyone in this forum

    Do American women care about nationality or accents? Other things being equal (good education, good job, cultural awareness, take care of myself and go to the gym…)

    Naturally people tend to like what they perceive similar to them.

    I am good looking Iraqi living in Australia, and got some potential (in the process) job offers in the States soon.


      1. yeah and American “women” have no values at all. Lack of responsibility for their own actions. Btw, since cant reply to your hilarious comment below, any Americans who think its “creepy” for men to date younger women are brainwashed by the oh so accurate mass media out there. As if I would give a fuck what any spoiled three chin having landwhale American woman thinks of me being with a younger, sexier, healthy foreign female. Your insecure projection and clear jealousy make me laugh, thanks for that.

  12. From Russia with love. First of all, thanks for you articles.

    @In other countries like Russia, unless you’re introduced to the girl by one of her friends, you’re considered a stranger and outsider.@
    but this is bullshit, bro=)

  13. I’m not American but I think American girls are incredibly hot.I feel good just knowing a girl is an American girl.They looks incredible.

  14. Also, look again at your statistics of educational attainment in the US-those rankings are often misleading. Almost everyone in the US has a high school diploma. And we do expect a lot of men, we have standards and expect to not be treated as a piece of meat. If you invite us to dinner, of course you should pay for our drinks. We are there because you invited us. No wonder you have to order girls offline, it sounds like. We have a more equal view of men and women, it’s cultural. Therefore, we don’t take any of your shit. If men want to move out or move on, good riddance. We have our own resources and lead our own lives. Thus the divorce rate is high, it’s high because we don’t depend on men and don’t put up with their crap.The young women I met in Cambodia and Thailand unfortunately could never say the same. My BF is only into American girls ;] he’s comfortable with his masculinity.

    1. That was awesome. From one AW to another. And yes, some of those poor SE Asian women are my cousins and they can literally close their eyes and fuck disgusting men for money and status. It’s all a game: to act subservient & charming. These loser men are stoopid for thinking these women like them. Women all over the world want an attractive, healthy, respectful, financially stable man. Not creeps. Foreign women are just better at pretending in order to get what they want. AW don’t have to do that. We have the power and can share it with an equal partner.

  15. Oh, it should be noted I am referring to women from SE Asia, Eastern Europe and other parts of the globe that are historically impoverished, with class systems spanning centuries, in cultures where men still dominate politically and socially…not all foreign women? Can you read?

  16. Yeah, I’m sure I’ll be so sad and alone with my doctorate degree and my lucrative job. It will be difficult for me to get fat since I run 20 miles a week. Did I call them dumb? No! I said those young, subservient girls that you pigs love don’t love you back. They simply want to get out of their country and the poverty around them. They have not had the opportunities American women have had, and that’s a fact, opposite an ignorant statement like yours. Because of their circumstances, they are nice to you. If you have money to travel for leisure, you have money to spend on them. Learn how to capitalize correctly. And fuck you very much. There are plenty of men who would love to marry an attractive, well-educated, American woman. More power to my BF if he leaves, I’ll spend more money on myself, travel and do the things I enjoy until Mr. Next shows up. Attractive women don’t have any trouble finding male companionship. See all your comments above for proof. Next!

    1. Ill commend you for at least being smart enough to stay in shape, which the majority of western women are too stupid and lazy to do. Why should they when they are absolved of responsibility for everything? Newsflash sweetie, no man really gives two shits about your “doctorate degree and lucrative job”. We simply care whether you are a warpig or not. You better hope your bf isnt smart enough to leave because good luck finding Mr Next once you hit the wrong side of 30 no matter how “well educated” you are.

      1. LOL My mother is from Russia, your assertion that most Eastern European women, or European women in general consider American men “great catches” is a joke…I don’t know hardly ANY Russian women who care about Western, much less American men. In fact, American men in Europe are thought by and large to be unsophisticated hicks. And btw, if you wanna stereotype American woman, I have to say that stereotype has some truth to it, too. My husband is from France, because the men I dated in America all had some form of ignorance oozing from them, like you, they didn’t know crap about the world, and they were often racist, gun freaks or some other form of stupidity that quite frankly, the rest of the world laughs at, not desires. Sorry to burst your bubble dude.

  17. The act put on by Asian and Eastern European women is a clear masquerade to get Western money. They want to be American women but they know they lack the education, culture, and prestige that is naturally associated with affluent Western culture. It is comical how obvious this is to Western women, if it weren’t so damn sad these girls had to preen their way through life in order to have an iota of what they perceive as value. And if you think American girls are easy try talking to one if you’re not attractive or from the UK

    1. Last time I Checked american ranked #36 in education by even our own government statistics.

      Calling Foregin Women Dumb, Typical AW non logic rant. Have fun when you BF dumbs you for a real woman. Your going to be one of those overweight unattractive 40 year plus AW on online dating hahahahha….. 😉

      1. I love how her own statements prove the points made about American women only being after looks and extremely shallow. (See: “try talking to one if you’re not attractive or from the UK”) as a perfect example of this. Obviously all that education did wonders for her abilities to make rational arguments.

        From a good looking caucasian man who will not bother with Americunts other than as entertainment 🙂

  18. As an American woman who travels, I was astounded when I saw ex-pats shouting the horrors of American women with a 20 year old Thai girl on their arm who clearly only gave a shit about their fat ugly ass for one reason… The same reason these poor suckers were so quick to hate on Western women. Of course Russian women treat you like royalty dipshits, you’re their meal ticket and they imagine you buying them American clothes and taking them out. When women in foreign countries hear ‘American man’ they hear ‘$$$$$$’. This was evidenced by the sad number of young girls who would look at me lustfully, with thinly concealed bitter envy as I made my way around Asia-Eurasia with my handsome, young, American boyfriend eating whatever I wanted, wearing whatever I wanted. I am a naturally slim, pretty girl so I may not represent most American women but men in other countries certainly pursued me. That said, I resent the stereotype that women in the US are easy and masculine. We are well educated, self aware and do not need a man to pay our bills. If that intimidates you and find you find these qualities masculine, then go order an endentured servant off the Internet and have fun picking up chicks in the flipping bread line. Foreign men are fun to have sex with but with all the false stereotypes, American men are still our first choice. So you all can keep the bullshit ideas and we’ll keep American guys to ourselves. Particularly European men need to check themselves when it comes to opinions on American girls.

    1. :mrgreen: Ha ha ha… Typical American Women rant, no wonder why the divorce rate is 60% compared to 15% that of Foreign women.

      AW claim to be strong, independent, financially established, and self sufficent but they expect men to pay for drinks, dinner, entertainment, jewelry, ect…..

      If you make the same amount as a man then why do you expect us to pay for your way. Why don’t you be independent and pay for your own stuff. I rest my case. Next time do your research because you make yourself sound ignorant.

      1. Exactly. Her own statements completely refute her points. Better to be thought stupid than open your mouth and confirm it.

    2. tell that to the Brazillian lady who paid for my airfare so I can go see her down there in 2 days, or to the Filipina who insisted on spending her own money to treat me to dinner, a zipline, and other activities. They were “just after $$$$$” right? Especially when they knew I was a broke student. Hahaha your delusions and fear of replacement are great!

      1. Also, of course you want American men to yourselves. Because American men in general are viewed as great catches the world over since we actually bring something to the table, unlike American women whose favorite pasttimes are whining about “omg Susie at work is such a bitch!” and checking their phones every 5 seconds.
        Translation of western woman who travels: “I go to South Europe to be a cum dumpster for the guys there” but its romance travel so it doesnt count as cheating on the bf back home right? You said as much yourself that foreign guys are fun for sex only. Im pretty sure those women “eyeing with lust” also were just wondering why your bf was dumb enough to bring an Americunt along with him on his travels when they would treat him 100x better.
        Thanks for proving in your post that American men are superior and the women arent worth spitting on 🙂

  19. Jesse, I love reading your articles and I agree on most of what you say however this time, “YOUR DEAD WRONG.”

    Being in the Navy for 5 years and traveled the world and meet and talked to a lot of Foreign Women I have to say that American Women are the worst.

    – Narcissism
    – Bitchy
    – Entitled
    – Rude
    – Closed
    – Masculine
    – 25% to 35% are obese
    – Don’t Respect men
    – Higher chance of getting Divorce: American Women 60% vs 15% Foreign Women
    – More Materialistic
    – Swallow

    Now just to be fair yes there are some great women in America but it’s becoming even more difficult to find them, especially an attractive one.

    I’ve approached plenty of 8’s and 9’s in Eastern Europe and South Eastern Asia and I can say that 70% to 80% were not stuck up or had an entitledment attitude. They were very feminine, and wayyyyy more classy than AW. While yes they are less hornyer than American Women nearly all my military buddys were suprised at how respectful foreign women treated American Men. Hell I get more respect overseas than I get from my own mother, and my mother is a Christian.

    I’m not saying that all AW are bad but out of 11 of my friends that married foreign women only 1 of them is divorced.

    My friends notice that Russian Women in particular take better care of their bodies and apperance and they treat their men like Royalty, unfortunately Russian men aren’t the same way.

    I’ve also noticed how easy it is to approach and talk to foreign women. It’s like to converstation is a lot more natural, rather than feeling like a job interview with AW. Yes, all women have their flaws but I don’t get the drama from foreign women like I do hear in America. 😛

    Foreign women especially Eastern European, Latin American, and South Eastern women have not been exposed to the Negatives of American culture so they don’t have to same problems that AW have. Why do you think the divorce rate is 60% with AW and only 15% with non american women. If you found a good american women I congradulate you and hopefully I might marry one to. I don’t hate AW I just hate the attitude.

    When you get a chance see the movie: Frustrated Black American Men in Brazil. Their are great AW out there, you just have to look harder that’s all. Love you all…..

    1. A couple of points however:
      1. You’re exotic to these foreign women, so they’re friendlier to you than they would be to their local men. Probably to their local men, they’re just as uninterested and bitchy.
      2. You expect foreign women to be friendlier, so you go in assuming and expecting success, and you yourself have a better, friendlier, and more confident demeanor. Meaning, when you assume success you’re more often to get success. And when you assume American girls will give you trouble and resistance, you’ll tend to get trouble and resistance. So your own expectations are influencing how American girls are reacting to you.

      1. Hello once again Jesse. I tried to change my demeanor and have a more positive outlook on AW. But when I was at a club in Pacific Beach where a lot of Brazilian Women gather, I still got the same warm, curious, femine, beautiful personality welcome from most of the BZ women.

        It’s like connecting with them is so much easier then AW and their smiles are more genuine. I’m talking about the 8′ and 9’s were giving me the time of day. The only issue that I had with them is that most are only staying for a few months and most can’t speak english. I find that being direct with women works best then building comfort before trying to kiss close. Damn Do I love foreign women….

        I love most of your articles especially when it comes to younger women but this time Jesse I’m right and if your ever in San Diego I can prove it. However, AW are the freakiest especially white AW.

    2. Lol where do you get your stats on divorce in ‘foreign countries’ which I suppose is every country excep us being 13% lol that is a joke. I lived in France it’s quite close to 50% there now. I lived in Israel 30% in most of the country 50% in tel aviv. My mothers family is from Russia the divorce rate there is higher than us lol. Where do you get Latin women are subservient? That’s utter nonsense! Perhaps it’s not that we hate men it’s that we’re not afraid to get what we want because we have options. If you think any woman from any country wants to be your mindlessness slave you are sadly mistaken and don’t know crap about women. No woman wants to kiss your ass for a living some just have no other choice! Here’s the thing about women: we like to be guven consideration and respect, we’re kind of like people that way 🙂

  20. :mrgreen:

    The girls in the U.S. are great if you just want to have some sexual fun.
    But, it does take money and time. Try hanging out a strip club and getting to know the dancers. If you are there long enough and if you are friendly you will eventually have sex with one of them. If you cop an attitude with them and demand sex they will run from you.
    BTW: If you are looking for a stable, loving relationship-that’s a lot tougher to find. There are a lot of American women in their 20s and 30s who are really messed up and disfunctional. More and more American women are cheating on their husbands and boyfriends.
    Great if your looking for a hook up, very bad if you want a relationship.
    When I decide to get married I’m going to look outside the U.S. for a wife.

  21. America’s got it good.
    But until you go to the gold coast of Queensland, or the alley cafe’s of Melbourne,
    Australia puts a damn good fight for the U.S. 😎

  22. The united states of america has an abundance and variety of beautifull women more than any place on the planet.It is a melting pot of gorgoeous women from all over the world.The only thing about american women is they are sexually liberated,play hard to get and are powerfull and beautifull women that like to sexually dominate men.And they also love to raise their husband`s offspring and participate sexually.

  23. Its the combination of ALL these 8 factors is why the U.S.A. has it so good! individual countries may stand out or beat the U.S.A. in 1 or 2 factors, but not all 8. All these factors combined is what makes it such a gold mine of chicks. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

  24. Love how you always make it sound as if all of this is relatively easy.
    In my humble opinion this is all theoretical.
    In reality every type of girl can be found everywhere and in reality every guy has only a limited amount of girls that are attracted to him. I’m the type of guy that likes and only gets the incredibly attractive but shy type of girl, the one who doesn’t flirt a lot with others.
    And eventhough I like that, it kind of binds my options and it means I’ll never get a girl that would ever consider like you mentioned ”anal, being tied up, being dominated, having threesomes with other girls, couples swinging, dirty talking,”
    and personally I’ve never met an ‘easy’ girl, and I don’t get the feeling that I’ll ever get a chance with
    ”that innocent looking Mom dropping her kids off at school? She’s being drilled by well-hung black guys on Saturday nights.
    Want to meet well-dressed glamour girl Latinas? Downtown Miami.
    (you’ll never get further then meeting them!!)
    The executive woman behind the business desk? Swapping partners with other power couples.
    In a bar or club, you can just cold walk-up, introduce yourself, and you’re “in” with the group.”

    And I’m not saying I want any of that, but the truth is that we live in a world in which I assume 95% of the male population doesn’t even get the chance to get any of the above, even if they wanted to.

    Summary : From my perspective we live in a restricted world, and the idea of all those imaginary options -althought very nice- just give me false hope…

    1. It’s theoretical… like canopy jumping in rain forest in Costa Rica. I’ve done that too – you’ve got to make it happen. That’s what the site is about, making what at first sounds far off, as something you can do.

  25. Your right Jesse, America is a world class pussy buffet. You definately game however a few bucks and a tongue like Gene Simmons will speed up your success.

    1. American specialize in fat unattractive women. It was not that way 20 years ago. Do I need to say more

  26. Yeah, changed my sig.

    Now, just two things:

    First, a well travelled man on a site I once read said a lot about russian ladies and made a painful comparison.
    Here’s his hard conclusion: american ladies are bitches. And no, not in the sexual way. That wouldn’t be that bad. In the “I’m so hot and precious and you gotta impress me if you want attention.” kind of way. He said, russian ladies treat you as a friend, or, at least as another human being, not as a player in a game, rated by how good or bad you are. Competition is a fact of life, not an obsession there.

    Second, Derek, behind the sparkly, silky “I wanna share with you guys” curtains, you’re going all porn on me REALLY bad !! Once, I was afraid you’d become a relationships techie.
    Boy, was I wrong !!
    Just like all the other bozos on the pick-up scene, you became all about the fuck. The scoring. The scoring of fantasies and wishes.

    Thus, allow me to refresh your system with a quick and brief reminder:

    —>Getting the girl is about affection, companionship, love and reproduction !!!<—, NOT about fucking !

    Let me repeat:

    emotional satisfaction
    emotional fulfillment
    sexual health

    What you are doing wrong:

    You're leading your flock of alpha wannabies down the dark path of "I can fuck whatever I want if I do it right". What's wrong with this path ? Easy ! Once you consider intimacy as a sport, it loses it's value and all these morons that take after your "just do it" cute advices will fall into that ugly trap of emotional non-sensitivity.
    Easyer words:
    Women will become easy for them. Hardship creates importance, intensity and value.
    Easyer still:
    If I can have, fuck and indulge in any fantasy I want with one woman, whenever I want, because I know exactly how to make ker do what I want, SHE LOSES HER VALUE TO ME ! She becomes easy, maybe even cheap.
    Emotional level.
    We treasure what is hard to obtain, that's what we dream of and care for. The easy, we consume and forget.

    Derek, you're setting your customers up for an emotional ice-age and they don't even notice. You don't even notice, for that matter.
    Maybe such notions are too subtle for you. All is possible, I guess.

    Now, feel free to moderate the crap out of my message, go crazy about it, for all I care.
    Or just let it float out there like it has no importance at all.
    It's all equal to me.

    See, I've been reading about the pick-up and sed-sci community for a long time and your innitial "blissnosis" approach, back before you released the first CD program, well, it had sensuality, it had enthusiasm, freshness, it was alive and joyful, not just another technical game like all other "do what works and stick it in pussy" douchebags floating out there. Once, you, the guru type, had a soul.

    Well, …. disappointment.

    'Guess I should have known better.

    Pussy overdose kills the soul.

    But what does a "fuck freedom fighter" know about the intricate webbings of the human heart ?

    Be well, Derek, and please try to remain human !

    If you don't understand what I mean by this, or why do I feel it is the case to tell it to you, than it's already too late, so just forget it and do what you do.

    Hugz !

    Bye !

    Oh, and, no, I don't hide behind the sig.

    Balca Felix, Tulcea, Romania, Eastern Europe.
    I'm easy to find on FB

  27. hi , you said true.
    i am egyptian man , can you tell me how can i touch this true by myself, to see the best girls and can take the enjoy with them……….
    thank you

  28. Are american girls great?
    (Chuckles) …dunno … none of ’em have dated ME yet … can’t write a good product review on THAT brand! (lol!)

  29. I agree about the variety, speaking english and stuff but they are also the pickiest – BY FAR. If you are not 6ft tall, have money, some kind of decent looks then you basically have a very hard time.

    Just read Cosmo, watch Sex in the city and all that media stuff that women today consume, you can see that if you do not fit some kind of “uber value” criteria you will not be able to date a beautiful woman. No way Joe….This is not the 50’s or 60’s when women needed men. Today they have their choices and they will wait. They dont have get married. They have their own money. They make their own decisions which is great for them, but for the average guy in dating its very frustrating. No leverage.

    Seriously if you are a hot american woman, you are going to hold out for the best you can find. I live in a big US metro area and know a number of these women. Yes you can mingle and talk to them but they want what they want. Game or no game.

    So if you are 6ft, good looking and have money, then you will do ok. But if you are not either of those, you will have a very, very hard time.

    Eturk is right about the marriage thing. If you do marry them (I was married once) they will take you for all you have and its pretty much backed up by the courts. And we had no children. If we did I would be living in a cardboard box right now…lol..

  30. Hey Jessie, I’m also a fan of yours! Don’t forget that the world is also reading this site, and reading an article that says the US is the best is not very motivating for us guys down here in South Africa. By the way, we’re part of “the world” too!!!

  31. And, probably the most neurotic and low-self esteem girls in the world. One of the reasons why they are so freaky. The reason she’s great in bed is probably the reason you’ll hate her out of bed. So once you get them, get ready to see a couples therapist before the divorce and she teaches them that their father is a jerk. LOL Only funny because it’s true.

    Just don’t marry them boys. That’s another great course…

      1. Foreign Love Web

        Dating or sleeping with American women is one thing.

        But, marrying any of them is another story.

    1. You do realize this happens everywhere, right? My husband is from France and there’s some myth that French women just tolerate affairs and such which is such b.s. there are dysfunctional people everywhere! I’ve lived abroad enough to see it a hundred times over. Men who complain they only get crazy girls should look at themselves: there’s a reason you’re attracted to crazy people!

    2. Maria Scarangella

      Actually Eturk probably the most neurotic and low-self esteem girls in the world are Argentinian girls. Argentina leads world in shrinks per capita. According to a study by psychologist, Modesto Alonso, there are 196 therapists per 100,000 people in Argentina, more than in the U.S., and this number keeps on growing. In essence, Argentinian girls are hysterical, self-absorbed, and narcissistic.

      – Argentinian American

    1. Yoooo Im Indian and I agree with what you said Ricardo.

      Amd my Indian broo….just hit the gym and keep up with Jesse’s legendary advice. Dont give a fuck about anyone or anything


  32. I am an Indian and male.
    Can you suggest me how can see your country and best girls and can take the
    enjoy with them.


  33. I agree that there is a CRAZY amount of diversity that you can’t find in many other areas of the world. I used to live in downtown Chicago and it’s like a melting pot for any type of woman you can imagine.

    As far as sexual openness, I’d say overall this can be true in some cases but there is so much diversity in this respect to generalize. I think it all depends on what type of venue you’re at and your level of game. If you have game and hitting up the bars/clubs in your city, many girls you meet will be up for sexual escapades quickly. Yet if you don’t have game, it doesn’t matter where you are, girls will be pruder than nuns after sunday afternoon mass…

    1. Jim Havemayer

      I know American women are the most beautiful and gorgeous ones in the world. In my facebook account quotes I state so, and as credit I state: Guess Who, and this is because I refer to that guess who as God, for that spatement is a fact, not an opinon. You see, I study math and physics, and there is also a phi number that helps us see the beauty of things in the nature by a scientific method.
      Dating and marrying American women is the best, not only because of all the above given reasons, but also they want self asertion, and I know that in a couple, equal rights and authorities are crucial, thats why such relationship is called match, and in USA its easier to find women that wanna assert themselves and elbow their equality to men. Lets not forget that in WY state, back in 1869 was the first place to ever allow women to vote on Earth, and thanks to the 19th ammendment approved in 1920, American women were the first ones to get a public vote rights, plus, in USA, many more women are working tomake a living by themselves.

      1. Yes, you know there is an irrational number called the Phi number, very used by artists adn scientists in order to determine the beautiy in arts and people, this has been done in Hollywood as well. American women in context thus, are most beautiful. Marilyn Vos Savant, an American woman whose IQ is 190-230 is perhaps the smartest lady in the world, and Ameica has a long story of smart women including mathematicians.

    2. Foreign Love Web

      American women are good as far as independence, outspokenness, feminism, indecision, and some fashion are concerned.

      But, if most men want to find good qualities in women or at least be equal with their future wives, those men should go to Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, or Latin America.

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