A Hot Mistress Wife Means Less Money And More Time

For a woman to become sexually uninhibited, embodying sexual variety, learning striptease, lap dance, belly dance, massage, focusing on resistance training and doing intensive cardio, buying outfits and glamming herself, and studying self-development is literally a full time job.

If you expect a woman to be your wicked Mistress after coming home from a full time job she dislikes, particularly if she has children, you’re expecting too much from her.

Not only will she not want to exercise or take a dance class, she’ll rather sit down and fuzz out in front of the television than dress herself up and be your sexually willing and enthusiastic lover.

If you’re married or living together, encourage her to work a part time job at something that she truly enjoys and that brings her meaning, rather than working full time.

That way she’ll enjoy her work, be happy and energized when she comes home, and be in the right mood and have the time to focus on being a fully sexual woman, to practice her dance, workout, and prepare herself in the evenings to sexually please and connect with you in every way.

Will this mean a drop in the household income?

You bet.

Most people today believe that having a little more money would make them happier.  But the research shows again and again that after basic needs like food and shelter are met, extra material wealth has little or no effect on one’s life satisfaction or happiness.

For extremely poor people in poorer countries, money does make a difference to their happiness.  Without any money at all, life can be miserable.  Extra money can mean the difference between eating, seeing the doctor, having a place to sleep, or getting a ride to visit friends.

For everyone else however, the effect of extra money is small because money is spent on bigger or better cars, houses, and holidays.  A boost in income or possessions can make us happy temporarily, but we soon adapt and begin lusting after the next raise again.  People buy things because they think material goods will give them pleasure, but in fact, according to all scientific studies, they make very little difference in our lives.

It sounds counterintuitive.  We assume that having more money will mean we can do more things, have more time, be more respected in people’s eyes, be more attractive.  So why doesn’t increased income increase our happiness?

You cannot purchase good health and physical fitness– one needs the free leisure time to exercise and do physical activities.

You cannot purchase sexual intimacy – a couple needs the free leisure time and the energy that comes with it to explore their sexuality and try new things like Blissnosis.

We are really seeking nonmaterial goals such as human and social relationships, sex and intimacy, and doing activities where pursuing relationships is the main activity.  Those are the things that make us happy, not having more money.

So if the choice is giving her the free time to blossom and grow herself into your Mistress and developing your relationship, choose that over the money and long work hours.  Don’t get spellbound by the hype and commercials that you need a bigger house or car to be “successful” or to live up to other people’s expectations.

Encourage her to work part time in a job that she enjoys and gives her meaning so that she has the time and energy afterward to become physically fit, dance, and pleasure and connect with you.  Or better encourage her to stop working altogether so that she can fully devote herself to the arts of the Bacchanali.

In the long run, she can even become a professional fitness trainer, masseuse, or dance instructor, charging up to $100 an hour for her time, or expand her part time work that she loves into a fulltime business and make even more money than before at something she truly enjoys doing.

10 thoughts on “A Hot Mistress Wife Means Less Money And More Time”

  1. I married a successful man and gave him a beautiful child and left my crappy dead end job to start a part-time business and be a full time mom. What I really wanted was this…to be a hot sexy mistress wife.
    Instead I got rejected regularly by a premature ejaculator who came home every day and criticized my housekeeping and parenting skills and ignored my sexual needs.
    We are now getting divorced.

  2. Don’t agree at all. Being without a job is not good for one’s self-esteem, it doesn’t differ that much between males and females. And low self-esteem will lead to relationship trouble and bad sex (it is a libido-killer). The sex-freakiest women are the ones that are happy with themselves. Even if the loss of self-esteem and libido doesn’t happen, it’s still an extremely bad situation for the woman, for her sense of identity: she becomes too financially dependent on the man, and she tends to stay with him if the relationship turns out to be bad for her. This isn’t good for the man as well; he won’t be loved for who he is, but for the financial stability he provides.

    It will be a slow process, unrecognizable at first, but sneeky and steadily. I’ve seen it a couple of times, and I myself have been unemployed (single at the time) and I absolutely hated it and felt my sense of self-worth diminish by the minute. Later I had a relationship with a great, attractive and very rich man, but he was conservative and wanted me to stay home but I wanted, NEEDED, to work, explore my dreams, etc. So I had to end the relationship, because based on that, I knew we weren’t soulmates and we would have made each other miserable in the long-run.

    Women aren’t stupid, many of them want fullfilling lives, also during the day, at work, just like men.
    Greetings from a Dutch girl.

    1. I have to agree , being one also in that situation, in the long run it doesn’t pay for either one to stay. Thank You Dutch Girl

    1. My boyfriend and I decided to give this a try. I quit my high-stress long-hours job about 8 months ago. We do have less unneeded toys (due to less money) but we’re so much happier. Now I have a small part-time job I love and great hours. I’m able to take care of my boyfriend in the mornings before he goes to the office and I’m home several hours before he gets off work. It leaves me the time to keep the house nice, get all the chores done and work out to stay in great shape.

      I find myself thinking of ways to make sure my boyfriend is happy. I make sure to have dinner ready when he comes home and he loves coming home to me in sexy lingerie ready to serve him dinner and eager to meet his sexual needs. And his self esteem is through the roof as he feels like a provider and respected for his dominant role. My self esteem is even better now too.

      Needless to say our sex life is amazing and way more active. He is so dominant now; he’s really embraced being a true bedroom bull (and not just in the bedroom). I find myself so much more submissive now. Seeing how hard he works to provide for us makes me eager to show him my love and my respect for him.

      This obviously isn’t for everyone (and that’s fine, to each their own) but I say give it a try. I never thought I’d love focusing on making a nice home for my boyfriend and focusing on his sexual needs instead of a career until we gave it a try. Before my boyfriend discovered your site and your training methods I used to laugh at women who were all about their boyfriends or husbands and didn’t want their own career…now I’m one of those women, focused on my boyfriend’s needs as the most important thing. I find it so much more emotionally satisfying than any relationship I’ve ever had.

      The change in my boyfriend is amazing too. He’s now so confident, dominant, and sexually commanding. He says he’s never had a happier relationship, never been able to let go and channel his natural male aggression into a sexual relationship before. He was one of those guys that were taught to never be too rough and to always put a woman’s desire first instead of putting his needs first and taking what he wanted. Now he’s confident in his ability to take charge, lay down rules and be the boss. And I have to say, the look on his face when he looks down at me when I kneel at his feet to take him down my throat…he looks so powerful and confident that it just spurs on my submission (which I never knew about myself until he started with your training methods). I know we wouldn’t have gotten to this point without the complete change our relationship went through when my boyfriend discovered your methods to train me into being the mistress he deserves.

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