How To Make Your “Angelic Girlfriend” Strip, Act Sexy, And Pose For Racy Photos

Transforming a woman into a glamour model for the camera is always a treat for both you and for her.

You want to first gradually get the woman comfortable with having photos taken of her.

Get a digital pocket camera which you can slip into your back pocket and can take anywhere with you. Start taking photos of her and yourself out during the day in ordinary places, like the park.

Take a funny photo of her at a restaurant putting food into her mouth. Take a photo whenever you do anything romantic together to capture the good memory. Snap shots whenever you’re out on a date or whenever you do something silly together. Girls love taking photos because it captures those good memories and holds them forever.

After a few weeks of taking photos together, you’ll want to transition into taking photos of her in her lingerie or sexy outfits.

Next time she’s in her sexy nighttime clothes tell her,

“Baby you look so sexy. You know what… I want to capture your sexiness, your beauty in this moment forever. Yeah hold it right there. You’re so hot in that pose. Hold it right there.”

Your woman should put up little or no resistance because you’ve already established the habit of taking photos at special moments all along. And this is just another one of those special moments.

Then snap off the shot, but don’t look at the photo on the screen or she may become uncomfortable, as if you’re judging how it came out. Just assume it’s erotic and sexy and beautiful, so don’t look. Instead, just tell her, “That was so sexy.”

Now that she’s had a sexy photo taken, it’s no longer a taboo to be broken. It’s something normal that you just do together. Getting that first sexy photo of her paves the way for more revealing and more extensive photo shoots.

Next time you’re in bed together and making love and she’s in the suggestible Blissnotic state, whisper into her ear,

“Do you know what would be so sexy… to take some sexy photos of you… that would be so hot.”

You’re implanting the idea into her mind and gauging her reaction to it.

On a later night, tell her to wear something sexy for you. But this time, get into the mindset of a famous glamour photographer.

Tell her how hot she looks in her outfit and that she’s so sexy you want to do a photo shoot of her.

Tell her to assume a sexy position. Just snap, snap, snap off the photographs.

Have enthusiasm and tell her exactly what to do. “Yeah, like this baby. Yeah like that. Perfect. Gorgeous. Marvelous.” She may volunteer to take off her clothes or not for the photos. If not, don’t worry about it.

Most likely she’ll at least feel comfortable showing off her breasts. Every time she goes a bit further encourage her, “Yeah! That’s it baby, gorgeous!”

As you do more photo shoots over time and she becomes increasingly comfortable in front of the camera, you’ll be able to get her to wear less and less. Pretty soon she’ll let you take pictures of her spreading her legs, showing off her bare pussy, touching herself, and kissing her bare tits.

Once your woman is accustomed to doing erotic photography, you may also want to splurge on a higher end digital camera to get crisper photos. If you really do enjoy having sexy photos of your woman that look like they were taken by a professional, you’ll want to add a nicer camera to your collection. With a higher end digital, the colors are more vibrant and the camera automatically adjusts the lighting and color more accurately.

Transform Girls Into Your Personal Porn Star Fantasies

Film stars tap into every woman’s desire to be photographed, filmed, and desired like a Hollywood red carpet, A-list actress.

It’s every woman’s forbidden wish to become famous in the movies or become a glitter girl and appear in Playboy magazine, her secret dream to be so hot and desirable that guys masturbate to her pictures.

The fantasy is more than just her having raw sex appeal however.  She’s a performer.  With stardom comes fame, attention, glamour.  She’s the center of attention.

What happens to all those waitresses in Los Angeles who never break into the movie business or modeling?  Many of them go into adult films because there they get the same needs for attention met, to be desired by men, to be on the screen, and to be glamorously famous and recognized on the street.

One woman writes of her fantasy:

“One of my favorite themes of fantasy is that of exhibitionism.  Many times while making love, especially when I feel like I am ready to build up to an orgasm, I imagine that our lovemaking session is being filmed or being watched by many horny men who are masturbating.  Sometimes I imagine that I am being posed and photographed for a man’s magazine or that I am masturbating and being watched through the window by a horny male neighbor.”

Another woman writes,

“My fantasy goes like this: At 15, she’s out shopping someplace and meets the Man.  He has no name, but he’s in his early to mid 40s, with steely gray curly hair on his head and chest, blue-gray eyes and a Grecian nose, a muscular body that’s in very good shape for his age, and so forth- his looks aren’t clearly defined.  He is the head of a huge commercial empire, including a Playboy-type magazine and several business enterprises.  They all operate out of the same high-rise building, which he also owns.  Anyway, she and the Man have an affair that lasts the rest of the fantasy, though neither is by any means faithful.  For my 18th birthday, he sets up all his photography equipment, fucks me on satin sheets and then photographs me for the centerfold of his magazine…. I also model for high fashion ads.  I will spend the day rubbing up against and teasing the male I’m modeling with.  The final picture usually ends with me in a fur coat; I don’t have anything on underneath.  I manage to rub his cock as the last photos are taken and I suck him, then he just fucks me, still in the fur.  The photographer is taking pictures throughout all this.”

Another writes,

“I like to fantasize that I’m starring in a hardcore pornographic movie, or that I am a high-class escort.  It would be a good adventure working late nights, meeting rich businessmen and maybe the odd woman and charging big money for my services.  I also like the idea of being a glamour model.  I would love to do a full spread.  The idea of all those men jerking off fills me with a feeling of power and pleasure.  I would probably wear a nurse’s uniform.  This must be symptomatic of my desire to be a no-shame, wanton woman.”

After you get a woman successfully modeling sexy or nude photographs for you, you can move on to filming adult material of the two of you doing your dirty deeds.

While she’s in the Blissnotic state, start off by taking a snapshot photo, which should be routine and normal by then.  Tell her, “Yeah that’s so hot, let me take a picture.”  Then get a picture of you penetrating her or having your dick sucked.

Then tell her, “It would be fun if we had some movies, wouldn’t it?”  Give her the digital camera and let her be the director and film her own skin flick.  Most digital cameras take movies as well, so no additional equipment is required.

While you’re having sex, she’ll hold out her arm and film herself having sex.

It doesn’t matter if her effort is any good, it’s just to set a precedent for taking movies.

Then, once the precedent is set, you can start making more elaborate movies where you direct her to pose for the camera.

Simple as that.

12 thoughts on “How To Make Your “Angelic Girlfriend” Strip, Act Sexy, And Pose For Racy Photos”

  1. After 6 Months of this program, my ex gf regularly begs for my cock in her ass and our/her latest kinky fantasy is to have a threesome with her Sister-in-Law. I’m certain they’ll both be a bit uncomfortable at their next Family gathering, but they’re indulging in a guilty pleasure and I’m getting to live out my Threesome Fantasy. They can feel guilty afterwards…if they want to..or they can cum back for more..that’s their choice. Just because they submit to my Sexual Suggestions and Desires doesn’t mean it’s not something they’ve always wanted anyway. I have seen both of her Sister-in-Laws eye my cock by the Pool and I’ve seen what their men all lack. I’m just opening their eyes to possibilities their Men never inspired them to act upon. I’m not manipulating them, I’m giving them an excuse to do what they want deep down. Ladies..If that’s a Bad thing, then All Sex is Bad. I can’t wait to unleash the Blissnosis program on the Hot morning crew of Baristas at Starbucks! I’m less than a week from closing with the first of 4 Women in the bunch… Life is Good!

  2. Brittney, are you crazy? You have no idea how to please a man.

    I got my wife to eventually take many videos of her taking cum facials and talking like a dirty whore. It’s fantastic. We started years ago with simple photos of her naked or masturbating. We now have a huge collection of her in both stills and videos, and we could not be happier.

    1. What a coincidence, I kid you not my new BF just tried that on me, tonight! It was sooo adorable to see him fail. He started me off with a few pictures here and there and the you’re so beautiful you should model. He gets extra points for trying though. I was going to say, he should’ve read this first, but then I’m thinking, how naive do you have to be not to see through this. A man with a readily accessible camera is either a photographer or is up to something. And unless you have a dark room at home, you aren’t a photographer.
      Personally, I get a kick out of seeing how someone is trying to work me into doing something I was going to do to begin with. I like being sexually passive-aggressive so I really like your site.

    2. hey, A man doing housework and taking care of kids IS sexy, a freaking turn on! Talk about a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. On the one side the soft protector of kids and sensitive dutiful forward thinking husband, and then take him to the bedroom and it’s Neanderthal unleashed. The male counterpart to the Madonna/Whore complex.
      But she does bring up other valid points. Your website is about sex or everything that leads to it. Being pissed off yet again cause hubby isn’t pulling his weight around the house especially when you work full time isn’t going to go away just cause he can fuck like the best.
      Also, so far, I haven’t read about the regret and shame some women feel after doing something naughty. You are coaxing them into doing something they might regret later on. Once you’re on the bliss zone men and women may agree to many things they wouldn’t have otherwise. How do you deal with their regret or shame afterwards. Do you have a how to deal with a backlash section?

    3. Meow, in regards to the woman possibly feeling regret or shame afterwards… if the couple makes doing sex fantasies a regular habit, it just becomes a regular thing you do and both the woman and man acclimate to it over a little time. Of course, if it’s only done ONCE the girl might feel some regret– but if wild sex is a regular pastime and habit, the woman will come to enjoy doing kinky things with her man.

      1. I agree, I have over time felt a huge amount of guilt from just talking fantasies or watching porn with my boyfriend. At first I was just trying to compete with porn and impress him… But now I love it. I still love the intimate, slow huggy sex, but more often than not I wanna act like a whore to my one and only 🙂 It has made me twice as confident, and so much better at sex! And my most proud accomplishment of the last few months is I’ve learnt to deep throat, and I’ve never felt sexier!

  3. this is so unvelievably stupid. men should not wish to turn their girlfriends into things theyre not! like seriously women are not barbie dolls you can turn into whatever you want! If you want perfect porn star photos date a pornstar! seriously whats with the guys wanting to turn their girlfriends into some crazy wild sex animal! we are not barbarians! Wanna know something sexy? Helping around the house! Being romantic! Actually loving your partner for who they are! sheesh i am so sick of this!

  4. Niiceeee….

    Simple but powerful advice… It made me think how I can apply the “slowly building it up”-advice in other ways…

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