Anxious Around Girls? Here’s An Effective Confidence & Relaxation Exercise

If you’re anxious around girls, I want to give you an important exercise for getting outside of your head, for not getting bogged down in lots of thinking, and to pull you away from general anxiety.

The typical guy is playing a huge chess game in his head, imagining every possible move. The typical guy is resisting the situation and inside his head thinking about how he wished it was different.

The typical guy is always seeking permission from girls before he acts. He’s nervous about what the girl’s friends might think of him, he’s nervous about what the girl thinks of him, so he has this permission mindset.

The tipple guy is looking for other people to pull his state up. He’s looking for the girls to make them feel good. He’s looking for the girls to accept him into their group and bring all the fun and the party to him.

And he’s so inside his head, that he never does anything. He never takes any action. He just wallows in all of this thinking and that causes lots of anxiety. Which causes your blood pressure to rise, induces the production of stress hormones, knots up your muscles, depresses your immune system, and makes you feel lousy and general.

All that thinking, it just kills the fun energy. That thinking kills your enthusiasm to get laid. That thinking causes analysis paralysis. That thinking, while it seems like solving a problem, paves your way to failure.

Now we don’t want that. We don’t want that all. So I’m going to give you an exercise here that will get you outside of your head and into a better state. It’s the pretty colors kaleidoscope exercise. It’s great for bars and clubs, but can be used for the daytime as well.

And what this exercise, this very simple exercise, will allow you to do is to drop all thinking, drop all agendas, drop all routines, drop all game. This exercise will allow you to drop all permission seeking thoughts.

This exercise will allow you to walk into a social party and just be having your own fun without any thoughts in your head, or any tactics, or game, or anxiety, and just be completely cleared out and be in a good state regardless of what’s going on around you.

Doing the exercise

Now here’s how the pretty colors kaleidoscope exercise works. And although it’s simple I suggest that you go out and you give it a try because it’s very powerful.

So you go to a bar or club, or use it anywhere On the St., Amal, bookstore. But let’s say that you’re at a bar. Simply find a place to stand anywhere, it doesn’t matter where, and with your imagination, imagine in front of you that you’re watching a psychedelic kaleidoscope of pretty colors dancing all through your field of vision.

So you’ve got people on your left, people talking on your rights, the bar is loud and noisy, there’s lots of distractions. But I want you to ignore all those distractions. And instead imagine all the pretty colors dancing and bursting forth to the beat of the music.

Just watch with your imagination the colors dancing in front of you, like a kaleidoscope, like you’re high on something. Like in iTunes screensaver. You know how on those music screensavers how you see although waves in the colors all making cool psychedelic patterns in tune to the beat of the music? I want you to imagine, as you stand there at the bar surrounded by all the people and all the noise, to just go into your own world and watch those colors dance and move.

And smile. Put a big smile on your face. Because I want you to really enjoy yourself with the music and the colors. Make a fun show. Make it entertaining. Really get into that beat and the music so that you feel fun and happy.

Yeah, sure, you’re staring into space with a big goofy smile on your face. Okay you look silly maybe, but do it anyway. This is about having your own fun regardless of anyone else or what anyone else is doing, or what anyone else thinks. You are there to have your own fun. And that’s to watch a musical, visual feast of psychedelic dancing colors that just rolls with the music.

If you’re doing this during the day, and there’s no club speakers to blast the music, bring your portable music player with your favorite upbeat club dance music, put those headphones on, and pump up the volume.

And smile, a big, wide smile and stand tall like a champ. Pull that stomach in, tighten up those ads, push out that chest, and stand tall and proud like you’re some superhero or like you’re Superman.

Just smile and really get in to the groove of the music, and the colors, and the cool patterns that the colors are forming, and let go, relax, have fun, enjoy it, and smile. This is about your world, this is about having your fun, this is about expressing your inner most joy.

So real simple. Number one, imagine the pretty colors kaleidoscope moving with the music.

Number two, put a big smile on their face and really feel it. So that it’s not a fake smile, you really do want to smile because you’re having genuine fun.

And number three, stand like a champ. Stand tall, tighten up those abs, and proudly put out that chest.

So again, the pretty colors kaleidoscope exercise helps you do that. You’re there at a bar or club and just watch, with your imagination, the colors dancing wildly with the music. And smile. And laugh. And stand like a champ. And forget about what everyone else is doing matter how loud everyone else is being.

And just watch that psychedelic color show like year a two-year-old child, amazed by the images, amazed by your own movie, having fun watching the colors move to the music. Getting into the beat of the music. Letting go and just relax.

And in the beginning they can feel kind of weird. You start thinking to yourself, “am, I’m feeling good for no reason. am i delusional?” Because you’ve always been taught that you can only feel good when you buy new clothes or a girl smiles at you. You’ve always been taught that you need outside validation to feel good on the inside.

But that’s simply not true. You can create happiness and joy and sexual energy and give out positivity from within yourself, without any reason needed. You don’t need someone to tell you that you’re attractive or that you’re doing a good job to feel fantastic. And that fantastic energy that you create on your own ease the source of your real power, the real source of your capacity.

Because a guy that can do that, women want to be part of it. Because that’s a special power. Because it’s so strange to find someone that’s just positive and having his own fun just because that’s who he is.

Wrapping up

So I think you get the idea of the pretty colors kaleidoscope exercise. And if you have anxiety, general anxiety, in bars or clubs just go and do this exercise with no agenda, for as long as you need to, until you can just relax and have your own fun all on your own in a bar club. And pretty soon you come to start thinking, “hey! The club is a pretty cool place now that I’ve dropped all that thought process crap. I Actually like the club.  I Actually love the club. And there’s some really hot girls here too.”

And that’s when you’ve retrained your brain, when standing in a bar or club, or doing day game just feels like a fun, cool, relaxing place to be. And now, at that point, you can start associating all kinds of positive associations, and all kinds of positive experiences to going out.

So it’s very important that you do this exercise at least once. At least once. Don’t just blow it off. Do this exercise at least once. And even better, do it a few times so that I can really sink in. Because, if for no other reason, it’s a fun exercise to do. And you owe it to yourself. And it’s easy.

And write down your experience in the members area.

So make that an objective for Friday or Saturday night and I will be hearing from you real soon.

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