Attraction Is NOT A Choice – Here’s Why

Attraction is not a choice.

As an example of an experience that happened to me, I had just purchased a condominium and I was filling out some paperwork in the condominium’s main office.

The woman who worked there was about 55 years old, overweight, and not attractive at all to me. To reiterate, I was NOT attracted to her and had already ruled her out as someone I would even remotely be attracted to based on the standards of my critical, judging rational mind.

After I finished filling out the forms however, this woman started to open up to me and tell me different stories about her life. I was in no particular rush, her stories interested me and she exuded a warm rapport, so I stayed and chatted.

After a while I found myself laughing at her stories and then she dropped into a sexy voice tonality. She began to drop hints to me, talking about movies and how Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, 20 years Demi’s junior,  made a good couple and how he probably gave her good sex.

Well, after about an hour I had to go.

As I left I realized something very, very important. In no way was I attracted to this rather old overweight woman – my conscious critical mind filtered out the possibility altogether.

Yet, as I was walking down the hall outside her office I was beginning to think some rather better thoughts about her. Her sexy voice tonality, her making me laugh, her making me feel at ease and comfortable with good rapport, and the sexual hints and innuendo were all sexual cues that triggered feelings of attraction in me.

This attraction was not my conscious choice!

She had bypassed my critical mind and directly triggered my limbic brain. I was responding to her sexual cues, in a sense, against my better judgment and the experience was much more powerful on me than I’d expected.

Even now I think back, “God, I’m glad I did not act on my impulses!” but that’s now me thinking after the fact with my critical rational judging mind. The immediacy of her sexual cues are long gone now. But at the time, I felt much more receptive to her.

You’ll want to do the same with women – trigger their limbic brain through nonverbal cues like smiling, body language, touching them, leading them, and being dominant.  Touch off the right triggers, and women will have NO choice to be attracted to you, in the same way you feel attraction when you see a young woman with giant tits. It’s an auto-response reaction, and you can do the same in women!

4 thoughts on “Attraction Is NOT A Choice – Here’s Why”

  1. Wow… so the old dog was a pickup artist gaming you all along… lol
    Are you sure you didnt bone her Jesse? 😉

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