Before and After Photos of Victoria’s Secret Models

You see a beautiful woman, and you instantly freeze up.  You feel like you *should* be doing something, but instead you just stand there with your dick in your hand.

One thing to keep in mind though, is that a pretty face is usually a PAINTED face.

The face you see on the pretty girl is typically not the ACTUAL face you get in the morning.

And the girl you perceive as being a “9” or a “10” is simply a good trickster and actually more like a “7” in actuality.

Miranda Kerr Before And After

As an example, I present teen sensation and Victoria Secret’s model Miranda Kerr.

Here’s a glamour photo of Miranda with professional makeup and lighting.

In my opinion, her face at least is a solid 9 or 10.  Pretty enough to sell women a dream, that they too can be sexually desirable.

Here’s a picture of Miranda with professional makeup, but under more normal lighting.  Still very hot.  If you saw her walking down the street, you’d think to yourself, “Wow, wicked cute!”

Now let’s take Miranda under normal lighting and WITHOUT makeup.  As you can see, she’s still cute, if only because of her sheer youth.  BUT she pretty much looks like any other college chick you’d find on any college campus.

Quite often, it’s almost purely the MAKEUP, her painted face, that is what makes a woman “pop” and look “hot”.

This isn’t come kind of new phenomenon.  Take a look here at before makeup and after makeup of Marilyn Monroe.  Professional makeup literally makes her look twenty years younger.

Don’t Be Fooled By A Pretty Face

Women can easily fool the male brain into thinking she has more reproductive value than she actually does – making her look much younger and healthier than she really is.

The reality is, most women eat poor diets that makes their skin unhealthy and look bad, and they lead sedentary lives that leaves them lanky with bad postures or get fat.

Women use the fast magic bullets of their clothes and makeup that mask that and fool naïve men.

That’s why really pretty girls are often VERY FRIENDLY to your advances.  The WOMAN knows how she REALLY looks back to home without all the dress-up, and she’s actually very INSECURE about her looks.

You can exploit this “glitch in the Matrix” to your advantage. That’s why I created the Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control so that you can get pretty girls chasing after YOU.

And that’s why when some guy comes up and opens her directly with a compliment in a relaxed style with a smile, she’s typically quite attracted.  The beautiful woman is typically looking for approval of herself from men, and they’re easily attracted to direct men who go for what they want.

Just click HERE to download the program to your computer right away.

So don’t let that pretty face fool you.  Treat women the same, and you’ll break through the painted exterior to the real woman underneath.

36 thoughts on “Before and After Photos of Victoria’s Secret Models”

  1. Men are paychecks

    Doesnt matter how beaitiful a woman looks as there is some guy/guys out there who is tired of her shit.

  2. Your bigoted and misogynistic views that inferiorize women are exactly what is encouraging douche bags to treat women as mere sex objects. You seem very superficial and need to realize that looks aren’t everything to a woman. If you cannot handle women who are success and beautiful that is your own prerogative, stop forcing your views on the public. It is just ridiculous and sad that in order to be confident about yourself, you must categorize all women as insecure and constantly seeking approval from men because they lack natural beauty. Just remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Please get help for your own insecurities and stop forcing misogynistic views on other people.

  3. “Why do Celebrities tend to let themselves go, completely? It’s absolutely dreadful how they look!

  4. Bro, after long time you start to see if girl beautiful with or without make up. Make up can’t hide symmetry of facial features. For most girls no makeup will help.

  5. Basso the Boxman

    Miranda Kerr is average at best, I’m from Perth Western Australia and see girls that are way better looking than her on a daily basis. That gal has had the living crap marketed out of her. To quote public enemy ; don’t believe the hype.

  6. chicos this is ridiculous.. o.ö
    the whole picture in color (but not real color like we see it behind the laptop). xD haha, that her face is not perfect should be obvious.

    try to take a picture from light with above and light from the side.

  7. Men are better looking than women! Because we not used makeup. And women get faster older than man.We are better of as man.

    1. Ken you are delusional to believe that women get older faster than men. We normally work indoors and are away from the sun, men usually work outdoors and men usually are very ambitious which means a life full of stress (bless u men who work your butts off for our comfort) so no men age faster than we do. The only difference is we find grey hair hot in men and those wrinkles you get are sexy no matter how old we are (no i”m not talking about the 80 year old flasher, I’m talking about the financially independent 40 year old)…

      I look 10 years younger than my age. No body has EVER guessed my age correctly. It could be my superior genetics because I hardly wear makeup.

      What Jesse is saying is dont be intimidated by us. We are just as insecure as the ugly fat chick. We want you to approach us. Come on men, start practicing your game on all of us. Make us feel good while you become so smooth at your game you never get rejected again.

      Love you Jesse…one day you have to come to Australia to meet Miranda Keir and myself.

      1. Cheeky Mary and readers,

        Thank you for leveling. If it was not for the Auzie and Kiwi reality slap to turn the Amer-i-man’s head a few spins…I have had the pleasure of
        knowing a few and wish to add you to the community of my contacts. It just goes to show, never take yourself too seriously, stay out of your head, out of your own way, never criticize, especially self-criticism and always be of the light. Lots of tools to think with in this comment section. Thank you all for your input.

  8. That is kind of why with Asian girls and a few other nationalities, it is very often what you see is what you get.

  9. That’s why you get a nice set of boobs as a back up. So even if you wake up in the morning and the 9 or 10 becomes a 7 the huge tits are still there. Lol. 😆

  10. One of the best articles on the sexual attraction game. I think their confidence from the belief that men are not aware and smart enough to see through their artificial beauty. So, if you do see through it and are visualizing her without her makeup and find yourself not so attracted to her, she will probably think that either your gay, have bad taste, or are not quiete all there to not notice. So in most cases the woman will probably shrug it off and look elsewhere since has that hooker ability.
    I once saw a woman at work who was super hot until one day I bumped into her in the hallway and saw her on I guess a bad day where she did’nt have time or energy to do herself up. Man, she looked twentyfive years older and I found her to be hideous. I was amazed at the age progression and was almost was almost frightened. Now I see her atleast twice a week all made up as usual and sometimes get a hard on thinking about her. Who said looks are’nt everything.

  11. Vincent Ignatius

    Always judge them by the waist to hip ratio.

    Any man with decent game has banged plenty of women who could be Victoria’s Secret models. It’s just that men don’t realize it because they don’t know how different the pictures look from the actual women.

    1. Very interesting. The problem in our country is that as men we are forced to approach women if we want either a relationship or sex. Women can get laid very easily just by being present. Unless a woman is extremely homely or overweight, she will have a few men approach her by default. Also, unlike women, men are not required or expected to wear makeup, unless they’re actors or being interviewed for a TV show. For us guys, we only need a haircut or hair update and shave a couple of times a month. For us, facial care is low maintenance. However, we need to keep out bodies in good shape for good health and to stir the curiousity of both men and women. In one aspect, both men and women become attractive based upon their bodies. If you’re average height or tall, with either a lean or very muscular body, a woman will notice you, but be very discreet about it. However, us guys are almost never subtle when we’re checking out a woman, face and body because we’re wired to express our lust and desire in a more open, primal way. The way I see it is that if a man want to attract more women, he can’t always show his interest. He can approach some women, but not every woman. This shows he doesn’t need every women to want him and some women, not necessarily most, will make a concerted effort to get his attention.

  12. My Realy Whole Life Dear Friend Mr.Jesse Charger from you, Iam Indian Very very Highly respected MAN/BOY as per your cool mind(Iam BLOCK CHIEF) in my District for the last previous Fifteen (15th) years old continuous,Because iam jointly mostly Indian (CAPITAL) in STATE (UTTAR PRADESH) in village/social Mostly 95% (INDIAN)Hindi Language I want from you & your born (as your mind) please if you don’t mind iam very-very-very sorry this language because, I want from you (IAM INTERESTED IN GIRLS /WOMENS) for mostly good and best friendship last again i want from you i want A GOOD AND BEST FOR WHOLE LIFE FRIENDSHIP WITH ONLY A GIRL/WOMEN) from your country/state/district/block/village but i want very very very good and mannerable villagest thinking Girl/Women thats my life choice with you

    Please reply just

  13. Miranda Kerr is still cute without makeup, but not hot and uber-gorgeous. The Marilyn Monroe picture is appalling.

    I agree with David and Kent: with the right value system and qualifiers, you can find a great girl who’s enough fun so any difference in looks is marginal. I also say that you don’t know how they’re going to age anyway so if there’s a chance that they’ll be ugly when they’re old you might as well have someone who you can trust, who understands you, who’s patient with you, who’s funny, etc.

    Plus, I’m going blind anyway (-5 glasses, -4.5 contacts), so it won’t matter what she looks like lol(?)

  14. This is true…however beauty is their weapon and power. It can be displayed or not. Its their choice.

    When they display their beauty they use it to benefit themselves (date the hot guy, date the guy with money or status) and the guy is hooked whether they look like that or not. So its an incredible power that they have.

    For the average guy, no amount of “game” or knowledge can really neutralize that power – make up on all guys want her, make up off she is just a normal 7. She is in control.

    1. But women have limited powers in other ways. For instance, most women can NOT choose which men they meet. At best they can hover around cool guys, but they’re too scared to approach. So that’s a curse, because they have to be passive recipients to whatever guy comes their way, makeup or not. Your typical girl at least.

      And though no amount of “game tactics” will neutralize the beauty affects of a woman, you can certainly develop a freedom of outcome that allows you to talk to really pretty girls without going inside your head or getting nervous about it.

      Overall, it’s much better to be a guy 😆

    1. great post Jesse.

      some guys cripple intimidated by beauty triggers low self esteem in a man which works against him obviously, this mindset works well.Thanks for sharing

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