Being Socially Valuable = Attractive to Women

Has this ever happened to you?

You attempt to get a girl’s phone number and she’s evasive about it.  Or if she gives it to you, when you do call her she doesn’t pickup the phone.  And if you do get in touch with her, she’s too busy to meet up with you.

Unless you have enough social value to a girl, you’ll most likely receive this kind of evasive treatment from her.

A girl will not want to sleep with you – or even have a one on one, intimate conversation with you – if you don’t have enough social value to her.

Virtually all women want to feel an intimate sense of bond and connection with their man in a relationship.  So a lot of guys naturally attempt to establish that sense of bond and connection with a girl right away.

They approach the girl at the bookstore or club and attempt to establish deep rapport right off the bat by eliciting her values or doing an incredible connection routine.

Unfortunately, they walk away brushed off by the girl and scratching their heads as to what went wrong.

What went wrong is that they tried to establish an intimate bond and connection TOO SOON.

Yes, EVENTUALLY getting deep rapport by eliciting a girl’s values or running an incredible connection routine on her will become necessary.

But NOT at the first moment you meet her.

If you try at the first moment you meet her, establishing deep rapport with a girl will blow up in your face.


Because you don’t have enough Social Value to the girl to do so.  She doesn’t consider you having enough Social Value to open up to you in that deep, intimate way.

It’s not that women don’t like building that sense of bond and connection with a man.  They LIKE it.  They WANT it.

They just want to do it with a man with equal or higher social value than theirs.

If you lack social value, you’re just some random, creepy dude hitting on a girl.  She has no attraction to you.  It’s as if a homeless man came up to you and asked you for money.  Either you would want to have nothing to do with him or you would give him a little bit of money – but it’s unlikely you’ll want to instantly befriend him and pour your heart out to him.

On the other hand, beautiful women have a lot of social value.  If a beautiful woman came up to you asking for some money to get something to eat, not only would you give her a few dollars, but you would also probably want to accompany her to get something to eat and bond and connect with her!

Women get their social value through their looks, personality, intelligence and other traits.  But their looks are the biggest factor in a woman’s social value.  That’s why the cosmetics and cosmetic surgery industries are so huge.  As women get older, their social value decreases.

Men also have social value to varying degrees, based on a number of sources.  Let’s see how men have social value to women:

Good looks. Yes, your looks are a sign of social value to women.  If you have a nice smile, built muscles, and a fit figure, women will respond.

How you’re dressed. How you’re dressed and groomed will also influence your social value positively or negatively.  A guy who is dressed in a suit or dressed like a rock star will have more social value than a guy dressed in a stained t-shirt and flip-flops.  A guy with a fresh haircut and highlights will have more social value than a guy who hasn’t had a haircut in two months.

Social proof.  This is when women see you talking to other women.  A beautiful woman’s natural social value will “rub off on you” if you’re with her.  For example, if you walk into a club with a gorgeous model on each arm, all the other women will want to be with you too.  They’ll assume you’re a famous actor, rich, have a stunning personality, or any combination of the above.

That’s because women can’t judge a man based on his looks alone.  A good looking guy could also be abusive, lazy, emotionally unintelligent, and have any number of social problems.  So women look to how other women respond to you and the kind of women you’re with to make judgments about you.

So if you’re with a woman who is a “10”, you’ll be a 10 too.

Nonverbal sexual cues. How you carry yourself, how you speak, how you make eye contact, how you walk, how quickly or slowly you move, how you smile, everything that you convey nonverbally has a strong influence on your social value.

Ignoring social pressure. By being aggressive, direct, invading a woman’s personal space, by talking to a girl right in front of her friends or her boyfriend, is attractive to women.  It’s that alpha, “I don’t give a fly who sees me, I’m here and I’m talking to you” attitude.

Leading her peer group.  If you’re with a girl and her friends, if you control her group, what they’re doing, where they’re going, and what they’re talking about, you’ll have more social value.

Demonstrating value obliquely. Telling cool stories, playfully teasing her, showing her something new like palm reading, roleplaying with her, making her laugh.

This is not an exhaustive list of sources of social value.

The more of these sources you can combine, the more social value you build for yourself.  Ideally, you want all of these sources of social value working for you in an interaction.

Of course, you do NOT need all of them. For example, if you combine social proof, good nonverbal sexual cues, and leading her peer groups, you don’t need to have good looks to get extremely beautiful women.

6 thoughts on “Being Socially Valuable = Attractive to Women”

  1. Once a male has power over the scene it is much easier to go behind his back and just have sex with his chicks, also once an alpha no more having sex with the young ones unless you want to breed with cousins neices etc. Which they wont do because thats inbred, just because everyone does it doesnt mean inbreding is right

  2. The whole thing strikes me as a cruel zero sum game. Faking the alpha-trait to get women is as manipulative as devaluing men who are not alphas is cruel. This would explain why both sexes end up feeling used and bitter in the end.

  3. Hmm. While all of this is true, I think men in general can’t focus on mastering these skills all at once. One at a time is a must, and that WILL take some time to get it naturally going without consciously reminding or thinking about it.

    So while this does make a lot of sense, having all of this is like being superman, and for what-women? They don’t have everything to be attractive, hell half of them are dumb as a bat and just with big tits and still get lot of laids.

    I support everything you say here. Though, you should write an article about mastering one skill only, and then IF you care enough should you go learn something else. And that skill is to be something that will fetch most of your success (and failures)

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