How To Date And Catch Stunning BLONDE Girls!

There’s something special about classic blondes – the tanned golden skin, the high cheek bones, the cupid-bow lips, and the long legs.

Blonde hair hits our caveman brains as a sign of youth while the golden tan covers over imperfections.

Take actress Anna Faris, below, from Scary Movie and her blonde transformation for The House Bunny as an example of how golden skin and hair have a mesmerizing effect.

Now, our goal is to attract these blonde honeys into our real, actually lives – as sexual partners and girlfriends.

Here’s a little secret – it’s actually easier than you think.

And it all comes down to “The Law of Attraction”.

I’m not talking about the movie or book “The Secret” where you just think about what you want and you manifest it. I’m referring to a force far more powerful.

The Ultimate Force of Attraction

Back in my college days I had this thing HUGE thing for Blonde girls. Swedish girls, Danish girls, Nordic girls – pretty much all blonde girls drove me crazy.

Even before I knew about “game” I’d run up to the blonde girls on campus whenever I could summon up the nerve and profess my love for them.

And whereas I got NOWHERE with other Caucasian women (the pale skin raven types), Blonde girls just seem to brighten up like Christmas lights around me.

They liked me back…. A LOT… even though they were “harder to get.” And I had tons of dates with some of THE hottest Blonde girls on campus, even though I was so much of a nervous chump that I fumbled my way through terribly.

By direct lust, desire, and intention to FORCE myself onto every Blonde girl in my immediate vicinity I manifested a surprising number of hot girls into my life.

And whereas I got lukewarm from the brunette girls who never seemed that interested in me (and believe me, I tried on them too), I always got huge smiles and great vibes from the Blonde girls… because I was so nuts and gaga for them that they just fed off of my vibes in return.

Manifesting Your Greatest Desires

You see, your focused attention energizes the “Law of Attraction”, which then pulls your desires to you.

Whatever you put your attention on increases, and whatever you remove your attention from recedes.

So when you put your attention on the object of your INTENTION, like blonde women in specific, it will orchestrate an infinite number of events to materialize your desires.

That’s why I created the Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control program – so that you can manifest your desires, whether they be Asians, blondes, Latinas, or dark-hard Ravens – by focusing your sexual intent.  Click here to get instant access to the program right now.

And by having a wholesale obsessed focus on blondes, you will attract blonde women into your life.

By expressing your raw, masculine intention to blonde women, you’ll meet them more often and they’ll respond more fantastically to you.

Here’s What NOT to Do

The thing is, most guys do the exact OPPOSITE. They would secretly love to date a tanned blonde more than anything, but whenever they see one, they put their heads down and pretend not to notice her. And they NEVER express their desires.

But when you HARNESS your intentions and your desires, like I did with those Blonde girls in my college days, you’ll find that your dream girls will actually OPEN up to you with HUGE smiles and fantastic energy!… And yes, even if you are a total chump with girls, this still works.

Yes, a beautiful blonde woman gets hit on timidly and tepidly all the time by guys… BUT how often does a man unapologetically express his passion and head-over-heels awestruck desire for her? Almost NEVER.

If you want a woman, you have to express your passion for her, up front, so that she knows you’re not just “another guy” and that you have the man-balls to stand up for what you want and what you deserve.

And I show you exactly how to do that in my Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control program.

Because when you open and approach hot blondes with passion and positivity, with head over heels enthusiasm for them, they actually respond surprising fantastically!

Why? Because so many guys are so intimated by them that hot, tanned blondes almost NEVER get approached unapologetically with passion and positivity. When you do it, you REALLY stand out and they’ll NEVER forget you.

It’s that expressing your raw masculine INTENTION that’s the secret ingredient to attracting beautiful blonde women into your circle of girlfriends.

Just click here to make it happen.

32 thoughts on “How To Date And Catch Stunning BLONDE Girls!”

  1. Scott justason

    Hi my name is Scott justason l am Lonely With out no girl friend l need a hot blonde girl friend very badly

  2. Logan Moffitt

    i really like blondes but im scared to walk up to them and i dont know what to say can you help me out here?

  3. LOL I agree with paul, sadly blondes will soon no longer exist with all that mixing of races BS. Very sad since they are by far the rarest and prettiest race on Earth 🙁

    1. STFU you moron. Both stupid and evil. The worst kind of human being. At least the intelligent evil ones have some merit you can admire. (Why stupid? Read what is written- is this guy an actual moron?)

  4. Jesse, I have recently ordered and began using immediately your hypnotic NLP inner change program and Id like to say it is fantastic ! truly an outstanding product at a fair price…. it seems to be working so well to enhance my inner game that I will soon be dating out of my own gene-pool soon. Thats just what we do in Wisconsin. Sincerely great product.

  5. Yeah right I thought its the going way these days that blondes are only going for the rich black man or any black man for that matter at least every where i go on the streets i see thats a growing trait . Ill say this if a blond woman came up to me and started talking about herself being interested in me, I would have to ask her certin questions that would let me know if she has dated outside of her race these questions have worked for me because i have been able to weed out several blond women that have admitted to me they have dated outside thier race and i have sent them on their way. I have learend this about Blond women , if your not black man who has the money, manchion, and the mercedes with a 16 inch penis you have no shot with a blond women at all. And if they come at a white man after dating a black man they realized they need to redeem themselfs

  6. A shout out to you guys in the USA from my people here in Colombia, South America. I developed a sense of attraction for blodies(less 2 percent of colombian women are blond) since before living my country for the US. Whenever I saw a blondy I inmediately accoasted her and let her know about how much I would like to have something with her. Guys, it worked, so by the time I got to the States I had many blondies sucking my dick(excuse my french). A lot of time they were the ones whom iniciated everything by sparking a conversation on anything…

    1. out of all the people that have commented i think your comment is far worst and when i mean far worst i mean more disgusting and racist, a woman’s personality and qualities are not determined by their hair color, a girl likes to be respected and not be flirted by a guy just because their blonde, a girl likes to feel special your taste in blondes only probably makes them feel less special and stupid because theyd probably feel like sex object for only one sole purpose, to suck your dick

  7. I don’t see what is so special about blondes. I doubt hair color determines personality. And I think it’s kind of sad that so many women who aren’t white dye their hair blond. You can find beautiful women regardless of skin or hair color. If I found a blond girl who turns me on, I would go for it, but I definitely wouldn’t limit myself, or devise a plan to bag blondes.

  8. The Netherlands is the best place to by for beautiful hot blond women. They are easy going and friendly. I can tell because i life there. They are not fake blond but real blond.Last year i went to the Uk, they not have much pretty women there. Dutch blond women is easy to make contact with them and can get laid. So damn easy men! So if you wanna have a good time men, come over to the Netherlands…city.. Amsterdam..No regret.

  9. Happy Non-Blonde

    Basically objectify women and your IN!

    My fried changed her hair colour because when she was blonde she was attracting so many douche bags.

  10. Tall beautifull amazon blond haired women are the best.Blond haired women are passionate about life and passionate about love.They are also more highly sexual and more sexy and fun than jet black haired brunnettes.Blond haired women are also very nice and there is nothing wrong with being nice.I have a strong sexual attraction and desire for beautifull blonds and would love to royally screw them.Beautifull brunettes are pretty stunning too and are awesome sex machines.

  11. Jesse,

    Stunning blonde girls are the best! I’ve always been drawn to them. And… from my experience I’d have to agree with you. Your advice is excellent!

  12. One of the big reasons I got into “game” years ago was to date a hot blonde…after so many years and so many approaches it never has happened….seriously just what does it take? I have no idea…

    1. Honestly. You have to be white or at least in their social circles. Or just say F– it and go after them. I’m asian (Filipino) alway had hard time, majority of the girls i’m attracted too here in Virginia Beach, VA. are surfer beach blond girls. Most blond girls are strictly attracted to other white guys. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s true. So what do I do? I just go for it. I lose most of the time, but hey I every now and then I succeed. Good Luck!

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