Bocas Del Toro, Panama – Meeting Girls In Tropical Paradise

Bocas Del Toro is comprised of many islands off the coast of Panama, right on the border with Costa Rica.  The islands have all the trappings of a Caribbean fantasy; beautiful beaches, thatched huts, soft breezes.


Bird Island – One of the locations for the film ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’

When I was there I took a boat to some smaller islands and it’s by far the closest I’ve ever come to being inside a “paradise”.  The beaches in Florida and California – nightmarish industrial wastelands in comparison – don’t match even 10% the beauty you’ll find in Bocas.

Even better there are lots of waves and warm waters, making it a great place to go surfing, although some areas you have to be very careful of riptides.  And it’s cheap.


This is about what the typical tourist girl looks like there – Earthy and casual

You’ll find a number of young Europeans and Americans visiting Bocas in the winter, so Fridays and Saturdays actually have some nightlife activity on the main island.  I found there to be quite a mix of tan blondes and brunettes, and possibly more attractive women than you might expect.  Everyone is pretty laid back with adventurous streaks.

You’ll also find a few South American girls there on vacation, from Brazilian women to Costa Ricans.


The small town on the big island where the nightlife is has a very casual, laid back vibe

The best time to go is in winter, in January, February, March.  The winter months have the reliable weather, and its still plenty tropical warm.  In summer it gets hot, cloudy, and downpours at random.

I wouldn’t go to Bocas just to do pickup.  But it’s a cool place to pass through and spend a few weeks to taste an inexpensive and simple paradise.

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  1. My buddy lives in Bocas, I went there for three weeks a few years ago and right off the bat one of the Panamanian waitresses at a local watering hole gave me eye and we hooked up that night and almost every night for the next three weeks. Maybe she was just a nympho but it was fun.

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