How To Get Laid in Colombia… Jesse’s Super Guide!

This guide will answer your two burning questions,

a) How hot are Colombian women, *really*?  And…

b) How good is Colombia for getting laid with hot girls?

Since I’ve lived between the cities of Medellin and Cartagena for half a year, and also visited Cali, Bogota, Pereira, and Baranquilla, I can give you a pretty accurate psychological profile of Colombian women and the prospects of meeting pretty girls and getting laid there.

First, let’s take a look at the quality of the women.

So Jesse, How Beautiful Are the Women Really?

What the more attractive young women in Cartagena generally look like.

Most men who visit Colombia hype up the beauty of the Colombian women to no end.

But it’s simply NOT true that all Colombian women are head-turners.  In fact, the vast majority of the women are quite “normal” looking.

However, because Colombian women don’t eat junk food and they walk everywhere, they DO tend to be lean and fit.

In addition, the population in Colombia is much younger than the U.S. or Europe.  Just a generation back, couples would typically have 3 to 8 children.  That birth rate has slowed down since to just 2 to 3 children, but the result is lots of 18 to 30 year old women running around today.

In addition, you’ve got a wide variety of ethnic types, depending on what city in Colombia you’re visiting.  The North coast of Cartagena and Baranquilla has darker skinned women, while Medellin has lighter skinned women, and even a few blondes.  Cities like Cali in the South have more cinnamon colored women.  So you can city hop and find all types of women.

In addition, Colombian men are notorious cheaters.  There are no laws protecting women, so women usually end up getting impregnated and then dumped by their Colombian boyfriend or husband.  Because of the competition, there’s additional pressure on the women to maintain their physical appearance.

The video below shows what the idealized girl from Cali looks like – the “10s”.  In Cali, that means a pretty face, cinnamon color skin, a plump ass, athletic body, and breast implants.  Keep in mind these women are not representative of the general female population, most women are nowhere near as attractive or fit.

Medellin is similar, but more white skinned, thinner, and less butt.  This video illustrates the best of Medellin women, the “10s”.

Colombian women are also known as being sexy for how they move and dance– that “Latin Fire” – which is a quality that goes beyond just looks and body.

The photos I’ve posted here are the “crème of the crop” so to speak.  95% of the women however would fall into normal range of body and looks.

So overall, pretty girls but no more so than say, Miami or Los Angelos.

How the women get exaggerated

Girls from Cartagena, Colombia

Still, Colombia gets hyped up as having amazingly stunning and beautiful women.

The reason is that men with no game and who can’t get laid in their home country, especially aging men past their prime, come to Colombia and start getting IOIs (indicators of interest) for he first time in their lives from the women.

Typical scenario: A 50-year old guy with no game and a big belly (let’s call him “Smith”), who never gets eye contact from a girl back home in say, Georgia, suddenly touches ground in Medellin, Colombia and suddenly 30-year old women are making eye contact with him.

Add to that, Smith hasn’t traveled much before, and being in a new country feels exciting.  He feels young again and his testosterone is pumping.

Smith has a date with a MILF that he set up on beforehand, bangs a few hookers, gets some eye contact from the local ladies, and then goes back home to Georgia telling everyone that Colombia has absolutely the hottest women on the planet, and that the U.S. only has ugly “fem-cunts” who won’t give him the time of day.

It’s not that your typical 20 year old girl in Colombia is any hotter than your typical 20 year old girl in Miami or Los Angeles.  She isn’t.

But to the old guy Smith who hasn’t gotten laid in over ten years, he’s suddenly being validated with eye contact, he’s on a travel high, his ego shoots through the roof, and he thinks he’s in pussy and hot women paradise.

The truth is, his opinions are wrapped up in his own ego.  He is in no way objective.

So take heed that you can meet just as beautiful women in the U.S. or Europe as long as your game is tight and you don’t shit on your body with fast food.

Okay, now onward…

Getting Laid in Colombia

Medellin hottie

The second question is, is it easier to get laid in Colombia than in the United States?

Well, yes… and no.

The answer is complex, because it depends on who you are and what your goals are.

The reality is, getting laid in Colombia can actually be surprisingly difficult.

Just as a Colombian may mistakenly believe that the streets of the U.S.A. are paved in gold and money, you would be mistaken to believe that the streets of Colombia paved in easy women.

Yes, Colombia has hookers.  In fact, that’s why most gringos go.  You’ll find fat, middle-aged Gringos with absolutely no game fulfilling their dreams of banging a young woman… by paying for it.

But this guide isn’t about shagging disease-ridden hookers.  It’s about meeting regular, quality Colombian women.

Here’s what’s GREAT about Colombian women!

Cartagena girls

1. You are a Gringo, and therefore a desired commodity!

If your native language is English, you’re different, exotic, and assumed to be high status.

There aren’t too many gringos in Colombia, because most are either (a) falsely too scared to go (b) too broke (c) have no passport (d) or just don’t know about Colombia.

So you pretty much have the run of the place to yourself.  For every one Gringo there, there’s about 20 girls who would love to date a cool Gringo.  So you’ve got high status right off the bat.  Expect women to give you indicators of interest, even if you’re not the best looking guy.

You’ll even be more in the money if you take 20 minutes to dye your hair blonde and get blue colored contacts!

More Cartagena babes

2. Age differences are not a big deal!

In Colombia, you’ll see 45 year old guys dating 20 year old women.  I’ve even met an ugly 50 year old dude, who lived in Colombia, dating a woman in her mid-20s.

In Colombia, there’s far less social stigma about age differences.  It’s okay for a woman to marry a much older gentlemen, as long as he can provide for her.

I’ve seen older gentlemen with young women in the U.S. too, but you need real game to pick up a younger woman, because there’s more social stigma against it.  If you’ve got game and you hook up with that younger 18 year old, you’ll often meet push-back from her family and parents.  Not so in Colombia!

3. Colombia is good for day game

The U.S. is a real car culture; we drive everywhere.  And for that reason, many cities are lame for meeting women during the day.  You’re pretty much restricted to your local mall or bookstore.

Colombia however relies far more on good ole’ fashioned walking, buses, trains, and public transit.  Not only does it keep the women nominally fit, it also makes it easy to meet them.

You can go for a stroll in any neighborhood and have non-stop daytime sets for daytime game.  Great!

And Here’s why Colombia Is Often HARD For Getting Laid

Party in Medellin

Colombia sounds like pussy paradise, right?  Not so fast cowboy!

Colombia is actually a *difficult* place to lay a bunch of hot girls.  And here’s why.

1. Gringos, while status symbols, also have a bad reputation.

Yes, it’s a paradox.  As a gringo, you’re exotic and desired.

At the same time, gringos have a reputation for shamelessly chasing prostitutes.  And that’s exactly what 90% of the gringos there do.

These gringos have zero game and have no interest in learning game.  They just prefer to pay for cheap, easy sex.

Consequently, regular Colombian women will not sleep with you so easily.  They’re suspicious that you’re in Colombia just there to hook up with prostitutes.  And they feel if they sleep with you right away, you will just fuck them and dump them, like a prostitute.

Also, Colombian women who hook up with a gringo too fast may fear her reputation becomes tarnished.  “She had sex with a gringo after the first date?… hmm, maybe he paid her!” goes the thinking there.

So it can look bad to be seen in public with a gringo too quickly, even though you’re simultaneously a status symbol.  Fucked up, right?

That means the girls will throw you lots of IOIs – eye contact for instance.  But it’s quite difficult to actually get their pants off.

Compare that to the United States.  Yes, it’s more difficult to get IOIs from the girls in the U.S.  But once you’re “in” with a girl, she’s much more liberal about jumping into bed with you.

2. Colombian women are sexually mistrustful of men in general.

More Medellin women

Colombian men have a notorious reputation for being massive cheaters.

First, there are very few laws for protecting women.  A Colombian man can bang a girl, get her pregnant, and move on to another girl with little consequence.  He need not fear paying child support.

Thus, you’ll find an enormous number of abandoned single mothers in Colombia… and deadbeat Dads.  And as a result, women are mistrustful of men in general – and extremely jealous if they’ve got a man.

This kind of culture is NOT conducive for breeding sexually liberated, promiscuous women.  Instead, a Colombian woman is inclined to date you without putting out for a long period of time to gauge your “faithfulness level” first.  Once you demonstrate that you’ll be faithful and you’re trustworthy, only then will she sleep with you.

It’s not true across the board, but Colombian women are generally quite cautious about men.

3. The Catholic Church.

Old-school religion still touches Colombia deeply.  While the Church’s grip on sexual morality is continually loosening, there’s still much guilt surrounding sex.

Colombia is NOT like Sweden where casual sex is accepted.  In an agnostic country like Sweden, a young women will meet you in the club, take you home that night, introduce you to her parents, and walk you right into her bedroom and fuck you with her parents able to listen in.  Not so in Colombia… noooooooooo way!

Women are deeply concerned about their reputation and the Catholic Church is a powerful moralizing and guilt-creating factor.

4. Nightlife is very social circle oriented.

Partying in Cartagena

In a U.S. or European bar or club, it’s a mingling culture.

Yes, in the U.S. girls go out with their friends and in groups.  But it’s perfectly acceptable to forcefully interject yourself into the group and mingle.  Most guys have too much approach anxiety to do it, but the fact is that the logistics are on your side.  Women stand in small groups and are open to mingle.  As long as you’ve got some balls, it’s easy to meet women.

That’s not so much the case in Colombia.  Women go out in large groups of friends with other guys, and they tend to sit and socialize in their group.

The women are out with other guys because (a) Colombian culture dictates women need to be protected and chaperoned at all times by male friends and (b) women go with men because guys are expected to pay.

In the U.S. or Europe, you can walk around and mingle.  But in Colombia the logistics in many night spots are far less favorable for you.

5. Most young women still live with their conservative and watchul parents and family.

Cartagena women

Colombia is a poor country.  A young woman can expect to earn $300 to $500 USD per month.  Consequently, a young woman will continue living in her parents home until she gets married.

As a result, most young Colombian women are not independent.  Her parents can watch her every move, and they know who she’s going out with and where she’s going at all times.

In addition, typically her grandparents are also living in the house.  And her unemployed brother.  And her uncle lives next door.

Yes… she’s got a lot of family pressure on her, and her reputation is at stake!

If you call her to schedule a date, her parents will know.  So before agreeing to meet you, or even take your call, she has to deal with her family – and family comes first in Colombia.

Will her parents judge her reputation?  Will they judge negatively that she’s meeting a gringo?  Is this gringo out for just sex, and what will my parents think?

There’s enormous pressure on her then to NOT sex you up even if she does agree to meet with you.

6. The older women tend to be single mothers… and busy.

Medellin MILFs

Most available, single women over age 26 will already have children – and be a single mother.  Not only is she broke on a meager Colombian income, but she needs to work long hours and she’s got kids to take care of.

She’ll be eager to date you because she’ll see you as her and her children’s ticket out of poverty.  That doesn’t mean she isn’t genuinely attracted.  She is genuinely attracted.  But her circumstances dictate that she won’t sleep with you that easily.

She’s looking for a financially steady and responsible man who will support her emotionally and financially and accept her children – a provider.  So she’s going to want to date you, size you up, and see if you’re real marriage material.

Again, not conducive for easy hook ups.

What this all means

Your typical Colombian female has enormous family pressure.  There’s religious guilt.  She’s not independent.  And she’s afraid that you, as a gringo, are just after hookers and quick sex.

If she puts out fast with a gringo, she’ll get a reputation as a prostitute.  So your typical girl, no matter how much she’s attracted to you, will string you along for weeks, if not months.  And the more she likes you, the more she’ll want to string you along to see if you’re serious about making her your exclusive girlfriend or wife.

To Get Colombian Girls, Here’s What You Need!

Have I scared you yet?  Do you still want to play the game?  Okay, here’s 3 essentials you’ll need under your belt before going if you want any kind of success at all.

#1. You need enough balls to cold approach

Can’t do a cold approach in your home country?  Then you’ll find yourself no more confident in Colombia either.  And you’ll meet exactly ZERO girls.

Women will give you lots of IOIs perhaps, looking your way.  But they will NOT approach you… EVER.

My forceful recommendation is to approach at least 3 women a day in your home country for 30 days straight.  Once you can do that, you’re ready to go to Colombia.

And if you can’t meet 6s and 7s in your home country, you won’t be able to meet girls in Colombia either.

If your game is still weak, you haven’t gotten the right advice. Most of the dating programs out there put you inside your head and inadvertently create MORE approach anxiety.

Girlfriend Express is my latest program of 15 hours of my elite game method, cultivated over 20 years of experience (I’ve been doing this since 2000).  No matter what country you’re in, the program WILL turn you around and get the girls chasing you with HARD attraction.   Just click THIS link here to get your hands on it right now.

#2. You need time.

You’re going to be in Colombia a just a week you say?  That’s not enough time to hook up with a girl, even if your game skills are mad tight.

Colombia is more a place you need to go to actually *live* there for *months* to really hook up with hot women.

Medellin women

#3. You need Spanish.

If you can’t speak a word of Spanish, you won’t even be able to make a basic connection with a girl.

Most Colombians don’t speak any English.  And if you can’t speak a word of Spanish, the girl will assume you’re just there looking for easy hook-ups with prostitutes.

So it’s key to do the 90 lessons of Pimsleur for Spanish before you go, which will be enough Spanish to see you through your trip.  Don’t go though before you’ve done all 90 lessons!

Who Colombia is good for… and who should skip it

The “Way Beyond AFC”

The AFC has never approached a girl before.  He has massive approach anxiety.  He “knows” game in theory, but has never put it into practice.

He thinks going to Colombia will be a quick fix to hooking up.

My recommendation: If you can’t at least approach a girl in your home country, you’ll have just as much trouble meeting women in Colombia.

Work on your game and confidence first. Again, I highly recommend my 15 CD Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control program. The one program is all you need to hit the ground running.

The “Monger”

This guy has $500 to blow on a debauched sex-filled marathon of hookers.  He doesn’t care about meeting regular women, he just wants to pay for quick and easy pu-tang.

My recommendation: Most gringos go to Colombia for exactly that.  And the sexually conservative Catholic culture, coupled with economic poverty and legal prostitution, has created a high demand for girls willing to spread their legs on command.  If you just want hookers, Colombia will work for you.

The “Fast-Strike PUA”

This guy has decent game.  He can meet girls back home, but he’s only got a week or two to vacation in Colombia.

My recommendation: You’ll get IOIs and phone numbers, but you’ll be unlikely to hook up with a quality girl.  You’re better off going to Europe or to Brazil where girls also like Americans, but they’re far more likely to partake in quick sex.

The “Passive Incomer”

You’ve got passive income of $1,000 monthly or more (4 hour workweek style), and you want to hang out in Colombia for months, if not years.  You’ve got the time to learn Spanish and practice game on the local women.

My recommendation: Colombia can be a great option.  It’s cheap, and you’ll have time to meet a beautiful girl and get her into bed.  Still, Colombia is far better for the guy looking for one, quality woman than it is for lots of one-night stands.

The “Cradle Robber”

This guy is older and looking to hook up with a far younger woman as his girlfriend.  He has lots of time to spend finding her and courting her.

My recommendation: If you’ve got months to work the scene, Colombia can be a great option for you.  The women are pretty, and larger age differences are socially accepted.  Some of the old farts who retired and are living there have girlfriends 20 and 30 years younger than themselves.

The “Night Life Partier”

You’ve got good game and you want to tongue down girls in night clubs and bars and go wild.  You’re looking to pull girls home for one night stands.

My recommendation: Skip Colombia.  You’re far better off in slutty, college party culture like Cancun during Spring Break, or just back in the good old U.S.A.

The “Hot Girlfriend Seeker”

You just want to meet a hot chick for an exclusive, long-term relationship.  You speak Spanish, you’ve got decent game, and you’ve got time to be down there.

My recommendation: The same facts that make Colombian women are hard to bed also makes them extremely loyal – and almost scarily possessive – girlfriends.  If you think you can maintain sexual faithfulness in return, and you’ve got some months to meet and court a hot girl down there, Colombia can be a good option to find a hot girlfriend and eventual potential wife to settle down and have children with.

Don’t let her catch you in the arms of another woman though – she’ll cut your balls off!

Let’s Wrap This Up…

Still want to meet Colombian babes in their native homeland?  There ARE some real hotties down there.

But it completely depends on your goals with women… and your lifestyle circumstances.  Hopefully this guide has helped to clarify your options and shed light into the wonderfully complex psychology of Colombian women.

By the way, if you need help specially meeting and attracting hot-bodied Latin women, sign up for one-on-one coaching with me, through Instant Messaging!

I’ve lived in Miami, Colombia, and Brazil for years and have a lot of experience with Latin women, besides the 15 years I’ve spent coaching.  I’ll help you avoid the worst pitfalls and traps, and also help you grab a hot, curvy, sweet Latina girlfriend or harem of girls.  My methods make it both FUN and easy.

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    1. Maturity should breed appreciation. If you are with someone who provides intimate sex, be friendly and kind. Buy a meal or two if you spend time with someone. Buy a small gift, it won’t hurt. The Golden rule still applies. Thank God that I speak Spanish. For many, prostitution is a means of survival, and yes, being an actress is part of their game. Putting a smile on someone’s face can be priceless.

    2. White older American guy here. I thought it was an honest and helpful article. Sure it had an edge to it as you described but not over the top

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    I have traveled the world and lived in more places than i care to remember and have always treated people with respect – not just to get ‘laid’ as you call it. Live by the golden rule man and you will reap what ye sow, why don’t you try it and get out of your Frat Boy, Daddy’s money mentality and treat people with respect and don’t further the American reputation as dirty old men.

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  5. I’ll agree with 100% of this. Good stuff and spot on. I’ve spent at least a week in Medellin, Cali, Pereira, and Bogota throughout several different trips and this info is accurate for the most part. I did have a few colombianas give it up really fast (from first night to a few dates) but those were mostly ones I met online or in apps (tinder) before going. They definitely take work tho no doubt. I havnt been to Brazil yet but Colombia is by far the best, not counting Brazil because I havnt been. Colombia gets better every time. Can’t wait to retire there.

  6. Foreign Love Web

    This blog post is very informative.

    I have gone to Colombia twice (July 2008 and August 2009).

    I want to go back..but for tourism. I plan to take my future wife from Odessa, Ukraine there someday.

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  10. Netflix true crime series Narcos spurs huge demand for Colombian women.

    Produced by Netflix, the show “Narcos” takes on the infamous Medellin drug cartel which follows the rise and fall of Colombian kingpin Pablo Escobar and the Drug Enforcement Agency agents hunting him. The story is told largely from the points of view of Escobar (Brazilian actor Wagner Moura) and U.S. DEA Agent Steve Murphy (Boyd Holbrook), on opposite sides of what would become an all-out war.

    Many critics of true crime dramas have always complained they are promoting crime and violence by glorification, an unintended consequence of American entertainment industries. These shows can have other interesting consequences.  The Foreign Bride industry has seen a huge spike in demand for Colombian women. This can be viewed as positive or negative, depending on social perspective.

    Foreign Brides, sometimes referred to as “mail order brides”, a term the industry completely rejects, have become a billion dollar a year business.  According to industry leaders, Colombia represented only about 3% of the market three years ago.  Since the popularity of Narcos, many companies have seen near tenfold increases in men seeking Colombian wives.

    A Foreign Affair (AFA), a company that helps men find women through international tours, says tours to Colombia are now selling out. AFA arranges group tours where 10 to 20 men travel together to Medellin, Cartagena or Barranquilla. During the tour, they attend arranged Social events where the men meet hundreds of beautiful Colombian women looking for marriage. Women can also place their profiles on the AFA web site, in the hopes of finding a husband.

    Kenneth Agee, the marketing director for AFA says, “Because of the show we are doubling our tours to Medellin for next year. Narcos has brought a lot of attention to the intense beauty of Colombian women.  Although the show is often very violent, the women of Colombia come across as very family oriented and loyal. These values seem harder and harder to find in this world. I would have to agree, because of the interest in Narcos, we even added an excursion to where Pablo’s self-built prison was located, in the hills overlooking Medellin.

    The crowning of 2015 Miss Universe Paulina Vega put Barranquilla, Colombia on the map. Barranquilla now has recognition for being home to some of the most beautiful and talented women in the world. Not only is Miss Universe from here, Grammy Award winning pop singer Shakira, and actress Sofia Vergara also call Barranquilla home.  Vergara stars on the ABC series Modern Family as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett. She’s been nominated for 4 Golden Globe Awards, 4 Prime time Emmy Awards, and 7 Screen Actors Guild Awards, all stemming from this role. In 2014, she was ranked as the 32nd Most Powerful Woman in the world by Forbes.

    David from Mesa AZ says he met more qualified women in one week than he has during the last 10 years. In 2010, Lisa Ling and the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) filmed a one hour show on the AFA tour called “Online Brides – Our America with Lisa Ling.”  Even Lisa Ling was surprised by the beauty and sincerity of the women from Barranquilla.

    Janet Davis, head of a women’s rights group says “AFA is just taking advantage of women from these third world countries. This is no different than Pablo trafficking in narcotics, but these companies traffic women.” Proponents refer to a Report (INTERNATIONAL MATCHMAKING ORGANIZATIONS: A REPORT TO CONGRESS) that these marriages have much lower divorce rates and abuse rates compared to traditional domestic marriages. This data makes international dating similar to a woman in the US joining eHarmony to look for a husband.

    23-year-old Viviana, from Cartagena, says “I come to these events because I know the men attending are serious about marriage, they are faithful and are good to family. For Colombian women, it is the most important thing, good husband and good family.

    Kenneth says, “It has not been all rosy. Narcos has brought us some problems. In Cartagena, we have several Penthouses we rent out.  One was originally owned by “Don Diego” head of the Norte Del Velle Drug Cartel, the other by Pablo’s people. Over the past year, the properties have been tracked down by individuals thinking they will find large qualities of cash hidden, thus we sometimes find holes all over the walls after a tenant leaves.

    For Narcos fans, those who love the gangster genre, or just those who just like seeing beautiful Latin women, there’s good news; Netflix’s has confirmed Season 3 and 4.

  11. Whatever you do, stay away from the girls in cali unless you just want a high priced girlfriend who has multiple colombian boyfriends. The culture there is crazy, all of the girls who are good looking have multiple colombian boyfriends who they have sex with. Its part of there culture. Thats the way they do it. Sure they will take you on as a boyfriend and try to extract every last dollar you have in your wallet. I know this from past experience. There is better places in colombia to find a good girl

    1. Foreign Love Web

      I am writing a blog post in which I compare Colombian women to Ukrainian women.

      It is a little challenging because both groups of women (even though they come from 2 separate continents) do share many qualities.

      American or Western women, on the other hand, do not stand a chance when it comes to the inner and outer beauty of foreign women.

  12. basically need good looks and confidence. and confidence comes from having money , good looks or being good in bed etc. or having power, like a drug lord.

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  14. A very good post. I went to Colombia 20 years ago and many things seem to have changed since and I would like to visit again. I went there not to score women but to just travel and Cartagena and Santa Marta were my favorite. Medellin was too dangerous that time but I met some good friends who were genuine and cultured. It is the same everywhere when you travel i.e. there are all kinds of people and all kinds of situations depending on who you are mostly. Thus the post got some good points and perspectives for a single mind and it is good to read everyone’s opinions.
    The girls were probably the most beautiful in S. America in general like Venezuela being no.1 and Colombia no.2 or on par. The rest of S. America were also pretty much up there except for Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru. Of course, just my taste opinions!
    I did meet some girls there that time but they were very poo,r abandoned by European husbands or simply selling their body to make a living or just working as a maid in a hotel etc. I dated all kinds where I spend 3 months and it was easy for me to date as I spoke good enough Spanish and being a guitarist helped a lot and I tell you it is not for mongers and there are better places for that perhaps in Paraguay and Brazil. That’s just my opinion 20 yrs ago so who knows what now. Many Europeans were there for drugs and a lot of them got busted by cops for lots of fines, too.
    Just be careful and travel with respect to each culture and you will be fine. Safety is No. 1. Many people were killed when I was there from bombing, mugging, traffic accidents etc

  15. You obviously are prejudiced to males over 50 years old. I’m in my early 60s I’m fit I don’t have a big pot belly and I’m not here to screw a bunch of hookers instead I’m here to make a contribution to the community,connect with the culture and society and do business. Finding a beautiful Colombian woman is something that certainly will happen for me and I’m in no hurry and enjoy the journey. I don’t have problems getting dates. It’s like you say if you are hear for the right reasons things should work out fine. True my Spanish sucks but it’ll get better. The deal is, you need to quit dissing all men that are older because one of these days you’ll be older two and you may just be a decent guy who’s
    learned from your experience. Quit categorizing all of us as fat, mongers who can’t get a date. What about the successful businessman that see great opportunity in Colombia? How about those of us who think Colombian me are OK and nobody’s been mean or ugly to us at least not to the degree that happens in the US frequently. Please, rethink your approach to talking about people of age because you haven’t got a clue you only see the outside and one day you will get to experience this for yourself. Nice,attractive,ethical, people come in all ages, races, and colors.

  16. Jarl of Sweden

    What you write about Swedish girls that they have sex so their parents can hear just defines that you have no know clue what you talking about, In my country we have utterly respect even if we are very relaxed about things. The author probably just hangs out in Parque Lleras and other touristic grounds where the girls make sport of picking up gringos whatever they prepagos or not. And for all social dysfunctional desperate men out there that don’t even speak Spanish … please just go to Thailand instead.

  17. Great article. I was in Colombia and your interpretation was spot on accurate. I am a gringo African American Male but thanks to my somewhat mixed heritage (French, Native American, and Black) and great spanish from my travels I had absolutely no problem in Colombia. Went out on several dates and had several GREAT EXPERIENCES with the Colombiana’s there. Without going into further detail LOL. Anyways Medellin is freaking awesome. I am highly considering moving there. To the my other fellow gringo’s reading this article. Medillin is very similar to other major cities in the US. There are “good” girls and “bad” girls. Sometimes you get lucky with either!! Enjoy Colombia and more importantly enjoy the culture/food. After that, all your cards will always fall will you want them to!

  18. if you wasted your time reading this shit you are better off heading back to the farm and rolling in the mud with the pig you normally fuck. its guys like this well americans in general that give tourists a bad name and the reason women don’t like guys like you is cause your fucking goofs not cause their colombian so go back to america and take the rest of your yankee bum buddy’s with you trust me we do not like your kind here in colombia

    1. Jay you stink of cuckholdness….you’re a little bitch who hates America because some “yank”!either kicked your ass or fucked your girl or both.stop being a hateful little bitch and improve your own life…inferior cuck

  19. I agreed with some of things in this article. I am an Asian American, and I had been married to a beautiful Colombian wife for over 10 years. I am over 60 and she is 15 years younger. This is my second marriage to a Colombian, the first only lasted 4 months. The major problem was communication. I spoke very little Spanish when I married to the first one. Do not even try to travel to Latin America and try to pick up women if one couldn’t speak good Spanish. I earn decent living but I couldn’t even get a date in the U.S. some time. I had traveled to Peru and Colombia numerous times searching for a wife since mid 90’s so I had met dozens of beautiful women, some of them I met thru the internet, others on the street or public places. I found out that most Latina do not discriminate race, or looks. Unlike U.S. women, they were not afraid to talk to me. They don’t care how old one is but they do want a financially responsible and faithful man. Education is also very important. Do not expect to find decent women if one is a poor, lazy and uneducated farm worker from the southern states.

  20. As an educated, independent, NOT poor and hard working Colombian woman, this article disgusted me. It portrays the opinions of guys that someone like me avoids, not because im Colombian, just because I have some SELF RESPECT. Not putting out on the first date is not an indicator of how much money and education we have (im pretty sure most of us know the importance of a condom, not only to avoid pregnancy…ever heard of STD’s?), since we are not poor defenseless women, but because our strong, hard working moms taught us to love ourselves and treat ourselves with dignity and respect. Now, we don’t see all gringos with $$ eyes nor think they are just looking for prostitutes…I dated a very blond Canadian man for over a year and our level of education was similar which meant he wasnt a complete retard when it came to women and didnt see us as penetrable pieces of meat. There are soooooo many things I can say are completely wrong and disgusting about this article, the person who wrote it, or the people congratulating the author for “his bright insights”, but it would take just too much time…my only recommendation for everyone is: dont confuse self respect with being scared, poor, defenseless, judgemental (and all of the other stupid reason stated in this poor intention of an article), and go, make a mind for yourselves, MEET nice Colombian women (im not saying you wont find golddiggers, or not so bright women….as in every country) and DONT GENERALIZE…please…dont be THIS stupid

  21. Funny enough, I was reading this while I was in Medellin Colombia. And it makes a lot of sense. This is not my first trip to Colombia, and I could agree with you on certain things like they might not want to sleep with you right away due to stipulations and that they live with their whole family that is true. I slept with a few Colombian girls first night or the second night I met them. However, the major reason was because I met them online when I was in the states and talk to them for a few weeks to up to two months before my trip. I’ll talk to them online, on the phone, on skype if not everyday then every other day. I had the time to build enough comfort and sexual tension to sleep with them the first night. I’m going back to Colombia in March and see how it goes this time lol.

    1. Care to share the web sites you found them? Thinking about Colombia as well, want to prepare the ground 🙂

  22. Very insightful, well put together, blog post. Very much reflects the reality I encountered living there for 6 months and having traveled there on many occasions.

    Im guessing this article is referring to Medellin just based on the context clues, and because that’s where the majority of Gringos touch ground. While this article is dead on point for many circles of Colombian women, there are many other circles where the rules you outlined don’t apply.

    Very well done article. I’ll be living there again in Sept if you drop through.

  23. Hi I’ve been reading this post and this is what I can honestly tell you about Colombian women, I’m a gringo / Italian male and married to a very smart Cali Colombian women. One they are not stupid!!! They are smart,and yes gorgeous. I travel with my wife to Colombia every year for holidays and every time I go there I see some old fat guy with a women walking around. It makes me sick they only go there to show off there money and pretend there God. Also the men in Colombia yes they do go after many women but there also faithful to there kids and do treat women like there mom. Best advice for a gringo stay in the USA and leave these nice people alone. There’s other country’s to go to that will be better for you. And also just some other info I met my wife threw my best friend and I’ve never had any issues meeting women in the states with my job as male model.I went there to meet a great good hearted person that deserves respect not based on her looks.This is why Real gringos are laughed at like turds.

  24. I think you [author] are an idiot! Maybe you are the middle-aged fat guy with no game…or you really haven’t traveled much. Traveling isn’t about trying got fuck every girl you see, it’s about meeting people, including girls, and sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. You are generalizing an entire culture, and I personally find it repulsive. What a waste of time to read and I’m disappointed 241 of us have read this shit article. I have been all over the world including all over Colombia and find this to be ridiculous.

  25. Thanx man- I’ve lived in Brazil , too. Mostly the same way as You’re describing Columbia. You got a thorough way to say things. It is very inspiring for me, as I am preparing a website of my own … nothing to do with ladies, just philisosophy 😉 Thank you, beautiful and truthful writing! to

  26. It is interesting article but poor researched, the author seems very uneducated, and does not really know about Colombian culture and its people. Colombian women, we are not different than North American Women, you cannot generalized, every individual is different and Colombian women we are very independent and do not like to depend on men, we do not call men providers because we can provide for ourselves . However, educated Colombian men knows how to treat women with respect as opposed to North American men. I left my family, work and friends and married a North American guy and no, I was not poor how this article illustrates. I was shocked coming to the U.S, spent all my savings and find out with a hard reality of human trafficking. This guy put a $ amount on me as a person, he wanted a sexual and domestic slave,and at the same time time forced me to sleep with other people because that is what pleased him. I was trapped, thank you God, I am saved now , but with no family, or friends. I would suggest to the author of this article to educate himself first before write such of degraded comments about Colombian women and culture. In Colombia we respect North Americans and we expect to be respected as well.

    1. Silvia you are right to have all these mixed feelings at this person, I am a Colombian woman living in the US with an American boyfriend as well, and also came here with my own money to do grad school and it wasn’t until I was getting done with that, that i met my boyfriend (true love if anyone wants to believe in that stuff still). But there are some things true in this article, in spite of the chauvinistic nature of its writing, we are not like american women in many ways. Women in America think they need to be all that and not show they ever care about or want a male partner, so that they can show themselves as strong and independent. The reason for that is rooted in the fact that separations here are much more relevant than anywhere in our country; men vs women, white vs black, Republicans vs Democrats, its all a fight here, there’s always someone to compare you and be better than, and don’t get me wrong, that makes for a lot of successful people here. But the truth is that they secretly desire someone but don’t know how to retain him because americans are not thought to tolerate. They are so independent that they say good bye to the first sign of disscontempt with out giving it a chance. The first sign of this comes when as a teenager, the parents can not wait to get them out of the house. From a very young age the people who are in charge of showing nurture, compassion and support, are the same ones to show intolerance and distance between the people you care about. This makes american man think they can’t get with anyone in their country, because why bother with someone that they will never tolerate even a single stupidity from? And vice versa, and therefor is easier to find the way out and just get around with one night stands and an eternal quest of getting laid forever. In Colombia, we are all friends and we are very close within our social circles and yes we hangout with male friends because we live in a dangerous country where we don’t want to fall in the wrong hands, but that doesn’t mean we are less strong or independent, we are just very caring about our people. And yes we love our families and are very close to them and we tend to live with our parents until advanced ages, but that doesn’t make us any less self-sufficient. We simply are more loving people with less barriers put against everyone, we welcome all, black, white, asian, poor, rich, european, “gringo’, men or women, etc. It is true that men in Colombia haven’t acquired the sense of responsibility to determine a mate for life, and therefor treat divorces as the simple way out, so why not throw it all away in the first attempt? And this is a sad but true fact, so lets be responsible for our bad. But not to generalise since good Colombian men are out there as well and respectful of woman and marriage, like verywhere else. The truth is this article is not enraging because of the stereotypes it bring out, but because of the point of view of that who writes it and to whom he writes it. We will never be able to do anything about there being poor uncultured men who, in a desperate attempts, in front of their own incapability to meet women, had to recur to people like the writer of this article. He’s simply providing for all those animalistic at heart that never cared to evolved into more mature beings and those are the one you and me are now safe from, thank God. We can just expect that the ones playing the game will also enjoy it on some level, and that no one gets hurt at it, nor the girls, nor the poor SOBs trying to “get laid” just for the fun of it. The writer could in fact have demonstrated a bit more culture and not be so crude on his words who could so easily be rephrase not to sound misogynous and, lets face it, jerky! And somehow this article could have been successful to educate and culture men in finding different experiences abroad with the opposite sex, instead of making it a guide to shove their d***s into a foreigner’s vagina, and contributing to the ignorance at heart of the human race and its search for a better quality of living. So don’t be angered at the ignorant for they don’t know what their doing 🙂

      1. Shit Marcy your great lol. I wish you were’t married. Im an educated older american man, somewhat traveled and yes, the guys that write these kind of things accross the world too often do so callously with “that only one thing in mind” and therefore, meanwhile, think themselves special or “valuable for their insight / service.” Thank God you come in and add ACTUALLY, FACTUALLY, what is the real life, down to earth real life to it AND ONLY THEN AND THEREFORE THE REAL INSIGHT AND PERSPECTIVE VALUE TO IT!! Thank you so much. Steve

      2. Wow Marcy, that was a lengthy but a very interesting and personal point of view from a native Colombian. Your passion is commendable and I will be visiting Colombia in January.

      3. Mary I applaud you for bringing a true reflection of life in different worlds, This is happening across the globe, western countries women are very liberal from language to body action whilst women from less well to do countries still hold family values to marriage values, so a lot of divorced and shy/ 0 game like the author layed it, found themselves retreating to these countries were they will be appreciated without scrutiny. …..and guess what those well to do liberal women end up taking drastic measures to get layed. …..Prostitution is a billion dollar industry across the globe and very difficult to control, If Princess of UK, President of America, France’s 1st lady were all getting it on the side what more a girl next door …….

    2. AMEN SILVIA, TO PUT such a characterization of women especially PROUD Colombian “LATIN” women is degrading garbage. I am from Indiana and spent 4 months in Yumbo, Colombia and yes the women are some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen but I was not about getting laid as much as I was about learning the culture and meeting new people and having the best experiences of my life. It is terrible how women are treated especially from “Baby Daddies!” They do not appreciate a true Queen, loyal, protective, giving, and well just want and need what any woman wants or needs from a guy certainly a guy she is interested in and has a guys interest in her. I found there is one thing he said is true and that is women there have a huge wall up because they have been hurt so many times from men in the past. A relationship is 50/50 will always have its ups and downs but NO WOMAN NO PERSON and GOD I LOVE LATIN WOMEN, should ever be treated as PROPERTY~ God Bless YOU Silvia I am so glad you got out of the terrible situation you were in. What’s his name so I can go cut off his balls, because he does not deserve to have them treating someone the way he treated you. YOU DESERVE BETTER ALWAYS~ KEEP YOUR HEAD UP and educate educate educate definitely educate as many to your story as you can. Remind those girls that it does not matter where you are in the world it could always be worse, and that means coming to America as you would know Silvia. Take Care and yeah after reading this article I was like, “Damn I will not get that time back!!!| LOL~ CUIDATE ANGELITA!!!!

  27. Hello. I want to go to Cali.. Where are the places, the bars and clubs I need to go to and what’s the prices to be with them

  28. The oracle for woman

    This is all old school, the % of bautyfull Colombian woman is equal all over the world and they are as hard to get as anny woman in the world for a comon man.
    Having traveled in 54 countries Aand being maried for 25 yaers and with a 15 year younger woman now I think I now.
    What is thrue is the age difierence is less a thing in Colombia but if you can have a 15 year younger educated woman in Europe you can get one everywhere.

  29. You don’t need to go to Colombia so much as to simply learn some workable Spanish and have the time and money to stay in one place a bit. If you don’t speak any Spanish,, then go some place in Latin America and study it some. I am speaking from experience here. If you have a decent attitude, you as an English speaking man will be popular if you take the time to go abroad. True for women in the same situation as well.

    1. Hi ,long time too late I know but am surprised by the authors condensing and simplistic comments.

      I think everyone regardless of education,ethnicity,religion or creed should find mr/mrs right.

      Sometimes its not easy being a middle aged Aussie gringo.

      All the best

  30. Great article but where I would differ in your opinion is the fact that it is in fact very easy to get laid in Colombia, and I’m not talking hookers. I’ve spent time all over this great country and have met and slept with many very attractive hot women, many who I still have contact with.

  31. Interesting topic and quite accurate for most points!

    I’m in my late 20s. I’m Canadian. In Colombia, I am never depicted as one since I’m of Asian origin. I speak a fluent Spanish (95%), with little accent (French is my first language and it’s close to Spanish – so I don’t have that thick accent most native English speakers have) and I’m south-east Asian so I have tropical traits (light tanned skin). I’m different but I easily blend in.

    One thing I realized from this forum is that many people seem insecure and keep asking questions like: “If I’m blonde with blue eyes, do I have a chance?” I’m 60 and muscular, do I have a chance?” Truth is, if you have a brain and a good personality, you will always have a chance. Colombian women are human… They have their own tastes. You can’t expect all Colombian women to like gringos. Some even have preference for Asian men (trust me, my wife is Colombian).

    Get to know them! You don’t just date or marry a girl just because she is good looking. A lot of women are good looking in Colombia but not all of them can be wifey material. Just be respectful, don’t be an ass, and have confidence. When a woman shows you signs of interest, be friendly and talkative. Yes even Asian men (apparently we don’t have game) can be successful in Colombia.

    Here’s my experience:

    I visited a few cities of the interior (Medellin and Bogota) but I will mainly talk about the Caribbean coast). I have lived in Cartagena for 14 months now and I often travel to Barranquilla to visit my wife’s family. I like the coast better to the interior (safer, more laid back, warm weather, the sea). I feel the women on the coast are more traditional, but also easier to talk to and more fun.

    I met some women in Bogota, they were very formal and polite but kinda distant, + I wasn’t attracted to most women there (they’re not all ugly, just not what I prefer). I didn’t like Medellin so much. Women are beautiful but many are stuck-up. I spent about 2 weeks there and all I heard about was how Medellin is the center of the world and the best place on Earth. I was bored.

    Colombia is pretty diversed ethnically. It’s true that you find more dark skinned girl in Cartagena and Barranquilla (and I also like them a lot) but you can also find women of all colors in any city. My wife is white. Her dad is from Santander and is half-Italian, her mom is from Barranquilla and is half-Venezolana (quite a mix) but this is pretty common in Barranquilla (I know many Colombians of German, Italian, Arabic origins) in Quilla.

    Barranquilla is my personal favorite. The happy index declared Colombia to be the happiest country in the world (2014) and the city showing the highest index is Barranquilla. People are very laid-back, friendly and happy. Women in Barranquilla are very humble, they are hard-working and the social gap is not as huge as in Cartagena. Some comments posted were very degrading to lower-class/mid-class women. In Cartagena you would most likely have to aim for a high-class Cartagenera if you want an educated open-minded woman. The middle-class is more developed in Quilla, and a lot of them are educated and the city have top-universities in the country (Universidad del Norte – Simon Bolivar).

    From what I read on the forum, it seems that high-class women from the interior (Bogota-Medellin) are not much interested in “gringos” since they don’t need their money (as if it was the only thing that a foreigner has). A lot of women in Quilla are interested in foreign man, and it’s had nothing to do with their money, really. They are curious, open-minded and eager to learn about other cultures. The Barranquillera is mostly happy and satisfied with what she has. Cost of living is VERY low and they are not pretentious. They are charming, they love loud music, they love to dance and they know how to please their man. They are beautiful and really take care of themselves. I think the Barranquilleras are amongst the most beautiful women in Colombia.

    I make a decent salary in Colombia but I’m not rich. Yet I have a beautiful Colombian wife. My wife is 22 y.o. Comes from a mid class family but lives in a low-class but safe neighbourhood. Her family is well educated (one brother is a lawyer and a navy officer, the other is a doctor) and my wife works in criminology. So I am not buying the pattern that you need to aim for a high-class Colombian woman to find a good wife. You just need to get to know people well. Unless you want to spend all your money in a glamorous life-style which is really not necessary to find a good and beautiful Colombian woman.

    It’s true that most women still live at their parents until they get married. One reason is the salary and the other one is the importance of family in Colombian culture. It doesn’t not mean than she cannot be independant and that she will rely on you to provide. I know I have a good wife because we work as a team. We both live in Cartagena which is an expensive city and we both work because we want to be together. A good woman will show efforts for the relationship too.

  32. Great article.

    And for you older guys, don’t take offense to the fat and bad comments, he’s just stating the truth. Anybody who’s ever been on the mongering scene or spent time in gringo infested areas (of any country) knows this to be true. If you keep yourself in great shape kudos to you. I probably fall into that older guy category myself (47) so I’m right there with you. Except for the fat part. 🙂

    The only thing I want to add is that for those of you looking to meet a “regular girl” in the cities where mongering (i.e, guys looking for prostitutes) is common, if not rampant, the “regular girls” often move between both worlds.

    Just like some guys who do business with prostitutes are ultimately looking for a serious relationship, some women work both sides of the coin as well.

    Her dating profile says she’s looking for a serious relationship (she probably is) and has a day job. But she’s also open to spending time with a decent looking guy just looking for a few hours or days of companionship who are willing to pay for it. Very often these girls are “universitarias” – college girls acting as escorts on the side. But no means are college girls the only ones doing it. Or maybe she flat out works the clubs/bars too. Prostitutes can found everywhere, not just in whorehouses. She meets me and I become a client, she meets you and falls in love. The difference is I’m just a client, so I know what she does for a living. You, the guy she falls in love with, are a prospective husband or a long term boyfriend. She’ll carry the story of her secret life as a prostitute to grave out of fear of losing you.

    I could go on, but I think (hope) you guys get my point. You never know what you’re walking into, so be careful out there guys!

  33. Lawrence Gilbert

    How about the guys that go to Columbia on the romance tours looking for a wife not just a quickie in bed. I hear many of them are successful in finding a woman of their dreams.

  34. So I’m a Colombian women, and even though there are a few points true to this post, there are also some that are a huge lie!

    1. PROSTITUTION IS ILLEGAL, except from certain zones on the cities called “zona de tolerancia”

    2. We don’t look up to US people the way you say so, first they tend to say ColUmbia, huge mistake, if you go there at least learn the name! Second they call themselves American, America is a continent, not a country, so yes we think they are too self involved. Third we’ve been diminished a lot by Europeans and US population, by saying or thinking that all South America is the same, and that we live in the middle of the Amazonian rainforest, so if you really want to hookup with a Colombian girl, even for a one nightstand you need to play your cards ok! Learn a little bit about the city you are in and the country, don’t introduce yourself as an American, preferably try to avoid mentioning you are from the US, for an European country would be better and most women won’t even notice and never say ColUmbia, remember it’s COLOMBIAN.

    3. Most Colombian women are independent, actually in most of the cases they are the sole provider for the family, so if you think we might be after your money because you think you are making more money than we are, don’t fool yourself, unless you make more than 60 k a year women won’t want you for your money.

    4. It’s true that there are many women that get pregnant and have many kids, but this happens mostly on he families that don’t have access to education and protection.

    5. Bring your A game, we are Colombians, why do you think Colombian guys can be cheaters with women from any nationality and only get caught by us, it’s not that we are possessive, it’s that we are better at that game, that’s why we never get caught!

    6. Don’t fool yourself! Women everywhere already have a better game than yours, so if you start casually dating a Colombian and then end up marrying her, don’t be surprised! That’s more common than what you may think.

    7. If the only thing you want to do is seal the deal, take her to a nice place, be chivalrous and never underestimate her, this is a macho culture, and even though we love been treated like princesses (that is how we are treated within our family and friends), we also love not been diminished by being women, it happens a lot on this country.

  35. Looks that you just choose the bad aspects of the culture. I’m pretty sure that if you go to Medellin, el parque lleras you will find really beautiful girls.

  36. Very good writting. I’m 70 and in good shape with some money and blue eyes and thinking of moving to Columbia.

    What are my chances of a hot young girlfriend?

  37. hi, i have visited colombia before, but i stayed in cali, and did not go out much as it was all new to me and i was meeting a girl prioer to visiting….so whilst there i did not see many nice girls…….so can you recommend a place a bar or a town where all the pretty girls hang out and is save for me to visit…the girl i was seeing told me when i go out do not speak english as they will know i am a foreigner and i could get trouble………..i think it was a scare tatic so i didi not venture out alone

  38. It’s strange the places a google search will take you. Good article Jesse…stereotypes galore but stereotpes exist for a reason…there’s some truth to them.
    I was 42 and divorced for a couple years when I met a great Colombian woman learning spanish online. I would have never thought about it but they can be great places to meet women…BUSUU for example…not a plug just an experience.
    I became the hot girlfriend seeker I guess. Anyway…we texted on whatsapp and skyped everyday for about 8 months then I finally got the chance to go see her. Great experience…had a good friend with me…a photojournalist actually which is a big bonus on a trip with smart phones. What a beautiful country. I met many of my girlfriend’s friends…stayed at their place actually some of the time at their request after everyone felt comfortable. We stayed in Bogota about a week and went to a small Colombian tourist town called Melgar…where Colombians go to vaca. Had a blast.
    Anyway…we’re very much in love…and she’s 27…has a kid…fits your profile but “es OK”…I’m raising two of my own and their similar ages. I appreciate that at this point. Your description is very accurate. They flat out tell you age is not a big deal there…and think it’s strange it ever would be. Very pretty women there…but they are deeply Catholic and are looking for security. It’s what it is. We’re both learning each others languages and it’s amazing how some incentive helps in that regard.
    The women I met there are very passionate but not necessarily any easier than here in the US. They can be jealous…but they show genuine affection without the entitlement. They were also genuinely interested in finding out about you…and talking about themselves and their country. The are a very proud people. I never once felt I was in danger. I noticed one angry look by a guy in the whole time I was there…and we were two pretty good looking gringos with two good looking Colombianas! I expected much worse.
    Actually it was a blast being stared at all the time. I’m 6’1″…about 200 lbs and have lighter hair and lighter green eyes. I stuck out and it seemed even more obvious to my girlfriend and her friends. Colombians are a short people…pequeña as they say. We went to a club in Megar…Tonik…and I was asked multiple times to take pictures with beautiful girls there just on the way to the bathroom. I realize now that my girlfriend probably was watching like a hawk…jajjajajja. The dance floor there is a swimming pool…and we saw just one other gringo there. They sat them right next to us…cradle robber…probably 60 with a 35 year old. Not judging…just using your terms. Didn’t chat at all…had other people…young wanting to talk all the time introducing us to all the girls they were trying to pick up. Just fun.
    So there’s an experience for ya…I’m heading back down to see her soon. Getting a tourist visa here for her is a pain in the ass though. They don’t just hand those out to single Colombian women. We’ve been together about a year now. The women there aren’t afraid to care for a guy who is willing to reciprocate. They find a responsible guy sexier I think. If your faithful they’ll do practically anything for you. It’s refreshing…and to give credit when it’s due…some of that’s tied to their religious beliefs (not all Catholicism is practiced the same…half my family is Catholic…my ex is Catholic.. and it translates differently there because of their struggles). And as someone here noted…terrific kissers and they kiss all the time.
    In the end…go visit! It’s cheap and fun and you might get lucky. My buddy did…although i put down some groundwork for him ahead of time and we already had a group. He gets girls here too…sooo. They fell in love with him there.
    And my Colombian girlfriend…she’s spectacular…not perfect just like me but we look damn good together and we both have a vanity streak…another trait of the women there. They do like to look good, look at themselves and show it off a bit. I can’t wait to go back…often…and get her here some day.

    One note Jesse…if there’s a way to put dates on these posts it would be appreciated for obvious reasons. I think Colombia is changing quickly.

  39. Hi, Had a very very different experience in Cartagena. We were a group of young men from Scandinavia and had no problem finding sexy women to sleep with, Without paying!! Of course, we look better than average but still not so sure about this guide. Proven that finding good looking women there who “just” wants to have fun is possible, more than possible actually.

    Good luck!

  40. looked around coloumbia for 3 months…pereira medellin cali… found a hottie in pereira the best…shes 34 im 53…Married her one month later 4/2013. It takes so much time for the second letter from gov.after all papers done…I have seen her 3 times ….I give her 175 every 2 weeks… she works too…skype everyday…she gets her visa sept.4 2014 ..If ur gonna go to colombia to bring wifee home start asap Tough 17 months for me shes a 9.5…. .5 for brown eyes 40dd 28 waist 36 ass…Coloumbian woman have the lowest divorse rate in the world..coloumbian men are pigs…If u want a girl to love u forever shes there plus cook clean sex when how etc…

    1. Marty, you are not going to be happy. First off, all Colombian men are not pigs, and you saying that shows exactly where your own US head is at, and it ain’t pretty.

      What’s going to happen to you when your own feelings of cultural superiority begin to grate on your Colombian fiancee’s nerves? You, from your misspelling of the word Colombia, show that you haven’t an ounce of interest in learning Spanish or in sharing your wive’s Colombian heritage with her. That’s a recipe for you getting rather quickly divorced. Good luck, there is still s bit of time for you to begin to change, but the change you need to achieve is rather huge.

      Good luck.

      1. Hahahahahah this is Hilarious. Yea, she’s probably going to grow tired of him real quick. Not all men are bad, you have to take the good with the bad. Colombianas love romance and such. If she isn’t satisfied, she will leave like any other woman… ha. But then again maybe not. Best of wishes!

  41. I’ve lived in Medellin for a year and this analysis is spot on.

    (Except for the part about there being just as many beautiful women in the U.S. as here. haha. I fiind the women here FAR more attractive)

  42. Dude, this info is on point. I got game, great looks and fuck dimes in New York but these bitches are not loyal. I’m a relationship guy but I can’t save a hoe anymore. Anyhow, I’m heading to punta cana for threesomes and all for a week, then I was stuck on going to Colombia, Argentina or Brazil for massive ass attack. my boy mentioned to not hit up Brazil and go to Colombia for dime hoes. Your intel has guided me, I’m so appreciative. I’m in need of booking my trip for the month of sept of 2014, any advise will be greatly appreciated. I’ll even pay you a fee if needed. Thx bro.

  43. This article was shown to me by an american friend and we had our laughs. As a colombian woman I found this pretty interesting, and while some things are right one others are a bit off. I gather the women you are refering to are the lower to middle class colombian women instead of the upper middle to higher class colombian women. If you ever find an american that is dating or has dated a colombian woman from the upper classes they will tell you a whole different story because the upper class colombian woman speaks english, wont ask you for money for her or for her family, has a whole different outlook of life, they are still family oriented and wish to get married and such. If you find that guy he is most likely happily married. Yes we still think most americans come here for the hookers and are a waste of time. And yes most Colombian women dont give it up quickly or easily but you can find those that after a night will give it up fairly easily like anywhere else .Most colombian are catholics but priests here last time I checked dont go looking up our skirts to see if we give it up or not. So let´s not make it about religion because it is a lie. I have dated colombians and americans and I do like the way americans behave in a serious relationship, they cook and are not afraid to get busy with the house chores while colombian men will not do that. Americans are more family oriented but you can find dead beat dads in both cultures. I had a blast reading this article and talking about it.

  44. I notice you refer to 50 and over as old and old farts. Does this description apply to Tom Cruise Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt? They’re all 50 or slightly older and don’t look like Quasimodo Geriatrics. And come to think of it neither do I. You generalize that older guys all have pot bellies and are looking to hook up with hookers. Not necessarily so. What if you’re over 50, still have a handsome face, great game- especially ‘Day’ game- this gringo’s specialty- and know a little Spanish, is that ok? And finally, if you stand around 6’2″ weigh 185 with a slim and muscular physique, would that work too? Just curious to know. Oh, and one final thing. What if you’re one of the 95% of the world’s population who DON’T live in the US- would that also be ok?

  45. 58 year Old Colombia Goer

    I have been to Colombia many dozens of times, am almost 58, have a girlfriend for five years who is 25 now, I met her when she was 17. Without knowing she was that young. She was a hybrid, that is she hooked once in awhile with foreign guys when she needed money, but also genuinely liked foreign guys and though she preferred them younger, the young guys don’t like to pay and are no better in bed, nor are they at all reliable. She was also something of a runaway from home, that is she had nowhere else to go but Cartagena. She is quite beautiful so I had to compete to get her and keep her after initially paying.

    What this shows is that some girls who are beginning to hook are not hookers at heart, they simply don’t know what else to do, or have no other opportunities in life or even enjoy having sex if not only selectively. And usually no father to support them, or a very poor father, and the mother is busy taking care of three other kids on a minimal income, so she is cut loose.

    Ideally she would like to find a youngish man to marry and take care of her, that is the dream which sometimes comes true, but she also likes to have money to buy nice clothes etc. and be upwardly mobile, and she sees other girls with all that just from sleeping with with guys like me, and she tries it and it’s not bad at all, and she falls into it. But she is redeemable, at least in some cases. Not so after the hooker life gets ingrained in her psyche and she becomes a veteran, but during the very early stages she can be “saved” and “bought out”, helped into a legitimate profession or educational process and over time she can forget she ever hooked and become a nice normal woman with an older gringo boyfriend. IT sometimes does not work, and they say falling in love with a hooker is a fool’s game, but in my case after a few problems were solved and I treated her with love and generosity, the problems went away.

    I find Colombia is 2% rich and 98% poor to lower middleclass. The 2% don’t even look at me because they don’t need money and can get a respectable young boyfriend. Everyone else does look, or at least think about it, and they come in all types. Typically, you have either free-spirited or “lost” young women who want to have fun, make money and party (hookers, semi-hookers, or sexy non-pros who love getting gifts) or intelligent amibitious women with dreams of traveling and getting out of Colombia, or single mothers or women with needy families who need a sugar daddy. Any of the latter three types are relatively easy to get. The hard part is to find one with the fantastic chemistry that keeps you coming back, because if not, it is easy to stray in Colombia. I can go to Cartagena and get laid twice a day every day for the rest of my life. And some of those girls will either be great lays or sweethearts or both. So each to his own, either play the field or grab a novia and treat her right.

    Meanwhile back in the US, at 58, women younger than 35 don’t even look at me, even though I am an impressive man and tall and good looking (minus half my hair). And if I try to hit on a young woman it can be humiliating. The other option I seem to have are type mistress relationships. That takes real money and attracts some scammers and nut cases. I had one potential mistress meet me, ask to go to the Gap and after buying $300 worth of clothes literally run away and jump into a car with her young boyfriend. That would not happen in Colombia. Down there, you are a king, so long as you are relatively attractive, have money and some degree of self-confidence. Or iof you don’t have all of the above at least you can find a nice average looking girl so long as you make her life easier.

    As a result, I think I am going to keep going to Colombia. I can afford the airfare and it is a very comfortable place for me. And then, at 58 or even 68 I have fantastic sex with a passionate young woman and it makes me feel 20-30 years younger and proud of myself instead of like an over the hill has-been whose balls are about to shrivel up and die. Of course back home there is a social stigma to this and many people disapprove, but since I don’t give a damn anymore that is not a problem.

    Bottomline, Colombia rocks. But like anything else, you only get out of it what you put into it. And I have put in a lot so I get back a lot. Fair deal.

      1. Jimmy Cracks Capricorns

        He’s 58 with a 25 year old uneducated third world beauty – it is not meant to be functional, just fuck-tional. I am certain they can enjoy some time together doing things, you know the usual, enjoy a late breakfast, read the paper, discuss economics of the day, he gives her some shopping money and she gets some clothes or a mani-pedi, a hair cut, she is happy, he is content, it is a primal relationship at it’s finest. You gotta wonder why he’s reading this thread though…

        In the end, it will be unsustainable as she grows as a person and becomes more aware of what they have and do not have together. He goes and get’s another one, she finds true love and forgets him. It happens all over the world my friends…

  46. Im living in Medellin and although your analysis is spot on, it’s basically only true for women from the poorest locations in the city. A mildly educated woman can earn any where from 1,000 to 3,000 USD, living in her own apartment and really not relying upon a male or male chaperoning in any way. But these decent women hate gringos because 99 % of them come for the hookers, all in sandals and shorts and acting like they’re just too much for the local guys (which these women who chances are have traveled before) know is just not a fact and ultimately just shoot them down for the attitude. Good advice, dress decent not like your on the beach and don’t travel in groups of pasty faced white guys just looking at all the ass that walks by. The only woman that will pay attention are the one’s from the ghettos

    1. 58 year Old Colombia Goer

      To me, so-called “decent” women in Colombia who frown on me can go F themselves. There are not many of them, and they are no better as girlfiends than some spoiled head-case back in the states. Which is exactly what I want to avoid. I have learned over the years to spot the ones to avoid. They are the privileged pampered ones who seem to have everything, and they don’t need me, so I don’t need them. Not a problem.

      On the other hand, I know how to spot the purely mercenary pros with serpentine hearts who only think of my wallet and how to get as much out of it as fast as they can, and I avoid them too.

      In the great middle though, there are all types. You say girls who make $3000-$5000 a year don’t need help. BS. I give my novia $15,000 a year and she still never seems to have enough for long. She either buys imported clothes or supports her mother and siblings and pretty soon she’s broke again. ANd you might ask why I am so generous? Well, I live near Beverly Hills and remember all the times I dated women I wasn’t even sure I liked. The dinner alone could cost $150 and maybe I get a goodnight kiss for all that. And then, especially when you’re much older than the woman, she wants more support, a lot more maybe. I had one GF who would only sleep with me in a five star hotel bed. SO figured out I was getting laid about twenty times a year and spending over $1000 per time. Down in COlombia, even including airfare and everything else, it costs me a lot less, maybe $300 max and I get exactly the girl I want, at least physically speaking. A near-perfect girlfriend experience almost every time about 50 times per year, all for about $35,000 including all travel expenses. PLus part of the time I also get a nice vacation, especially when we go to San Andres or Cancun.

      Of course this is not for everyone, but it works fine for me. I always get upgraded to first class too since I fly so often. Not bad at all. And if it ever ends with her, I will find another. Would take me 2-3 trips tops to work something else out, or just have fun playing the field again.

      1. Big Dick tells the truth

        I believe all that you are writing is true. That said, you are a wealthy idiot and your relationship is glorified human trafficking. You make a spreadsheet out of cost effective sex, and dehumanize your impoverished “novia” who’s definitely hooking while you are away. Disgusting. Have fun with your unlearned life. After all, it’s paid for.

    2. Jimmy Cracks Capricorns

      As the world changes and modernizes, women everywhere are seeing more, knowing more, and having more self awareness and respect. Mongering is now almost universally quarantined to the ghettos except in first world countries now you have Tender, Back Page, and Craigslist for hooking up. Almost ANY chick that needs to gold dig is not something you want to get involved with – it’s a security issue, if a woman can pay for her basics she has lest taste for the men that think they can pick that flower because they have more.

  47. awesome job and to the point i met and marry a women from colombia 6 years ago and i was just there for work not even looking for a girl friend or wife i found most women there to be homebodies and a sweet hearts but don,t cross them it does not end up good

  48. This article of yours is absolutely the truth and informative ! And amazingly match every single fact of the reasons men travel to Colombia ! specially Men in the US. great article that is all I can say

  49. My friends and I went to Colombia. And like u talked in this we hooked up with some hookers. Now one of my friends is totally in love with this girl. We tried to explain to him that kind of relationship is no good. Can you give some kind of tip so we can talk him out of this relationship.

    1. Don’t worry about it so much. Eventually the hooker herself will talk him out of the ‘relationship’. Some lessons come with a cost, but overall, it will be cheaper than getting a 4 year degree generally is.

      1. I am from Colombia, I merried a gringo for almost four years and he is older than I 36 years head from me.. Anyway I believe in God since I was a chil my only problem is that I don have money and familia in U.S when I move here with him everythin was perfect and now he is wild we me (I don’t like to drink,smoke,or do thinks that are not healthy) I love fitness organic food and my big dream is to be ablo to go to school for the rest of my life I aldo love to travel hahah! Oh, I didn’t speak Inglish three years ago… So conclusion gringos are not that great people I thought they are. Now I don’t no what to do.

      2. Big Dick tells you the truth

        You can start doing right now what you didn’t do before: Think. Think hard. Learn from your mistakes. And plan for the future with prudence.

  50. I love your comments and opinions and they are very true. Spoken by somebody who has spent time in Colombian and their women. I share the same thoughts and agree with you 100% .

  51. I don’t think that there is a need for a guide for men getting laid in Medellin.

    What about ME? A hetero-lady?? My experience has been that COL men kiss like 15 year old boys and only know one position. It is mortifying. WE WOMEN need a guide to good sex in Colombia. PLEASE!!

    1. That’s hilarious Rebecca. I’d love to hear more of your thoughts. I didn’t get to meet too many guys while I was there…a few and they were nice enough. There seems to be a lot of gay guys in Bogota which didn’t matter to me but the women there make it a point to point them out…jajjajajja

  52. Medellin is the most overhyped city I have ever seen. I live in Colombia as well. If you have the money live in Bogota (much more expensive). Bogota has more of everything, has women from all over the country. Not just salsa bars, better restaurants, museums, art,live music, women are not as big as gold diggers, not as many gringos, or the stigma of gringos with Colombians that you have in Medellin. Medellin have nice weather of course. Poblado is the only place to hang out and it is about 20 blocks. Parque lleras, there are 10 parque lleras en Bogota, For me Medellin is boring, nice weather, but boring, women gold diggers, and you can meet paisas in Bogta, or Calenas, Costenas, and just many more activities and the difference in quality of live music, restaurants, art, if you like to do anything else besides bang hookers Bogota is much better.

  53. Jessie, This is a fairly accurate look at dating women in latin american countries. However, I am not sure how old you are but I am guessing in your 30’s. Reason is the way you characterize older men who travel to meet women. You stereotype all men over 40 into a creepy old man group. Well I can tell you I am one of those older men you speak of. I started traveling to brazil, colombia and the DR to find a woman to spend my life with. I was in my late 40’s when I divorced and got back into the game. First I didn’t go there because I couldn’t get women young or older. I went because I was tired of attitudes here in america. Further I did date women that were from 19 to 40ish. I have a washboard stomach muscular and have been told by many I am handsome, I know how to dance Bachatta, salsa and meringue as well as samba. As for all men over 50 being fat as you put it maybe you should look at all the fat 20,30 and 40 year olds that are running around. I have been in better shape than many 20 year old men for all of my adult life.
    I met many good women in my travels and passed on all but one my current wife who is a dominican raised in Panama. when we were married she was 21 and I was 50. We have been happily married for almost 4 years and have 2 beautiful children and plan on possibly a 3rd.
    I could not help but think you are a little full of yourself and you probably feel you are some kind of pimp with a pimp cup and cane.
    I would like to see what you look like at 50. Only when you are older and wiser you will realize that everybody ages, you included. A lot of men like myself eat right and take care of ourselves.
    So while I compliment you on the accuracy of the women for the most part and how well you put it to paper, I find your characterization of older men in this article one sided and just plain wrong. I too have been around and in my travels have found many younger american men in latin america who are fat, dress like thugs and act like complete asses not to mention immature as high school students.
    Keep up the good work just leave out the bullshit.

    1. Hi Jonathan,

      Interesting to read your comments again. You’ll see mine from nearly two years ago just above yours under the name of Jakartaman. I’ve also been to the DR, ( never Sosua ) mainly in Santo Domingo staying around the Zona Colonial and working some nice Day game on regular girls. Of course, I shouldn’t be able to do that because I’m over 50 and I’m supposed to have a huge beer belly and no game.

      I think you’ve pretty much summed up this guy to a ‘T’.I’ve always had my doubts about guys telling other guys how to get laid. If someone has real ‘Game’, they’re usually too busy getting laid to worry about too much else. Of course, the one’s who DON’T have much game and aren’t getting much action are usually the one’s who have the time to sell Pick Up guides. I wonder if that could be the case here? mmmmm

  54. I have a Colombian girlfriend:

    1) Pros: They keep up their health looks a lot more than American women

    2) Cons: Extreme jealousy and talking about my past

    1. I’m dating a guy who’s ex is Colombian and she tries to make our relationship hell, this being even after she cheated on him numerous times with numerous men.

  55. Hi Jesse, I have lived in Medellin for over 9 years and am married to a Colombian as well as having dated tons of Colombian women before settling down. Your article is the most insightful piece I have ever read on the subject of meeting a Colombina woman. Direct, to the point and (above all else) spot on.

  56. I dont like this article, I have been to Colombia and the women are 10, not normal. I dont know to what places you went or with who did you hanged out, but you are crazy women are perfect. I can see in the pictures that the places were not so good. Colombia is a developing country, but not a poor one. . The pictures he posted were of the ugly women, like if someone judged americans by the girls of the program jersey shore, it would get a 4.

  57. I really enjoyed the article and got a lot of useful information from it…I have been living in Costa Rica off and on for a year and a half and visited all the countries of Central America. I find Costa Rica to be by far the hardest to meet a quality woman. There are plenty of hotties in the capital but many of the same stigmas. Costa Rica is too small of a place that has been saturated with gringos many of which come here for prostitutes. I feel the women here are disenchanted by the whole thing.
    I’ve been wanting to move to Columbia for years and am very close to doing so. I am 27, speak fluent Spanish and am pretty good looking. I hope to find a beautiful educated Columbiana to date or having something serious if it goes that route. I’m hoping Columbianas are different than Ticas and more apt to look for a fun, interesting relationship… The jelousy thing does scare me a bit though. But when it comes down it it I am by far most attracted to Latinas.
    I’m looking for a neighborhood in Medellin other than Poblado that is safe, affordable, convienent and hopefully near a University where I can meet educated women. I will be continuing studies online thru my University while I’m there and take a break in the Summer to do my CELTA cerfification in Medellin and hopefully attain a decent English teaching job that affords me a comforable lifestyle..
    Any tips or reccomendations would be appreciated.

    1. Colombia, not Columbia if you are moving to that country first learn how to write the name. Also Colombianas not Columbianas, but good luck I hope that you enjoy the wonderful country. Also people are known to be very open and nice, so it will help you adapt at first. Remember that they may see the tourist as vulnerable and sometimes taxis may charge you more, so be careful.

  58. Hey bro. Good articles. I am moving to Bogota in two weeks. I am a gringo. Be there for 5 to 10 yrs I hope. Make a very good living. but I have restrictions. I am 47, in shape, single, and still have game! don’t speak very much Spanish…no?

  59. Hey Jesse,

    I am a U.S. Latino. From my experience traveling to Latin America I think your advice is very, very good. I am 33, look fit and I think I am a good looking guy, not Cristiano Ronaldo though. My game used to be above average in California with the bar, club scene (one night stands), but I had a gf for 3 years and had been studying an MBA so I had been too busy and have not “played” much in the last 3 years. I am a very good talker, charming and speak both English/Spanish fluently. What do you think are my chances in Colombia being a U.S. Latino? I see advantages, but my experience from traveling to Latin America is that I don’t look exotic and I could pass for a Colombian unless I start speaking. However, of course I know the culture and language. I am interested in traveling with some American (white and maybe some Latinos) friends. What do you think my chances are?

  60. Well, let me tell you I’m from Medellín, I´m a single mother (separated indeed), I feel very attracted to foreigners and not to have an economical support!! Actually, I consider they are good in bed!!

  61. I thinks this a a great insightful article. I have been to Colombia many times, live in Mexico and I’m half British although people think I’m probably a gringo. Colombia is probably a good place to go meet a great woman to marry for a European or American who is open.

  62. Tiro_libre_para_colombianas

    Hello all
    I am 29 from Los Angeles area. I am about 5-11 180 pounds athletic build (not buff- but in shape well). My ex gf ( don’t tell her I said that- yet) says I resemble brad Pitt. She’s Ecuadorean and looks similar to the dimes in colombia. Did i mention she is a dancer hope that helps. She also says I look like eminem and other girls have said I look like David beckham. On top of that I am a great dancer and singer. I am not arrogant just confident. I know spanish well enough to understand it and speak it ok (pick up lines- my accent is getting great). I am good at reading people and I’m very intuitive and intelligent. All these traits are surpassed only by – mi corazon. I’m a lover. That’s why I want to visit colombia. To experiment. Not sure i will get exactly what I am looking for but I can feel that out. Some colombian women would say I’m a typical American but they are just testing me. I’ve met many colombian born women here (my first gf was colombian) and I recently met a colombian woman here who is about the most visually appealing and stylistic woman I’ve met. They are very horny which I am too (colombianas). I think a few words to describe me would be: charismatic, enigmatic, resourceful , sensual and above all passionate. I am a giver and most South American girls believe in the same reciprocating effect. I have been hurt by women who dont practice this.Women are very possessive and controlling of me so I would be used to it. I get off on it actually. I’m an attention getter. For better or worse. Mostly better. The way I look at it is – if I get what I want it’s because I am giving ‘Colombiana diosa’ what she wants. I am high profile and I am spiritual in a non religious way. I have the uncontrollable urge to please a woman and sex is the easy part. Making love is difficult and finding ‘ mi reina’ is too. Colombianas – it’s not enough to like me you have to love me. Or not know me at all. In other words these college colombiana hotties may have been let down by other gringos but not by me. I am you’re quintessential – Prince Charming. I think I would be awesome in colombia. I know I would gain favor from the ladies . That happens when ppl think you are a movie star. Not that I am. I can say that colombian men couldn’t hate me as much as you’re average gringo – read on. 🙂

    I’m not broke by any means and I am going to be able to afford to visit colombia. One thing that 99% of Americans that can’t compete with me here is the same thing that scares Americans away- power. There’s a saying ‘its not what you know – its who you know” and I know everybody. ‘ . I hardly think it would come to that considering I appreciate and adore Latin cultures.
    I think it would be a clean slate and a chance to meet good people. I think I would do some sitting back and observing the beautiful things there. I think you have to have a positive mindset visiting any country or you’re going to spoil it before you get off the plane. I want to go somewhere and have fun and meet the most beautiful women (IMO) in the world. Colombianas. Girls here convince me I’m insatiable but they are too shallow and easy. I invite a challenge. That’s why I date models/strippers and gain favor from others. I can pull some extravagant women and I’m not rich or anything. Some guys have it others don’t ‘ pinche celoso ‘. I’m honestly starting to believe I was made for colombianas and if they don’t believe so I don’t mind convincing them at their leisure. Anyways not sure if my entry helps anybody but I would like some feedback in any shape or form.
    Blanco dioso

  63. American men sometime get a bad reputation as only wanting sex. If you ask me, American men are much more faithful and devoted to women than most of the countries I visited in South and Central America. Also, those men desire sex just as much, it’s part of being a guy. It’s not about where your born but culture.

  64. I have tried many love spells and had no success. I was online and came across Dr obodo ( I was having an issue with my partner we have both been separated for 4 months. I thought I would try one more time. I did it and everything changed, he came back to me and ask me to forgive him. Now we are married and planning to have children soon.Thank you so much for all your help! contact Doc Obodo cell +2348155425481 for personal discussion

  65. Very good article and very true except I think beauty is a matter of opinion. But for the most part the hype from the men is def. influenced by ego but still Colombianas are still prettier then American girls in general.

    I live in LA, i am 35 yo, not fat and bald lol, and have spent more than 3 months in Colombia. And I disagree with your comparison with US girls and Colombian girls in regards to beauty (the rest of the article is on point!). When making a judgment on beauty between a city in Colombia and say Los Angeles, one must compare the beauty density. Meaning, for every 10 girls in LA vs every 10 in say Cali (same age etc). Without question if you prefer darker girls, Colombia outdoes the US 3 times over or more. Even if you do not prefer darker girls, Colombia still outdoes US 2 times over. This has a lot to do with the fact most girls in the US are overweight.

    I think Cali, Colombia has the most variety black to white and everything in between and comparing to LA, I would say for every 20 girls aged 25 in LA, only 1 would be a “9 or 10” and at least 10-12 are just down right ugly. In Cali, at least 4 would be 9-10’s and maybe 6 would be ugly. In Cali there are a lot more 7-8’s in my opinion. Now LA is considered to have a lot of hot women (Hollywood wannabes) so comparing the average American girl to the average Colombiana…Colombia is much better.

    But if one prefers blondes or never looks at black women, then maybe your opinion on LA is on par with Colombia. But sheesh the darker (Rosario Dawson color) and black women in Colombia are some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen (Cuba, Venezuela and Dominican Republic are also up there, have yet to travel to Brazil).

    Anyway, just my 2 cents for those who love darker women, in which Colombia out does the US as a whole. I agree with the rest of the article, good job.

  66. What if you want to bring her back to the United States on a travel visa to see how she acts once here? Would they accept a travel visa to visit?

  67. I read everything you said. I am from usa. I am 44. I have a house in Barranquilla. Been all over Colombia. I speak espanglish. I am not a hot looking wife is from quilla, but she is actually white..more white than I am, with a nice bubble butt. Before I got married, I went down a week at a time. Never have I paid for sex. I usually used one of the dating sites, had 3 o 4different email addresses, open up messenger on different times of day for the different messengers and my goal was to see 3 women a day at least when I went down and if I could, I would squeeze one in for lunch. I am NOT a hot guy. Yet usually within two dates I was having sex with the girl. I never left Colombia one time before meeting my wife without having 14 as my very minimum amount of different girls I had sex with not paying. I think the thing you did not cover was this GREAT avenue of PRE setting up your dates and girls prior to the trip. I think if a guy lets a girl know he is serious and wants a serious relationship (whether he is or not) it is really easy to get women. Think the oldest woman I was with before my wife was 23. I ended up liking a 26 year old woman who literally have guys get their tongue tied trying to talk to even here in the states. I think maybe it’s a 85% of women are hot in Colombia and look great. I mean they do care more for fixing themselves up all the time than what usa women do. just my 2 cents

    1. Hey Ryan, what dating sites did you use to find your wife? How much did you pay? Any information will be appreciated. Thanks.

  68. This is an excellent review! Honest and thorough. Great job! I’ve spent time in Medellin and Bogota. Had amazing times, lovely ladies, friendly people, found it relatively easy to gain their affection and sincere friendship. Made out a lot, and did manage to have sexual relations. As in the states, all women want to simply trust the guy they are attracted to. I find that respect, calm persistence, and honestly usually brings down their guard allowing themselves the freedom to drop their inhibitions and their panties. Ultimately, it’s a numbers game…. Don’t quit asking, saying hello, and smiling! Works in any country. You just have to greet every girl you’re attracted to until you notice that one of them also likes you. And that’s your next Miss Right Now.

  69. Great artical Jesse very informative. I do have one question for you. I am American of Mexican descent with light skin and dark hair. I am retired with a decent income and speak some spanish. For an older man (60) I’ve never had a problem talking to women and am an excellent dancer…..Do I have a shot? Wouldn’t mind meeting a mlf with children.

  70. I disagree. Because of the American “mystique” even a homely guy can have many more relationships than he would back in the USA. South America is loaded with young single women and the opportunities to meet them is dozens times more than what they are in a 1st world country. I have been down here 10 years and never really started to live (romantically) till I got down here. And I am not blonde or rich. I treat women with respect and that makes me attractive (whereas I’m not attractive physically). I open my mouth with unknown women a lot more here because latinos in general are not anywhere near as cruel as gringos. Gringas have death lazers for eyeballs. Out of 6 S.A. countries I’ve been to I rate Colombia the best and Costa Rica the worse (unless all you want is prostitutes).

    >A guy who can not get a girl at home will not magically find a wonderland sonewhere esle.

  71. Jesse,
    You are exactly right. You anaylsis is dead on and applies to all latin-Catholic countries. I live in Puebla, Mexico for one year as an exchange student and was able to break into the upper-crust social scene and landed one of the hottest ladies. Being loyal is absolutely key. You get caught cheating and you might as well leave town. About knowing Spanish, that is absolutely key. Even if just travelling to an island to SCUBA dive. Knowing Spanish in Latin America makes all of the difference.

    1. In Colombia we do not discriminate anybody, plus if you are Asian,, then you are smart.. , honest, faithful, not a control freak, and know how to treat Women then, you would have a Colombian woman for ever.

  72. Agreed 100%. A guy who can not get a girl at home will not magically find a wonderland sonewhere esle.

  73. Well said Colombian Girl, I concur 100%. It’s no wonder American men are viewed as arrogant pigs the world over!
    The more they speak of women as “meat”, the more similarities they have to Hitler’s claims of being a “superior race”!

  74. As a Colombian from Cartagena, I have an advice for all men looking for a serious relatioship: look for college educated Colombian women who come from an intact home (mom-dad). This would guarantee that the women is an achiever, learns and adapts more easily to a different culture and would understand what a marriage implies.

    Additionally, a relationship with men 20 year her senior works in Colombia, because there are other attributes that make that American older man “unique”. However when couples move to North America problems may begin. That is, in USA, Colombian women understand the true identity of her man in the context of american society. Suddenly, her perception of this older american man starts changing…without even realizing.
    In other words: men won’t realize if a foreign woman love is true love until she is able to have her choose and pick of other american men. Is it not because these women are bad but because they were blinded by novelty while in their own countries.

  75. You are saying this from your prospective bro, which is a white male “gringo” so to speak. And i don’t expect you to say it in any other prospective. But am just wondering, in case you observed, did you notice any kind of racial sensitivities with regards to how girls act towards darker skinned gringos who obviously can’t pretend to be blond haired and blue eyed? Every where i go its always an undertone, but i always find a way to get around it by doing some research.

  76. For the record, I am married to a Colombiana and the most common statement I hear from a lot of women in Colombia is:
    “the Latinos cannot be trusted with other women” or, “my partner or husband is always looking at the other women when we walk down the street, or are in a restaurant” Now this happens is Western society however, I think Western Men are a little more subtle about it and make sure that their partner/wife is not looking.

    The most important thing Latinas want from their man is: Respect, Honesty and true dedication…Gee, this sounds familiar? Oh yes, that’s what everyone wants…isn’t it? BUT, there is a vast difference between Latinas and Western Women and it’s really simple…

    Treat your Latina with respect, be honest. be gentle, kind and most important of all…be devoted to her. In return, she will repay you with the most amazing amount of Respect, Love and Dedication…at least a thousand times over. If you’re willing to do this then you will truly, truly find what you are looking for. Good Luck!

  77. This is probably the most honest and accurate portrayal of Colombian women on the web. I get sick of reading stories about foreigners who think Colombian woman are all sluts and prostitutes.

    I live in Australia and I can say that if you want to find the same type of women, they are here too…and in the US, Asia and Europe.


    Let”s face it, if you’re a loser in your own country, you won’t be any better off in Colombia.

  78. Part of me does want to go to there, find a woman I can be intimate and get to know well, and then have sex with her. But, she does not deserve that behavior from me. I probably would just date and become good friends with certain women.

  79. Appendix1
    The biggest stunner I had In Bogota then: 26 year old mulatta from Buenaventura – not the most charming place who worked parttime as a whorein Cra 15 in one of the best clubs at the time. I was fascinated but it took me 6 weeks before she dated me. Superb girl but sniffing. Took me another 6 months to get rid of her. 4 y later she gave me a call back home in Germany ,had married to a countryman and was about to give birth to a chlild.And that was it. Will never forget her.
    Now I will go back to Colombia in January 2014 to see old places. What else can I do than to pay for a good service? And still, I will take my time to select and to sort it out. As I speak fluent Spanish and have decent manners most of the time there will be the one or the other who still want to be paid but may decide to get along with me for a couple of weeks. Not the worst idea I believe. Pls correct me if I am wrong in today’s circumstances.
    It worked well in the Philippines last year and did so in Vietnam 3 years ago. Look, wait, invite, pay with a smile and eventually get a lot in return.
    “experience is what you get when you are denied what you want”

  80. I am European, now 70.
    Lived all over the planet, in the early eighties in Bogota. When there, I had access to high-class girls. I was well-respected,always invited to parties, and some -not too many – wanted to establish a closer relationship. I had exactly two over three years, the one marrying my successor in the job,a German , the other marrying a US lawyer. Both girls had money ten times more than me on their own. A friend married such a highclass colombian and found out, that HE was subsidized by the family , not the other way round. But got no resposibility in the colombian family trust.
    So, that’s the REAL story. Same goes for Thailand, only, that it will take you 10 years longer to get into higher circles.
    Now for the rest: it is in most of the developing countries a game of money and attraction. How much one side wins is dependent on the class of girls, yr pockets, yr charme and, above all, yr need to get laid.
    A little hour to spare before you decide will save you a lot of money and troubles. Just give – even if you want to fuck a whore – yourself and yr partner some time to evaluate the situation.
    Last but not least- as an European you have way out better chances than a Gringo, sorry for that!

  81. I am in my early 20s and will stay medellin for an internship. Any advice for me since I see that most people here are in their 50s. I have light brown hair, green eyes, and I am 6’4 (So not your typical gringo), so will that make a difference.

  82. Hallo ALL !! And please Help me with INFO !!
    Great chat with lots of real good information .
    I am going to Bogota next month for work and like to know the latest “Inn-Places” to meet Columbian Chicas . 😛
    Where would you go for good hunting 😎 ???
    Hope some one can HELP .

  83. SUPERB Article ! !
    Txs Jesse Charger , that was a realy good article giving some depth of ther girls and culture of Columbia . there was quite some nice comments (incl. from Columbian ladies 😮 ) many also productive from readers (and some awfull ones 🙁 ) .
    I am going to Bogota next month / Mai 2013 and would love to have imformation on places to visit in BOGOTA .
    What are good bars , clubs , places,events to see during my stay?
    I am intrested to find out how the Columbian Ladies “realy tick” !
    Ladies and Gentlemann please supriese me and give some new information and Tips what places to explore .

  84. Hello Jesse. What can you tell me about my situation. I’m 59, decent looking (I am told I look 10-15 younger), average body, salt and pepper hair, well maybe more salt than pepper. I’m not looking for one-night stands, but I love the company of gorgeous Latin women. Oh, and I am Hispanic, speak Spanish more or less ok, understand better than speak it. Living on a limited budget, since my job was outsourced to India last October. I really want to date, not so much just get some booty (for now 😈 ).

  85. What i don’t understood is in truth how you’re now not actually a lot more
    well-liked than you may be right now. You’re so intelligent. You already know thus significantly relating to this subject, made me for my part believe it from numerous varied angles. Its like women and men aren’t fascinated unless it is something to do with Girl gaga!
    Your individual stuffs outstanding. All the time care for
    it up!

  86. Hey guys,

    It’s my 4th time here in Colombia. I have been in Bogota and Medellin.
    Medellin has much more 8s and 9s while Bogota has more 6 and 7s.
    Medellin looks to have much more girls than guys on bars and restaurants.
    It looks like Medellin is a paradise? Wrong. You will find groups of girls (No guys) going out together to drink and talk but the approach is not that easy.
    I am a typical gringo (Blond, blue eyes) and this really helps on eye contact at least.
    Even some girls that were looking at me, even with some approaching skills they don’t give much space for you to start talking. This sometimes results on awkward situations, but I really don’t mind about it.
    Once you are introduced and the conversation starts they don’t stop talking and it can take some time but it didn’t look difficult. Maybe a next day date.
    If you go to a bar or club and get a reggaeton dance with a girl, you will be really excited (The girl just dance shaking her ass on you, like a private dance! LOL). This doesn’t mean that she wants to have sex with you right now.
    Medellin doesn’t give much one day games. Probably at least 2 or 3.
    BTW, it is easier to meet a girl in Santa Fé mall than in Parque Lleras.

    Bogota is plenty or bars and clubs specially at Zona T and Parque de la 93. It was easier to start talking with the girls, but they usually go out with some guy in the group and there are more guys than girls everywhere.

    If a Colombian girl says that she will have a date with you the next day, don’t trust it that much. You should have a plan B.

    You won’t get a girl everyday in Colombia like some other countries like Peru or Thailand. But the quality is one of the best in the world.
    Additional tip: Don’t push the girl. Slow down.

  87. Jesse, nice article but I agree with Todd on the typical stereotypes but either way its valuable information!

    Al, I am an American living in Medellin the weather is beautiful here year round if you need help navigating cities leave me your contact information I can help you out. 😆

    For all of those who have girlfriends in Colombia I welcome you to use my personal site we deliver flowers anywhere throughout Colombia. Colombian women love flowers, so I put together the site for those who might benefit from showing their affection from a distance. ➡

    1. The number one city for the most beautiful women is the only city in the world where all the beautiful women want to go and do everything to get there. LAS VEGAS

  88. Great info Jesse. What’s a good time to visit Colombia, in reference to weather. Any good contacts to know there? Maybe a travel agent or plan to get around. Thank you.

  89. This is a very interesting article and the author did a nice job of explaining the culture and mindset of Colombian women. However, I realized without question, he missed the boat on his assumption of why some men visit.

    First, I have to point out that the article has embedded stigma’s and assumptions that are a little off base. While many foreign men from American and Europe may visit places like Colombia in search of sexual gratifications, this is certainly no different that Colombian men who visit my country and have the same desires. We are not just out for sex alone, most would love to fall in love with a Colombian women.

    The article paints a mental image that most foreign men are only there on pleasure trips. I think they can get laid via escorts in their own country as well, so I don’t feel that is the sole purpose. Many men like to try a different flavor/type of women, not the same old girls they dated from their own country for years.

    They want to learn new cultures, they want someone that does not look too much like themselves, they desire to practice a foreign language. Also, I think it’s sexy to have a foreign partner, just so many more things to notice and exciting. Some Colombian women may feel the same about trying out a foreign man, wish the article did not paint such a negative picture of American/European men visiting; it’s simply NOT TRUE for the entire population and need to be pointed out as it’s incorrect.

    1. Disagree.

      Author is correct about nerdy ass guys going for pleasure cruises. Some of the questions here obviously cone from guys with little or no female experience – which city has the girls with the biggest asses (you can find a big ass girl anywhere) which city has girls that like to be spanked (all girls like to be spanked)

      You are on some mumbo jumbo diatribe about preconceptions and assumptions. Real talk from a guy experienced in this topic versus some internet nerd who is technically pointing out verbal syntax and presuppositions.

      1. Todd is right, there is a misunderstanding on American men only wanting one thing. I been to those bars and let me say it was 99% Colombian’s in the bar and I was the only American.

        LOL, I think they just want to put us down and all men are the same with sexual desires but American men are more faithful once in a relationship, 100% for sure.

        I spent about 1 year in Medellin, and although I am not going to write a 20 paragraph experience/perception about it, American men do make good matches for Colombia women. I don’t think most American men that travel are nerdy ass guys as well, LMAO.

    2. Well said all men desire sex that does not change in a culture. Men do not travel that far without intentions or hopes of something more.

  90. Well, that is interesting reading. American women in general are much dumber than Colombian women.

    American women look for short term “hook ups” but get F…CKED in the end as they end up with a guy who is broke or has diseases (as he so hot he get laid often).

    I have to respect Colombian women for waiting to have a “future” and a decent guy. Many American go to places like Colombia to find such a match as American women do not think about their futures much past Tuesday until their beauty years are gone! LOL

    But I rather date a Colombian girl any day, they seem to have more what I would look for as an American guy.

    1. American women are spoiled and do not appreciate their men as much as the Colombian girl I married 5 years ago! Things are great for both of us. The author did a great job but forgot many men desire love.

  91. I am Colombian woman starting my 30’s. I can prove Jesse to be right, If you go for vacations or any other activity to Colombia you have to be careful, the fact that you are American make people believe that you are wealthy. so don’t fall on the game, you can explain, talk and reveal how hard was for you to get down there you know (debts, Credits) girls would understand you work hard to give yourself a treat, But also be careful, these days women are being involved in crimes like robbery to tourist or kidnapping their new saying is (well; this guy maybe is just a normal middle class guy, but his family has more cash) the enchanting of beauty can be dangerous sometimes… Have fun but also be very selective!

  92. You know what I like about Colombian women…most of them get better as they get older….most of them when they reached the late 30’s early 40’s they get plastic surgery ( boob job, lipo, ect) and who cares? I have seen women in the late 40’s even 50 with awesome bodies…put any American MILF to shame.
    FYI: I’m 55 and my Colombian wife is 36 …we’ve been married 8 yrs and it’s been a blessing….very nice woman…and yes with three plastic surgery procedures ( boob job, lipo and butt lift) but who cares?

  93. I would never comment on their ass until iam in bed with her, only then she wants to hear it.

    But hands down, Latin women esp Colombian are famous for their plump buttocks, so if Africa is too nasty for you, this is the right place.

    Whats interesting they dont seem to care about your “size“ too much, while most American Black women dont date white men, because they are “too short“, haha no joke…

  94. Hi, everybody, I am from Colombia, I have dated women in different colombian cities. My best experiences have been in Barranquilla, Colombia. It usually takes me not more than a week to be fucking a nice-looking girl. Women there are easily attracted by guys that are not from their city, taken aback by foreing accents and you just need to dress sexy to have them approaching you and iniciating conversation; if you play you cards really well you will be fucking them within a couple days. Whereas in Bogota where I am currently residing at it might take you a month to have sex with them.

    1. What are your experiences on Valle del Cauca, Amigo ?

      girls have those nasty butts there, I bet they love to get spanked. jajaja

    2. What’s up PapiGringo? Eventhough I have never been to Valle del Cauca I have had the honor to fuck with girls from there in the USA and here in Colombia(in other departamentos). The love dacing and drinking. They also love to be flirt upon; I always tried to say something nice about their eyes or lips. Ex: I like your lips, they’re so beautiful! . I do this to set myself apart, since most guys would say something about their ass or tits which is already burnt out.

      1. Tiro_libre_para_colombianas

        My goal as a guy is to observe a girls beauty and tell her something she hasn’t heard- over and over again. This works anywhere you go. Keep em on there toes! And eventually they will be on there back- naked. Charm them cuz they do the same. Let them know you don’t want to sex with them – you want to make love to them.then go from there…

    3. When I was in my 20’s, I could get laid in just 5 minutes after meeting a European girl, specially in Germany ! So, how come you guys consider a week as being QUICK ?!!!

  95. Getting a pussy?? This is why mens are so dumb. You guys don’t think, you’re just animals. Haven’t you thought why aren’t you satisfied eventhough you had great sex with many girls in the past days?? Assholes!!

    1. Basically its…. women you gotta pay for it somehow. really no difference between prostitude or girlfriend.your paying for it somehow. mind as well go the way with less hassles of losing your freedom…..ill take the hooker. its cheaper and much less drama of having a girlfriend.

      1. Right to the point, though if you are not looking for LOVE! Some men are looking for LOVE and as such prefer to pay more for it 🙂

    1. It depends on your style.

      khaki shorts and a pair of stinky tennis socks while wearing a backpack wont get u nowhere.

      However a white guy is more likely to be able to afford an expensive Louis Vutton Suit or a Mercedes, there are many more wealthy Caucasian men than Latinos.

      all those models are readily available for money

      some money maybe cant buy everything, but with a a shitload like one million you can buy everything there. you wanna try to deny it?
      I laugh at you, Colombia isnt Dubai or Japan..

      1. Colombia’s wealth inequality is quite high. You have a lot of rich people in Colombia and a lot of poor people. Upper-middle-class and upper-class girls, who are, by the way, usually very highly educated, won’t get impressed by Americans or Europeans in Colombia, that’s just an indisputable fact.

  96. Dear Jesse, I’m Cesar from Colombia. I can see that you know a lot about women down here, actually, I learned a few things about them thanks to you!! Eventhoug, I am colombian, I lived in the US for many years. When I first came here I hit the wall many times because I was so used to take gringas to bed in less than than two hours. I would just dress sexy for them, they came running to me. When I got here I tried to do the same, yet, girls rejected me right away because I used to be very straight forward ”Hey, Mami, let’s to my place” Now, I am more low key and I get much more pussy. Thanks dude!

  97. Hello I’ve just read the entire article. I live in Europe, Holland.
    I know this article is about colombian girls but I’ve met a colombian boy last week. He has dark skin and dark eyes, I was hooked up the instant moment I saw him.
    we made eye contact a few times but I didn’t exactly know how to approach him.
    What are the rules for colombian men in approaching girls? what are columbian men like? Is there anything important I need to know about them in particular?
    I’ve got very curious about the columbian culture in general, and I’d like to go on holiday to experience it myself.
    Any advice would be VERY MUCH appreciated!

    1. Hi, Sandra. I am from Colombia, it is nice to here a foreing woman say so many nice things about colombian men. For starters, most colombian men are afraid of talking to foreign girls, because the lack of knowledge about their language(only 0.5 percetange of the population here speak English) and their culture. An easy way of meeting colombian men would be to start by getting suscribe in a dating-web page, so by the time you get here you know a lot about the guy or guys you want to hook up with. Colombia is not a nightmare security wise as you here on the news, yet, you have to be wise nonetheless. Colombian men, love blondies, love music, partieing every weekend and having sex. If you have any question regarding the subject at hand, here is my contact information: Facebook: Web page: Mobile: 300 747 9916 😉

  98. I have dated women in both Mexico and Colombia. It is true there are less religious hang ups in Colombia. The key to meeting women is to understand and speak basic Spanish, they enjoy teaching you more as you socialize.

    Especially in Colombia I have noticed that I was blessed with a magnet to meeting women. I have a very hairy chest that comes up to my neck. When I wear a button down shirt it is obvious with tufts poking over the top. When I go to a restaurant or shopping I make sure that two buttons are undone. This has resulted in more interest from women than any Spanish conversation I can fumble through. The stares I get make it easy to approach the women. Thank God for my Scottish descent.

  99. totally awesome insight by everyone and especially the colombian ladies who took part. Jesse thanks so much, I’m planning on going to Colombia soon and I’m thinking Bogota and Medellin…i have some ladies there I want to meet up with and this article along with everyone else’s thoughts gave me the ammo to make the trip more successful than it may have been otherwise!

      1. Tiro_libre_para_colombianas

        What about boob wal mart Jesse . I think colombianas as a whole have better knockers (boobs and tits) than butts. (IMO) I’ve always been a chest guy

    1. Haha, there come the Boo Lovers :P.

      Suprisingly enough not only black guys come to COL for the curves 😉

      I guess you can get “Nalgas” in all parts of South America, less so in Argentina and more so in parts with more mixed Black Latin women, but there are those type of wonder women in all kind of zones so really hard to define which is the “Ass Wal-mart”. (although checking out supermarkets here and then isnt a bad idea haha)

      And since BBW lover arent rly interested in those skinny upper-class hard to shag flitchy bitchy, we would find it probably easier to get laid with a MILF and little money in our pockets.

  100. Thank you so much for your insight, Jesse. There’s a Colombian girl living in the same apartments as I in USA. Pretty sure she’s a college student. Anyway, the IOI’s you speak of, I totally understand now. Lol. I am a white boy,blonde hair, blue eyes. I have a full time job, my own apartment but not rich by no means and I don’t drive. What do you think my chances are with this girl? I’m just a little nervous because I’ve never dated a foreign girl and not sure what to expect.

    1. A woman is a woman, there is no diference other than the language and cultural background. These have nothing to do with how they are attracted to a man. Get them excited and enjoy their company 🙂

  101. Some pretty accurate things in here but I do have to say, maybe you just haven’t gone to the right places in Medellin? Most women there are pretty hot,I’d say the hottest in colombia..although like you said the hot ones aren’t the ones that are going to sleep with you right away but that doesnt take the hotness away

  102. What is a good website to meet colombianas? I’m going there for my next vacation and I was thinking to make a friend or two before I go.

  103. Wow great article informative and interesting.

    So i had visted a x rated cam site and noticed alot of hot colombian women. Most young milfs, or young hotties. That i was interested in colombian woman.

    Ive met one girl 20 years old, we been talking and im considering flying there to date. We skype and email, call, but my fear is, if im being scammed and not realizing??Shes never asked me for money, ive never given her money, is there anything she might want from me if its not money?? >Like any scams you may know of

    She has only has sex with 1 guy, at age 20. Which is good, cause most girls i meet in US have already been manhandled and had sex with more then 15 guys by that age. Point is, if im looking at Colombian women, you think i can just find a virigin around that age??

    Thinking if im considering getting a colombian girl, think its hard to find a virgin?

    1. American girl and only 15 guys by age of 20?! Are you kkidding? Or are you refering to a local 20 years old noun? An American girl of age 20 has most likely been with 150-1500 guys by age of 20!

      And never trust a woman claiming to have been with only one guy until age of 20, unless she can prove it. They know what a man likes to hear, and they use it to attract him more 🙂

    2. I live in Saint Barth, Caribbean and i once f*cked a french 18 year old hottie on seasonal work that told me i was the forth that night at that beach club. i’m 33.
      Can you imagine that rate till 20?

      Any woman out of their home town does approximatly the same, either french or american.

  104. I hear all kinds of different things about safety in Columbia. Can someone tell me if its relatively safe? More specifically Medellin and Cali.

    1. Real safe in Cali. In January 2013 there were 170 murders in the city. 60 women were murdered. At this pace there will be over 2000 in 2013.

    2. I have just come back from Cali. Though people in Cali are very nice and friendly, there are dangerous areas in the city that you have to avoid at all costs. Cali is currently considered as one of the most dangerous cities in Colombia. I followed the advice of the locals during my 10 days stay in there, and nothing happened to me. So, I would advice you to follow locals’ advice while there, and you should be safe.

  105. Colombians look like my country Malaysia also look like them..some look like Malay, Chinese..mixed…:)

  106. =)

    These comments were cute.

    This coming from a Colombian girl, Colombia is not as a Catholic as MExico per say, so we are less tied by religious efforts. In fact, most girls on her 20s do not go to church. We do however hold deep respect for our parents, and they mostly know of our activities.

    We are not American girls, that can yell at their parents and get away with it, but we are not Mexican nuns either. Make sure to know and respect your girl’s limitations: No staying out too late because she lives far…things of the sort.

    Also, NEVER be clingy. We have a word for this : INTENSO (intense). You will just come off as another needy gringo that comes to Bogota for girls because he is inadequate enough on his own country. So, don’t be clingy. Colombian girls are not all drop dead gorgeous, but they all have more than one guy behind their tail at any given time. If you get TOO CLINGY you will drive her away. Desperate gringos are the norm.

    English: Go to Bogota, or Medellin or Cartagena. You can find an English speaking girl much more easier there.

    If you plan to marry her, keep in mind that most young Colombians are not what they used to be. We will use you for fun or for commitment. We Colombians do not “Date” as Americans do.
    You are either gf/bf seriously or you are “FWBs” and this will be arranged from the start, there is no “guessing game” about exclusivity.
    A nice refreshing quality is that if you are FWB Colombian girls are much more affectionate, and you wont have her badger you to say “i love you” like American girls do.

    Sundance Kid has some good advice as well, be casual , funny and charming. Do not treat her as a prostitute unless she is one. Do not expect a high class girl to give it up on the first date. If she does this can tell you a lot about her social class and upbringing. Also, notice the way she talks and gestures. High class girls are usually more reserved and respectful at first.

    Try to aim for polished college girls, even for a fuck because low class girls that cozy up to you too fast are suspicious, and may be after your wallet and stripping you of any money you have with you.

    Also, remember Colombia is a country were girls are seen as delicate creatures: A lot of guys miss these cues : Hold doors open for her, carry a heavy bag, offer her your coat if it rains/its cold, give her a rose if you go out… chivalry is not dead on Colombia. This will make her feel safe and protected by a man…and she will trust you more ;).

    – A Colombian girl that lived on US and EU and eventually married a gringo.

  107. Sundance Kid Rides Again and Again

    You are right on target… but maybe the batting averages you claim are a little lower than they could be. I have business that has taken me to S. American (Colombia) often… 6x per year for over 20 years. Those trips usually last more than 3 weeks. I’m no Brad Pitt…but I tend to get laid often and am confident and take care of my body. I think having lots of sex causes a man to have the “scent of a woman” about him…and is a huge aphrodisiac that women seem to sense. Whatever the reason, I just get laid every time in Colombia, Peru, Panama, Brazil, Argentina and Chile. The best place to ‘pick up’ is out in public…shopping is the best place. I often just ask an attractive woman, “Excuse me. Can you help me, please?” And then I ask her a question about directions or how to call something in Spanish or Portuguese. Then I start to compliment them… usually focusing on one of their physical features that is outstanding… like their complexion, hair, body…. It usually gets pretty hot immediately. 3 of 10 times I’m in bed with them that same night. Hot, torrid sex… and unlike the sicko American girls with all their hang ups… each Latina is a veritable orgasm machine. I say to any young man who likes latina women and different colors of skin — get thyself to S. America ! You won’t regret it… game or no game. Just start off by smiling and saying, “Hola! Perdon a mi.”

  108. Ok, first of, I’m a 21-year-old Colombian girl from Bogota.. don’t ask me how I got to this article, but I had to smile and even laughed while reading it!!! … you actually analyzed Colombian girls quite well, and pointed some true facts about us… you’re right when you mention that it totally depends on “the person’s goals” when trying to get a Colombian… and you’re also right when you mention we’re not -all- easy women, and the family pressure and reputation etc, etc…
    even though I found this article a bit funny I enjoyed reading it and knowing your thoughts (as a foreigner) about this topic.

  109. Your city in Texas is more dangerous than bogota? I find that very very hard to believe. Leave cundimarca sometime. Bogota has more murders per night than LA and Chicago combined in one month… I wish i was smoking the same thing you were when i lived in bogota.

    1. What are YOU smoking buddy? Bogota had the same murder rate in 2011 as Philadelphia did at 20 per 100,000; Chicago’s murder rate per capita in 2012 was near 19 per 100,000!!! In view of these numbers I’d say that Bogota is no more dangerous than Chicago!!! And as for L.A., I live in Long Beach and can assure you that when you leave the nice neighborhoods of Northern L.A. and the coast the murder rate increases dramatically (around 7.5 per 100k citywide in 2011). Not many cities in the world can rival the most dangerous US cities when it comes to personal safety; obviously Caracas, San Salvador, Medellin in the late 80s and 90s, etc. can but most developing countries’ major cities are just fine if you’re not an idiot.

    2. Scratch that, as of August 2012 Bogota had a murder rate of 16 per 100k while Chicago was at 19 per 100k. Point proven, Chicago is more dangerous than Bogota!

  110. Great info Jesse, I guess if you were to categorize me I would fit into The “Fast-Strike PUA”, and The “Monger”. I’m planning a 3 week trip to Catagena, Bogota, and Medellin in January 2013 so about a week each city. I speak fluent Spanish, dance Salsa, and I’m Catholic.

    To be honest I will be travelling for some cheap sex, yet I also want to find a beautiful woman (ages18-30) for a more serious relationship. I’m 25 live in Miami,FL and have had Cuban, Puerto Rican, South American, and just 2 white girlfriends. Colombia interests me as far as price, clubs, culture, and stories regarding the women told from my Colombian friends 😉 .

    I’m not a gringo, my mother is Peruvian and my father is Honduran, so my skin is a very light tan color kinda like “The Rock” from WWE. Do you think 3 weeks in Colombia is the right decision for me? or should I just go to Rio de Janiero/Sao Paulo Brazil for 3 weeks of fun? ❓ I’m willing to spend $2,000 USD anywhere.

    Thank you in advance 😀

    1. Frank, you may want to go with Colombia if you’re on a limited budget because it’s MUCH CHEAPER right now than Brazil. Look at the prices carefully before making your decision.

      1. You want it cheap, get laid in your hometown! Spending that sort of money in your hometown, you would probabely get the best value for money, as you can spend the flight, hote, restaurant, etc money for getting laid 🙂 It is just a simple mathematic!

        I have been to Brazil and Colombia. You would enjoy more in Brazil, specially Rio.

    2. If u want to get a girl in Brazil. Just pack your things and go to Colombia. LOL
      It’s difficult to latin guys to get something there. I live in Brazil and I have lots of friends that tried that and came back disappointed.
      The girls are much more to be attracted by American/European look like guys.

      You will have fun at Bogota and Medellin. 100% Guaranteed.

  111. Your write ups is very informative & cognitive; 100% on point. though ‎​‎​i’v never been to colombia or anyother country for that matter; however, ‎​i have a colombian girlfriend, Met her via twitter….she’s lives in the US while ‎​i live in Africa(an african) she’s so amazingly wonderful, intelligent & sexily beautiful… The mere thought of her excite me like wine. She loves me like crazy, & ‎​i love her like insane…planning to get married to her & raise a family soonest. Never met her in person though, but we’v made arrangements on meeting. What is your advise?…can’t bear the thought of losing her.

      1. And as per definition, a girlfriend is a woman with whom you have had sex for at least once. I would assume you have had a virtual sex with her (cybersex), right?

  112. Hello

    Im a colombian man and have never been in other countries.

    I have lived in many cities in Colombia though, and I can say that Jesse´s point of view about colombian culture is not only very accurate but its an intelligent man´s point of view as well.

    I say it because I read some comments from other people, even a colombian girl, trying to say he was wrong, well He is not, I think, and of course u can get to sleep with a lot of colombian women fast, but for sure they are not good quality women, and they are USUALLY (not always, of course) as whores or even more than the ones who charge you.

    Im 33 now and am not the typical colombian man, meaning my thinking, goals, objectives…but I certanly dated and slept with a number of colombian women when I was younger but got sick of it cause I didn have anything to talk about to them once I had come, or when the hangover was gone.. because they didnt have much more to offer but sex.

    Im not like that anymore, but with the experience I had I can say I agree with Jesse about the positive and negative things he mentioned about us as a culture.

    Its amazing the he reached to this conclusions in the short time here.

    So, I just wanted to let american men or not colombian men in general who wanna come here seeking for girls (sex, friends or marriage) that this guy´s point of view it is right from my own point of view ( a colombian man)

    Feel free to mgs me for more info if u feel like it, or just to chat about cultures, my e mail account is

    One last thing: many of the common (and silly) mistakes american men make here when trying to hit on a girl, this man spoke about are true. I know it `cause I do have permanent contact with people from other countries who live or at least visit the country, because of my job here and I think u shouldnt ignore this info.

    I currently live in a small town near Cali (Valle del Cauca department).

    Thanks a lot for reading this.

    1. Daniel. Well said my friend. I especially admire how you disagreed yet stated that you honored his opinion as an intelligent man.

      From your post I will believe you. I love Colombian culture. I am looking for a lighter skin, professional careered woman (35-40). Where is the best city for this match???

  113. Some of you people who currently live there or have visited in the past, even one of you who has dual citizenship can’t even spell the name of the country correctly. It’s spelt COLOMBIA

    1. and i guess i cant spell chemical.
      My girl is Santanderiana. The saying goes ” if she has money she will kill you with a gun, if she is broke she will use a knife” BUT ONLY IF YOU
      F… UP.

  114. You porbably need to learn Spanish, or look for a Colombiana that speaks English if long term is your goal. If you think about sex, well that is a different approach entirely. Me, in all of my time overseas in the military, I would never pay for sex, never have, never will. I think you analysis is spot on when it comes to older guys. It does paint a stereotype. I am happily married to a Costeña from Barranquilla who is 13 years my junior, and is amazing. I don’t speak Spanish, so I was looking for someone that spoke English when I met my wife. I didn’t go on any of those “meet hot women in Colombia” trips that you see either, they seem so contrived, and most of the women, are most probably looking for a way out. I do notice that when I go back to Colombia when I am shopping with the wife, they tend to charge more if I am with her. Colombianas do make better wives then U.S. women IF you find the right one, and they tend to retain their shape even after kids.

  115. I have an odd like, I love preggie girls and ive noticed a LOT of columbian preggos on webcam sites as of late. Some seem super sweet even for a cam girl and some are obvious golddiggers.
    Is there something in the water there because it seems to be more than just a coincedence there are so many.

      1. No its not custom. It’s environmental. Blind passion and a lack of sex education is exposing lots of young people to unwanted pregnancies. With environmental, i mean the stresses of wanting to be be independent or wanting to discover life.

        Teenagers especially think love is forever. Before you know it, they are pregnant. Travel any south or Central American country with a history of violence, poor access to education and poverty and you will notice that most women above the age of 26 have had a child. The prettier they are, the more they get to that line of risk. It’s survival for the fittest out there.

  116. I have been traveling to Bogota since 1986. I’m 59,considered very handsome, no beer gut. Here is the truth, as I have learned. Every country, I have visited 29, has it’s bad seeds male and female. In August I will marry a very beautiful 34 yo Colombian Lady that I have been with for a year. I love the cold nights in Bogota, so does she! Does money count? Heck yes, to any woman if you want to marry her. If you cannot provide for a woman in your life don’t look for one. Educated Colombian women are not difficult to find, but not easily available, especially to Colombian men. True, Colombian men run when they get a woman pregnant, they are notorious for being Male sluts. Do Colombian women respect American Gringos? Yes, if you respect them and be a gentleman. Colombian women like to be and feel protected, not abused. They abhor profanity, so no dirty talk guys, unless you want a prostitute. Can they cook? It’s a family tradition for them to know how to cook. Will they take care you? Treat her like a lady, she will treat you like a man, sensually passionate. If she tells you she is separated, RUN FROM HER!!!!!!! If she wants you to meet her parents don’t be shy! Family is very important to her, it’s her way of life. It took me months to be intimate will my fiancee, I had no problem with that. It’s respect for each other. I found out that I am a poor candidate for Viagra, I am constantly excited around her, 24/7. It’s her personality and attitude that keeps me excited! If you decide to marry a Colombian lady, mark my words, don’t make her jealous!! I learned that 10 years ago. Most Colombian women want security not only monetarily, but marital as well. Every night with my fiancee is like the first night, no routine! Good luck! BTW, I feel safer in Bogota than I do in my hometown in Texas!

    1. Sweet KD… you are actually living IN colombia with your girl. That’s how I would recommend it to anyone who can do it… to actually stay in the country with the girl if possible

    2. Hey KD or Jesse, I am thinking about taking a ESL job in Bogota or in Barranquilla. If I take the Bogota job I would fairly close to a lady friend I have gotten to know from an online dating site through daily video skyping and e-mails. She wants me there to be with her and she is in Villavicencio. Can you guys tell me what the women of Meta region are like or Villavicencio?

  117. Very Good advice except I would add Colombian women are very passionate about love, marriage and security. If that is what you have in mind and if you spend the time to gain their trust you can have the most beautiful woman in the world, inside and out. Marriage or fiance VISA’s to the United States are almost gauranteed and are pretty short term (less than one year). One caution! They will expect you to send money to support the family they left in Colombia. They will not tell you this until you are hooked. They are passionate lovers in bed. They like to kiss until they suck your lips off. I know this because I married a woman in Santa Marta. I spent 5 weeks in Santa Marta. I had to divorce her because she would not immigrate. She secretly wanted me to move there to take care of her aging parents and epileptic child. One last piece of advise. Wear blinders when you are in Colombia. The women are insanely jealous. Another word of caution, never use the word bitch (Perra). That will end your relationship fast.

  118. Great info,I’ve been living in Cartagena for 4months,I have duel citizenship, My father is Columbia and my mother french American I am28yrs old extremely confident,good looking 6ft. Gringo who speaks little Spanish great French and English with collage degree in chemical engineer from the university Texas.I had a steady relationship in America but American women are just the same as Columbia women in the sense of the good quality ones are looking for men with money,stability etc..but,they both have bad quality so bottom line is any girl you meet will not love you for you, there for I’ve been meeting and paying money for sex with girls here and abroad so I have thought about becoming a male gigolo to women who are willing to pay me something for time spent w/ them there are plenty of tourist who visits Cartegena daily don’t need the money but want to experience what it feels like to being pampered or giving pleasure to women for money.please reply your info or knowledge on that.

    1. The female/male relation is like a business contract. If you get married, you would sign under a long term contract and if you pay for sex, you would be agreeing on a short term contract. This is a business. Women need the money, and you need sex. So simple it is. Those who sign under longer term contract, would probably end up paying more in total and having less variety, and less risk of getting SD. And the game is a kind of cheating in the business. Now, whoever assuming he is getting laid because he was handsome is totally wrong! It might happen at teenage ages where the girl has not discovered the value of her sexual resources. However, when she starts thinking about securing her future as a weaker sex, she gets into business and forgets all about physical attraction. And this is why those with more money can have more sex with the hottest women.

      Now, think for a moment. These women are not necessarily hotter than many other undiscovered women in the poor societies. Get to some remote villages, find a dirty and poor looking girl, wash her clean, buy her nice clothes, take her to a beauty shop, and bingo! you have one of the hottest babes on the planet that no one knew about 😀 She just couldn’t shoow off because she could not. She is not arrogant and selfish, she is beautiful, she is hot (cause she hasn’t got a man for long time), and she does whatever you want. Example: small villages in Afganistan 😀

      1. Jeez you’re a dreamer. Ofcourse money gets you bodies. i mean the nieces money can buy. But you’re pushing it with the village story.

  119. Im Colombian, and looking at your pictures you probably went to the wrong places… I live in Bogotá, and most of the places I see gringos partying are high class (expensive for us, not for gringos) and you can meet a lot of colombian celebrities and also young hot college girls, but yes, most high class girls usually are not so impress for gringos (they have travel…) and probably their boyfriend its around, but they are, indeed way better looking than most girls in a USA night club. I know that because I lived in the USA for 2 years, I study in the best college in Colombia, and Im also a escort so I meet a bunch of gringos dropping jaws in my city (and yes, Im also a hot colombian).
    The girls on your pics, even the ones you see as “hotties” or “babes” look middle/low class, probably more interested in gringos, but also not so pretty, but probably a better sex than the cold upper class.

    1. He babe, tnx for the normal reaction. But i need to ask you. I’m coming to Colombia for 2 months to decide where to live but i come there for the culture, the food, the way of life and off course the beautifull woman.

      Im 24, good looking, have good money backing me up! Where should I go to meet the best woman for me! I like petite girls with dark hair and light/caramel skin who are cute and sweet. Not the 5 o clock in the morning crazy vida loca girls haha ;).

      I will be able to speak basic spanish when I arrive there and I want to travel around. Where should I go babe?
      xx Alex and can i contact you?

    2. Lucia.
      will there be trouble if flirt with a girl and her boyfriend is around ?
      I am Brian from Europe, 34. partly work in Mexico and Denmark. But go to Columbia for travel and for meet girl for love and marriage (hopefully)…. but need to know how dangerous it can be ? I am good looking.. blond and blue eyes… but also aware I need to be careful ??

      1. Yes you need to be careful. This country’s still dangerous. If you don’t look like the locals I wouldn’t go around looking for problems. Stick to the main streets where there’s a lot of foot traffic and police presence.

    3. Brian: You will probably get your teeth knocked off on the spot, especially if the guy has had a couple of drinks

      Jesse Charger: really? wtf? 2000 dollars is a lot of money for such a trivial problem, the only time this could happen is if you mess with the wrong people (and if this does happen, it is more likely that the guy himself does it, hiring a hitman is kind of coward)

    4. What the fuck is wrong with your brain? Are you blind? There are enough single women all around you, and you still prefer to flirt with someone else’s GF/Wife? If BF/husband knocks you down, you deserve it. You are kind of person who always thinks “the grass on my neighbour’s garden is greener). Be decent, and respect others’ privacy and they would respect yours.

      1. Actually Brian its funny you mention that. Its funny because while there with a woman, wife or girlfriend most will try to hit on her right in front of you. Uyy mamacita, or some other bullcrap. So it seems very hypocritical if you can’t do the same.

    5. Okay so ur an escort, educated and hot. Mami que tengo que hacer para conocer te y poner una sonrisa en tu carita.

  120. Good general info on colombia however there is a great deal of difference between various parts of colombia. In Cartagena, Bucaramanga and Bogota, the women are kind of stand-offish. In Medellin has pretty and friendly women, cali has some amazing super forward women (but go to the cities nearby not Cali itself), Neiva is great, Manizales very friendly. The women from Barranquilla are very openminded and fun–which is surprising because its right next to Cartagena where the women tend to be very boring and gold digging. I have to say you are off about not being able to sleep with women quickly, colombian women are very impulsive and if you can get her excited she will do anything anywhere. I remember this one Argentine guy who was normal looking, but he would sleep with some of the most amazing girls in the bathroom of the hostal…he had his game down!

    1. You can get any woman to do nything for you anywhere, by getting them excited. This does not apply tto Colombian women only, but to most, if not all, women. The ones in exception list have got some personality disorder and should be avoided at all cost 🙂

  121. I am one of those older guys (56) who goes down to Colombia for sex. I am a monger. Your descriptions are pretty accurate. However, us older guys have a different mindset about women. Most of us are not looking for wives, we just want to bang young hot latinas. No matter how old guys get, we all always want young and hot. You younger guys will experience this some day. 30 year olds and older and just not enough to get excited about. Also, the putas that we go out with in Colombia are super fun and its very easy to party with. No gaming or games at all, just super fun. They do exactly what you say and are always ready to party because that is how they make their money. I actually love the whores and the whole atmosphere. Its a blast. Plus, when its all over they go home and you get a new one (s), the next day. And, its cheap!

    I know all of this is not appealing to younger guys and it shouldn’t be. Younger guys should be out hunting for girls because its what they are designed to do. Us older guys have been there, done that and now its just easy fun time.

    1. I agree @ 48 years old. But it’s always fun to hunt that young, pretty native! It’s a challenge! Having the best of both worlds is a beautiful thing.

    2. I love this reply. It’s to much hassle to settle down. It’s quite easy to settle down with a girl. I find it harder to stay single.

      Once a reporter asked Charlie Sheen, “Charlie, you’re young, famous, rich, and can have any woman you want. You don’t need to pay for sex.”

      Charlie Sheen’s reply: “I don’t pay for sex. I pay for them to leave”.

  122. “It’s not that your typical 20 year old girl in Colombia is any hotter than your typical 20 year old girl in Miami or Los Angeles. She isn’t.

    But to the old guy Smith who hasn’t gotten laid in over ten years, he’s suddenly being validated with eye contact, he’s on a travel high, his ego shoots through the roof, and he thinks he’s in pussy and hot women paradise.

    The truth is, his opinions are wrapped up in his own ego. He is in no way objective.”

    But if the women look after their figures more than American women–which they do–certainly that makes them seem more appealing on a per capita basis? Unless you dig fat chicks. Plus they are nicer too, and more courteous, and that is a huge plus.

    Overall, i think if you want hot women in Columbia, you have to be presentable in appearance. This doesn’t mean ‘good looking’ exactly, but you need to dress reasonably well otherwise you won’t get hotties. Money will only get you so far. You need to make an effort in other areas too.

    1. i agree with u. I am not the best looking guy but i dress up good and i have good hygiene i get laid with beautiful girls.

  123. colombia by far has more bangers than the us you probably have you own sterotypical idea of what beauty is but just about everyone agrees about colombia not just guys with no game.

  124. Actually I am now 54 Birthday Yesterday

    Yes I suppoose One is a Bit Lacking in Confidence at 54 and 17st

    But Better than Aveage looks I think

  125. Hello I don’t know how you got my email adddress

    Any way I was looking through LatainAmerican Cupid
    Yes the Hottest looking women are from Colombia

    I want to go Cycling in Argentina – I have heard they are quite stuck up and Would be hard to have a relationship withthan Colombian girls.

    But Coming in to South Colombia from Bolivia is too dangerous SO it says On Wikepedia

    So Any Suggenstions for Argentina Was thinking of Buenos Aries they travelling throug patagonia

    Me AGE 53 and Yes Chubby But Do have all my own Blonde hair

    Wait for your reply

      1. Christ you lads are tools. They are much better than the idiotic and disgusting women we have here anyways.

  126. I am laughing my ass-off, Jesse! You were describing, ME!!
    The “Cradle Robber”
    Some of the old farts who retired and are living there have girlfriends 20 and 30 years younger than themselves.
    I truly like your write-ups about different countries. You could arrange tours on foreign countries for us guys!..I would go!

    1. I think much better off here in Philippines. Lived Thailand an Philippines the last 9 yrs wonderful place an women an not much hassle at all. Philippines now 7 yrs an just love Asian women an here is a little better than Thailand but still go back visit Thai few weeks a yr.Thanks for you view on Columbia though.

      1. I’ve lived in the PI for a few years and now Thailand. The girls in PI are much easier, the infrastructure is better in Thailand.

        The Catholicism in the PI doesn’t effect their willing to sleep with you. They will sleep with someones husband in hopes to secure financial resources for them and their family and still go to church on Sunday.

        After being in Asia and loving it for so long, I’d really like to see the girl in other parts of the world.

        Wondering how South America is. I know Ms Universe always has Ms Venezuela in the top 10, but I heard people say that it was dangerous.

    1. FARC is actually not an issue in the big cities. They stay in the jungles, hundreds of miles away.

      You’re no more in danger of FARC in Medellin than you’re in danger of L.A. gangs in Las Vegas.

    2. Ive spent significant time in both…I think Bolivia is actually more dangerous now than colombia. And Venezuela is ten times more dangerous than either..but no one talks about that.

      1. Bolivia is more dangerous than Colombia . Too much snorting is gone through your head, whitie..Colombia is a million miles dangerous than Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador…Please, i think too much pussy has killed your brain cells…Do you know how many colombia cities in the 50 most dangerous cities? yep you name it, FIVE….Not bad, for Medellin was once known as the most violent in the world…despite it cleaned up their act, it is still more violent than their neighbors. well, you would miss this fact, because all u care is pussy

  127. Jesse, nice guide. What do you think if a colombian girl went abroad… to study or to work (not the night club job, but the real one).
    Can you do the Venezuela, too?!
    Nos vemos, viejo!

  128. I am living in Medellin right now and your analysis is spot on. It’s not so often that people give honest advice about Colombia but this is really amazing content. Well done.

  129. Awesome post Derek. My question to you though: were you able to bang any girls in these trips to South America and Europe?

  130. Wow, awesome article Jesse – from start to finish.

    I’ve been living in Uberlandia, Brazil the last 4 months and been with my Brazilian girlfriend for over a year and I have to say there are MANY similarities between the Brazilian and Colombian culture in terms of game.

    – Positives:

    1. Being a gringo definitely helps. Traveling outside of Rio or Sao Paulo makes this even 10x more true where hardly an gringos reside.
    2. Age difference is also not as big of a social stigma like America/Europe. Great for all you older guys out there.
    3. Gringos status symbol of sleeping with lots of women doesn’t play as big of a role here than it seems in Colombia. If you’re regularly getting laid in your home country, it’s going to happen in Brazil.
    4. Hottest women in South America IMHO, especially in certain areas of Southern Brazil where it’s like a plethora of models.

    – Negatives:

    1. Brazilian women also live with their parents, but the Catholic doesn’t have a grip on the country like Colombia, so everyone is MUCH more relaxed.
    2. Nightlife is also very social circle oriented. In fact, most bars are basically sit down restaurants making it difficult to do any cold approaches.
    3. Brazilian men are also notorious cheaters, making Brazilian women very mistrustful and possessive as well.

    1. About 1st negative point, I know in the state of Goiás they are quite religious, though not generally Catholic I believe. I know several of them are Baptist. Had a bit of an issue with that once, he he.

    2. What do you consider the south? Campo Grande down or Sāo Paulo down? What’s your opinion on the women in the Guaruja, Tombo beach area? I’m asking about Guaruja because I follow this gorgeous brunette model on Instagram named Jacqueline Sandes and I want to know what your opinion is of her from 1-10 scale, 10 being the highest. Would you say she’s considered like average looking or like one of the better looking ones comparing her to the rest of the general population of Brazilian women.

      – A 17 year old guy from Southern California who see’s nothing but skinny white girls, who always talk about the thigh gap and how they wish they looked like Kendall Jenner of the Kardashian family whose figure I don’t find all that attractive.

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