Dating Hot Fitness Models Like Amanda Carrier or Jamie Eason

Okay so I’m assuming you want a HOT girlfriend…

Yes, she needs to be sweet and nice and yada, yada, yada.

But it wouldn’t be so bad if she was slam-banging hot as well, right?

In my book, a great woman should be dedicated to giving her man a steady stream of high-octane sexual pleasure.  And since we men are such visually-oriented creatures, a woman’s body has to visually LOOK hot to turn us on.

Ideally, we want a girl who when you take off her clothes, your reaction is, “Wow Girl!  Now that’s what I’m talking about!!!”  And your every biological urge is just to spread her legs and let her have it.

Now, we all have different opinions of what a “hot girl” is.  But to simplify things for the sake of brevity, let’s take fitness model Amanda Carrier as our template of the “really, really hot chick”.

Now, if you’re thinking to yourself that Amanda above is only “so-so hot”, that’s because you’re such a picky bastard and you deserve never to get laid.  Just imagine if you brought this girl to your high-school reunion and all those big jocks who picked on you saw you with this girl.  It would be jaws dropping, heads being scratched, and instant respect.  So let’s just take her as our template of what “very hot” looks like.

Okay, so the question I’m answering is WHY are some girls like Amanda Carrier very hot, and WHY most girls are NOT nearly so hot…

Amanda even looks great when she’s 8 months pregnant, a difficult feat to pull off!

And HOW *you* can end up with women that have something like Amanda Carrier’s kicking body…

From Hotness Onto Sagging Butter-Butt Mediocrity

When a young woman is in her teens, ages 16 to 19, her body is naturally producing muscle all on it’s own and her metabolism is raging fast as a bullet train.

So even if  she never goes to gym or does any fitness exercises, she’ll STILL remain thin and lean.

A teenage girl can even eat a shit diet of potato chips and soda and ice-cream and she’ll STILL remain thin.

So young girls can be lazy as all fuck and still be generally *hot*.

Take actress Megan Fox, below.  She represents what your typical teen girl looks like – thin, youthful, and lean.

Some teen girls have more booty though.  They have more butt and thighs, or big breasts.  But because of their cranking metabolisms, they also have lean abs and narrow waists.

Yes, teenage girls can be utterly lazy about diet and exercise, but they’re at the prime child bearing age (ages 15 to 19 in nature) and so their bodies remain tight and fit to attract men’s love seed, despite their otherwise bad and lazy habits.

The Glorious 20’s Chubbiness…

But in their early 20s, women’s metabolism begins to slow down.  In nature, this is the age when women would already be onto having their second or third child.  Their biological priority is less on attracting a man, and more on storing body fat to take care of their babies.

By around age 26, women’s bodies stop producing new muscle altogether, and instead they start losing muscle every year.

And with the loss of muscle, their metabolism slows way down and they put on increasing stores of fat instead.

Take Britney Spears, age 27.  By their mid-20s, most women look like Britney – chubby and very little muscle definition.  And every year women lose more and more muscle, and gain more and more pounds.

And now their bad eating habits and lack of exercise that didn’t seem to affect them too much in their teens, fully catches up with them.

That’s why “Perfect 10 bodies” of girls in their mid-20s is already so… RARE.  It’s almost like spotting a Unicorn!

By age 30, the woman loses more muscle, thus causing her metabolism to further slow.  She puts on more and more fat until it’s rolling off her sides.

The pic above shows your typical 30 year old woman – and that’s IF she’s generally eating a healthy diet!  Women who are NOT eating healthy by age 30 are getting outright FAT and blubbery.

Two chubby chicks stuck on a waterslide

And the process applies to ALL women, universally.

Okay Jesse, So How DO You Nab a Hot Chick Like Amanda Carrier?

Alright dammit, I’m getting to that!

Now, the reason so many women by their mid-20s are chubby, flabby, and out of shape is because of some **huge misconceptions** and myths about what it actually takes for a woman to look screaming hot, hot, hot.

The ONLY way a woman is going to look really hot into her 20s and 30s, and be that super-babe for you in bed is if she’s lifting HEAVY weights.  Just like a DUDE!

Period and end of story!

Take Amanda Carrier, our prototype hot babe.  She’s a fitness model and has a regular regimen of heavy weight lifting.

Or take fitness model Jamie Eason.

Jamie Eason is a fitness model of Oxygen Magazine and her exercise regimen is all about pounding out the heavy weights at the GYM.

In the exact same way that a DUDE who wants to look ripped and hot has to hit the GYM and do reps of HEAVY weights, women ALSO have to do the **exact same thing** to get a hot, finesse body.

Watch the video of Jamie Eason above to get an idea of a truly fit and tight woman’s body looks like.

Perfect 10 Girls… They’re Packing Muscle

So let’s look at some celebrities here and see how being skinny stacks up to looking muscular and athletic.

First, we’ll take an unretouched, candid photo of movie actress Megan Fox.

Megan Fox is lean, and she’s sporting some abs.

But overall she’s carrying very little muscle.  She’s lean, but she’s not really muscular.

The result is that she looks like your typical 18 year old girl, but she wouldn’t really compare next to say a Hawaiian Tropic bikini model.  She looks like your average high school or young college age chick.

Next, Britney Spears again.

Britney’s putting on body fat, obscuring any muscle she might have.  So we wouldn’t consider her toned or muscular or the Perfect 10 body either.  Now, I love chubby girls as much as the next guy, they can be a lot of fun in bed, but most guys wouldn’t consider the ideal, healthy body weight.

And finally, back to fitness model Amanda Carrier.

Amanda is the closest to what guys have in mind as being the awesome hot body.

And she lifts weights.  And in the first photo there is zero airbrushing, zero touch-up, and zero fancy camera angles or lighting effects going on.  She’s the real thing.

Now Amanda is lean like Megan Fox, but she’s packing on a lot more muscle.  So instead of looking flat, she has great curves and great definition, and that’s what makes her visually look the most attractive, curvaceous, and just banging hot.

And even though she is carrying nothing but pure muscle, she doesn’t look bulky either.

Okay so why don’t more women look extremely hot?

It’s purely because they are not carrying enough muscle on their body like Megan Fox, or they have too much body fat covering up whatever muscle definition they do have, like Britney Spears.

Why Women Are Dumb About Staying “Hot”…

First off, 90% of women will simply not do structured exercise.  They never built up the habit for structured exercise in their lives and have no interest in it.  They’re just going to be sagging flabbies.

But the women who DO exercise to look hot… do it all wrong!!

First, most women only do cardio, thinking that cardio will “shave off the pounds” and “give them abs”.


(Notice these same exercise myths apply to us men too, so listen)

What ends up happening to a woman who only does cardio, is that she burns off fat, but at the same time she ALSO burns off lean muscle tissue.

And when she loses lean muscle tissue, her metabolism decreases.

So once she stops exercising later down the road, she has less fat than before, BUT she also has less muscle than before, and thus her metabolism is slower.

So now, once she stops exercising, the weight just comes back on even faster and even easier than before.  She gains all her weight right back.

And that’s where the woman “yo-yos” in her weight.  She does intense cardio, loses weight, and then she gains it all right back and gains back more weight then before.

And she ends up as this fat blob with no muscle and a slow metabolism!

Why “Toning” Workouts Are Total Nonsense!

Now, the other area where women go wrong, is that they get obsessed with this idea of “toning” their bodies.

“Toning” is a complete nonsense concept.

Marketers use the word “toning” because it sounds better than “get lean and muscular”.

The words “muscle” and “muscular” sounds scary to women and conjures up images of Arnold Swarchenegger.  So to sell magazines of supplements, marketers use this word “toning” for women instead.

But the only way for a woman to look “toned”, is to train with HEAVY weights to build *muscle*… just the same as it is for a guy.

And she has to go heavy with low reps to put on lean muscle mass.

What women do all wrong is that they’ll do 20 to 30 repetitions of a light weight to get “toned”.

But building muscle and thus increasing metabolism requires constantly challenging muscles with increasing levels of resistance.  This is also known as “progression”, and it applies to both men and women equally.

So to look hot like a fitness model like Amanda Carrier or Jamie Eason, a woman needs to do exactly what hot fitness models do – train with heavy weights with 10 to 12 repetitions, just like a man does, to failure or close to failure.

But when women try to “tone” by doing lots of high repetitions of a light weight, their muscles aren’t challenged and nothing happens.  They’re effectively wasting their time.  They don’t achieve their goals, they don’t lose weight, and they don’t shape their bodies.

To add muscle, to speed up her metabolism, and keep that teenage youthful body appearance, a woman needs to train with progressively more weight and more resistance and that means performing less reps, just like a guy would.

There’s simply no other way for a woman to look “Perfect 10 hot”.

Can You Teach a Girl To Workout And Look Hot?

Jamie Eason

Of course, most women are frightened at the idea of going to the gym at all.

You talk about resistance training and women think that they’re going to bulk up instantly like some huge body builder.

So instead they simply won’t go, OR they’ll do nothing but cardio OR they’ll do “toning” exercises and make absolutely no progress whatsoever.

Case in point, walk into any big gym and you’ll see that 99% of the women are doing the dance classes or the spinning classes, and virtually NONE of the women are lifting the weights.

It’s why so FEW women actually look really good, and it’s just too hard to fight it yourself.

Look, women are biologically programmed to have babies at like age 16, 17, 18 and then put on a lot of fat and begin to look like aging mothers.

100 years ago, by age 25, a woman was considered OLD and past prime child bearing age.

So a woman’s natural instincts is to rely on being pretty in her teens, attract some guy, and get pregnant FAST.  And then she’s to put on massive amounts of weight as she rears children into her 20s, for the survival of her offspring.

So convincing a woman to train with weights to look hot like a fitness model… well, um…

…good luck with that bro!!

BUT if you are really investing in one girl, like she’s your “soul mate”, and you are serious about giving your girl a seriously hot body, you should get her enrolled in a fitness training program.  Either a real school or train with an experienced personal trainer who can drill correct exercise methods into her and make them habits.

Yes that’s expensive, but most likely your woman isn’t going to listen to you anyway, and she’s not going to do it on her own either.

But if you provide your girl with a structured environment with professional training and knowledge, then you can indeed instill the fitness and eating habits in her that will make your woman into a hot bodied honey – just like Amanda Carrier.

That’s one way to get an uber hot chick… to just “build one”.

The Elite Narcissist Method

Alternatively, you can just resign to the fact that 99% of the girls have a few “good years” where they’ll look hot because they’re young, but the reality is… it won’t last.

Your typical woman will start to look saggy and baggy a few short years after her prime.

Don’t fight it… and just grab all the hotties while they’re still hot.  Continually meet new women and continually have fun with the latest round of hotties.

Instead, work on your OWN elite level of fitness and your “game” and be the 10 *yourself*.  That’s the “Extreme Narcissism” way.  Become a “male fitness model” yourself, and attract and INSPIRE a girl who wants to emulate YOU and then have her tag along as a fan and a follower.

Just being at the bar or being at the beach with an elite fitness body and elite game will naturally attract and pre-select women who value fitness themselves.  And those are the girls who will most likely stay fit and attractive themselves.

When you go first, the girls will follow.

Combine that with real Seduction Science meeting and greeting, and that’s an effective way to meet your own Amanda Carrier or Jamie Eason “super hot Perfect 10” girlfriend.

Get my drift, man?

7 thoughts on “Dating Hot Fitness Models Like Amanda Carrier or Jamie Eason”


  2. Women who hit the weights in my view are the hottest by far and are few and far between sadly. The media doesn’t really promote shapely buff women the way they could. It is a very tricky subject to broach with most women. I can see an explosion of women getting into serious weight training in the future, careful and sensitive marketing is needed.

  3. the only thing you forgot to mention; less fat = less boob,
    and unfortunately most boys want girls with a big cupsize
    if a girl does judo and fitness (like I do) she’ll lose her bodyfat BUT her boobs too,
    what make them less hot 🙁

  4. Very interesting. I agree 100 %. Activities like Crossfit, Boxing and Martial Arts can also be thrown into the equation. Fitness is then great leveller, as so few ladies are in descent shape at an older age, it makes them no longer take their genes for granted. The percentage of people who are in shape is a lot smaller in todays society, due to poor diet and sedentary lifestyles.

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