Day Game Routines For Great Conversations – The Cube

Day game routines are great for meeting girls on the street or making a girl laugh on a date.

You can use day game routines to create social value with a girl, or with a group of girls.

For example, let’s say you’re in a group of three girls, two 7s and a 9. Your goal is to build sufficient social value to the 9 that she becomes attracted to you. With palm reading, you can read the palm of the first 7, and then the second 7 – while ignoring the 9. Pretty soon, the 9 will want you to read her palm and you can tell her to wait her turn.

With a day game routines such as palm reading, you’re building social value by involving ALL of the girls into the routine.

A Day Game Routine To Use

Another day game routine that girls like is The Cube. The Cube is a game you can play to tell a girl about herself. In The Cube, you ask the girl a series of questions, and based on her answers it tells you what she and her relationships are like.

In the game is a cube which represents her, a ladder which represents her friends, and a horse which represents her lover. There are entire books on how to do the Cube, but really you just need an extremely simplified version of it, nothing fancy or complicated.

First say to the girl, “I have an intuition about you… you know, I can tell you deep insights about you just be asking you three questions.”

When she’s hooked, tell her, “Great, imagine you were driving in the desert and you see a cube.”

First ask her, “How big is the cube?”

Next ask her, “What color is it?”

Now tell her, “Awesome… now, let’s add a ladder. Where is the ladder in relation to the cube?”

Get her answer. Now tell her, “So let’s add one more thing to your picture. Let’s add a horse. What type of horse is it? Where is the horse in relation to everything in your picture?”

Once she answers, tell her, “Wow… interesting… okay. Are you ready to find out what all of this means?”

Have her agree. Then give her the analysis of what it all means.

Tell her, “The cube represents what you think of yourself.” Now give her an analysis in this day game routine. If the cube is large, it means she has a big ego or talkative or the leader of her group or just make something up… if the cube is small it means she can be shy or that she’s down to earth.

The color of her cube can represent her personality – red and she’s passionate, yellow and she’s happy, blue and she’s profound and so on. If it’s a swirl of colors, it means she’s energetic. Just make it up as you go.

Now tell her about the ladder. The ladder represents her friends. If the ladder is close to the cube or extremely large, it means she holds her friends as very important. If the ladder is flying around in the sky, it means she has trouble keeping friends. If the ladder is on the floor, it means her friends tend to be casual. Again, just make the analysis up as you go in this day game routine.

Now tell her about the horse. The horse represents her lover. If the horse is a stallion, it means she wants a strong, powerful lover. If the horse is a mare, she wants a gentle, nurturing lover. If the horse is near the cube, it means her lovers are loyal and committed. Again, just make the analysis up.

The point isn’t to accurately give any predictions. Day game routines are just to pump the girls up with emotions, lead the group, and show the girls that you’re an authority figure – someone who has power over their destiny and can see through them into who they really are. And by leading the girls’ attention, the hot girl of the group will become attracted to you because she’s seeing how her friends positively respond to you – especially if at first she feels left out of the day game routine.

And, it’s important to come from a, “I’m having fun and being playful seeing what kind of responses can happen,” rather than a, “Let me convince her that I’m cool” frame while doing this.

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