How To Eat Unlimited, Delicious Food VERY Cheap!

So you want muscles, buster?

You want to get “oohs and aahs” from the girls at the beach?

You want to be a piece of man-candy for the ladies?

Well for an Elite Fitness body, you’ve got to eat… and eat a lot!

Working out stimulates the muscles, but eating and sleeping is what makes them repair and grow bigger and stronger than before.

And if you’re not eating enough calories, it doesn’t matter how much you exercise, you’ll remain small.  Ripped maybe, but small.

The only problem of eating a lot of food is – THE MONEY!

… and – THE TIME!

I dislike cooking personally and I don’t have much free time for it.  And if you’re doing a lot of things, you’re probably a busy guy too.

At the same time, food can be expensive.  Especially when you’re exercising regularly, you can easily eat DOUBLE the amount of food, which means double your costs.  And sometimes that can mean real financial hardship.

A cheap “solution” is to chow down at Taco Bell and McDonald’s.

But while you can consume lots of calories that way, it’s not healthy.  You’ll put on muscle, but you’ll also put on a lot of fat which isn’t good for your heart or internal organs… not to mention increase your chances of cancer.

Fast food will make you look like this guy…

When you really want to achieve a leaner look…

Which is what makes girls on the beach notice you.  Not how big you are per se, but that you’ve got ABs.

And *some* protein shakes can you give you lots of clean calories from proteins and carbs, but you’re missing out on all the vitamins and nutrients that comes from eating REAL vegetables and REAL lean meats.  Not to mention protein shakes can get boring to drink day after day.

So here’s the big secret to eating a lot of REAL food, CLEAN food, WITHOUT preparation and doing it CHEAP!

All-You-Can-Eat Muscle Food for $7.00 Flat

For $7.00 U.S. dollars you can eat all the lean chicken, salads, colorful veggies, wheat bread, lemonade and soups you can stuff into that hungry face of yours.

It’s at the-all-you-can-eat buffet at Sweet Tomatoes / Soup Plantation!

Personally I eat at Sweet Tomatoes three times a week, and I eat a LOT!

Above picture you can see what I typically start out with.

A green salad with celery and black olives and broccoli.  A “red salad” with carrots, beets, butternut squash, and radishes (colorful veggies have all sorts of health benefits).  And chicken soup.

BUT… there’s a formula you HAVE to follow to get the price down to just $7.

Tip #1: Free Drinks

First, don’t buy the drink. That’s where they really make their money because the drink costs an extra $2.50.

This is what I do: I just ask for bottomless water (free) and then I grab the all-you-can-eat sliced lemons, squeeze a few of those in, lots of ice, and then add a sweet-and-low sugar packet.  Voila, you have lemonade.  And it tastes awesome!  Just try doing that at McDonald’s…

Tip #2: Free Protein-Packed, Lean Chicken

If you want huge quantities of red meat, Sweet Tomatoes isn’t the place to go.

But you can get lots of lean white chicken – and all you can eat of it.

Here’s what I do.

There’s actually a huge reservoir of lean, white chicken at the bottom of the chicken noodle soup.  You’ll see me there with the big soup ladle carefully out “fishing”.

The trick is to fish it out of the chicken noodle soup.  Grab the soup ladle and just go fishing for it.  That’s how I get all my protein.  Thanks Sweet Tomatoes, you guys are the best!

Tip #3: Get the discount $6.99 price

Next, the lunch buffet normally costs like $8.50 or something.  To get the $6.99 price, you’ve got to use the Coupon of Glory.

Fortunately, you can print out as many Coupon of Glory as you like.  Think of it like playing Contra on the old NES with the 90 lives.  Use them as many times as you want, so you can get the cheap price each and every day.  Even better, there’s both lunch and dinner coupons.

The trick is to get on the Sweet Tomatoes email list to get the coupons regularly sent to your inbox.  And then just print them out.  Easy and done.

Their website is here:

Some Additional Tips…

Are you taking advantage of the system?  Yes, of course you are, you bastard!

In fact, you’ll be their nightmare customer.  But so what.  It’s all legal, so take advantage.  They’ll make plenty of money off the old grannies who just go for the soft ice-cream.

And be sure to eat clean.  Get a big green salad and a red salad with some chicken to start.  And then after you’ve got the veggies and meats, move on to the breads.

Stick with the whole grain wheat bread and go light on the cheese macaroni and pizza.

Eating a lot of food clean and cheap will put on muscle for you, while keeping you lean, energetic, and looking good.

And eating well fuels you with the motivation and energy to go out and meet all those ladies who deserve to meet the awesome you.

What’s your favorite place to eat? Let me know below by leaving a quick comment.

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  1. It is a sick idea. I’m always obsessing and making people crazy over my search for more protein. haha Now I just have to find a similar buffet place in Canada.

    Thanks man, great article, like all the others, they make a real impact.

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