Fast Attraction “Cheating” 101: Sexy Adventure Projection With Push Pull

Adventure Projection is a fun way to hold conversation with a girl, make her laugh, tease her, make her chase you, and touch her all in one punch.

So you want to go in with the “You and me” vibe into the set.  So you see the girl, you feel that spontaneous Lovestruck feeling, you open her, and you make intense eye contact alternating between her eyes and her lips, like we just talked about.

Now you want to move to the adventure.  And I’m going to give you a few examples that you can use that are very effective.

The Girlfriend Adventure

The first Adventure Projection is Girlfriend adventure.

So you tell the girl,

“Hey, you’re my new girlfriend,” and you take her hand.  And then you just talk about future adventures.  Talk about future fights, future breakups, having kids.

So you say,

“Oh, you’re the sweetest, nicest girlfriend.  You take care of me, you’re so much fun to be with.  And our kids… our kids will be science geniuses…”

And you want to always look right into her eyes and create the Lovestruck bubble of love of just her and you, while you talk to her.

But with any Adventure Projection, you HAVE to introduce push pull.

So you say,

“Wait… wait my love… I have to tell you something… I cheated on you… yes… with all your friends… wait, I cheated with you on THIS friend here!”

Or you say,

“You’re my new girlfriend, this is so special.  Wait.  No, I changed my mind.  I might just like you TOO much.  No we’re broken up now.”

And you PUSH her very tongue and cheek playfully.  You create some space.

Then you PULL her back in.

“No, no, I actually did cheat on you but let me explain what happened… because I love you…”

Then you PUSH her away…

“So what else are we going to do as girlfriend and boyfriend?  No suggestions.  Aww, you’re boring, I’m breaking up with you.”  Then PULL.  “Hold on, take my hand, take it like you’re my girlfriend.  See that’s nice.  Give me a hug.  I would never break up with you, Love.”  And pull her back into you.

The Celebrity Star

Another adventure is the Celebrity Star.

You tell the girl,

“Okay, I’m going to make you a star in New York on Broadway.  Hell, I’m going to make you the next Top Model on television.  Can you pose?  Do this pose?  Okay, now pose like this.”

“Ahh okay, you’re in.  Wait after that pose, I think you’re out.  Wait, wait… that was great… you’re in!  You’re going to be a star!”

So the push-pull in Adventure Projection can be described simply as  “I like you… maybe I don’t like you… wait, I think I like you… naah, I don’t like you.  Actually, when I think about it, I DO like you… Actually I’m not so sure.”

Together… not together… together… not together.

What the push pull does is make you unpredictable as FUCK.  And it fucks with her validation.  Her validation is being pushed back and forth.  I love you… wait, maybe not!  She’s won you… wait maybe not!

And with the creation of the space, it forces the girl to want to CHASE after you to win your approval.

Look, women want what they have to work for.  Take for example the cracker jack prize. Normally you’d think it’s a total piece of shit.  But if you have to work hard to get it, it has perceived value!  And the more work a girl has to put into something, the more she’ll value it.  So when you push her away, she’ll work hard to bring her best self to the table.

So in these Adventure Projections, make her work for you. Anytime you disqualify yourself, the girl will chase.

And at the same time you create this sexual tension because you’re giving her lots of indicators or interest and letting her know that you desire her.

The Cheerleader

Here you pretend the girl is your cheerleader, and you can move her arms around in cheerleader fashion, a great reason to touch her skin’s hot spots.

You just tell her,

“Oh my god, you’re like a little cheerleader.  I’ll be out playing football and look over at you… I’ll be talking to my mates and then come over to you, take you by the hand and lead you into the changing rooms and do unimaginable things to you!  Then word will get around school that we’re an item together, and we’d be like the coolest kids in high school.”

Now the push.  “But then you’ll get all needy and clingy.  And I’ll have this affair with this cute redhead cheerleader.  And you’ll be totally pissed and angry at me and plot revenge.”

But then it’ll hit me…

“Why didn’t I realize that you were the right girl for me all along?  And in a massive display of my love I’ll express my love for you in front of the whole school… and while you’re cheerleading I’ll run across the field and grab you and pick you up and hug you and spin you… and profess my love for you and kiss you in front of everyone!”

So here are some rules to keep in mind.

Push pull to keep fucking with her validation and get her chasing you.

Keep it short.  You don’t need to go on for 5 minutes.  To remain unpredictable just keep changing up the adventures.

It doesn’t even have to make any sense, the less sense the better because it will keep her guessing and reacting.  Just give her the emotional ups and downs, because that’s what the girl loves the most.

And keep that bubble of love of “You and me”.  The smiling, the direct eye contact, the touching, and physically pull the girl in.

The True Love

Another adventure plotline is “True Love”.  Just start going off about how you love her, how she’s your true love, how it’s fate, how it’s destiny, that you simply MUST marry her.  Telling her that you should get married, and grabbing other people in the club and telling them that you just got married.

And you can push her just by falsely disqualifying yourself.  Tell her,

“You need to know though that I’m a bad, bad man… and you’re a bad, bad girl… and we might explode together.”

Or, “But you shouldn’t fall for me… I would be bad for you… a good girl like you probably wouldn’t like have fun with a bad boy like me!”

Or you can push her away as being TOO tempting.  You tell her,

“I love you… let’s get married… and describe you wedding… wait, you’re so tempting though… you’re dangerous for me… what are you doing to me… get away from me, this is so dangerous,”

and pull away from the girl.

Then say, “Wait, wait… I can’t you resist though… you’re like fire…” and pull her back in.

The Romantic Date

Another Adventure Projection is just describe to the girl the Romantic Date.  Go through a romantic, elaborate story of what you would do together on a date.

Tell the girl,

“I want to take you on a romantic date… we’d go to Taco Bell… because Tacos are sexy… the way that cheese melts on your tongue… and the beans are so… filling… and I’d put a quesadilla in your mouth… while you fed me your nacho chips… it would be so romantic… Taco Bell is the sexiest place on Earth… and we would have the best table right up front by the menu…”

Okay silly and nonsensical can work great.

“And then I’d take you to he beach, and we’d write our names in the sand with our feet.”  Etc, etc, ect.

The Sexy Foreign Exchange Student

Or, if the girl is a different ethnicity from yourself, say that she’s Italian or that she’s Russian, or Spanish, you can do an Adventure Projection where she is the sexy foreign exchange student.

So any of those will work, and if you have a female friend, you can easily just tell her what you’re doing and practice on her.

So that’s a great way to make conversation, touch the girl, push and pull her to make her chase you and screw with her sense of validation, and massively create hard attraction.

And remember – take Reckless Action, take risks, and deal with the social disaster or consequences LATER.  Don’t look for permission from the girl to act – just take action, it doesn’t matter which Adventure Projection you do, as long as you do something.

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