Female Ejaculation Orgasms – A Complete Guide

Can women really ejaculate like men do?

Yes.  And the idea discovery isn’t new.  Even as far back as the 1700’s it was commonly thought that female ejaculation was required to conceive a baby.

Female ejaculate is produced and released from the body’s Skene glands, also called the paraurethral glands.  The quantity, size and placement of the Skene glands vary from woman to woman, but all women have them.

The Skene Glands

During sexual arousal the Skene glands fill up with the same ejaculate fluid as in men but without the sperm.  All women produce female ejaculate at least in small amounts varying from a few drops to a few teaspoons.  The ejaculate fluid is clear, milky, and odorless with a watery consistency.  Female ejaculate is not urine.

When ejaculate fluid shoots from the Skene glands through the urethra when she cums, it causes a more powerful and intense orgasm, similar to the way a liquid rushing through the penis creates an intense climax in a man.  The “exploding” sensation of the rushing hot liquid adds to the intensity.  As long as she ejaculates, it feels extra terrific.

Urine versus Ejaculate Fluid

You may have watched porn or heard stories where the woman ejaculated quarts across the bed in streaming jets.  However, biologically the Skean glands can only produce a few teaspoons of ejaculate fluid at a time.  Any more than a few teaspoons and she is shooting a mixture of ejaculate fluid and diluted urine.  About half the women who learn to ejaculate expel a mixture.  The women in porn are intentionally squirting urine to put on a show, not ejaculating.  Nevertheless, it still feels great for her.

Some women produce so little ejaculate that it’s not even noticeable.  At best, a little may drip out rather than squirt.  So don’t believe those that would claim that every woman can ejaculate and those who don’t are missing out.  This only pressures a woman to do something she may not be biologically equipped to do.

How to trigger ejaculation

Women who have their G-spot stimulated tend to report ejaculation more often then women who don’t.  Some women can orgasm and ejaculate when their G-spot alone is stimulated.  For some women the urge to ejaculate may never occur without G-spot stimulation.

However, this doesn’t mean that all women need G-spot stimulation for ejaculation to occur.  Many women learn to ejaculate without and G-spot stimulation at all.  It just seems that stimulation of the G-spot makes fluid expulsion more likely to occur for most women, but not all.  A woman can learn to ejaculate under any kind of stimulation as long as when she orgasms, her pelvic muscles contract intensely enough to expel the ejaculate fluid.

G-spot stimulation

The Grafenberg spot (commonly referred to as the “G-spot”) is an area on the front wall of the vagina, about two inches in, which is often found to be extremely sensitive to stimulation.

When you give a woman an orgasm through G-spot stimulation, she may ejaculate.  Female ejaculation for many women is most easily accomplished the first time with G-spot stimulation but this is far from a hard rule.

Also, G-spot response varies from woman to woman.  Some will love it, others won’t.  Be flexible with how she responds to you.

Explain the process to her

Her first ejaculation through G-spot stimulation, if she’s even capable of it, may take from ten minutes to over an hour.  So you may be in for a workout!

Before beginning the first time, tell her that you want to try giving her an ejaculation and that female ejaculation is perfectly normal and a wonderful experience.  Tell her that most women tend to most easily ejaculate with G-spot stimulation.  Don’t begin until she’s not embarrassed or ashamed about it.

Also, explain that just prior to ejaculation, she may feel like she’s about to pee.  I first encountered this phenomenon years before I knew female ejaculation existed.  I was rubbing my girlfriend’s G-spot when she suddenly felt the urge to pee.  Tell her that if this happens, she should relax her bladder and allow the fluid to pass and press out as if peeing.  Otherwise, if she follows her initial instinct to stop peeing the ejaculation will stop!  Tell her that the feeling is simply a sign that she is about to ejaculate and if there is any urine at all it will be just a little and diluted.

Warm her up first

Now that she knows about your little experiment, don’t just dive in for her G-spot right away.  Unless she’s highly aroused, her G-spot won’t respond to your touch and her Skene glands won’t have had a chance to fill with ejaculate fluid.  So first stimulate her clitoris and vulva with your tongue or fingers until she’s hot and very wet.

The G-spot Technique

Have her lay on her back with legs spread apart.  Lay down between her legs into a position where you can insert your fingers into her easily.  Make sure that your fingernails are cut short and trim, otherwise she’ll have G-sore where her G-spot use to be.  Wet your index finger (it’s the one closest to your thumb) with lubricant, even if her pussy is dripping wet.

Turn your palm up and signal with your index finger to make a hook.  Imagine you want to signal to someone across the room to come toward you with a “come hither” motion.  In this finger position, feel your way along the upper front wall of the vagina with your finger.  Assuming she’s highly aroused you should encounter an area about two inches in which should feel somewhat enlarged or rough.  It is located almost directly behind the clitoris.  This is the G-spot.

Initially, stroke her G-spot with your finger slowly, rubbing it with a very soft up and down motion, as if rubbing a soap bubble you don’t want to break.

If she’s getting hot, start pushing harder.  Gradually increase pressure until as much pressure you’d use to write on a fogged window.  As you stroke her G-spot with your lubricated finger, you must also stimulate her clitoris at the same time with your other hand or mouth and tongue.

Always maintaining a constant and steady rhythm.  Maintain some level of constant pressure on the spot until the very end.  Don’t pull out your finger and always return to the nook for the beginning and end of every movement.

You can vary your stroke in a number of ways; listed below are some strokes you can test.  Watch her reaction to see what she likes the best.

Single finger stroke

This is the stroke you should start out with.  With her laying on her back, turn your palm up and signal with your index finger with a “come hither” motion.

Double finger stroke

Same as the single finger stroke, but use two fingers instead of one.

Walking finger stroke

Use two fingers as you would in the double finger stroke, but move them in opposite strides of each other as if your fingers were walking.

Penetration finger stroke

Slide two fingers out a fraction of an inch and push them back in, similar to the in-and-out motion of intercourse, but with smaller strokes.

When you feel her vagina contracting and she nears orgasm, stroke more rapidly.  Apply a firmer touch if she enjoys it, otherwise stroke more rapidly but gently.  Encourage her by saying, “You’re getting it, go for it, don’t worry, relax and let it come.”  Tell her how erotic you find it for her to ejaculate.  Remind her at this point to relax her bladder and press out as if urinating.

The Finale

When she orgasms, her vagina may push your finger outward.  Don’t pull out!  Instead, press in gently.  A surprising amount of fluid might shoot out.  If it’s more than a few teaspoons, it’s a mixture of female ejaculate and diluted urine – so watch your eyes!

On the other hand, she may orgasm and not ejaculate any fluid.  Ejaculation takes practice and might not happen for her the first time; for other women the amount is so small that even if you’re successful it may be too little to notice.

(P.S. To give women multiple, squirting, screaming orgasms check out my Blissnosis Sex Mastery Program here)

Unlike for a man, this is not the end.  Women’s capacity for pleasure is enormous.  If she’s capable of multiple or serial orgasms, she can also have multiple ejaculations with further stimulation.  Either way, the final result will most likely be the most intense and pleasurable sex she’s ever had.

Don’t get too caught up in associating G-spot stimulation with female ejaculation.  For many women, stimulating her G-spot makes ejaculation easier the first few times.  But once she starts ejaculating easily and becomes comfortable and familiar with the process, she can learn to have powerful, liquid squirting orgasms with clitoral stimulation alone.

The stomach and knees position

If she has trouble reaching orgasm after a number of tries, having her lie on her back may not be the best position.  Instead, have her roll over on her stomach and get up on her knees so that her butt is in the air. You’ll find it easier to stimulate her G-spot in this position, and she might respond better.  Coming from behind her, slide your index finger back into her vagina, facing downward in a hook.  Find her G-spot and stroke it as discussed above.  Use your other hand, lubricated of course, to stimulate her clitoris at the same time.

Another variation to try while she’s on her stomach and knees is to instead insert your thumb into her vagina and stroke the G-spot.  Take your other two fingers and lay them down on her clitoris.  Allow the entire curve of your hand between the thumb and forefinger to lie along her vagina and clit.  Stroke with your thumb and rub her clit with your other two fingers at the same time.

G-spot Vibrators

Sometimes the best way to have a woman learn how to ejaculate is to have her drive the car herself.  A woman can’t comfortably reach her G-spot with her own hands, so buy her a vibrator specially design for G-spot stimulation.  She’ll have better control of where to stroke and how fast, how much pressure to apply and learn what feels best to her.  G-spot vibrators are marked by a curved head and most cost $20 or less.

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  1. I have a problem wanting to know if someone can help. I had multiple orgasms more than 10 hours ago and the feeling and contracting when you are have an orgasm won’t stop. What can I do? When I sit down I can’t sit still because of the sensations I’m having. Anyone have any suggestions please help.

  2. I just had a hysterectomy like seven weeks ago. I still have my ovaries. But before my surgery, my clitorial ejaculation wasn’t urine. It was just straight clear liquid that didn’t smell like anything. Now when I do it, every since my hysterectomy, it’s always urine and strong. I don’t like this fact. Can somebody tell me what’s going on because my surgeon could not.

  3. I can have gushing O’s through clitorial stimulation, some real sheet soaking….have always read that it is only possible through g-spot stimulation. This is not the case for me. On occasion when I have experienced multiple O’s, I have gushed more than once.

  4. I have been with a woman in her forties off and on for six months now. She wanted to learn to squirt and dammit, I made it my goal! First time out, got her to squirt! It was so much, so long that it filled my cupped hand and we both heard it spraying out. I can understand a certain amount was probably urine but it did not smell nor taste like urine at all. She is multi-orgasmic and gushes all of the time now. She soaks the sheets! Men need to learn to take their time with a woman and do it for HER because I guarantee you will get a thrill out of it too and become addicted!! It’s best in your face while you are down between her glorious thighs!!

  5. I’d experienced for the first time at my 50 years old. My ex- boyfriend becomes an expert! Now we are no longer together. After months I still trying every way possible and is not working! :(

  6. I’m glad to have read this. I’ve always wanted to educate myself more in this area of my life. I would get very self conscious with my husband because at times I would feel like I was leaving more of a mess rather than pleasing him or myself. I now know certain things are normal for me and don’t feel so odd when making love to him and not drying up because I’m SO self conscious when doing so.

  7. I love my vibrator, a man never made me squirt until I made myself 🙂 but it started looking like urin :/ I try to play with myself now only it’s not working :/ even sex with my man, no climax :/

  8. Haha, I always seem to push my husband out when it happens. Leading up to the gushing release, I imagine and focus on the sensation of “pulling in”, doing quick inward breaths. As I’m doing that I am sort of sucking in, pulling in with my vagina while applying direct stimulation to my clit. Never needed G-spot stimulation, it’s been super easy and natural like this since I was a teenager.

  9. Always gush lots of liquid while on top leaning forward , first time I thought I peed on him, it felt so good though , it happened again while on my knees he behind me

  10. I have ponder that many times. I didn’t think a woman could blast off as a man. That means I’ve had some women lie to me and worked me to death. Thank you kindly for the info!

  11. When I eat my wife in the 69 position she will orgasm fast and hard. I give her about 10 to 15 seconds to relax and I pull her back and she will orgasm again, I do this about 5 times to her till she cannot take anymore. But she will want me to eat her while she is on her back while she orgasm 2 to 3 times before I fuck her to more orgasms. She has not squirt yet.

  12. Wonderful article, and now i have the confidence to help my wife to a new level of pleasure. I know that seeing her “squirt” will be the bigest turnon for me ever. Keep up the great work

  13. You should know that my boyfriend tried this about 5 years ago. No organsim. In fact years of urinary tract issues and dozens of urology visits. Intercistitional cystitis.
    Inflammation of the bladder.

    Please warn the boys to be general and to let go if it’s not happening. Not all G spots are in that location.

    1. I have done this for years & the release is incredible Gals – don’t wait for someone to find it-practice, practice, practice. Guys really seem to love making someone squirt 🙂

  14. I’ll have to let my wife read this article. She has squirted a number of times but only when we were engrossed in the tantalizing world of incest role play.

  15. I have a friend who’s been practicing this technique and while I think I should be squirting.. Its literally just pee. It soaks the sheets. My whole body starts to shake and he tells me to let go, he doesn’t care if I urinate, he just wants me to cum. How can I just cum and not pee? Its gross. Help

  16. I am 33 n have 3 children my current partner get frustrated with me n says I try everything n u still don’t cum I’m starting to think its me n there is something wrong there I don’t ejaculate during sex n lattely I am finding I don’t ejaculate during the g spot proses either wat do I do??? K fear that a time will come when my partner isn’t going to want sex with me at all???
    Pls help

  17. From this lesson i learn more thing that i had ever know. Great way to orgasm a women. I’m so proud from now i know everything. Thanks for your lesson guy.

  18. im trying to learn how to do this with my partner, no luck yet. here is my question. we seem to be getting close, but it is almost like a cramping feeling instead of like i have to pee…is this normal? up to this point it is amazing, i get right to the point where i can feel im going to go over and then i feel like the cramping feeling, is the only way to describe it, i have tried to relax my bladder, to push out and i just cant seem to get beyond it. im not sure if im doing it wrong or what.

    1. I had wanted to squirt for the longest time, and I finally did. It was an amazing sensation! you can feel your vagina throbbing with a need of a release. It does feel like you have to go pee, but don’t hold it in! (make sure you go to the washroom before though) Relax yourself and just let it go – you don’t really need to try to push it out – when you get to your peak, you’ll just come. My boyfriend was stimulating my clitoris with his tongue and had me wide open. I could feel a tingly sensation in my legs too so I knew I was going to squirt. I also found that if my boyfriend rubbed my clit in a sideways motion that it helped me reach that peak a lot faster, it also helps if your partner uses his tongue or a softer touch with lots of lubricant. At least, it worked for me and my boy!

  19. At 55 years of age the man I am with has helped me to discover how to ejaculate so easily with his talent and patience. The first time was so startling and once he reassured me that this is what he loves to have happen it’s incredible how easy it has become for me.

  20. I believe in using the dick rather than hard and cold fingers, the dick was created for that, fingers for holding and inserting the dick into the pussy. Men should learn to control their ejaculation, practice makes perfect. I can last for as long as i want even up to an hour, when my climaxes i cn climax in the next 30sec. May its because i used to masturbate a lot when young and taught myself to cntrol ejacuulation

  21. Hey love the article! I have a very personal question to ask u..me and my husband have been together 4 years. The sex is ASTRONOMICAL since day one. But because we finally have our own place and don’t have restrict ourselves to having sex in the shower..i’ve noticed that when i orgasm fluid discharges! And i don’t know what it is but it’s light yellow, clear and smells a bit like urine! He thinks it’s great because of the whole ejac thing. But i have to clean it! It happens every time and has actually DOUBLED in quantity now! We tried again last night and i put thick newspaper under me but i soaked through that! And when i tried to get up to flush it…it spilled on the carpet! And REEKS! Now i’m scrubbing away! What do i do?!?! I love sex but this really puts me off! All this cleaning and the smell. Plus my parents live with us (don’t keep well) and it’s hard to explain why i’m scrubbing my carpet or there’s a funny smell or i’m cleaning bedsheets and few times a week! The same happens when i touch myself and it has always been with clitoral stimulation! Please help!!!

    1. Cunning Linguist

      We use towels. I would recommend to use a few thick folded up towels underneath your hips and ass, and let it “stick out” in front of you a couple of feet, between your legs. Fold the towels up three or four times, and it’ll work like a diaper, of sorts. When you’re done, pop them in the washer, and Presto!!, no more problem.

  22. Jesse,

    I am 39 years old and have the most amazing, generous, loving, kinky man in my life. I had my first female ejaculation this year under his patient hand. He used every tip you mentioned and made me soak the bed the first time. Here is something fun we did that your readers might like to try to take this to another kinky level. The second time we tried it, he used an extra large Charms
    Blow Pop to rapidly stimulate my Gspot. It worked great and I had the extra fun of watching him put that sucker in his mouth and suck my sweet liquid off of it. Fun, fun, fun!!!

  23. I can’t wait to try this and my bf wants to as well :). All of these comments have been soo helpful but from a females eye, how are you supposed to relax your bladder? I’m new at this and haven’t had a lot of experience sexually so I’m not sure how it’s done. 😳 🙁

  24. I just want to thank u for your article. I’ve had 3 ejaculations so far. The first was oh my god so good I freak because I thought I peed until it happened a second time when I relized what was happening. But that first time it was just everywhere. But you are right us women need to be turned on first. My husband & I were just having sex, I had my orgasm. But next my husband had me turn over doggie style he was standing on the side of the bed I was on the edge & he was taking me from behind in fast movements hitting that wonderful spot. And oh my I had such a mind blowing orgasm I wet our bed the sheets the carpet. My husband loved it so much. We tried it a couple more times in the weeks that followed. It was so much fun that now I’m 3 months pregnant, we were trying for a year & a half. But you don’t have to just use fingers the cock works just as good maybe even better then guy just has to angle it the right way & the girls legs have to be further apart & on the edge of the bed. This worked for us. But thanks again for the article.

    1. I forgot to add I know getting pregnant had nothing to do with ejaculation. But enjoying more & more sex just heighten everything.

  25. The feeling of ejaculating is awesome as a women and the men love it when the females get freaky with it. I’m only 30 and I only learned to do it like a year ago my sex partner loves it and so do i

  26. Hey Jesse i just discovered your site and i find it awesome!
    I´ve been trying these techniques for a while and few days ago I had a success of giving my girlfriend an orgasm.
    Before we met she had never done anything sexual. Many times she has felt the urge to pee while I finger her but she refuses to let go even though it is just ejaculation, she finds it disgusting. She also does not like lubricant and I stopped using it on her since it was quite a turn off for her. Is it vital to use it?

  27. Hi, i’ve experienced about the squirting many years ago, i did not know what it is before i read this article. i thought it was pee 😥 so, thank you for the article.

  28. So my bf & I have been trying to get me to squirt now for the past week. No success. 🙁 when he reaches his finger inside it makes my back hurt as if I was having a cramp rather than an orgasm. Is he not deep enough? At one point it felt nice but that was in the shower but still had no urge to pee. I just feel as if I won’t be able to do it if I can’t figure out where we are going wrong.

  29. Hi ive just read this with interest….. im 47 and never experienced an orgasm with my partners but if im by myself with my vibrator and then it takes a few seconds but this is only a cliterol orgasm. Why is this ? I have had one husband of 14 years, a fiance for 10 years and now im with my third partner and weve been together for 16 months and still nothing 🙁 help !!! Its not that I dont enjoy sex I love to pleasure my partner and im getting to the stage where at 47 I would like something back in return 🙁

  30. im 37 and have only been able to squirt for about 6 yrs now. guys i cant stress enough….it HAS to be about her pleasure and she HAS TO BE TOTALLY RELXED AND AROUSED!!!!!! If you get offended by the mess and let her know…its GAME OVER. Unfortunately guys can be pretty insensitive. My husband had made some comments bout the taste, amount of the mess, etc. I stopped doing it for bout 2 yrs after that. It really sucked because the orgasm is so INTENSE!!!! Just take your time, LISTEN to her and use plenty of lube. Once the “water works” begin theres no turning back…lol. Good luck to you all!!!!

  31. And I’m a woman who feels like I now understand men more right now…. Only prob my mans feeling worn out…. Now I can try this when I’m alone thanks for the advice

  32. And I’m a woman who feels like I now understand men more right now…. Only prob my mans feeling worn out…. Now I can try this when I’m alone

  33. I totally understand how it is too think of sex all day every day it’s really annoying its like a light was turned on and has been beaming since… It’s more addictive than anything I’ve tried….. 😈

    1. I feel the same way. Its even worse when you dont have a partner to share the experiance with and you think about it ALL the time. Good luck to us both…lol

  34. After reading all of this I am begining to wonder if I orgasim at all! I am a 37 year old female. Mother of 3. I guess I have more experimenting to do. Feel free to email me.

    1. Im a 50someyo female (and busy mom) who just RECENTLY learned I love to freely come this way – it’s amazing. As is my partner. And this is after my recovery from a long term, very critical illness. And a long marriage. Keep experimenting. Getting to know yourself in these intimate ways is Everyone’s right, even if you can only manage the time to study once in a while:) I had to wait to get the time until I was semi-retired:) Why wait?

  35. OK! I’ve been reading all of your post’s and I’m re inspired to continue to explore how I can have such a deep orgasm. I have an nu-stable spine injury that has affected my sexual stimulation scenes & responses, it seems like I’m only having surface orgasms now (I’m not sure how to enplane it), I never feel the release that I used to, man I miss it not to mention the pressure is driving me crazy, I’m gonna go jump my boyfriend right now, wish me luck!

  36. I have to say, I was able to squirt tonight just with my hon ‘s cock down my throat, it was totally mental. I am a huge squirter, first initiated after anal sex with a large ribbed dildo; It is amazing. I find that it has mostly to do with relaxing and letting go. I’m 42 now and didn’t even know I could do this till I was 41, and with the right lover. Totally different than any clitoral orgasm. It’s an opening and bearing down type of orgasm. Once you figure out to open it and push, you can come on anything. If that makes sense 🙂 it’s amazing, really. I used to not even be able to orgasm with out direct clitoral stimulation, now I need none. Thank you Jesus 🙂

  37. Over the last four or so years, both my partner and I have elevated our sex to ALWAYS have it consummate with both of us ejaculating/squirting. Personally, I have since become so absolutely and completely obsessed with she quenching my thirst with her essence that, there are days that I cannot keep my mind straight. I spend hours fixated longing for our next loving.

    It doesn’t matter what time of month it may be for either of us.

    Is it possible that something in the squirt flow could be so addictive like a drug or alcohol? Perhaps a hormone of some kind that I have become physically dependent on and cannot be without now?

  38. I have a question, I am VERY interested in learning how to do this, but is it easier for the woman to achieve this after having an orgasm for the first time that night or is she more likely to squirt after having already had an orgasm? Does it matter?
    Thanks so much for the tips!!!

  39. i have a problem…. i have been trying to make my wife ejaculate. i get her to the point where she says she has to pee i tell her to relax wile i am thrusting my fingers n her as fast as and hard as i can she orgasms but nothing what to do thanks

  40. Just one more tip. I’ve found that this rarely fails if I can explain it correctly. Have the girl lay on her back with her legs open. Us a lot of lube. With the guy laying to her left (assuming he is right handed) slide two or three fingers inside her. Play with her G-spot just like mentioned above for a while. When she starts to get worked up begin moving your entire hand back and forth like you are rubbing her from arse to clit but leave your fingers inside her. This causes your fingers to stimulate her G-spot as well as giving her the sensation of being fucked hard. Don’t be afraid to get rough at this part. She will begin to go absolutely crazy and should squirt in no time. I don’t know what it is about this method that seems to never fail. I’ve done this to many girls.

      1. Cunning Linguist

        I’ve recently figured out this whole squirting business, and I must admit that it is a powerfix like no other, to be able to make a woman have such a strong and incredibly powerful orgasm, time and time again.. The bed is regularly dripping, so much so, that I’ve seen the need for getting rubber bedsheets.. I find it deeply fascinating to watch the woman shiver and shake with zero control of her own body, and to know that she is a state of pure and total bliss.

        For me, though, I’ve found that it also is possible to “fuck” her in a different manner.

        Where you’ve perfectly (and let me add here, that men like you, Sir, should have your own statues evenly spread around, and you should all be able to never ever pay taxes again. My hat is off to you.) explained how to make a woman squirt with your fingers curling up, towards her g-spot and belly, it is also possible to rotate your hand 180 degrees, so that your fingers and palm is facing down, towards her anus. This way, for me, is easier for a few reasons, One primary being that it is easier on my hand and forearms, which doesn’t “cramp” up so quickly, seeing as this can be strenuous work, sometimes.
        The way I do it, also allows me to use a LOT of force and speed, taking her to the limit in record time, building her up from scratch in mere seconds, sometimes.
        This way is also great for licking her clit at he same time, or allowing her to play with herself while I do my thing. If she and you also use a dildo or vibrator with a “banana-bend”, this hits her A-spot and deep tissue-spot further inside her vagina, resulting in (quite often) massive amounts of liquid, some of which is most likely urine. Never mind that, though. It won’t harm you in any way.
        If you position your hands with the dildo/vibrator inside her, so that you can move it in and out about two-three inches with the banana-bend pointing down (it should be like a bridge, the arc pointing up towards her pubic bone), without using more than your wrists, you can “fuck” her really fast, arousing her quicker than what might be usual.. This way also allows you to see and “control” her, and take a few stops along the way, just for a few seconds, so that she’ll be even more aroused and pleased when you finally let her erupt. That feeling is, for me, one of the best feelings in the world, and to see the look in the eyes of a woman experiencing this for the first time, and the pleasure and relief and joy and happiness and wonder… It is a reward in itself.. 🙂 Some might cry a little, afterwards, because for some, this is a truly earth-shattering experience, and they might go quiet for a few minutes afterwards. Lay down beside them, stroke and touch them, if so. BE GENTLE at this point.. 🙂

  41. Wish I woulda...

    Realized sooner that I wasnt about to pee…im 22 and only discovered how to play with myself about 6 months ago.now im hooked..had my first big O the first time I did it and it took me like 2 hrs.ive never really explored so ive missed out for so long i’ve neen making up for it.ive only had two boyfriends,the first one (basturd who took my virginity)only cared about himself.my now fiance(#2) is just really hard to teach and I get frustrated.so now im just teaching myself and think this would take it to a whole new level.hope I can learn it n then start teaching.

  42. Bob the Builder

    My wife is very interested in trying this with me. She has never ejaculated before. She has to have a hysterectomy this month. After her recovery time, and she feels better, she wants to give this a try, (and I do too). Do you know if after her surgery, this will be easier to do, or harder to do? She is very much wanting me to try this with her, but I was wondering if after her surgery, if this is still possible. Some things I’ve read say it’s much easier for a woman to do this after surgery, some say there’s no change.

  43. i can’t wait to try this, my husband and i have horny sex and need this addtion to take it to an additional level

  44. the best fucker ever

    thank Jesse ur book rele helped me alot thanks man 🙂 I have to say that i really admire u and everything that u have taught me. thanks man From Tyler VanHoy The 3rd

  45. hey Jesse thanks so much for the great tips. i did this to my gf and it didnt work the first time or the second time or the third time. But on the fourth try we were in a hotel in Cancun Mexico and it worked. i tried it with her on her stomach like you said to do and it worked and she said that she loved it very much. All I Wanna Say Is Thanks For All The Help Man. Thanks Jesse You Are The Best Man I Really Do Appreciate It And So Does My Girlfriend. Again Thanks Alot Jesse

  46. Its also possible to give a woman a G-spot orgasm withought all this and by using your penis which is also pleasureable to u to … Its depends on how u position your penis (may be harder for the dudes with a lot of girth) but anyways try andgling your penis diagonally with the head towards the direction of her clit only two inches in as stated previously … If u can’t average that amount then just insert a bit of your penis and stroke her firmly in a constant motion … How rapid also affects the outcome but that also affects how long u can last too so its best to relax and keep it mid paste … Trust me, fingers can never replace a dick giving the fact it has a warmer temperature etc … Just try it and am sure you will get some results (Y)

    1. actually, at certain angles fingers feel just as good…I’ve never noticed the temperature difference.
      and fingers can keep going without 5 mins recovery breaks 🙂

  47. I was 44 when someone asked me if I squirted. I had no idea what they were talking about. The first time I did, I was embarrassed and thought I had peed everywhere. With encouragement from my partner, and him telling me it turned him on, I finally became comfortable with it. 2 years later I have found it to be an enjoyable part of sex that I was missing out on.

  48. This is a well written piece.
    I have been with 23 women in the past 24 years. Out of these i have had the pleasure of 17 being able to ejaculated. After being with the first one who did this, she taught me what did it for her. From that point forward, it was a matter of finding what turns a woman on and brings her the most pleasure prior to attempting to Grr her to “squirt”.
    For men…
    1. If this is for you, then it will be very difficult. It has to be about her. Learn what she really likes and wants. Not what turns you on.

    2. Take your time with this. Study her, find out what can make her more responsive, and this begins prior to the bedroom. Her mental state of mind has to be equally relaxed and turned on.

    3. Don’t be disappointed if at first it is very little or she stops. This is a new sensation for her and can be a bit overwhelming for her the first time or two…

    4. It is not urine. So if it happens during oral sex, enjoy. It normally has a sweet light watery taste. The initial may have a slight hint of urine, but the following is a light sweet taste.

    5. Also offer to do it on your side of the bed. Don’t ask why..but it may make her feel more comfortable.

    As mentioned in the article, take your time, relax, and don’t expect it to happen the first time. It is something that takes time. But mist definitely forget about yourself, make it all about her, and learn to set the mood each day by seeting her mood and taking her mind off of the stressful factors of lifes everyday things.

    1. Become comfortable with your body and partner.
    2. Relax.
    3. Give your partner advice as to what you like, show him if possible, or guide him. The old slower,faster,softer harder helps..left right up down… But dont get frustrated just give him information.
    4. Always pee before sex.

    5. Follow the article. When having the urge to pee let go and do give a push, push your uterus down as well.

    But each person, couple is different. Patience, experimenting, and KNOWING relaxing your partner helps.

    My fiance’ never did this until we were together for a f e w months. After 18 years of sex she was kind of set in her ways.. this can pose as a challenge. When she and I met and began our sexual adventures… She began to relax and we tried new things. I explained the process and after a few weeks she did. So take your time.

  49. sachin ghadage-patil

    This is one of the Best Knowledge -full Information ….I find out the G spot …It is Amazing & Full Pleasure …for as a women orgasm.

  50. I read this the night before last along with a few other sites on how to ejaculate while having an orgasm. This article was the best one I found. My husband and I tried it out and we were successful our first try. Thank you for your article. Letting go when I felt the urge to urinate, know it was possible and fully trusting my partner were all I needed. My husband really enjoyed this too. Thank you again!!

  51. I have only had a handful of g-spot orgasms, but they’re absolutely incredible. My body writhes and convulses in unparalled ecstacy! The orgasm itself has layers and waves of sensation, each being different. Teeth chattering, vocalizing unintelligible sounds.

    This is VERY well written and I can’t wait to try the female ejaculation part of it! I had no idea I need to relax my bladder and push out like I’m urinating. Thank you!!

  52. I only see one problem to the article. The vagina is trying to push out whatever is stimulating it so it can achieve the release. Pulling out is the key to achieving the ejaculation. Some women can do it with the object still in the vagina, but when its pulled out there is space created and the fluid can fly. If you examine any woman who can squirt, you will see this to be the key. Also, the amount of fluid is consistent to how long or how short the object stimulates the G-spot before its pulled out; so the huge stream or gush may not be urine but just a patient stimulator.

    1. Everytime I have had an orgasm with ejaculation, my vagina actually pushes out my husbands penis quit forcefully! I was kinda freaked out the first time it happened, I had never had it happen with anyother partner. Do you think the size of the penis may make a difference, caus compared to other partners, my husband is well endowed. ❓

      1. I don’t think it is his size, rather it could very well be the extent to which you have gotten wet or lubricated. My wife pushes me out everytime she squirts, but when she “blossoms” and has a normal orgasim i stay in. The amount of pressure that u build up, well it’s almost like a canon. I will often allow myself to be pushed out then I will slap myself on her clit, seems to give an even more hieightened experience then go right back inside after the first or second gush…

  53. Thanks man, I used this on my gf and she soaked our bed the first time. Now she is addicted and is learning how to do it with only her cilortis. :mrgreen:

  54. If I do the “Welcomed Method” before hand until she is swollen purple my present girlfriend squirts and knows she does. I have only had one other one that visibly squirted and she was totally easy to get off.

    The weird thing was she had never had an orgasm before she met me. She was Japanese and the whole taboo thing of a white guy did it for her. All I had to do was start talking about what the men in her city would say if they knew she was under me getting the hell fucked out of her. Also the first time she grabbed my cock her eyes got wide and she said “so big” something trust me I don’t hear otherwise!

    Oh to know the blissnosis then – she would have burst into flames.

  55. Hey Jesse…this is the first post and i really admire the work you’re doing here on your site.
    let me knw if there’s a good book on this topic
    thanks 🙂

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