10 Tips To Get One Night Sands With Young Girls In Bars And Clubs

Here’s 10 awesome tips to increase the number of one night stands you’re getting.

Tip #1 – Let Go Of Judging Women

Let go of judging women. Just let go of it. There are no tens. There are no nines. There are no eights. There are no sevens. Just women talking, women dancing, women being women in the background of your musical kaleidoscope of many colors as you smile of the wide smile. They’re just there as part of the show, part of your movie. But you don’t judge them. You don’t rank them. It’s not that important.

Tip #2 – Drop Your “A – Game”

Drop all game. Clear your mind of all canned routines, all canned pick up lines, and all tactics. No game at all. Just relax, smile and let everything go.

Tip #3 – Quit Thinking Ahead

If you want more one night sands, quit thinking ahead. Be dumb. Be a moron. Like a dumb little kid who can’t plan ahead. But be like a child who’s fascinated by music and colors. Being like a child who’s fascinated with his own self amusement. Your head should have nothing, and your body should have a good feeling watching your own movie and smiling ear to ear.

Tip #4 – Relinquish Control

Relinquish control. Just let it go. Don’t try to control anything in the environment. Don’t try to control getting indicators of interest. Don’t try to control how you look. Don’t try to control how you come across to anyone. Don’t try to control your emotions. Don’t try to control your fun. Don’t try to control the situation in any way.

Just trust. Trust that by standing there like a champ, that by smiling, and that by watching the fun of the kaleidoscope, that this ease your purpose and that’s all you need to do. Nothing more needs to be done. So just relax into the exercise and nothing more. Just let everything else go and relax.

Tip #5 – Drop Perfection

If you want one night stands, drop perfection. Just relax. Embrace all of your faults, whether you’re fat or skinny, or broke, or balding, or you don’t feel you’re an awesome conversationalist, or whatever it is. Just accept and embrace all of your imperfections and let go of it all and don’t try to fix anything. As long as you smile and stand like a champ that’s all you need to do. That’s perfect as it is.

Tip #6 – Let go of Negative thoughts

And if you have any negative thoughts, let them go. That’s something you’re choosing and you can choose otherwise.

That which is passed, has passed. Don’t bother about it. Don’t carry it as a burden. Otherwise the past will come into the present and destroy all the fun.

To give attention to the past, or to resist the current moment, or to think negative thoughts, is to play with the wound. And when you play with the wound it starts to bleed.

In the past and negative thoughts corrupts you because he gives you expectations. You become thoughtful, but not fun. You become cunning, but you’re not intelligent.

In memory is a dead thing. Memory is not the truth and cannot ever be the truth, because the truth is always in the present. The truth is the kaleidoscope. Memory is only the persistence of that which is no more. Everything he know of the past is already gone. It is part of the graveyard.

So if you have any negative thoughts at all just relax and let them go. Again, that’s something you’re choosing and you can choose otherwise. Just relax, let go, enjoy the show, smile, and stand like a champ, and you’re golden.

Tip #7 – Don’t Resist The Situation

And don’t resist the situation. Go with the flow. Everything is cool and fun to you, you’re just enjoying the music and the lights and the show. It doesn’t matter how loud the music is. It doesn’t matter what kind of people are there. It doesn’t matter what time it is. None of these small details matter.

Don’t go against the current of existence. Don’t be that guy going upstream fighting the river. Nothing that exists is against you.

Just have a total acceptance of what is in front of the. Accept the moment you are in. Accept the moment of what’s happening right now and enjoy it. It just is what it is.

No girls there? Just laugh and watch the colors. Someone bumps into you? Just laugh and watch the colors. You’re tired? Just laugh and watch the colors.

Simply enjoy being there. The moment is enough and you’re not going anywhere. Be present and be in the moment. Like that child.

Tip #8 – Don’t Seek Her Permission

And this is the most difficult. And that’s to drop all permission seeking. You have permission to stand like a champ. You have permission to have a huge dumb smile on your face. A big smile from ear to ear. You have permission to have your own fun.

So stop caring about what other people think. That’s permission seeking. And just funking do the exercise. Even if it feels uncomfortable at first, and it very well may. Just keep on smiling in your mind will naturally let go of the permission seeking and naturally free itself all on its own.

And remember, you’re not doing this to impress anyone. You’re not smiling to attract the girls. You’re not standing like a champ to get indicators of interest. So don’t be looking for any indicators of interest. Don’t be looking to see if any girls are looking your way. You’re not doing this to make them like you. You’re not doing this to make them except you. This exercise is for you and your mental health alone.

Tip #9 – Drop Your Rules For Being Happy And Having Fun

So you want to meet girls for one night sands.  But I mean why not, for no reason, just feel happy right now? What’s stopping you?

No matter where you are, you can generate a cheeky happy smile inside in under a second, no matter what you’re doing. You can create fun from absolutely nothing. You can create loads of fun just by amusing yourself.

You see we have too many rules about when we can feel happy. The conventional thinking goes, “well, when I’m in my sweet spot, yet I can be happy, but when the rest of my life occurs, I have to be normal.”

More people think, they have this rule, “I can be happy, but only when I’m talking to girls.” Or they think, “I can be happy only when I have the approval of girls. They’re laughing at my jokes.”

So we live in a results oriented, goal oriented, desirous, grasping framework where we think, “things should be like XY and Z. and then, and only then, will I be happy. If they are not like exactly XY and Z. then I’m going to be normal are unhappy.”

But here’s the thing. Girls are attracted to positive guys who aren’t dependent on a girl to make them happy. Women want a guy who is positive on his own. After all you don’t want to meet a girl that’s depressed all the time, or just feels blah, unless you’re making her laugh. You want to meet a woman who is perpetually bubbly and positive and happy most of the time. That’s a quality that you want in a quality woman.

And being positive yourself is a prime contractor to women, and the foundation to being able to take action. So you should be able to be happy and positive alone and even for no reason, and not just when you get approval or positive reaction from girls.

Yes, you can feel fun and joy without a hot girl on your arm and without even speaking to anyone. It may seem impossible — how can you feel the party vibe and be smiling and happy and excited at a social party without having girls or friends to talk to?

Then again, you can play sports without a bench of cheering fans can’t you?

You can sing while walking down the street without an audience, can’t you?

So why can’t you enjoy yourself at a party having your own fun, without the attention of a girl?

Look, there’s no reason you can’t be sitting alone in a room and not be radiating a great positive energy, feeling happy, for no particular reason.

The lesson is this — you should always be able to draw state from within yourself and not have to rely on the ever changing external environment to get your positive emotions. Because in a bar or club, or on the street, you could be talking and having a great conversation one moment, and the next moment you’re all by yourself. And if you’re drawing your state from the external environment, that’s going to be one hell of a roller coaster of constant ups and downs.

So you have to be the source of your own good emotions, regardless of what’s going on around you. You always remain positive under any circumstances, you always remain feeling happy and smiling. And you don’t change your state for anyone or anything.

Tip #10 – Drop Your Agenda And Stop Being Outcome-Dependent

You have to drop your agendas. You’re not out there to find your dream girl for. You’re not out there to get your Dick wet, even for a one night sand. You’re not out there to get indicators of interest or to be looking for approval from girls.

Because when you go out there with that based agendas, that’s how you kill the fun. When you go out there desiring, grasping, living in the future, a future which is a real, future which just leaves in your imagination, that comes into the present fun of the moment and destroys it. And you can’t enjoy the present moment where the party in the fun actually lives.

That desiring grasping mind burdens you. It disturbs you. And the thought-based mind is always wavering. it’s always doubting.

So he don’t want an agenda based, desiring mind. No, you have a kaleidoscope mind, a mind like a child’s, a child who giggles and laughs when an adult place peekaboo with them.

No agendas, you have no thoughts, you just let go and relax and enjoy a the color show, you enjoyed the music show. And you stand there tall like a champ with a big smile on your face, and just having loads of fun with it. Completely in the present moment.

And that’s called detaching from the outcome. And when your goal, when your outcome, is not in the future, when there is nothing to be achieved, when your only mission is to celebrate within the psychedelic pretty colors of the kaleidoscope and the music, you have already achieved just by being in the present moment. That is exactly what allows general anxiety to melt away because you’re no longer living in the future, you just surrender yourself to the present moment. And that’s where relaxation comes. That’s where the fun comes.

Because tension only arises when you are chasing something. Tension only arises when you are assuming were expecting something. Where is relaxation and fun arises when you are simply allowing something in the immediate present to happen like watching the kaleidoscope.

Neither the past nor the future exists. All you have in your hands use the present. And when you live in the present unburdened by the past, unburdened by future agendas, that’s when you can smile and lived in the music and have fun – AND the one night stands will come to you.

When you abandon all expectations, when you abandon all grasping, when you abandon all resistance to the present moment, you will have fun.

That doesn’t mean you stop moving. But the moving will be toward a future, exactly. The moving will be as series of nows, each with a direction, but not so attached to a destination that the fun and beauty of the present moment is lost. You just let each moment of enjoying the miraculous dancing colors of the kaleidoscope to be as fun and as for filling and as ordinary as the next.  And the one night sands with cute girls will come.

8 thoughts on “10 Tips To Get One Night Sands With Young Girls In Bars And Clubs”

  1. Most of your tips seem to be inner-game related.

    You haven’t really given anything of outer-Game or more tangible stuff like “moving her”,going to a seduction location in the venue,etc.

    I dub myself the king of Club Game and ONS,and I totally agree with your points.

  2. That’s the best advice any one cane have ,,, in thw past I was the biggest loser in pickup game ,,,, now I can say that i’m very good in picking girls because of what you are saying ubove,,,, love you man

  3. Excellent tips playa! I got another one

    Stop mean mugging –
    The less you involve yourself in negative energy the more you will attract positive energy.And the better you’ll feel when you focus on the positive vibe you exert ,because you know you are a fun person to be around.

    At least out here in San Francisco California there’s a lot of clubs where at times there’s just a bunch of dudes on one side of the club-and a bunch of other dudes on the other side of the club waiting for some shit to ‘pop-off’ .

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