6 Great Pickup Artist Routines That Work

A great way to build social value is through stories and pickup artist routines.

Planned stories and pickup artist routines free up your mind to focus on other things. Like a computer, your brain only has so many clock cycles spare.

Imagine you’re on your way to a bar or club and you’re getting yourself into a good state for approaching women. Now, imagine that you’re driving along the highway at the same time on the way there – a bit distracting. Now imagine your friend is in the passenger’s seat asking you about math problems.

There’s only so much that your brain can multitask at one time. And when you’re talking to women, there’s a LOT for your brain keep track of.

So you don’t want to bog yourself down in the middle of an interaction with the complex task of coming up with witty conversation pieces on the fly – especially when they can be prepared for ahead of time.

First, I’ll give you a few example pickup artist routines, and then I’ll show you how to use them.

My ex-girlfriend is stalking me pickup artist routine:

I need your opinion… I think my ex-girlfriend is stalking me. She kept trying to win me back by impressing me, but she just doesn’t have that adventurousness I look for in a girl.

Well, I was walking down the street and I just see her there, standing across the street looking at me. Yeah, it’s kind of weird.

I think she’s trying too hard to impress me. She used to be kind of fat, but now she’s lost weight and has gotten breast implants… she kind of looks like that girl from the Bachelorette… have you seen it?

But I don’t want to get back with a girl just because she looks good. Let me ask you, which of you guys is most adventurous?

Start a band

You: Hey girls, I’m going to start a band. Can either of you sing?
You: Cool, you’ll be the back up singer
You: You’ll play guitar. Wait a sec… what are your names?
You: Tara and Buffy?? Nah, what are you kidding me, those names won’t work a band. Hmm… you’ll be Beyonce and you’ll be Brittany. Awesome! High-five me
You: Hold on, being in a band isn’t all fun and games though. Which one of you is going to be doing my laundry?
You: No? Well then, I’m firing you guys. But you can still be my groupies.

What to buy for my little sister

You: Hey girls, I have a problem.

Girls: What

You: My little sister’s birthday is coming up. What should I buy her… I was thinking of a stuffed elephant because she has a collection of them, but I think she’s too old for that now. What do you think? What did you guys play with when you were little.

Pickup Routine: Masturbate in the shower

You: Did you know that 90% of girls masturbate in the shower?

Girl: No

You: The other 10% sing

Girl : Oh yeah?

You: And do you know what they sing?

Girl : No, what?

You: Oh you must be one of the girls that masturbates then.

Girl: hahaha

How does everyone knows each other

You: Hmm, let me see, I bet I can guess how you all know each other. Yes, I’m getting a vibe. Let me see, you two look like sisters. No? Let me guess, you must be best friends then.

Girls: Yeah we are!

You: See, wow I’ve got psychic powers. Watch this, I can tell even more about yourselves. Give me your palm (do palm reading)

Putting It All Together

So have three pickup artist routines memorized and ready to go. Decide what order you’ll stack them. Having three routines ready to go frees up your brain to focus on your delivery.

For example, you might open a group of girls by asking an opinion question, then ask how everyone knows each other, and then talk about your stalking ex-girlfriend. The transitioning is rather simple – just leave the old topic and launch right into the new.

And once you tell a pickup artist routine, don’t wait for the girl’s permission to go on to the next one. Even if the girl only half-heartedly responded to the first routine, just launch into the next one. And the next. Most likely you’ll hit on one that grabs her.

You can also throw state accelerators into nearly any routine to give it an extra kick. State Accelerators are universal feel-good moves that accelerate the girls’ positive state. For example, giving a girl a high-five universally makes women feel good and can be incorporated into most routines.

If a girl tells you, “I want to be the drummer in your band,” just say “Awesome! See you’re cool. High-five!” and hold up your palm. High-five her. This accelerates the power of the routine.

11 thoughts on “6 Great Pickup Artist Routines That Work”

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  4. Classic PUA routines mentioned.

    Ok Jesse,since that post was a few years ago,I’m curious to pick your brain.I’m a guy who advocate routines/openers(since we all use them).But many gurus over the years have been bashing routines(canned).I see no problems with them because they work for me[and I’m a coach].

    What’s your take,should canned material be canned(done away with)?

    1. I’ve moved away from them too because you don’t come across as the real you, they can feel wrong for a person, they can put you inside your head… they have many negatives to them.

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