How to Build a Happy Cult Circle of 2 to 7 Girlfriends in 3 Months

This is the politically explosive guide to,

#1. Meet Girls

#2. Sleep With Girls

#3. Mind Control Girls Into Your Cult of Girlfriends

Okay, you’re thinking, “Jesse, ‘mind control’ and ‘cults’ are fucking EVIL!” ..Well, I’m talking about a completely different kind of mind control, LOVE… making girls feel happy and loved and part of a bigger family of love.

And I did warn you already you’d be violating every social norm doing this. And I’m going to spill the beans right now on exactly HOW to do it (this is some LONG shit, but well worth the read).

My name is Jesse and I’ve been teaching pickup and “build a better girlfriend” for nearly 10 years now. I got tired of laying random one night stands pretty fast. Then I discovered that having TWO girls in your bed going down on you was far better than one… and having THREE girls taking turns on you was even better than two!

But I couldn’t keep that shit going either. Girls would inevitably get jealous and catty, and my threesomes and foursomes wouldn’t last. Getting the girls together logistically was a big pain in the ass too.

Rewriting Reality…

That’s when I began studying the harems of ancient Turkey and the Ottoman Empire. First of all, these guys were real bad asses. They were the true alpha males and didn’t take shit from anyone. To hold together a dozen women, they had to be.

What I found too was that the key to happy, bubbly, great girlfriends who got along well with each other was for the man to be just the opposite. Positive yes, but also aggressive, dominant, 100% the leader, the bad boy, and protector of his circle.

And I began to develop dozens of techniques to make the girls laugh, feel happiness, and get along with each other and help out with the chores – and make everyone best of friends.

Why It Works

You’ve probably seen Hugh Hefner and his girls on television. Hefner had media exposure to meet his girls and he paid them monthly salaries. The reality is though, that you DON’T need big media exposure or be rich to create a cult circle of girlfriends.

Here’s why.

Reason #1: Girls nowadays lead boring, unfulfilled lives. They watch television and they buy things, always chasing after the next “pick me up” to feel validated. So it’s not that hard to show them that a far cooler world based on friendship, love, laughter, and loving sex exists.

Reason #2: Women follow the strongest reality. If you present to them a strong reality and you don’t buckle when they initially question it, they will follow you and your reality.

Reason #3: Once a woman sleeps with you, she’ll want to stay by you – the momentum is on your side now. Once you’ve brought a girl into your circle, she’ll want to please and accommodate you to stay in the fold.

Reason #4: Young women are extremely open and malleable. They are experimental. They’re cool with kissing and being with other girls. They are ready to adapt to new situations – IF you present to them a dominate frame with absolute certainty and IF you block out counter, negative social conditioning influences.

Reason #5: Once you create a sexual monopoly, giving a girl fantasies and sex she can’t get anywhere else, she’ll become sexually addicted to the great sex and have no where else to go for it – and she won’t want to. By using these techniques and reality engineering, a woman won’t want to go anywhere else.

Reason #6: Once you’ve got the first girl, you’ll have endless social proof for meeting the next girls, and keep a continuous tension of competition that keeps the girls within your circle.

Reason #7: You can block out competing social conditioning (the brainwashing by society at large) about how a guy can only have one woman or how a woman can only be happy if she gets jealous, and your girls will behave according to YOUR reality.

Reason #8: Women are most fulfilled and happy around other women. Women who move to the suburbs and become isolated live unhappy, unfulfilled lives. Women need female companionship, and once inside your circle they won’t want to give up their newfound love for their girlfriends.

Reason #9: Every woman has two sides to her, the artificial woman she SHOWS on the surface, AND the natural woman she FEELS underneath. Once you understand how to tap into the natural woman, the core woman, the real, sexual woman, a woman will be yours FOREVER. And you can do it again, and again, and again.

Reason #10: You’ll be building an ecosystem that enables the girls’ positive energy to bounce and feed one another, in a synergistic feedback loop… 1 + 1 = 3. Ecosystem provides the right context for transformation from a socially conditioned girl to fun, easygoing, circle girlfriend.

STEP #1: How to meet and seduce them

First you need to learn how to meet and seduce your first girls. It’s not enough to make girls laugh and giggle, they have to become powerfully attracted to you. And for that, you have to present to them something no other guy does (I’ll show you exactly what).

Once you’ve got your first girl, it becomes far easier; now you can use her as social proof to meet the other girls and build up your circle.

It’s not necessary to become some weird “pickup guy” . Girls will see right through that shtick, and you yourself will feel fake and phony. This way to do it is far more powerful.

STEP #2: Mind Control them into your Circle

I don’t mean ‘mind control’ in a negative way, what I mean is mind control them into being happy and fun and sexual in bed – and to fall in love with all of their girlfriends.

Women in society are taught to be insecure, spoiled, bitchy, drama queens. Many are socially inept and uninteresting. Many beautiful women go through wild mood swings, have depressive episodes, or are addicted to drugs or spending sprees.

Even though you might be wishing for a real hottie in your fantasies, in reality they can often drive you completely crazy as girlfriends.

Mind Control is simply allowing her to let go of her stifling social conditioning, and instead radiate fun, joy, and happy, open sexuality so that they’re laughing and singing and dancing and have a beautiful, open, healing energy that reaches out and touches everyone she meets – and your circle girls will love and adore you for it.

STEP #3: Turn them into perfect girlfriends

The next step is to train them to be perfect girlfriends, because you can’t have them being catty and fighting or bitchy – that would destroy your circle.

I’ve got hundreds of techniques to make your girlfriends dress sexy, give great blow jobs, deeply admire you, and be eager to please – to turn “good girls” into anything-goes “bedroom mistresses”. No more juggling women and hiding them from one another. This is about creating a big happy family, a community of sexually enlightened individuals – and do it all with big, happy smiles on their faces.

Jesse, do you use any unethical methods?

I use methods that work. You might consider some of this “Black Magic”, and certainly by its very nature none of it fits in with “traditional family values”… but I guarantee that if you’re an ethical person in how you use your power, everything you do and touch will be for the good and good for your girls. It’s all up to you how you want to use the power.

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  1. Jesse, I can vouch that your girlfriend training works. I’m now into year three with my girl, and she’s my fantasy and I’m her’s. Now that I’ve trained her that way. But I’ve had trouble adding the next girl. Yes we’ve had some threesomes, but just one night stands.

  2. 🙄 ,,,yeaaaha,,,hey jess please please ,,,can you show me how to build my own HAREM,,with 7 girls??¿,,,man , i would love to down load your stuff,,but i use a internet coffe sshope,,,but cand you send it to me other ways so i can downloadeit more privetly???please ,,thanks ,,,sleepless in cabo san lucas mexico,yeahhha!!!!!claro que si amigos,,,

  3. Hey man im from South Africa. Ive always wanted a 3sim relationship with two girls and I,how do influence the girls to have the bond with me and be happy togeather? and how do you make the attraction so powerful that they dont leave you?how can I learn your ways?

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