Having Sex in Public Places With Your Girlfriend or Wife

The next sexual fantasy is having sex in a public place.

The rush of blind lust that makes you both need it right there, right then and the risk of discovery are the stuff that sexual fantasies are made of.  Having a quickie in a secluded part of the parking lot or park is sexually explosive because it’s perilous.

With the possibility of getting caught comes an adrenaline rush.  In fact, a recent study published in the Journal of Neuroscience reveals that parts of the brain associated with pleasure respond more to unexpected treats than to predictable routine.  And public sex has surprise built right into it.

So a little bit of fear or nervousness can make the fantasy of sex in public places extremely exciting and stimulating.

These fantasies could occur in an office, in a public park, on a balcony, in a movie theater, in a swimming pool, a parent’s bed, on a beach, or anywhere where you might get caught.

And a lot of women and men take the fantasy into reality.  In one study, some 21% of Americans admitted to having sex in a public place before.

Sex in public places also adds variety to fantasy.  Simple missionary position or doggy style suddenly becomes a whole other act when done in a public place.  Your focus is no longer on the position of sex, that’s now irrelevant.  The focus of sex is where you are, and avoiding getting caught.  The environment itself is what changes the very character of making love.

One woman writes,

“My boyfriend and I went to see Toy Story, and a quarter of the way through we realized two things—there was nobody else in the theater and we were bored.  Luckily I was wearing a skirt, so I just sat on his lap and bounced around like I was having a really good time watching the movie.  I can’t look at a Disney movie the same way anymore.”

Another woman writes,

“I have a fantasy in which I am dancing at a ball.  All the women are in flowing gowns and everyone is waltzing.  My gown is so low-cut that my partner can look down and see my rosy nipples.  Since it is Victorian times, I am a real virginal prude.  My partner takes me to a dark stairway outside the ballroom and pulls the top of my dress down.  I object feebly as he massages my breasts.  I get so aroused I can’t fight it and he lifts my long dress up and puts his fingers inside of me.  The fear of being seen by the other guests adds to the excitement.”

Another writes,

“My fantasy goes like this: I went upstairs and into my bedroom to change.  I wore my hair down, with a whole bunch of mascara and eyeliner, silver hoop earrings, and red lipstick with ten layers of lip gloss.  I put on a bikini top that barely covered my tits (they’re 38DD), a skirt that I’ve had since fourth grade that barely covers my ass, thigh-high fishnet tights, and knee-high, six-inch-heeled black boots.  I looked like a slut, just how my boyfriend, likes it.  I walked back to the living room and he looked up, smiled, and said, “Ready?” I had a little difficulty getting to the car because I was trying to swat away my boyfriend’s hands from my ass the whole time.  In the car, I saw a huge bulge in the crotch of his pants.  I smiled and congratulated myself for knowing his tastes and how long he would want to fuck me for.

When we got to the park, he led me to our private bench.  It’s in a secluded spot but everywhere you stood, someone could see you.  He pulled out his cock and since I wasn’t wearing any underwear, I flipped up my dress and sat on his dick facing him.  I started to fuck him when I heard him chuckle and felt him flip up the back of my skirt.  I then took a little peek behind me and I saw a group of three couples staring at us.  I told my boyfriend that I was going to face them and tease them.  So when I was facing them, I pulled my skirt up all the way so they could see my pussy getting fucked. Then I took off my bikini top and started to fondle my tits.  I then felt my boyfriend’s hands come off of my hips, go up and squeeze my breasts.  We kept this up and I saw that the guys had big bulges in their pants.  Then I heard my boyfriend grunt and I felt him come in my pussy.  A minute later, I came too.”

Another woman writes,

“My fantasy is based on an actual event.  It happened on our way home from Paris by bus.  My husband and I were sitting near the back.  I was feeling cold and tired, so I pulled my husband’s coat over me and laid my head on his lap.  Opposite us was a businessman.  He kept looking over from time to time.  As I laid my head down I could feel my husband’s cock hardening.  I rubbed my cheek up and down over it.  I was getting so turned on.  My cunt was wet and throbbing.  I could feel my husband moving and moaning and he reached down and unzipped his fly.  His cock was so warm and smelt wonderful.  As I looked over, the businessman had started rubbing his bulge that had appeared.  My cunt was throbbing.

I pulled the coat over me and swallowed my husband’s cock.  I licked and sucked and teased his balls until his warm come flooded my mouth.  As I sat up I noticed the man opposite had pulled his briefcase across himself.  My cunt was nearly exploding by this time.  My husband slipped his hand up my skirt to my wet knickers and then pushed his warm fingers inside of me.  I wanted him to push his whole hand inside of me, I was so wound up.  It didn’t take me long to flood over his fingers.  I don’t know what happened to the man opposite.  I was too busy licking my husband’s fingers.”

First, describe a public sex scenario during sex while she’s in the suggestible, Blissnotic state.  Whisper into her ear while making love, “It would be so hot to go to a clothing store and pull you into a changing booth and suck your tits right there.  And then I would finger your cunt out.”

Next time you are in a mall and pass by a clothing store, enter the store, pick out a piece of apparel and lead the woman by the hand into the changing room.  Rip down her shirt and suck on her tits.  Unbutton her pants and reach down and cup her pussy with your hand.  Be leading, commanding, and just do it and be aggressive.

Another good place is in the woods.  During sex, whisper into her ear, “It would be so hot to fuck you in the woods, on a hike,” and describe the fantasy to her.

Next time you and your woman take a hike, picnic or go camping, get aggressive, throw down a jacket or piece of clothing or a picnic cloth on the ground and fuck her in the middle of the woods.

Parked cars are in a public place but offer you some protection against being seen.  Again, describe the fantasy to her in bed multiple times, continually reinforcing it, and then try it out.

I was with a girlfriend and we were in an open air museum of a colonial era house and there were about ten other people in the nearby vicinity.  I pulled her to the back of the outdoor courtyard behind a wall.  I ripped her shirt down and sucked on her tits.  She in turn pulled down my pants and started grabbing my dick.

We heard some voices and we both jumped startled.  It was a false alarm but it brought us closer together because it was a shared moment of rebelliousness and excitement.

One time I was at a nude beach with one girl.  We swam pretty far out into the ocean and yet it was shallow enough for me to stand with my head above water.  I took my girlfriend around my waist and penetrated her, making very slow movements so no one else would notice.

No one did seem to notice but after a few minutes these two guys started to look over and smile.  We were caught.

One of the advantages of getting or giving oral sex is that one of you can be on the lookout while the other does the act and a minimum amount of clothing is shed.  You can recover quickly.

Vaginal sex is a harder to pull off discreetly but you can hide it somewhat if you make it appear as though you’re standing very closely together, when in fact you are actively having sex.

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