How Do You Talk Dirty To Your Girlfriend – Hot Perverted Examples

This is a basic guide on how to talk really hot and dirty and perverted to your girlfriend to make her orgasm harder.

While you’re having sex with your women, while she’s in that Blissnotic, suggestible state, say to her,

“Baby, you would look sooo sexy wearing some red lingerie.  That would be so sexy… and hot.”

You can tell her this while in any sexual position, or if you prefer to whisper it into her ear, whisper it to her while you’re in the missionary position.

It can start off as simple as that.

Next time, you can get a little bit racier.  During sex, while you’re in the missionary position, whisper into her ear,

“I love putting my cock inside you.  Your pussy is so hot.  I want to fuck you hard and fast.”

Now you’re stepping into the role of a guy who gives it hard and fast and she has to step into the role of a woman who likes it hard and fast.

Again, keep it simple at first so that you gradually build her fantasy experiences – being a woman who wears sexy lingerie and being a woman who likes it hard and fast – and so that you don’t get stuck in your head trying to think of what to say.

You’re getting her accustomed to your voice during sex, and having her step into some simple fantasy roles, nothing more.

You might again think that women who act like proper “ladies” in public would be turned off by sexy and PIMP talk.

Just keep in mind that every woman has two sides to her nature.  In public, she doesn’t want to look like a “slut” due to the social pressure and programming placed on her by the culture.

However, in the bedroom women want a man who will give her permission to get in touch with her sexual self without being judged.  She wants a man who will encourage her to openly experiment with her sexual fantasies and being “naughty”.

In fact, women are even more sexually excited by the power of verbal words than men.  Even if she’s too embarrassed to confess up to it, sexy talk, dirty talk, or any kind of PIMP talk that allows her to be the “bad girl” will turn her on.

You don’t need to talk sexy each and every time you have sex.  At first, just once out of every two or three sessions you have sex is fine.  It’s like a muscle; you have to build its strength over time, over a number of workouts, until you’ve established a new pattern and the sexy talk feels completely natural and normal.

After all, its only taboo the first time you do it.  After that, it’s just something that you do.

Making Sexual Fantasies Become REAL With Sexy Talk

What’s really amazing is that each time you do a fantasy or role with a woman, it just gets easier and easier.

Every time she becomes a paid escort or an innocent virgin, the easier she’ll pop back into the role next time.  And every time she takes on a new identity, the easier she’ll pop into new identities in general.

The first time it may be a taboo.  But after that it’s just something that she does.  And every time she does it, the new behavior and new identity gets reinforced in her mind.

But not only can any role become real and true for her in the Blissnotic state, but any role can become real and true for her in the normal, awakened state as well.

If you want to make your woman an insatiable sex addict or if you want her to be with other women, you can make that role real and true for her in the normal awakened state and not just in Blissnosis.

Let’s say you want her to be fiercely bisexual, not just while she’s in the Blissnotic state during sex, but in her every day life.

The next morning after you’ve had sex and you’re cuddling in bed together, while she’s in a fully alert, rational state, use Recall.

When she’s in a fully alert, rational wakened state, reminisce back to the moment when she was sucking on your lower lip as if it were a woman’s clitoris.  Tell her,

“You know that was so hot last night… when you sucked on that vagina.  Having you suck on a woman, your being with a woman was so nice.”  Reward her and snuggle with her.

Or say you want her to be an insatiable woman as part of her every day, normal identity.  Tell her the very next day, “It’s so hot, what happened last night when you were that insatiable woman in bed.  That’s why I love you so much,” and hug her.

While she’s in a normal awakened state, remind her of the night before using Recall and reward her by emotionally bonding and connecting with her.

Because no matter how wild she gets in bed, there’s still a dichotomy between how she is in bed and how she is with you outside of the bedroom.  But by using Recall you’re blurring the division between the two.

By using Recall you’re letting her know that it’s okay for her to feel attraction for women or be a wild woman in real, normal, every day life.

To make this bridge, start off with some sexy talk in daytime situations.

For example, call her and talk sexy to her while she’s at work.  Tell her,

“Hmm, I was just thinking about you… how hot you were last night… tonight I’m going to dress you up in some sexy white lingerie which you’re going to wear for me.  And I want you to find a hot woman in the office and fantasize about her.”

Or around the house catch her off guard and whisper into her ear,

“Later tonight I’m going to kiss and nibble your neck and run my tongue along your nipples.  And you just can’t wait to put my cock in your mouth because you’re such a filthy little girl.”

Tell her while you’re at the movies,

“You’re such a dirty girl… all you can think about is sucking dicks.”

Or when you’re at a club point out a chick to her and tell her,

“Yeah you want to suck her pussy.”

Start talking sexy to your woman during moments when she’s in a lucid, awakened state.  Slap her ass, kiss her, and tell her how good you’re going to give it to her a little later on.  Simply keep escalating what you’ll say to her in the normal awakened state.

And be sure to keep up the repetition.  Repetition reinforces her new sexual identity.  Repetition locks in the new programming.  Repetition makes it stick.

An Example: The Sexually Starved Housewife Turned Aggressive Nympho

Being the seductress, the sexual aggressor is a common female fantasy.

In the seductress fantasy, she is the aggressor.  She sees her dreamy man and she turns on all of her charms to get him.

As the aggressor in the fantasy she may dress sexy and provocatively in high heels and a revealing dress.  She’s at home in her body and naturally sexy.  Her body dazzles and radiates sexuality.

In the fantasy the man has no resistance to her beauty or charm or to her intelligence and she wins him (also a common theme in women’s romance novels).

In reality most women can’t have any man that they want.  Sure, any woman can go to a bar and get laid with a man who will most likely dump her the very next morning, but most women can’t capture the hearts of the most desirable men.

Why?  Because women all their lives have been taught not to be the aggressors.  Women all their lives have been taught not to make the first move.  Women since early childhood have been taught to sit back, to leave the role of the aggressor to the man, to passively hope that fate or destiny delivers them their prince.

There are aggressive women out there, those that steer their own destinies, those that call the shots in the seduction, but they’re far and few.  Women in general shy away from being the initiators.

But in fantasy the seductress dispenses with social mores and goes after her man.  She realizes her wildest dreams.  She can stop men in their tracks, rifle their hearts, scramble their brains, and make them fall madly in love with her.

One woman writes,

“My favorite fantasy requires a few props.  I dim the lights and put on my most revealing dress and highest heels, no underwear.  I am the only single woman at the incredibly ritzy dinner party, and I’ve decided to steal the most gorgeous man from his wife and fuck him.  I walk around the house for a while, imagining the scene and the guests, walking very sexy, and finally spotting my prey.  By now, my cunt is dripping.  We’re seated at dinner, and I’m across from my man.  I put on my most sultry look and make sure I lean over so he can see my beautiful breasts and hot nipples.  I know he’s hard as a rock and is anticipating dessert.  After dinner, I get up and wander off by myself, knowing he’ll be following.

I stand on this balcony looking out, and sure enough, I hear footsteps behind me.  I don’t turn.  Suddenly, a hot hand has entered my dress and is cupping my tit, squeezing my nipple.  Another hand is on my thigh, and there is an unmistakable bulge pressing on my ass.  I lean back against him.  His lower hand slips under my dress and finds my moist slit.  Two fingers go into my cunt, and with his thumb on my clit he brings me to a quick orgasm.”

Another woman writes,

“An unknown male knocks at the door.  He wants to come in and shows me his business card.  We start talking.  I am sitting on the edge of the couch.  Luckily for him I am wearing a very short skirt and no knickers.  He drops something on the floor, right in front of me.  I see him try to get a better view under my skirt.  I open my legs a bit more.  I notice his eyes open wide as I expose my fanny to him.  I keep my pubes very short, so nothing spoils his view.

I am starting to feel very turned on at this point and can feel my cunt becoming moist.  He must notice this, as he says he likes what he sees.  I lie back on the couch, lifting my skirt as I do.  I cannot see what he does next, but I can feel the warmth of his breath creeping on my thighs.  He starts sucking at my cunt and probing me with his tongue.  It isn’t long before I come all over his face.”

In this next scenario, you’re a single man and she’s a married woman.  She’s followed you to your apartment.

Tell her during lovemaking, once she’s in a highly suggestible Blissnotic state,

“I’m a single man and you’re a married woman.  Your name is Ms. Jones.  You are incredibly attracted to me and your aim is to seduce me.  You will do whatever it takes to have me.  Every time you look into my eyes you become more wet between the legs.  You will make small talk with me while with your body you try to seduce me.  And the more I resist your advances, the more you will feel you must conquer me.”

Or you can tell her,

“You are now a horny, sexually starved housewife who can’t control her womanly urges.  When I enter through the door I am the local repairman.  If you can get my clothes off, you will instruct me how you want to be pleased and touched.  You will explain exactly how to make a woman scream in ecstasy.”

This fantasy really works on so many levels.  First, it trains the woman to be sexually aggressive and take control of a situation, which will make her more open to doing all sorts of other fantasies with you.

Second, it trains the woman to look at you as a highly sexually desirable sex object which she must continually seduce to win favor from.

And third, it trains the woman to openly and aggressively communicate exactly how she wants to be pleased sexually.  It trains her to be conscious of and vocal about her sexual needs.

In addition, having her live out this fantasy as a seductress can be a great ego boost for you.  We all want to feel sexually desired and when your woman is in total erotic lust for you, it’s an ego boost.

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  1. I have always been very sexually active. I have never been in any long relationships til I had a child with my girlfriend. It’s been 6 years now. I’ve always loved to get on the Wild Side. I have been trying to get my woman to talk Dirty to Me to spice up our relationship. I always talk dirty to her and try to get her to do the same. She sexy as hell… I wish she’d at least try to be more freaky. Any suggestions anybody? I’d greatly appreciated it.

  2. I am one of those women who wants to start it I am the powerful one in bed I honestly think one of the hottest things s man can say is (god damn your so sexy when you ride that dick babygirl) It makes that pussy instant wet!

  3. I am one of those women who wants to start it I am the powerful one in bed I honestly think one of the hottest things s man can say is (god damn your so sexy when you ride that dick babygirl) It makes that pussy instant wet!

  4. Your site has taken my sex life to another level i gotten married about two years ago im an indian male and my wife was a virgin that didnt know a thing about sex or even what a cork looked like i trained her and with alot of your advise from your site i followd all your tips on how to train your women and now im prode to say my wife is a machine in bed,i mean just imagine this rite im married to a well very young atractive indian women from a small vilage in india that does not know much about the outside world,two years down the line and she is a freak in the bed. i thank you very much

  5. While the concept is accurate, the content doesnt apply to me. I like to be told about my partner’s attraction to me. Its a boost to my confidence and ego. It makes the woman feel empowered and comfortable. And hearing a breathless “god I love the way you feel when I’m inside you. Slick and wet, wrapped around me. I could live like this forever and never miss the world outside” rather than “ugh” or just a “fuck yeah”. The mind is powerful, and a great ally when it comes to seduction. Its also why roleplaying gets a lot of people turned on. Its like turning the key to a cold car….in combination with well done foreplay and great kissing, a woman will be putty. Sadly, many men think that women are like hot rods all the time. While sometimes being ridden hard and fast (a good quicky) is naughty, they need to realize that a volcano simmers before erupting its magma for a bit longer. Its taking me forever to train my husband to change his understanding. He is much better now…but sometimes a refresher course is needed. I think its about that time too. Damn, where is that whip?

  6. Great tips, and yes, most of you ladies really like the dirty and naughty sides, but those that don’t shouldn’t be so judgemental.

  7. 😐 I need advise one a new girl I just met and I need to get over my shyness around her because I get shy when ever we start to hv sex and I say the wrong fucken thing

  8. Woman- I find this site not only helpful for males, but also for me. I can’t speak for all womankind, but I really enjoy looking for new and fun ways to pleasure my man and keep our relationship awesome as hell. This blog may be a bit rough around the edges, but it’s such a great way to get an honest perspective on a man’s needs, wants, and fantasies. Both parties can learn a lot here. Thanks for that! I can’t wait to suck my man’s dick tomorrow with the tips I found here 😀

  9. I’m a woman and I find this page very refreshing, and highly accurate. Some of the posts are a bit rough but he knows what he’s talking about and what he says works. I know damn well most of you women find ways to manipulate and change your man. So stop being hypocritical at least what he’s saying is true and helpful. I personally feel sorry for whatever man gets stuck with you judgmental prudes. 🙄

    1. I’d love a hot fella to treat me like this .Does that make me peverse ?Probably, oh well. I’m an educated woman with a filthy mind

      1. 😈 it does not mean anything it only means that your a girl who wants to have fun its not that u have a filthy mind even tho i talk dirty a little it just makes it a whole better time if you know what i mean

  10. So…women are dogs? Is that what you’re advocating? Something you can train, control, manipulate? It seems that you think every woman is a slut, every woman only ever thinks about sex, but needs “training” from someone who is an even bigger horny freak than she is-that is, a man.

    1. Don’t be pathetic. Every woman has within her, even if it is suppressed, the desire to be dominated. Likewise, every man has the desire to dominate, to have a threesome, to control. Doesn’t mean it must be acted upon.

  11. How to “train a woman” to do your bidding?! Sounds like a SUPER insecure man’s guide to feeling like a man. I could write this book in a few sentences: “1.Find a dumb whore you find “sexy” (determined by others’ standards). 2.Lie to her until you get what you want. 3. When you get tired of having said dumb whore, lie and manipulate some more to try and mold her into a real person. 4.Move on, this will not work.”

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