How To Do Rough Sex And Dirty Talk With “Nice Girls”

Good rough sex is the verbal and psychological stimulation of the woman’s mind.

In the state of heightened sexual arousal and suggestibility, everything you say is taken in a completely different context.

When she’s feeling sexual and highly aroused, sexy talk that may otherwise sound disrespectful will NOT be taken as disrespectful.  In fact, the sexy and PIMP talk and you being a leader and Bull will actually increase her excitement.

Understand that women are highly sexual creatures and will go along with most anything if your presence is sure and commanding.

If you’re passionate, she’ll be passionate.  If you’re excited, she’ll be excited.  If you’re relaxed about your body and sexuality, she’ll be relaxed about her body and sexuality.  And if you have 100% belief in what you’re saying, she’ll have 100% belief in what you’re saying.

On the other hand, what you say will feel uncomfortable if you feel ashamed or embarrassed.  A woman can always tell if you feel uncomfortable about it, which only makes her feel uncomfortable.

You lead her state.  She will follow whatever state you yourself go into, good or bad.

When a woman feels secure, cared about, and special, then she can be turned on about being fucked hard and rough while having her hair pulled and ass slapped and be talked dirty to.  She can even be turned on about watching her man fuck another woman.  You’d be surprised by what you can get away with and how quickly.

Now that being said, NEVER get to the point where a woman says to you, “No, I don’t want to do that!”

If she pops out of the suggestible, Blissnotic state to articulate extreme discomfort, pain, or crushing guilt, it means that you are moving too fast for her.

If she strongly doesn’t want to do something particularly rough or dirty, back off.

What you DON’T want to do is talk about it, push her into it, or argue with her about it.

If you push or argue, she’ll just resist even more.  You don’t want to engage her critical factor, the part of her mind that rationalizes reasons for not doing something.  Don’t give her momentary discomfort a chance to solidify into an objection.  Arguing will only cement her resistance.

For example, if you start talking to your woman about being a paid escort, and she seems to pop out of trance and object, instantly drop the paid escort bit and just go back to what you already know works.

On the other hand, NEVER become embarrassed or ashamed of what you said.

Do NOT apologize for your actions.

DON’T try to justify what you said or your behavior.

Sure, you want to back off and go back to something that you know works, but your frame must be like, “Well, that’s what my sexuality was at that time, so what.  I don’t make excuses for my sexuality as a man.”

Remember, deep down she wants to be taken.  So never feel guilty or make apologies for yourself.

As said before, you need rapport, trust, and authority with a woman for her to let herself go into a suggestible, Blissnotic state during sex with you.

She must trust you otherwise she won’t let down her guard and allow you to lead.  Trust makes the difference between her thinking, “I don’t think I should be doing this,” to “Yes, I want this.”

You need authority and respect for her to accept your sexy talk as real and true.  Only when a woman has respect for you can she let go and be sexually responsive to your commands.

If you don’t have these three ingredients, a woman’s critical factor will put up resistance to your commands and suggestions.

If you’ve been a Wuss in the relationship and she’s lost respect for you, she won’t take your sexy talking seriously.

Neither can you logically convince a woman to trust you if you don’t have trust.

As soon as you ask a woman to trust you, you behave like someone who cannot be trusted.  Imagine a used car salesman telling you, “There’s nothing wrong with this car.  Absolutely nothing at all!  TUST ME!”

The first thing you’ll think is, “Okay, what’s wrong with this car?”

Unfortunately, some men don’t have rapport, trust, or authority in their relationships with women.

If you’re lacking it, make sure that you’re acting like a Sexual Bull in the bedroom and in life, and not like a Wuss.  You can also build rapport and trust with the Cherishing Rituals.

An Example Of Rough Sex and Dirty Talk

For example. I was dating this one woman, Jessica, whom I met at the mall and I quickly discovered that she was very shy about sex.

She was open minded on the one hand in many ways, but on the other hand she had this belief that if she put a penis in her mouth she’d puke. She also had the belief that masturbation was wrong and she told me that she didn’t really think much about sex in general.

I started with some basic Blissnosis on her. The first few nights we made love, I didn’t do anything special for the first few nights you just want to get used to each other’s body, establishing sex as the norm and to get a feel for the woman’s beliefs about sex and how she is in bed.

But after the first week I began talking sexy and dirty to Jessica in her ear during sex. At first it was light stuff, like her wearing lingerie and how much she enjoyed sex. But I increasingly used sexy talk in greater amounts.

Within the first few weeks I was going into full-out Blissnosis escalation where I Blissed her out as a wild woman who was insatiable for sex and wanted it rough and dirty.

Soon I took her to a lingerie store and bought some sexy lingerie for her. I gave her instructions that she was a prostitute and I’d pay her for her services. I talked sexy to her and bent her over and fucked her standing up. I also had her give herself a new alter-ego fantasy name, and she chose for herself the name “Aurora.”

A really interesting thing happened. I continued doing three more weeks of fantasy roles on Jessica, or “Aurora”. Not only did she begin to openly masturbate in front of me and masturbate on my command, but on my command she would give wild, wet, deep blowjobs.

She would openly talk about being with other women– this all coming from a woman who only months before had a set of established beliefs that oral sex and masturbation were wrong. I had successfully created that sense of non-judgmental trust that allowed her sexuality to run free.

I had a particularly intense Blissnosis session with her where my lower lip was another girl’s pussy, and I talked dirty to her about what a wild nympho she was. After two hours of that I was exhausted and wanted to quit for the night.

But she just was writhing and seething with unbridled lust. I tried to calm her down, bring her out of it, snuggle some, reward her, but she wanted nothing to do with tenderness. She was fully in her alter ego as “Aurora” and wouldn’t come out of it.

I told her, “Okay, Jessica on the count of three you will no longer be ‘Aurora’, but instead again you will be Jessica.”

She said to me at that moment, “But Jessica IS Aurora.”

It was almost as if her identity as “Aurora”, the wild woman who was insatiable for wild sex, was overtaking her old identity as Jessica.

Of course, she came out of it about an hour later. But that’s how powerful Blissnosis training is. You can literally rewire your woman’s entire sexual identity. Use that power wisely.

11 thoughts on “How To Do Rough Sex And Dirty Talk With “Nice Girls””

  1. I’ve never done things like this with any other man but I’m now engaged to a wonderful guy and we love this kind of sex – but we’ve only just begun 🙂 what tips can you give us for rougher, dominated sex?

  2. My wife is an awesome amazing woman with a great body and is perky and petite. However, she thinks that I am too big for anal and that she is too tight and small. However, my ex wife is even smaller in size and stature than she and over time, she began really enjoying anal and even was able to do it like a pro! I’m quite certain my wife now has had a bad experience and doesn’t even know anything about easing int it over time, practicing and stretching. My wifw is bi and really does want for us to have a threesome with another single female. However, she is real shy. I MUST FIND and single female that can be sexually agressive enough to show her how to be dominant but understanding and supportive enough to show her that she is capable of doing A LOT more than she believes when it comes to her body. She really does try hard to please me in every way… I can
    t stand t5o think of hurting her feelings, but I WANT SO MUCH MORE! but I want it with her.

  3. I myself, love rough sex and dirty talk, it came about whilst I was masturbating and found myself trusting and comfortable with me, plus I’m a bit of a porn addict. The relationships I’ve been in since my experience, I’ve made my partners call me all types of names and try all types of ludicrous positions during sex, they even agreed on having public sex after they were comfortable with the idea and fully trusting in me. It came to a point where we would have some friends watch us, and some of them joined in on giving me oral sex, doing this I brought of the kinky in most of my partners. Some of them like when I tied them up and tied rope around their necks, some even enjoyed me playing with their anuses. All in all this being said they liked being taken control of, so not only women tend to be submissive.

  4. Um…did you actually read the girl’s comment? She didn’t call herself a bitch. She described her behavior as ‘bossy’ and ‘bitchy.’ I’d NEVER call myself a bitch but I can’t think of anyone that hasn’t been ‘bitchy’ once or twice in their life…it’s treating someone badly. I’m adult enough to admit I’ve been bitchy to someone in the past. Haven’t you??

    And ‘dishrag’ is YOUR disrespectful and disgusting term. She simply said she has discovered she likes to be submissive sexually. Maybe your boyfriend would treat a submissive girl like a ‘dishrag’ but she doesn’t imply her boyfriend does.

    If her boyfriend is sexually dominant and she’s sexually submissive then it sounds like they’re well matched and it doesn’t mean they don’t treat each other with respect and love. Lots of people enjoy being sexually submissive (both women and men) and there’s nothing wrong with that. How about you try not to judge others?

  5. “You can literally rewire your woman’s entire sexual identity.”

    I would have never believed this to be true until my boyfriend discovered your site! I’ve gone from being kind of bossy and bitchy to unable to stop submitting now that my boyfriend is a rough bedroom bull.

    Thanks Jesse…you’ve changed our lives!

  6. At a fairly early age I was dating a girl who was asking me to do all kinds of things to her, rough sex, tied up sex, stuff to dominate and humiliate her. I wouldn’t do it because I felt that a girl had to be a little messed up to want that and also I figured she might just be asking me to do that cause she thought it would please me. This girl used to go into deep space when we were having sex so it really didn’t matter anyways. Since then I have met a number of other women who have asked for rough treatment in bed or who have described being abused and then actively sought to bring out the abuser in me; I don’t go there. When a woman tells me about an abusive ex and then becomes offensive, provocative and antagonistic, you know what she is looking for in a relationship! Time to bail! I have also met women who tried projecting submissive character traits onto me, grafting fantasies onto me that were not my own. These were women I did get rougher with. If a woman slyly tells me that she knows I want to wear her panties she is going to find her mouth stuffed with them. Period. If a woman decides that she wants me to buy a strap on and a harness and she dreams of taking me in doggy style, “for the power”, and she suggests that I can keep the “gear” when she’s done, well, she’s just opened herself up to a “Last Tango in Paris” scenario. So, it’s the women who want to be dominant and who tried to portray me as submissive who bring out the inner beast in me, ironically.

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