How To Get A Hot Girlfriend, Guaranteed… Build One

So you want to get a hot girlfriend?

Here’s how to do it, by a very sneaky method.

First, you have to understand that guys get tranced out, stopped in their tracks, unable to open their mouths by what they perceive as a beautiful woman.

But the fact of the matter is, much of a woman’s beauty is a cleverly crafted allusion of make-up, fancy clothes, and hair styling. Most women, without their make-up, without their clothes, and without their grooming do not look like beauty queens in the morning when they first wake up.

Add to that what you perceive as their status, and we tend to freeze up. Imagine if the president of United States walked by, you’d probably become instantly hypnotized whether you love him or hate him because of social value and social status you’re placing into that person.

Or take a woman whose been in Playboy magazine. Just knowing that she’s been in Playboy will probably make approaching her feel more difficult. I remember in my case, I was talking and having fun with this attractive girl, being all relaxed and calm and just being playful, when later I found out she had modeled for Perfect 10 magazine. And after that I acted differently around her and broke the rapport we shared to some degree because of what I perceived as her status tranced me out. Now that was a while ago when I didn’t know better, but the lesson is don’t let her perceived social value or status affect you.

Don’t let the makeup, sunglasses, highlighted hair, high heals, sparkles on her skin or any of that cosmetic fakery designed solely for the purpose of hypnotizing you dead in you tracts like a deer in headlights affect you. Don’t let it spin you into a state of internal focus and self-talk.

You won’t get a hot girlfriend that way.

After all, you can take a dorky-looking nerdy college girl that no one would give a second look, dress her up in a $1,000 dress, give her a professional hairstyling, professional make-up, heels and three months of gym training, and with an entourage of three or four groupies and a limo her very presence will hypnotize everyone she meets.

That social value of her is completely in your own head, it’s buying into THEIR frame of value and social status they’re trying to project to the world.

Because if you treat women who have carefully constructed an IMAGE of beauty, just as everyone else treats them, just like every other guy who will let that image affect them, you’ll freeze up.

So don’t let your perception of a woman’s beauty, or your perception of her social value and status, affect you.

Treat her like any other women and you might approach and you’ll come across as unique, different, confident, relaxed, like no other guy she’s ever met before.

To Get A Hot Girlfriend, Build One Through Dance

In actuality, hot girls typically just have *different habits* than other girls.

Like being involved in physical fitness…

Every hot girlfriend should at some point add dance to her repertoire.

Dance, above all other hobbies or activities, will bring a woman happiness, joy, friends, fitness, and sexual awakening. In many research studies, dancing is the single greatest source of joy of all activities and hobbies studied.

Dance will literally transform a woman’s personality and make her feel more sensual and feminine to be a hot girlfriend.

The ability to express one self, verbally or with movement, is important to women. The ability to express oneself with other people to beautiful, exciting and passionate music fulfills her basic human needs. Especially in the modern life of social isolation and offices and car cubicles, opportunities to truly express oneself are few and far between.

Belly dancing is a good dance for a woman to start classes with.

Belly dance classes are generally inexpensive, can be found in most cities and even small towns, the moves are relatively easy to learn, are suitable for all ages and body types, and the classes enjoy beautiful dresses, sensuality and artistry, and a good place to make quality friends with other women.

Belly dancing was created from women’s natural curves of movements in an art form that embraces all parts of the body and will increase a woman’s spirit and self confidence.

Belly dancing provides a good cardiovascular workout and increases a woman’s flexibility and strength, focusing on the torso and abs. Many belly dance styles emphasize muscular “isolations”, teaching a woman to move various muscles or muscle groups independently. As a form of exercise, it can burn as many calories as jogging, swimming or riding a bike.

Once taking belly dancing classes, a woman’s posture will improve rapidly as well and she’ll start looking more like a really hot girlfriend. Belly dancing emphasizes keeping a woman’s shoulders back and lifted and her chest forward. It also focuses on keeping her head and chin lifted. Once her muscles get used to holding her body correctly, she’ll likely discover that it’s considerably more comfortable than the slouched, hunched posture she had before.

And that’s when plain jane transforms into the ultimate hot girlfriend.

Why Dance Classes Make For A Hot Girlfriend…

Music videos capture the essence of many basic feelings, like a broken heart or joy and happiness within a few seconds. Their commercial purpose is to give you an intense feeling within a few moments in order to sell records.

Music videos can also give you a taste of the excitement and joy a woman can experience through dance.

Go online to right now and search for the following three music videos, play them and watch them.

“Hips Don’t Lie” featuring Shakira and Wyclef

“Ain’t it Funny” featuring Jennifer Lopez

“Livin’ La Vida Loca” featuring Ricki Martin

Watch these three dance videos in succession. Identify the positive feelings that you get from the dance videos. Here’s my list:

Physical movement, colorful costumes, music, group dancing, dancing in the street, attraction, sexually charged energy, sexual attraction, tribal celebration, energy, sweat, sex, colors, vividness, personal transformation, destiny, blood in the veins, romance, community, a simpler life, nature, smiling faces, joy, social interaction, variety, romance, independence.

Contrast that to the feelings of everyday life: boredom, passive entertainment, zoning out, stress, metal and pavement, social isolation, frustration, and the list goes on.

Also, imagine your woman coming home after dance class, charged up, her blood running hot, having laughed with friends, gotten an intense body workout, feeling better about herself, connected with a tribe, learned a new skill to please you – she’ll literally rip your clothes off and follow you into any fantasy you set for her.

A woman will meet new friends dancing and her friend’s network will grow exponentially. She’ll never be far from being able to meet someone and have an immediate connection. It will break a woman out of her social isolation shell and shyness. Spending time on the internet to chat and instant message will become pale and dull in comparison.

She’ll become more comfortable with herself and her new confidence will affect every aspect of her life far beyond dancing, including what she’ll be willing to do in the bedroom – all traits of getting a hot girlfriend.

Just by conquering her doubts and fears of her body image and movement and balance, you will see a difference in a woman. Dancers possess an aura of self confidence and an ability to enjoy themselves in whatever they do. Their entire mental outlook takes on a renewed sense of creativity, motivation and energy.

Dancing reduces stress levels, a prime barrier to letting go in the bedroom and trying new things.

Dancing improves her posture and muscle tone, builds her stamina and endurance, increases her flexibility and balance, tones and firms her arms and shoulders, provides her cardiovascular conditioning, and helps her with weight loss. Dancing is a great way for a woman to achieve those washboard abs and muscularly toned legs and just look totally, amazingly hot.

For older women dancing will lower her risk of coronary heart disease, decrease her blood pressure, and strengthen the bones of her legs and hips.

Dancing helps the body’s circulatory system as it makes the heart pump blood faster. The constant movement and muscle extension during dance sessions also provides a pleasing, mild exercise most people long for but rarely achieve.

Her posture will be positively affected as well. She’ll stand taller and straight and hold herself upright and walk like a regal queen and hot girlfriend rather than a slumped over, out-of-shape bag lady.

The ability to dance is present in everyone. Dance will work for ANY woman too, the old, the overweight, the sad, the happy, the poor. Not every woman will become the greatest dancer, but every woman has much to gain from dance.

Belly Dancing Classes

It can be very difficult and frustrating to learn belly dance through an instructional book or video, particularly for a woman with no previous dance experience.

She’ll have no idea if her form is wrong or right because no one will be there to correct her. It can become so frustrating that she might give up and actually LOWER her self-confidence.

The best way to learn belly dance is through a live class where she can interact with other women, make friends, and receive individual correction and instruction.

Classes will be infinitely more fun and enjoyable for a woman. Fortunately, belly dance classes are by far the most inexpensive kind of dance to learn, and classes can be found even in small towns. is an online directory of instructors and classes throughout the United States and the entire world.

You can do a Google search for instructors in your local area by searching for “belly dancing Florida” or “belly dancing Arizona” for example.

DVD instructional videos however can be an excellent supplement to a woman’s weekly classes. This way she can brush up on the fundamental moves at home, and if she misses a class she can still get a practice session in.

Jenna’s Belly Dance series is the best. For the price and the amount of instruction you get, it’s hard to beat. You can purchase them at

Bellydance Basics and Beyond: Technique for a Solid Foundation (2006)

This is the video to start with. Jenna breaks down the beginner’s moves excellently, step-by-step. It starts off with the absolute basics with each body part, the shoulders, the legs, and the hips done individually. The movements are introduced separately before combining them together as she move further along.

It’s set in a studio with mirrors as well so she can see the moves from multiple angles and miss nothing of the footwork or arm movements.

A major plus of the DVD is that it contains a full 2.5 hours of material. Yes, two and a half hours of material!

Bellydance – The Next Level: Transitions, Turns & Layers (2008)

The follow up intermediate program, also nearly two HOURS in length, is perfect when she wants to go beyond the basics and move ahead. You see Jenna take the dance into more complex and enhanced moves, transitions, turns, and hip work.

It’s best to take a three-pronged approach to learning dance; live classes, instructional videos, and instructional books.

Different women learn in different ways. Some women enjoy looking at pictures and reading the moves to supplement their learning. It’s difficult to tell what way your woman will learn best, so it’s best to cover all your bases and purchase a book for her as well.

I recommend the following two books which can be purchased from

Bellydancing for Fitness: The Sexy Art That Tones Your Abs, Butt, and Thighs by Rania Bossonis

Belly Dancing for Fitness: The Ultimate Dance Workout That Unleashes Your Creative Spirit by Tamalyn Dallal

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