How Working Out At The Gym Leads to Sexual Abundance!

I always see a body builder type out at a club, at least one of them, and they are usually just about the worst with women that you can possible imagine, despite having muscles.

Because they think that their muscles are their attractive feature.  So they hang back, and they wait for the girls to give them Indicators of Interest like eye contact and a smile.  But they don’t make a single move, they just hang back.  Because these guys, their whole identity is based all around their physical look.

So pretty much, they only end up talking to girls that approach THEM, and women are pretty passive creatures.  Women don’t approach men in general.  So the body builder type, even if he does look terrific, ends up standing there the whole night all by himself.

I can guarantee you that a skinny guy who looks like a toothpick, or a Fat Albert, can run circles around Mr. Body Building dude because women ultimately base their attraction on the action that a man takes, on his drive to get what he wants, and that he makes no apologies for it.  That’s what attracts a woman ultimately.

But go to the gym anyway!

Now, all that being said, go to the gym anyway and workout.  I’m telling you to absolutely sign up and do it.  And here’s why.

The very problem is, that you don’t need to be a good looking guy or be buff to get girls.  AND the grocery store has a full aisle for potato chips, a full aisle for ice-cream, and a full aisle for soda.  And there’s 99 cents Hamburgers on nearly every block.

With all that temptation, and when you understand that your body type doesn’t matter to get women, what motivation do you have to stay healthy?

If you want to go out, meet women, and you’re not exercising or eating right, you will have low energy.  And instead of going out, you’ll have a tendency to just want to sit on the couch, be anti-social, and eat to feel good instead.  In fact, you’re going to get pretty fat pretty fast.

Your first day at the gym started out right…

And a lot of guys slip into that pattern.  It just creeps up on you.

That’s what happened to me.  For years, pounds just started to creep up on me.  It was acceptable to me at the time, because it seemed to have no bearing on my pickup success.

I started also to lose my energy.  Not just for pickup… but for doing anything.  And then my social life was suffering.  I stopped feeling like going out.  And one day I woke up and thought to myself… damn I’m looking fat and I look bad.

And if you’re skinny with no muscle tone, that means you have a low metabolism.  And in a few years, when you get older and your metabolism slows down, you will become fat as well.  Your energy will decrease.

Benefits of resistance training

But when you workout, you’ll feel better about yourself, and you’re going to have that energy to go out and meet women.

Working out kick starts your metabolism for the day.  It sets a healthy precedent for the rest of the afternoon, so that you stay away from the junk food and bad habits.

Instead of feeling flat and sleepy, you’ll feel fresh and alert.

You’ll feel like you’ve achieved something for the day.

Your metabolism picks up with the additional muscle, and you don’t gain fat nearly as easily, even when you do eat junk food.  You body just naturally resists it.

Your testosterone increases and you feel randier.  You feel the raw, masculine drive to go out there and make stuff happen.  The television and living in a passivity loses its appeal.

And you start to feel better when you look better in the mirror.

Guys with big muscles, they feel good.  Big muscles produce plenty of testosterone and keep you feeling good and assertive.  Anywhere from an energy boost to just feeling straight up awesome.

Emotion follows motion

Remember that your emotions, your feelings, follow the lead of your physical motions.  Emotions follows motion.

If you force yourself to smile, even if you’re feeling blue, you’ll start to feel happier. If you get up and start moving, even if you feel depressed and don’t want to get out of bed, you’ll start to feel better.   If you talk and act as if you have the traits and attitudes of a happy person, quite soon you’ll begin to gain them.

So when you start lifting weights, you have that physical motion, the blood runs hotter through your body, your muscles move and pump, and you feel alive, vibrant and fresh.  When you exercise, good feelings will follow automatically and so will a positive mindset.  And you’ll want to go out and meet girls, you’ll want to smile, you’ll want to look.

Now the physical look of being Mr. Superman itself is not what will get you with girls.  But the mindset, what’s in your head, being a guy who takes PRIDE in himself, being a guy who asserts himself onto the world and takes responsibility for his health and energy makes you attractive to women.

When your body allows you to feel energetic and amazing, and have that boiling testosterone, when you talk to women, they will feel that underlying energy shining through, which is attractive.  As opposed to a shit feeling of a low energy guy who is a lazy ass.

And your sense of entitlement shoots through the roof.  I’ve seen a few guys who are out of shape and pretty ugly generate massive attraction in field.

In fact, I know a guy who’s game is waaay better than any pretty boy.  But he doesn’t feel entitled, so when the girl is in the palm of his hand, he doesn’t persevere through to the bedroom, he let’s the girl go.  Because he ultimately can’t wrap his head around the idea that a girl could like him despite his big flabby, fat stomach.  He lacks a sense of entitlement that he deserves the hot girls – even though he has the skills to get them.

And feeling fit and healthy can do wonders for your inner sense of entitlement.  It clears up a lot of your inner game issues.  So that you 100% persist to get what you want and you know that you deserve this, which girls feel and are attracted to.

The Happy Fat Chick Example

Think about it.  What if you see a fat chick, an overweight girl, and she’s just come from the gym and is bursting with hormones and his smiling and happy and full of energy and bubbly and exciting and passionate about the workout she just did.  Yes, she’s fat.  But that kind of girl is attractive.

Conversely take a thin woman who is classically attractive, but feels like shit inside because the night before she ate a tub of ice-cream and stayed up all night watching soap operas and now is dead tired with deep circles under her eyes.  From a distance she’s attractive, but when you get up close and talk to her, that kind of low energy will be a real turn off.

That’s why I absolutely recommend the gym or take up sports.

Not because you need to become Arnold before you can pickup girls, but because of the kind of man you become from taking care of your body which will translate into success in the field.

But going to the gym won’t be enough. You also need to learn how to FORCE women to be attracted on an animal level below judgment and reason, by manipulating nonverbal sexual responses.

That’s why you need to check out Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control by clicking here, so that you can remotely and instantly seduce women.

33 thoughts on “How Working Out At The Gym Leads to Sexual Abundance!”

  1. Are gay and bi muscle men left out of this? Come on, the gym has a lot of gay men, let’ not pretend otherwise.

    1. I’m bi. I love women and men and admire their bodies at the gym.
      They have told me they want to be looked at.
      Be seen and validated . Appreciated.

  2. I have to disagree, I’m nicely muscled, granted I have the body of death (way freaking better than an Abercrombie model) and I am very goodlooking, when I walk into a club ALL ugly fat dudes are DONE and they know it and start sucking up to me, I take the chick I want and just stand in the corner! no game, no opening set bullshit, the chicks COME UP TO ME, if they don’t they are staring at me even when dancing with some pick up dude, the other chicks will ask me dumb questions like do you know where the bathroom is LOL or what street is this club on LOL, and the other chicks will get next to me if its crowded and do stuff like press their ass into me or bump into me or press into me and not move away, totally insane, so don’t say I don’t get any by just standing there LOL

    1. I knew a very good looking guy that girls would walk up to … it trained him to be passive though, and he couldn’t choose the girls he wanted. That’s the downside of being passive, even if you’re amazingly good looking.

    2. Lol.nice attempt .
      Women despise conceited men but if you have a useable cock they will use you for it and use you for your money to teach you a lesson.
      Conceited men stand out like nasty pimples .

  3. Men are far more visual when it comes to attraction than women that’s why you should really hit the gym for yourself and the benefits the gym give you such as increased confidence and testosterone levels.

  4. Really, randy? If anything, a person like YOU should not reproduce. Get out of my way, poser! If there is anyone that is being the douche here, then you just proved your case very strongly for one. Everyone knows that the person that takes no male cow manure from anyone and that works hard to have the energy to look good and to be healthy, like the other Jesse said, is the kind of person that will ALWAYS get the girl, period. Any arguments otherwise from you only proves that it is not only YOU that is the problem, but that you are a problem to humanity as well as to air, noise, and gene pool pollution yourself. Now if you will excuse me, I have a gym membership to get into as well as some healthier (though they WERE pretty healthy already) eating habits so I can get a lady into my life.

  5. are women attracted to guys that look effeminate ,but with muscle bodies?A pretty face with strong muscular chippendale dancer hunk physique.Or are women attracted to men that are soft and strong not hard body and muscular,but are smart and handsome or goodlooking?

    1. Jacob, as long as it looks like you care about yourself, meaning you workout, women are attracted to THAT. The fact that you have the confidence to workout. The details don’t matter compared to your overall direction. Or you a lazy-ass, or a go-getter? That’s what’s important.

    2. Women respond to being nice to them. Anf if you do their dishes or take out the garbage she will want you more than oxygen but more importantly, she will love you.
      That’s what a desirable man is to a woman and not a big muscular ape or skinny and enthusiastic.just a man that makes her feel good.
      Tell her sincerely that she is beautiful and she will smile about that as she falls to sleep.

  6. “I can guarantee you that a skinny guy who looks like a toothpick, or a Fat Albert, can run circles around Mr. Body Building dude because women ultimately base their attraction on the action that a man takes, on his drive to get what he wants, and that he makes no apologies for it. That’s what attracts a woman ultimately.”

    yeah but this is bad though, from a standpoint of the future. all the ugly docuhe that is out there macking broads are actually the problem. just because women are attracted to your foolishness doesn’t mean a thing. chicks are like children, what they like is irrelevant nonsense. ugly douche will with verbal diarrhea are eventually going to poison the well. the good-looking mucle types must reproduce themselves. otherwise we are going to fill up with ugly chicks and weak douchy guys. then the whole country goes down. those who like to get chicks but are ugly douche must take this into consideration. if not, you will destroy that which you love so much. give up your chicks to the superior man.

    1. I LAUGHED out LOUD so hard … excellently put up thoughts about why douches shouldn’t reproduce 🙂

      Actually it is that good looking people with good genes should produce as much offspring as possible and always be very picky who to mate with. So if your good looking, GET ACTIVE to save mankind.

      PS. all people have proper genes … they just need to be activated through active and healthy life.

  7. Dear Jesse
    I am very interested to get your information on how to get girls and to learn the behavioral tricks you suggested. But I have a problem: I am not an English-speaking person and can not recognize you speech well ( I got some of your disks). May be instead of the voice-on-a-disk you have a kind of a book or something I can read? I have no problem reading English texts.
    Can you offer me something readable?


  8. Wow, the part about metabolism slowing as you get older really hits home.
    I’ve noticed a gradual weight gain over the years (now 32) and a flabby stomach when I used be skinny.
    And I’ve also noticed that so many times I feel low energy in the evening and end up not going out.
    I have a friend who works out a lot (at home, not a gym) and he seems to have more energy and confidence.
    What do you think about P90X?

  9. I agree – I love working out. I do it three times a week between the gym, yoga and occasion b-ball games.

    The community constantly tells you that you can meet women at the gym but I have been going to a co-ed gym for years (where there are quite a number of hot women), do co-ed yoga and I have never had a date from any of that. Have tried but they all tell me they are married or have boyfriends.

  10. I agree 100%.

    Don’t work out thinking that girls love big muscles. Work out and eat right because doing so will give you the right kind of energy and drive that will inspire you to approach and give off the right vibe.

    Good post! thanks for the comment btw

  11. Now, i would like wath would be the better way to come up to a girl on a gym, i mean, usually i´m just myself and act simply and naturaly, but sometimes i would like to do something faster, like meet the girl and take her to your bed on the same day if its know wath i mean?

    1. same day lay from the gym? difficult, because you can’t get all touchy on the girl on the first conversation, and you need to touch a girl before you can get her into bed. that’s more for dance clubs.

      gym girls do have more testosterone though which makes them horny. so open with a conversation first, and you’ll see them again in future days. always say hi! to the girl with positivity and she’ll become comfortable around you, and then things can began to spark

  12. Have to admit, when you are working out the energy does show to other people, you seem more relaxed in most environments, you have the burst of energy available, and more importantly, you are happy with yourself( which is conveyed to others when they either talk or look at you).Having a good body, tends to give men more of a strut to their walk( a confidence in their own ability) much like a boxer of martial artist who is confident in his own abilities. having muscle on muscle doesnt help you pick up, but looking fit and healthy, will attract the casual look, which in turn you must smile back, and make facial gestures or even better, take the hint that someone is interested. looks play a large part in man’s choice of woman, but women want somone who is confident, and able to perform the many tasks/trials hurdles etc, that she may come up with before choosing her partner. then you have the others who are like men, and base their opinions of looks, and are sorely dissapointed with the man they end up with.

  13. Exercising your big muscle groups, especially thighs even for 10 min at moderate to high intensity naturally releases loads of HGH (human growth hormones) and testosterone into your body. You’ll feel going out there and getting some action for sure!
    Great write-up and insight as usual Jess…
    PS: thank you also for including pics of gorgeous black chicks. It’s my first time seeing that in your material.

  14. Workout because it feels good for you. It will help with the ladies. A man with a great body still has to convey personality while a women of with similar attributes merely has to sit there.

    1. Yeah, I think guys WISH that they could just sit there and look good. So they workout to justify remaining passive and not stepping up. They get indicators of interest that way, but they don’t get laid.

    1. Thank’s, sorry, but I have nothing, no money no girl or woman; no woman no baby;no baby no happy,and then : no happy . . . what do you think? I am very so sorry, trush me, ren

    2. From my observation, I am of the opinion that the better looking and better condition you are in the greater your chances are of doing good with the ladies ecspecially if you have an arrogant asshole type personality. Maybe Im wrong but it seems like the baddest boys with the best looks seem to get all kinds of attention. Unless the guy is an abusive mental case. Then again alot of woman are into that type of guys as well.
      Let’s face it fellas. Look at who all of the hot woman are with. Nine out of ten times it’s their physical equivelent, unless the guy has a shit load of money and a great personality. Look at who most cougars divorce thier husbands or leave their older boyfriends of many years for after many years. Usually a much younger guy in great (or much better shape) with a full head of hair on their head and the energy to go all night long. Not another out of shape middle age, older, or even younger dude, but some dude without the hairy belly but hair on his head.

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