How A Hypnotic Voice Drives Women Crazy, And How To Develop It

Most of us take our voices for granted.  Yet the resonance, speed, and tone of your voice are some of the most important factors in creating sexual rapport with women.  The words you say to a woman are not so important as HOW you say them and HOW you project yourself.  The woman’s limbic brain is sexually stimulated based on the nonverbal you, not your words.

For example, if you have a resonant, sultry, sexy voice, women will often become sexually intrigued as soon as you open your mouth.  The sound of your voice alone can change her state from neutral to captive and intrigue.  Of course, what you say CAN affect the outcome of creating sexual rapport; but it is much more important to learn to sound good.

Think about it, what do you want to convey with the sound of your voice?

Do you want to convey fear or power?  Do you want to convey submission or dominance?  Do you want to convey nervousness or relaxation?

Now what if your voice starts out strong when you’re speaking, but then tends to peter out at the end?  Or what if you speak really soft and quiet like?  Or what if you speak like this with a nasally tone of voice?  Or sound squeaky?

If you speak in any of these ways, no one will want to listen to you.  And it won’t matter what you say to a woman because she’s already judged you as insecure or fearful based on the sound of your voice.  It’s not going to turn her on.  It’s not going to make her feel sexual rapport with you no matter what verbal lines or languaging you’re using.

But with a sexy voice, it’s almost like you’re a walking talking hypnotist.  That’s because when you have a sexy voice, everything you say is hypnotic.  After all, what does a hypnotist need to do to put someone into a trance… they need to speak with authority, relax their patient, and put to sleep that critical part of the mind that makes judgments and resists suggestions.

Now you don’t need to speak to a woman like a hypnotist, like, “You will deeply relax now and follow the suggestions of my voice.”

If the tone and quality of your voice is already relaxing, deep, commanding, and resonant, you fulfill all the requirements of hypnosis.  When someone hears the kind of voice that makes them stop, relax, listen, and assume you’re an authority, then they’ll let what you’re saying enter in and affect them.  They will go into trance.  In fact, most people are walking around in a relaxed, trance-like state ALL the time and it’s just your job to make them to listen to YOU.

After all, your voice IS your identity and you must speak to other people; you cannot hide your voice.  Your voice is something that you have to use all the time.  Your voice is communicating the kind of person you are all the time.  And yet, most of us don’t even consider how we may be projecting ourselves to the world around us through our voices.

Speaking Loudly Is Like Growing A Huge Pair of Tits

I just want to drive home the point of how important your voice is to generating hard attraction in women.  How by making that one small tweak in your overall profile makes you so much more attractive.

Let’s say you’re sitting in a coffee shop at Starbucks and in walks a woman whose relatively attractive but you don’t look at it twice. This woman she’s wearing a baggy shirt nothing special and she orders her coffee. And no one else in the room seems to notice or.

But then you look up to see that she’s lifting up her sweater, up over her head. And now it’s suddenly revealed, as her sweater is removed, that she has these large voluptuous breasts underneath the Titan are a waste she takes her coffee her breasts just jiggle up and down. And all the guys in the coffee shop turned their heads to check out this woman with the fantastic breasts.

And this woman, she just went from being a 7/10 do like being a 9/10. And what was it that made the difference.

Just the change of that one curve from being flat in front, to having a big S shape is what made all the difference in how attractive she was. By making one small change in her silhouette, this woman went from no one noticing her at all, to all the men in the room drooling over and other women in the room blistering with jealousy.

It took just that one small change, that one small tweak, in her physical appearance that made all the difference.

And speaking loudly with your voice is exactly the same. It’s like growing a huge pair of tits.

And when you speak with a very loud voice you suddenly go from being a nobody and needing approval, to generating hard attraction on a primal level with women.

3 Awesome Hypnotic Voice Tips To Attract The Ladies

I want you to think for a moment, what turns you on? What makes you horny? What makes you randy baby, yeah!

Chances are, you’re thinking to yourself something like “I’m a legs man” or “I like blondes” or something else you wouldn’t want your momma to read.

That’s alright. Men are DOGS, of course you’d think something like that.

Nah, I’m kidding, it’s not that men are dogs, it’s that men are VISUAL. For most men, it is what we SEE that initially triggers attraction. It’s not the be-all and end-all, but it dominates our first impressions.

Duh, you say? Obvious, you say? Well smart guy, how often do you think about what turns a woman on? You may be fooled by listening to ladies occasionally hooting cute butts or swooning at Antonio Banderas. Don’t be.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “It ain’t the size of the wave, it’s the motion of the ocean.” Well, it ain’t the shape of the gut, it’s the way you strut. Women are MUCH more in tune to body language and non-verbal communications, and that’s where their buttons are pushed.

Sure, a handsome man with a good body is ATTRACTIVE to women, but he won’t necessarily CREATE ATTRACTION.

Attraction is created by style and attitude, by CHARISMA, what women often call CHARM. If you don’t look like Brad Pitt, this is good news, because it can be learned.

And just as BODY LANGUAGE trumps BODY SHAPE in attracting women, your VOICE will trump your WORDS.

Lots of guys, when they are trying to learn how to be more successful with women, turn to pick-up lines. Men seem to think the RIGHT WORDS will move a girl’s heart.

Maybe it’s because we’ve seen guys get a girl by talking to her. Maybe she changed her attitude after he spoke to her.

Maybe we just can’t get the difference between the JOKES we tell and WHAT REALLY WORKS.

If at some point you’ve thought that pick-up lines were the key to breaking the ice with a woman, you may be forgiven. You should give yourself a number of numbing slaps to the face, but then forgive yourself and let’s talk about what DOES work.

It doesn’t really matter what words you use – you could have the best pick-up line in the world and, with poor delivery, it will fail.

But if you deliver your words well, it doesn’t really matter WHAT you say. “Hello” can be the sexiest word in the language.

No, really, trust me.

Controlling your voice the right way will have a positive affect on MANY aspects of your life, but right now, we care about how it affects women.

There are three keys to speaking in a commanding, confident way that women find sexy and attractive.

Hypnosis #1. Speak Loudly

The easiest one is volume. Speak LOUDLY.

That doesn’t mean you should YELL at a woman. Your volume has to come naturally, from the chest. If you sound strained when you speak you sound, well, STRAINED.

I know, I know, you can thank me later.

Your volume should be the sort of thing that fills a room with your confidence. When you speak quietly, it communicates that you DON’T BELIEVE what you say has WORTH. You’re telling women (and anyone else in your teeny hearing radius) that you’re a WUSS.

That’s the last thing you want someone thinking. Especially an attractive woman. In an instant you’ll splash into the NEXT category, and you probably aren’t getting out. Once a woman passes, the best thing you can do is move on.

So, don’t YELL, don’t WHISPER, just speak from your chest in a voice loud enough everyone can hear.

Hypnosis #2. Resonate

That brings us to the next point; you need to speak clearly. Resonate. Sound picky? Listen.

Think of the dorkiest possible person you can. Pocket protector, coke bottle glasses, nose turned up, OBNOXIOUS laugh… what does that person sound like?

Ok, yes, Erkel. What’s Erkel sound like?

Yeah, he speaks through his NOSE. Unless you are British royalty, you aren’t getting away with a NASAL voice. It just… well, if you want a little peace and quiet, talk like this and people will run from you like from fingernails on a chalkboard.

Speaking of which, avoid squeaking too. High voices… they aren’t manly. What, you want her to think your testicles haven’t dropped?

There’s a reason Barry White is the sexiest singer out there, and it isn’t his body. The man can TALK! He can sing too, but it’s that deep resonant voice which gets everything going.

The key, again, is to speak from the chest. You want to feel vibrations in your torso, not your nose.

Hypnosis #3. Slow Down

Finally, you want to slow… your… speech… doooowwwwnn.


Especially if you’re speaking loudly. Think Regis. Not sexy.

But… if you take.. yooouuur time… breeeaath deeeeeeply… speak from fuuuuuull luuuuungs… you sound… confident. Even… hypnotic.

Ok, it’s freaking annoying to read. But try reading it out loud. Take your time. No rush. You’ve got ALL the time in the WORLD.

You sound like a man in control of himself. Hell, you BECOME a man in control of himself. The more carefully you consider your words… and slow down your cadence… the more sure of yourself you will ACTUALLY become.

If only because you’re LISTENING to YOURSELF for once. It’s worth it.

Alright, you’ve got this negative nag in the back of your head. I know you do. It’s saying something like “My voice is my voice. Barry White is sexy, great, but I can’t do that.”

It’s fine. We all have the nag sometimes.

Now is the time when you go Fight Club on his ass and shoot your nag in the head.

Yes, your voice is your voice. And your bicep is your bicep.

Just as you can change your bicep with exercise, you can do the same with your voice.

The biggest key is PAYING ATTENTION to what you’re doing, and WHAT YOU WANT to be doing. Get a recorder. Listen to your voice (and don’t worry, we all hate our own voices).

Then remember how you want to sound, think about what you want to CHANGE. Work on it.

The simple act of PAYING ATTENTION will slow your speaking down, which is great. You’ll sound more deliberate and in-control just by listening to yourself.

Watching your BREATHING is another great key. Not only will you be one step closer to Buddhahood, you also will avoid RUSHED or WINDED deliveries. Breath deeply and you’ll CALM yourself – and you’ll KNOW you’re calm.

That calm will quickly translate into COOL – someone in control of situations, a leader. An alpha.

The guy girls want to be with.

Do those two simple things – PAY ATTENTION and BREATH – and you’ll improve exponentially.

Those are the keys to having a hypnotic, attractive voice – so practice them.

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  1. Absolutely true. I listened to a hypnosis healing video,supposed to b non sexual,but I was very sexually aroused.but none of the comments by women mentioned this. So now I did a search and found this article here. It is not only true;but just listening to the guy here,”talk” about women’s submissive imprint”has caused my heart to start palpitating. I’m not joking. Women r doomed,once guys start sharing this info.but there probably will b a lot more long term romantic relationships around the world. I have to idea what the guy on my YT hypnosis video looks like;and literally his voice made me more sexually aroused than I’ve probably been during actual,literally,if a guy,showed up at my door,and he was the guy from the hypnosis video,his appearance would have ZERO to do w anything.I would sleep w him ,basically,no questions asked.

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