How I Hooked Up With the Girl’s Mom…

Hello Jesse,

I enjoyed your latest program and it worked so well I actually found myself in a very awkward situation.

I stayed in Raleigh for a week and was with a family where I hooked up with the mom.

The family is friends with my parents, so it’s created an awkward situation and I need some advice. First, here’s my “field report”:

I had a crush on the mom before, but was obviously way too chicken-shit to do anything about it.  It’s because some years back we did a barbecue and she had massive cleavage going on, but since then it’s always been covered.  Which drives me even crazier thinking about it.

This time I was staying at their house and hitting her with your nonverbal game.  She never noticed me before, but now I’m getting IOIs from her.  Like smiling and she was holding eye contact with me, but actually holding it.

Also, when I helped her cut veggies for the dinner I “accidentally” brushed up on her numerous times.

The next night she came into my room wearing just a nightie to check on me.  Tight.  “Wow, you look fantastic,” I told her.  I took her by the wrist, and (tried) to pull her toward me.

She got all embarrassed… and left the room.  “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I was thinking.  And Jesse, I was embarrassed too.  But that night I dreamed about fucking her all night long.

The next day though she was back to normal affectionate though, and giving me heavy IOIs, eye contact, touching me casually but more than would be normal.  I think she liked it that I grabbed her.  I still felt guilty about it, but if she did too, she didn’t show it.

She invited me to help prepare the dinner before than “man of the house” got home.  He’s a nice guy, funny, but a dweeb.  He definitely has no clue about game or the power of this.

So we were preparing dinner together, and I went hard on the nonverbal trigger game.  We were laughing and “brushing” against each other.  I was scared to death inside about making another move, so what I did next had my adrenaline going.

I did your sexual intent bit. “You’re dangerous for me,” I said to her.  I touched her bare arm and traced it along her shoulder, and then to her breast and circled her nipple.  “You’re a temptation.”

She kind of just stood there looking at me.  I think she was speechless 🙂

I took her hips and guided her back to the kitchen counter, facing each other.  Eye contact.  Killer stuff Jesse.  Then I moved my hands up her body from her hips and squeezed the undersides of her breasts.  “You’re dangerous for me, you’re a temptation,” I said again.

“Stop,” she said, “this isn’t right.”

And she left the kitchen!!!  FUCK!

Jesse, I’m just thinking to myself “fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck THIS,” again.  It was like the worst moment of my life.

Dinner was really awkward.  She didn’t look at me with her husband two kids right there! And the conversation felt stiff.  I’m telling you Jesse, I felt really fucked up inside.  But with pent up energy too.

I think too because my game is very rough still, I was making progress but also making things weird.  And also thinking I was maybe the most amoral prick on the planet.

The next day came, I thought it was over, but she asked me to go shopping groceries with her.  At the store she was a standoffish at first like nothing happened, but I got her smiling and laughing and I kept running the nonverbal game on her.

When we got back to the house, she began showing me some picture albums.  I took this as an IOI.  I felt like it was “on” again but I was nervous as fuck because I wanted to make a move, but I didn’t want to freak her out again either.

I just asked her, “Are you a good kisser,” and she said “Yes,” and from there we made out!!

After a while I pushed her back against the couch and started squeezing her big tit through her shirt.  I was nervous as all fuck.

“Oh god, I’m not going to be able to stop,” she said.

From there we did it.  I didn’t have a condom, so licked her out and she sucked me until I blew my load.

My first MILF!  Really it was fantastic, because I had DAYS of pent up energy needing to be released and I wanted her so bad.

The next day was Saturday, my last day, and I couldn’t get her alone and nothing happened between us.

Here’s the fucked up thing.  The trip is over now and I’m back home.  She’s emailed me asking how I am.  I want to fuck her proper this time, but the logistics are bad now and I feel guilty about it.  Maybe I should just forget her, move on, and use your stuff to find a real girlfriend now?

Thanks Jesse, this can be used for great evil in the wrong hands ;).

Your new fan,


I can’t say that I can condone Jake’s behavior, and it’s not a good idea to “shit where you sleep.”

That said, Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control has a lot of power techniques to fire off hard attraction feelings in women. It’s for meeting girls everywhere, and not Mom’s though the program doesn’t discriminate. Who you go for is up to you.  You can click THIS link here to grab a copy right now.

So should Jake follow his desires and give this woman a thrill ride, or simply let it go?  Let me know what you think below, leave a comment.

39 thoughts on “How I Hooked Up With the Girl’s Mom…”

  1. Yes I fucked some one moms before too but no game was involved.She was the mother of this cute girl I was seeing.I fucked her like a year later after her daughter broke off our fling wich did not result in a lay tons of make outs for hours though.Well my friends were still friends with her, so I would still end going to her house with my buddies.One I got drunk ther so they let me crash on the couch and her mom was on another couch posing showing IOIs nothing happened yet.A little after after I turned 20 I ended up hanging out with mom alone on the beach and it was clear she dug me well I fucked on a picinic bench and gave head in the car.I fucked many times after once in the ass.BUT I must say she was not good looking.I did another hand full of unattractive women 13 years.I AM SICK OF THAT I will never do or be with another ugly OR FAT bitch again just because I cant get any pretty ones its all or nothing.Or pay 300 to fuck a pretty prostitute.

  2. Hi Jesse:

    I am over 50 and picking up young girls, notwithstanding some things I’ve heard from a few gurus, is not that easy. I occasionally get a shot at it and usually blow it.

    So I sometimes hook women online through Craigslist ads. A lot of the time they wiggle off the hook. I’m not that interested in women my age. Not for a good hot casual screw!

    The crazy thing about craigslist is that you can articulate your way into a woman’s pants. If you can engage her mind, it’s crazy what she will do. I’ll give you an example.

    My girlfriend and I like girls, so we advertise for one. You may have heard the word “unicorn” referring to a girl who will play around with a couple. But we’ve found a way, and sometimes it’s magic. A girl reads the ad, then sends a nude picture of herself and tells us why she wants us to get into a room together with her naked and fuck the shit out of her.

    They show up. They smile. They sit. We chat and drink wine. Then I say, Okay, are we ready? And they let me take off their top and start arousing them with my girlfriend’s help.

    Crazy, I know.

    So, anyway, I was chatting online with a woman who is really turned on by bondage scenes. She responded to a vagina mechanic ad in which I would train a young girl to squirt or to get a knucklegasm. I guess that means she’s submissive. I kept on getting bucked off the horse so to speak. I thought she was fucking with me. I was about to tell her baby I don’t play catch me fuck me with women over 23 and even then…

    But I googled “how to talk to a submissive girl” and got your post. There were three or four great distinctions there. And I used one or two and suddenly she is doelike, wet and ready.

    So, I owe you one. A woman is going to take off all her clothes and let me play with her cunt and then fuck her in all three holes just because you gave me some good advice.

    So, there. Go tell your mom that you are serving humanity because you are. That girl will thank you. (I promise you that).

    And again, I tip my hat.

  3. I say if opportunity presents itself again, go for it and fuck her. That being said- I wouldnt go OUT of my way to make a seperate trip do this- but if the opportunity comes up again- do it. Meantime , dont obsess over it and take your mind off her by practicing your stuff on other new girls as well.

  4. Sir Chival Regal

    Married folks are off limits. According to whatever I’ve read so far from jessie’s site and from experiance, women don’t seem to know better and need protection from men, as in “We need to protect women from ourselves”….

    The fellow pursued the woman clearly knowing what he wanted. He had a agenda. He was responsible for what happened. We men do know better. We seem to always do.

  5. I think as long as there is no violence, theft, or moey involved between consenting adults shit does happen and it’s OK. She should get divorced if the old man can’t deliver, And Jake, next time, ask Mom to show her daughter how she does what she does. Call it “training”. You might just have a threesome. Happy Hunting !!!

  6. I think you already went for it so technically that’s another GO FOR IT.

    Married women need to be treated by guys with game too…it’s not her fault she settled for a guy before she tried one of you. Had the universe provided one of you first, she wouldn’t be married to that boring bastard. Now that was a little mean of me, the coolidge affect may affect females too since females have evolved somewhat with more masculine tendencies…who’s to say us chicks don’t get bored of the same penis after 22 years no matter how big or well it’s used!

    I have experienced the boring married man and am now dating one of you smooth gamers…I’m telling u that its your duty to please every woman you believe hasn’t experienced what I call you (even those of you in training) SMOOTH GAMERS”.

    What a great experience to use what Jesse teaches you, to practice on every female even fat ugly bitches (I’m starting to speak like you guys – what I really meant was… horizontally challenged, unattractive females).

    Get out there boys and practice practice practice…we need more of you…there are too many boring lovers out there (why can’t you train these men to be good boys in everyday life and bad boys in the sack only!!!!)


    1. Ordinarily I would be on the side of the guys who say, “if her husband isn’t doing the job.. then go for it” but that’s an emotional decision based on lust and not logic.

      The reason I disagree is this: Cheating pretty much kills guys in our society. I mean, instead of telling her husband he can’t please her so he can go learn how and make their relationship stronger, it instead becomes, ‘you’re not fulfilling me I’ma go break up our marriage and put a ton of sh&t on our kids, because we weren’t in love enough to cater to our partner’s needs and speak to each other about our issues and how to please one another.’

      I understand wanting to perform a “public service” sort of thing, and help the girls who aren’t getting what they need, but not with married couples. There are PLENTY of cougars out there ready and willing. If you were sold up on one, it makes you seem needy and insecure. We all know women get more desperate the older they get because they are concerned over their looks.

      This same thing killed caused my parents to divorce so perhaps I am a little biased, but I also love MILFs and women in general so this is a no brainer for me. In a married couple’s case, it can’t happen. It’s gonna cause more harm than good. Trust me. Sorry buddy, but he crossed the line.

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  8. I understand the negative reaction to this story from a moral standpoint. But these were two people caught in a moment of passion and that passion may have future consequences or none at all.

    But confession isn’t one of them, from either party.

    There was no indication from the story that their encounter was observed or witnessed by anyone, hence why should anyone confess? This was a consenting act. And our heroine in this tale encouraged it, and actually tested his congruency and desire for it when she entered the bedroom the night before to check on him and felt the same sexual charge that he did. She sought opportunities to be alone with him. And both picked up on the other’s tension, raised the level of arousal still higher until sexual release became inevitable.

    The elicit nature of this event was a primary trigger for the level of arousal and tension at play from the start. And who here doubts the mom couldn’t handle herself based on the details of the story? She knew what she was doing and its potential danger.

    If you embark on this road, you need to understand your exit strategy, and plan it with your partner in advance or discuss one after the fact. But the need to seek permission or apologize for natural behavior belies the point of the story. They acted on stimulated arousal using effective non-verbal body language, period. Pretty sexy story.

  9. Yeah, Good advice Jesse. It’s best to stay away from married woman. Some husbands are real ass kickers and if they found out could go into a rage and end up doing a homicide on the dude, or pay someone else to do it if they cant but are very jealous. Personally, I believe in Karma in that something like that would come back around to him. I’ve seen it happy many times. Besides like you said there are too many millions of single women out there looking for some action.

  10. Oh and one more thing. (I know I look like a spammer right now) If the husbend finds out first let him aproch you first instead of all that above and work it out from there. OK thats it!

  11. Well the inportant thing is that he realized what he did was wrong, but it’s something he should work out him self. As hard as it would be, I would sit her down and talk about this, try to find a way around it yet tell the thruth to her husbend and set it straght in a way they might be able to salvage the marriage. If not, while you should be sorry it’s inportant to note that if she agreed then she was most likely not the one for him. But take responsabillity for what you did aswell as in while it’s partly her fault it’s your’s too, don’t run because this misstake will catch you in time, and don’t treat it like it’s a little mess up and esaly fixed because it only MIGHT be and that’s a long way from yes. It will take time and meny stages of dought, anger, and sorrow for all involved. Especailly the husbend at disbelief of it all, also remember the children they may be young, so young they may forget, or they could be old and realize in full, so try just as well to calm them and get them thinking for the better. Once you move on for better or worse if they stay together you don’t want to be with them as much for a while as they know eachother better then they know you. If all works out don’t be with one spose and not the other especailly if you stay with the wife. The husbend will be scared and norvus to leave you two alone and the wife will most likely avoid you like a horror movie murderer. But asser her your hurmones are in check she may or may not belive you and don’t be mad if she dosent. Call the husbend once in a while to let him know it’s alright at home until he gets back and you take your leave.But if she comes on to you while you’re there alert the husbend and leave imedatly no matter what your penis says to do. If this hapends and the husbends too forgiving too let go while you’ll fell bad since this would not have hapend if you hadent made that one final move that sent her in that state of arowsle, convince him to dump her and leave them to it. Agian think abou how you can help the kids in all this but understand if they don’t want you to help them since you where the one that “Messed up momy” to begin with. And if they devorse be wary as they may have grown a strong hatrid twaords you. If so back off and let them slowly drift away in both your life and your mind, look forward, not back. Ether way you look at it everyone will calm down and the problem will sort it’s self out slowly but surely.Once they calm down find your final answer yes or no to if you can be friends agianif one says yes and one say no it’s best to take no as one will like you one will not and you don’t want that. No matter what happends over all think positive and as The Beatles say best; LET IT BE. I hope you read this Jake and I sure hope it helps and you’re still friends with all. :Hopefull friend Brian.

  12. thats damn to bad. u cant shit were you sleep. the next thing it will be incest Jesse. what of thousands of free girls out there. a great fan and friend of Jesse for the mean time i use SS to stick to my girl of almost 3 years be fun,stupid,amusing,and absolutely versatile….an all rounder on one woman.

  13. This type of activity proves that you really need to know something about a person before you allow them in you home to stay for a few days. When I was young and foolish,I did the same thing once at age 20. Not one of my proudest moments. LET IT GO JAKE! With Noneverbal sexual mind control you should not use it to break up families. The kids might appreciate a 2parent household. Besides, with all of the 9s and 10s, thats the area to test your new skills on.

  14. If you’re comfortable with the idea of possibly interfering in a happy marriage with kids, then go for it, it’s your choice. Personally I choose not too, but don’t care to judge those who do; just be prepared for the image that will follow you.

  15. Damn man, thats kindah F-upped.

    but he did get the pull and he got her aroused with your material so that is good progress.

    Its awkward situation and the kid seems young and inexperienced.but this experience will help him get more girls… 🙂

  16. Vincent Ignatius

    The wife was in the wrong. He never agreed not to fuck married bitches, but I’m sure she agreed not to cheat.

    In this situation, I feel he needs to keep his mouth shut, but ideally, husbands would always find out about their cheating wives. Those bitches don’t deserve a husband.

  17. jake shud let the mom be the mom, the fling cud mess up the family if ‘man of the house’ discovered he has a rival. am sure there’s plenty of hot n mature women just hoping for a man with jake’s nonverbal skills to step up..

  18. When. The opportunity was there you should have waxed it. If it was a problem she would have said so. Go back and wax it right.

  19. woh.. Thatz a good time around both at escatasy and fulfillment thats great even i want a women at that kind of game… but wronged to that husband and kidz lucky you did not break up that peaceful home.. Search some girlz with no strings attached.. There are plenty of them..

  20. I think what jake did is realy like a crime ……. She is married women .. and her husband is our college in men world ….. And I advice jake to think 100000 pefor he get married caus karmah really work or actually GOd is watching. us

  21. Sumit K Mazumdar

    I see no wrong. She needed it and may be was not able to speak out. whether her husband does his job rightly or not is not enough. People look forward to something new and have to right to have it.

  22. not nice not vague

    it’s not a good idea to “shit where you sleep.”

    And life experience.. Karma is a b******.. what goes around, comes around..
    Don’t forget what you said long ago.. there is 1000000 free girls around.. and world doesn’t stop there.. so better off…

  23. Hey Jesse thanks for the correct link I also think he should of gone for it. Maybe her husband isn’t giving her what she needs between the sheets

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