Don’t Lead Girls On (Pretending To Be A Provider When You’re Really A Player!)

I see a lot of guys pretending to be the “nice guy provider” to get into the girl’s pants, only later to reveal himself as the player that dumps her soon after.  Girls get hurt being led on like that and it’s no fun.

When learning the art of seduction, guys try to obviously do so to satisfy their deepest desires.  They entertain fantasies of wild threesomes – for example, the allure of having two red heads on top of them, pleasuring them to the ultimate ecstasy.

There is also a certain level of pride to be felt knowing you’re being both watched and admired as you walk by with a woman hanging on each arm…

Guys who attain some success have learned to control their internal states and confidence to the point where their sense of self has become so strong, their technique so refined, their timing and calibration so accurate, that women inevitably fall head over heels over them.

Of course, this doesn’t sound bad, does it?

After all, it’s great having a woman in love with you.  A woman in love will do all kinds of things for you…cook, clean, take care of, and make love to you all night long.

I have no argument there.  I’m all for it.  More power to us as men.

However, many of these same guys are out to satisfy their thirst for sex without any concern for the repercussions of their actions when leading a woman on.  They go out, seduce a woman, have sex with her, and lead her on about his intentions.  She thinks he wants her for more than just sex.  She’s thinking he wants a relationship, while he wants just the opposite.

Of course, we are all adults.  We are all independent and accountable for our actions.

We need to develop a basic sense of responsibility for our actions.  We need to try as hard as possible not shatter the hearts and minds of the women you seduce into your bed.

Here is the problem:

If a woman is not properly prepared by the man in terms of what to expect, they will often freak out when they realize that they are not the only woman for you.

Here you are, seducing women left and right… and she’s thinking, when’s the wedding date?  Where do we stand?

She’s not the only woman in your life… but you sure made it seem that way to her and you’ve led her on.

Reflect on this.

You were smooth

You were relaxed…

You were bold…

You were charming and chivalrous… and…

You gave her the best sex imaginable.


Now you have a woman, or women, totally revved up and wanting more.

And here is the point where she slams against the wall of your hidden harem agenda.

When she realizes she is not the only woman… when her societal, cultural programming is screaming that she’s a total slut for sharing you with other women… when her ego is belittled…

You have, on top of the revved up desire for you, a hurt, angry, crying woman.

Now you have a bad situation on your hands.  Of course at this point, many guys might say,






OR the famous

“Girls do to the same to us… my girl didn’t care when she dumped me for another guy!”

Basically, this becomes an excuse for you to do what you want with the life of another human being,  regardless of the consequences.

You’ve probably heard of some woman gone psycho on her man…

You’ve probably seen some woman shoot her boyfriend on the news…

You’ve probably read about some deranged woman killing herself over a broken heart…

While all these situations are a bit extreme, they do happen.

Sometimes these situations ALMOST happen.

So think about it…

It’s not her fault she likes you, wants to spend time with you, and be your only woman.

It’s a normal female biological instinct.

Why would she pay for another woman’s transgressions, for someone who hurt you in the past?

All she did was like you or even… God forbid… love you.

So how do you balance this?


You need to develop a philosophy.

A philosophy that will keep you out of trouble you don’t need.

A philosophy that always helps your relationships end on a positive note…


This means always being cognizant of the impact of your thoughts, words, and behaviors, and actions on women.

It means being truthful about who you are and what you are about.

It means always preserving a woman’s self esteem.

It means that no matter what happens between the both of you, she will always feel good about you and will always have an understanding with you.

Being honest and upfront as soon as possible about who you are is important.  Tell her that you are not interested in a strictly monogamous relationship.

Tell her early on that you are going out with other women.

Depending on how far you are in the process of building your harem, you can at this point introduce her to your ladies… or better yet, have one of your ladies explain why your lifestyle is so rewarding and makes so much sense for “all of us.”

At the same time, be her genuine friend and confidant.  Care more about the connection between the two of you than putting a title on the relationship.

Believe it or not, after the initial shock, she will trust you more, because most men are at this point will be dishonest, lie about their motives, and lead her on.

Do this early in the relationship, as soon as you have sex for the first time you should already have this frame of mind…

It’s a fine line… seducing them, without leading them on.

She will always remember you as being different.

This goes back to having real love for all women.

Seduction is not meant to be the big get even.  With great power comes great responsibility!

When you adopt this principle seducing women without leading them on, you can stay focused on building your harem, tending to your all your needs and desires, all while preserving the woman’s self esteem, and making a new connection with her.  Your actions will then be guided by these principles, making her transition from one time lay to faithful concubine much easier.

10 thoughts on “Don’t Lead Girls On (Pretending To Be A Provider When You’re Really A Player!)”

  1. so im i to hear this croect with the girls dont lead men on at all dont give me that shit im 21 years of age male and have never had sex as part of any relasinship that ive been in.futher more ive been lead on by sevral girls the oh lets get a place toghter but it has to have 2 bathrooms and we both have to have a job and a car after i meat all those requre ments cause i was in need of a room mate she still hadnt met 1 of them nore did she help with looking for the place .futher more her mom fell down stares so wile she was taking care of her mom i went out and made a new friend yes the friend was female didnt like her like that tho what i find ironic is the roomate that claims i will never date your your not my type after 3 years of friendship and had made all the rulls to fit the appartment to her liking after i told her of my new friend was like i do not aprove of this person, never met this person dont know anything about this person but im gana give you 2 options can stop being friends with a person i never met yet some can not approve of or 2. i can stop being friends with you . classic case of the. dont want to date you your not my type but i dont want there to be a chance of any other girl dating you eather ,even tho were just friends and im not her type . yup its obivous that girls clearly dont lead men on (says sarcasticly)

  2. Hahaha, a guy tried this with me. I am younger than him too btw. After the first time we had sex, he waited a week to contact me. I knew he would be back and I was waiting. I gave him the “I don’t want a relationship right now” talk and told him that I would give him a three month fwb arrangement full of ridiculous rules to get him to back off. He couldn’t take that so I hung up on him and never spoke to him again. He better tell me everything up front or I treat him like a one night stand or use him for what I can get and if I can’t get anything, I drop him cold. mwhahahaha I love being a cold hearted bitch!

    1. I dont have this power yet…never had any power over women…and they never invest… So leading women on is not in my vocabulary…if Im lucky enough to get one…thats a blessing for me…truthfully

  3. Jesse you’re not a nice person, you’re a GREAT PERSON! Everything you wrote here is spot on. This really is about being a REAL MAN; a real honest-to-earth man who has not only accepted his true nature but is also purely honest about it. He projects honesty on a matter where more than 90% of men are terribly dishonest. And this kind of truthfulness is so uncommon and it even has a side effect of making him massively attractive to women. Women appreciates such a man, they love him for his honesty and will fully accept him for who he is no matter the flaws he possesses. Jesse what you’ve written will not only benefit men who puts them into practice; it will also benefit women who comes in contact with such men. THANK YOU JESSE CHARGER FOR THIS SERVICE TO MANHOOD AND WOMANHOOD AS WELL. Love you bro…….Amazon.


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