Picking Up Women In Madrid – What Are The Girls Like?

I spent a few weeks in Madrid a couple of years ago and I came to the conclusion that it’s a pretty cool city for picking up and meeting women.

To begin with, Madrid is a true walking city. You can walk all over and the subway trains take you everywhere you want to go. So you’re constantly bumping into women going here and there or waiting for the train.

The night life is off the hook; it seems like everyone goes out at night and parties until dawn. Even the old people spill out into the streets and hit up the restaurants. There’s just tons of bars and parties spread out all over the city. Those Spaniards know how to party.

Now a review of the girls. Most of the women are thin, skinny, and white with dark hair. I tend to like tanned women with curves, so the stick skinny girls of Madrid are not exactly my type. But if you like pale, skinny girls with dark hair, you’ll find them plentiful there.

Since I speak some Spanish, that helped me out a lot. I found the women there pretty friendly, if you approach them. You should do the 90 day Spanish course from Pimpsleur before you go over there, because English is not commonly spoken by everyone.

Another great thing about Madrid is that it’s relatively cheap compared to the rest of Western Europe.

Overall, you should definitely check the city out for the lively night life and the friendly women.

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