How To Make Your Girlfriend Strip For You!

What’s better than a cool girlfriend? — only a cool girlfriend that DANCES and strips for you!

We all know the thrill of watching a woman undress. On the beach often times I’m most titillated when seeing a woman with her top on, just waiting for her to take it off. The unknown, what you have but a hint of, can be more exciting than what you fully know.


When a woman begins to strip, it’s a delicious tease because she’s slowly torturing you. Part of the appeal for a woman is the thrill of being desired and being able to tease her man to a state of complete sexual excitement.

A girl might be nervous or shy at first about giving you a dance at home, but really they enjoy it.

Here’s How To Make Your Girlfriend Strip And Give You Lapdances

As a dancer, a woman steps into the sexy, desired, exotic, feminine world of lights, fashion, and glamor, free from the day-to-day grind of everyday life, free from the stresses of reality.

The exotic dancer throws convention out the window. She can be lawless. She can break every taboo. Undressing her clothes represents pure rebellious excitement.


One woman writes in the Nancy Friday books,

“In my fantasy I go to work in a pornographic bookstore that has dancing girls who will dance for a man in a booth with just a pane of glass between them.

The bookstore owner tells me he has a customer that wants to use one of the booths, and he tells me to turn him on. I take my place on a stool behind the glass in the booth. Soon the customer comes in and sits down. Music begins to play. I stand up and begin to gyrate my hips as I rub my hands. I slowly take off my skirt and blouse, revealing my sexy bra and underpants. The customer has his eyes glued to me. He is beginning to breathe heavily.

I reach my hand inside my underpants and begin to play with myself. My eyes are closed, and I show him that I am really becoming aroused. I open my eyes and check the customer’s crotch. His pants show a large bulge, and he keeps reaching down to his bulge and pressing against it with his hand. I take my bra off and start rubbing my hands over my tits, playing with the nipples. He begins to squirm in his chair as his hard-on becomes more and more uncomfortable for him.

I take my underpants off and lie down with my legs spread wide apart and my feet up against the glass, and I start fingering my pussy. He stands up right at the glass and unzips his pants and pulls out his throbbing penis. He is rubbing the head of his penis against the glass as he watches me play with myself. He rubs it back and forth, and the semen that is leaking from the head is smearing all over the glass. I start raising and lowering my hips as if I am fucking him. He starts to rapidly jerk his penis up and down, faster and faster, gasping for his breath, until he comes all over the glass and I come all over my hand. His time is up and he leaves.”

Another woman writes,

“In my fantasy my fiancé and his friends meet at our local club on a Sunday afternoon. I decide to give them all some extra time and arrange to have a private show in the back room, where I am the center of attention. There are rows of chairs laid out in front of the stage and gradually each one is filled with all of Bruce’s friends. Some slow, sensual music begins to play and I slowly walk on to the stage, wearing tight, black leather trousers and a tight, black crop-top that makes my breasts look even bigger.

Bruce’s face is an absolute picture as I start to move around the stage, slowly, sensually, and erotically rubbing my hands over my breasts. My nipples stand hard and erect. I look into his eyes with such confidence as I slowly step off the stage and walk towards him. I sit astride him and kiss him passionately. I can feel him hardening already. I stand up and walk around all his friends, rubbing my body against some, kissing others on the cheek and pushing my breast into the faces of the others. As I walk back to the stage, I start to take my top off to reveal a red, lacy bra. I start to undo my leather jeans, pulling them down over my butt, slowly and seductively. Once they are off, all I have left on is my red bra and red stockings.”

To be a stripper, an entertainer under the eyes of an audience is to have power and control, to be lusted after and to be transported to a fantasy world of glamour. Here writes a woman who went to a strip club in her junior year of college and describes her fascination of it.

“I’ve always secretly wanted to be a whore — perhaps not so much a prostitute, but an object of desire, an otherworldly, larger-than-life creature of immense sexuality and, therefore, infinite power. Every woman knows that her sex is the key to her power, and I wanted that — I wanted power and control, to be a figure looked up at and lusted after. I wanted it all, while still remaining safe behind the untouchableness of mystical appeal.

In spite of, or perhaps because of, my average middle-class upbringing — average face behind average glasses framed by average brown hair — I wanted the thrill reserved only for sex gods and goddesses, the glamour of being judged for my sexual prowess, the allure of being judged not by my intellect (which I felt anyone dedicated to reading the right books could achieve), but of being judged by something far more difficult to accomplish – endless legs, luscious hair, tender breasts, and intoxicating beauty.

The girls weren’t superhuman, their breasts weren’t even that big, but the lights, the stage, the music, the air – something about the place catapulted them to another planet.

I learned what it was like to be an object of desire, to be up on that stage, unattainable and lusted after, and I loved it.”

If your woman has little or no experience dancing, order a video like the “The Art of Sensual Dance for Every Body” as a gift for her from an online store like Videos on exotic dancing will give her ideas on how to dance like a stripper. Watch it with her and have fun trying it out.

Later during sex, once your woman is in a highly suggestible Blissnotic state, stand her up and tell her, “You’re name is now Mercedes and you are an exotic dancer and stripper and you will give me a lapdance!”

Start spitting out commands to her.

Tell her,

As you dance you will moan while showing off your body…

As you dance you will make direct eye contact with my eyes…

You will hold your breasts and you will show them off…

You will kiss your breasts…

You will rub your nipples and get them hard…

You will bend over and open your ass cheeks…

You will sensuously rub your hands all over your body…

You will lie on your back and pull your vaginal lips open…

You will finger yourself and play with your clit…

You will give me a lap dance…

You will pull down my pants to expose my erection and dance your ass on it and tease it until you can’t stand it anymore…

You’ll also want to have some music ready for her to dance to. Music is critical because without music it’s very hard to dance without a rhythm and beat and music in this case is a critical environmental cue to put her into the mindset of an exotic dancer.

You can use any music you like but here are some songs that I suggest:

  • “Human Nature” by Madonna.
  • “In Your Eyes” by Kylie Minogue
  • “Slow” by Kylie Minogue
  • “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails
  • “Naughty Girl” by Beyonce

Get the songs from iTunes or a music service and play them directly off your computer or burn your song selection onto a CD and have it handy. You don’t want to go looking for your song selection when she’s hot and in the mood or else she might pop out of trance. Have it ready and handy for your girlfriend before the lapdance.

That’s really all you need to get started.  If you’re not shy about it, your woman won’t be as shy either.  Guide your girlfriend with a steady hand and make both of your stripping and lapdance fantasies come true.

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  1. I got a girlfriend by just asking her do u wan’t to be my girlfriend but in a longdistance relationship because she lives in canada and I live in Sweden.

  2. i strip in the school toilet with boys all around me, then i suck their dicks and let then touch my boobs

  3. I strip for my boyfirend every night and once ive tease him i let him touch and feel me around and then i strip him and then we have sex

  4. Anonymous person

    Where is the part about getting her to strip and because of that I don’t think that this is helpful.

  5. I absolutely love stripping for my boyfriend. That’s how you start having sex together. He now does it with me every night on the account that I strip for him.

  6. hey guys believe it or not some girls will strip for you just because you asked. i’ve asked total strangers to get naked in public and they did it. i don’t have any powers except that women tell me my eyes are hypnotic and sexy.

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